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I have this fantasy about my two female room mates. I haven’t acted on it yet, but would in a heartbeat if given half a chance.

I come home and find you and she are sitting alone together, talking. You have both had a couple of drinks and are very relaxed and a little buzzed. You start to kiss and fondle each other passionately.

What the two of you don’t realize is that I’m hiding in the doorway watching the whole scene. I watch as your clothing becomes a pile in the corner. You are now both completely naked and locked in an erotic embrace. The two of you are so into each other you don’t even notice me as I start to stroke my now very hard cock as I watch the show.

You play with each other for awhile before moving to the floor and assuming the 69 position. You are on top and the two of you have your faces buried in one another’s wet pussies. I continue to watch until I can stand it no more. I move up behind you and kneel down. I can see your roomie licking and sucking on your hard poker oyna little clit. I push my hard cock into that tight pussy of yours from behind, while she is licking you.

The sensation of having your pussy eaten while being fucked must be intense. You are so wet I can see your juices glistening on my cock as it slides in and out of you. I can tell you are ready to come and I feel the trembling start from deep within you. I can see you shove your face harder into her pussy. Licking and tasting her. I begin fucking you harder, wanting to come with you. Your muscles start to contract and I feel the warmth of your love juices as they flow out of you and you scream out as you cum. I begin to cum with you. The orgasm is so intense it feels like the head of my cock is about to explode. The three of us lay spent in the middle of the floor afterward.

The next night I come home and find you alone in your bedroom. I stand naked at the foot of your bed. You are lying naked in your bed rubbing yourself canlı poker oyna for me.

I watch as your fingers slide up and down your slit. You reach around to the side of the bed and pull out your dildo. You ask what should I do with this? “I want you to fuck yourself in the ass, like the little slut you are” I reply.

I climb into bed next to you and caress you all over. Paying special attention to your beautiful breasts (they are very nice by the way) my fingers travel all up and down your body, exploring every inch of you.

Your skin is so soft and your breasts supple, yet firm in my hands. I suck your nipples while I let me fingers wander down to your pussy. You take the dildo in your hands and slide it down past your pussy to your little asshole and I watch as you push it inside you. I watch in amazement.

I can’t believe that you are actually taking this toy into such a small hole. I hear you groan in pleasure as the fake cock stretches your ass open and you feel it internet casino slide even deeper inside you.

I get down between your legs for a closer look and so I can taste your sweet pussy. “Oh yeah” I shout, ” fuck that ass good baby!” I bury my face in your wet snatch and inhale your aroma. I love the way you taste, it is like nectar to me. Now I concentrate on sucking that clit into my mouth while flicking the tip of my tongue lightly across it.

And still you continue to amaze me further when I see that you now have the whole dildo buried all the way in. My cock throbs between my legs in anticipation of what is to come. You grab me by the hair and force my face hard against your pussy.

I can hear a guttural moan that seems to come from the very depths of your soul as you being to cum in my face. Oh yeah I can taste that wonderful cum. By this point I am so excited that I jump up from between your legs and kneel in front of your face, as the cum gushes from the head of my cock. You watch as the white stream shoots from me. You grab the base of my cock and shove the head in your mouth and begin sucking and licking the cum from me.

Oh if only my room mate knew what goes through my mind sometimes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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