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I woke slowly, vaguely aware of two bodies on either side of me, although, I soon became acutely aware of the one that lay more on top of me than beside me. I felt your breath on my shoulder, and your dick against my hip. I shift just a little, and try to stretch my well pleased body, but that only makes me more aware of your dick now hard against my hip. I turn my head and see you smile. “Sorry, I needed to stretch.”

“No problem, it’s about time you woke up though, I was getting impatient.”

“Is that a fact?” I murmur as I roll just a little to press my ass against your dick. I shiver as more of my body is now exposed to the cool air in the room. “Damnit, I’m cold again.”

I feel more than hear the laugh that rumbles through your chest that is now pressed hard against my back. Your hand moves slowly down my chest, across my stomach, until your fingers are teasing my clit, brushing softly across in short little strokes. Every gentle touch sends sparks through my body, and has me pushing my ass against you harder, begging, wanting, needing more from you.

“How sound of a sleeper is your friend?” you whisper against my ear.

I shiver as your breath tickles my ear. “Are you kidding? She could sleep through an earthquake, or worse.”

“What if she wakes up?”

“Then, I guess she’ll find a way to amuse herself. I don’t think she’ll feel left out for long.”

“So, what do you want?”

“I want the same thing I’ve wanted all night, I want you to fuck me.”

“I already did that.”


“How about if I fuck this tight little ass of yours?”

“It’s all yours,” I say as I press my ass harder against your dick, begging to feel you inside of me again. You move your fingers that have been teasing my clit down to dip into my pussy, and take the now abundant juice and begin rubbing it farther and farther up my ass. I move my leg trying to hurry you, wanting more, and wanting it now.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” you say as your dick presses against my ass now.

My only response is to press back, pushing you slowly inside of me. You slide deeper and deeper into me, and I feel my body accepting you inside.

You start to pull out, then just as slowly push back inside of me, I whimper at the agonizing pace, and claw at the sheet around poker oyna me.

Then, I feel you move away from me, and pull completely out of me. The noise that escaped my lips was pure panic; I wanted you back inside of me. You laugh at me, and pull me to the edge of the bed. There, you push me down, and slide back inside my ass, and now, moving me just where you want me; you give me the pace I want. The friction I crave.

You grab my hands, and pull them back tightly against my body, and my back arches with pleasure. I can feel the orgasm build very quickly as you fuck my ass harder and harder. I bury my face into the sheets and scream as I cum hard. I shiver at the pleasure that sparks through my entire body.

You let go of my hands, and grab my hips, holding me still there at the edge of the bed. I started to push up onto my elbows, but you stop me, forcing me back face down on the bed. I feel every inch of your dick as you have slowed your pace again, and I feel every single inch as you slide forward, pressing your dick into my ass.

I moan and bite my hand to suppress the urge to scream again as another orgasm starts to bubble within me. You move one hand around to rub furiously against my clit as your slow, steady thrusts into my ass send confusing and conflicting messages to my body. The hard and fast friction on my clit though leaves me little hope of holding out much longer.

“Please,” I beg, even though I’m not really sure what I am begging for.

“Please what? Do you want me to cum in your ass?”

“Mmmmm,” I moan again as you stop moving your finger on my clit and only press there, keeping a constant pressure on it. “Yes, please.”

Your fingers resume their quick little circles around my clit, and you start slamming your dick into my ass again and within seconds, I’m panting through another orgasm and clawing at the sheets. I feel you pull my ass hard against you one last time, and then I feel you cum deep in my ass.

You push me forward onto the bed, and follow me down to collapse nearly on top of me. You are breathing hard, but you lean to whisper against my ear, “You like my dick in your ass, don’t you?”

I start to answer, but before I get a chance, I hear, “Of course she does, couldn’t you tell? And by the way, I could NOT sleep through an canlı poker oyna earthquake.”

I quickly turned my head and looked Erin in the eyes, blushing as I realized she’d been awake the entire time you’d been fucking me. “Hi,” I mumble, “You’re awake.”

“Yes, I am. I’ve been enjoying the show.”

“Oh, umm, sorry?”

“Don’t apologize, I enjoyed myself just fine,” she says as she removed her fingers from her pussy, and pressed them against my lips. I licked lightly at the warm, sticky mess that covered her fingers. As I finished cleaning the last finger, she leaned closer to me and kissed me, sliding her tongue across my lips to taste herself there. “Mmm, delicious.”

“Yeah, I thought so,” I smiled.

She moved her hand back down to her pussy, and began sliding her fingers back across her cit. “I’m pretty sure you are at least one ahead of me in the orgasm count, and I want to catch up. Tell me, what did it feel like to have his dick in your ass? Tell me how helpless you felt when he pushed you down into the bed and fucked your ass so hard you screamed. Tell me how your tight little asshole squeezed his dick when you were cumming. Tell me…”

“Are you gonna shut up and let me tell you, or are you going to do this all on your own?” I laughed. I could tell from her breathing and the way her hips were pushing up off the bed she was very very close.

“I’m, I’m… aaahhh, I’m cumming,” she gasped as pushed her hips up hard to meet her probing fingers.

“Well, I’m glad I could help then,” I laughed as she turned to smile at me.

“If you really wanted to help, you’d get over here and lick my pussy, and give him a good reason to get hard again.”

“Yes ma’am,” I giggled as I slid away from you and crawled over towards Erin. She grabbed my arm and turned me around, then grabbing my hips, she pulled me towards her so that my pussy was right above her mouth. I tentatively bent down and licked slowly across her clit, and felt as she mimicked the motion.

I slid my tongue slowly down to dip into her pussy, and I felt her do the same. Thinking I knew her game, I moved back to her clit, licking slowly across it again and again. But, instead of following my lead, she moved farther up until she could lick the cum that was now dripping out of my ass.

I internet casino turned to look at you, and saw you watching very closely and enjoying the view she had provided to you as she moved back down and began licking my pussy. Sighing once more, I turned back to her clit and decided to play my own game. Determined to make her cum first, I assaulted her clit with my tongue, my lips, and my teeth. Within seconds, she was squirming beneath me so much I had to grab her hips to keep her still, then she locked my head between her thighs and held me tight, making more than the smallest movement impossible.

“Yes, lick my pussy, come on, make me cum, fuck my clit with your tongue, yes, make me cum, hurry,” Erin panted from underneath me.

Trying to do exactly as she asked, I slid three fingers into her pussy and fucked her with the same fast strokes I was licking her clit. I stopped licking and sucked hard on her clit as I slammed my fingers into her harder and harder. Her body bucked up off the bed, but her thighs never released me from their vice-like grip on my head. I felt her cum and tried to lick the copious juices that began spilling out of her.

As she seemed to float back to reality, she relaxed her muscles in her thighs and let me move my head away from her pussy. I started to crawl off of her to let her recover better, but her hands that dug into my hips stopped me. “Oh no, you aren’t going anywhere until I say you can,” Erin said with a steel resolve that didn’t seem possible given her breath was still coming in short pants.

She pulled my pussy down to her mouth, and licking slowly from my clit all the way back to my ass, then moving back to my clit, she nibbled at my clit until I screamed my frustration. She slipped one finger into my pussy until it was well coated with my slick juices, then began pressing it against my already well fucked asshole. She began slowly fucking my ass with her finger, but rapidly increased the pace as she began licking my clit in earnest. She knew what she was doing, and within seconds, my back was arched, my pussy was pressed firmly against her pretty mouth and I was screaming as another orgasm swept through my body.

I rolled off of her towards you, and could do nothing but breathe as my body tried to recover. “Wow,” I managed as I lay there satisfied more than I thought possible. “I don’t think I could move if I tried.”

“You can, and you will,” you say as you run your hand along my leg, from my foot up to my knee and back down. “Trust me, you will.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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