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It was an amazing Christmas vacation this past year, thanks to Aunt Carla. She’s my not really my aunt, but my mother’s best friend. I’ve called her that since I was a kid.

Carla is a literary agent who often visits New York, to see publishers there.

I drove to my hometown of Boston, from New York. It had been a grueling semester at NYU. On top of that, I had a nasty cold, so I was looking forward to taking it easy at home. I had no plans to see any women at home, just loll around the house, watch football, and eat mom’s cooking. But my plans changed when I found a note from mom in the kitchen, after unlocking the front door and pulling my suitcase into the house.

It said, “Nick, sorry that I’m not home to see you. I’m driving up to Kittery because your Uncle Charley is very sick. You were already on the road when I had to leave, so I couldn’t call you. I told Carla about the situation, and she offered to put you up during vacation, feed you well, that sort of thing. Give her a call; the phone number is at the bottom of this message.”

I thought about Carla before picking up the phone to call her. She has a great body for someone her age. I’d jacked off a few times when thinking about her, and now I was going to stay with her!

When I called, she told me to come right over to her place and asked if I was hungry. After I told her that I hadn’t anything to eat since leaving Boston, she said, “Come right over here. I stocked up on stuff for you to eat.”

When she said that, I couldn’t help thinking about her pussy, how much I’d love to eat her, and suck on her nipples.

Then I shook my head, trying to get rid of those images. She’s too old for me, I figured, and she’s mom’s best friend.

Carla greeted me at her door with a kiss and told me to bring the suitcase in.

Then she said, “Let me show you the place where you’ll be staying.” As she led me toward a door off the living room, I noticed how her ass cheeks moved underneath tight bluejeans. I was in some kind of erotic dream, it seemed, and I’d only just arrived.

Carla opened the door and motioned me in. “This is my office, where I write publicity releases and that sort of crap. There’s a sofa behind the desk that opens into a full-size bed. Help me open it up.”

I helped her, and the result was an adequate bed. Then she told me to make myself at home, and that she’d make breakfast for me in the morning.

“What do you like to eat for breakfast?” she asked. I almost told her that I wanted to eat her pussy, but instead asked for eggs over easy, with bacon. No point in being crude with her.

Carla wished me poker oyna a good night and after “Sweet dreams” closed the door.

Sometime later that night I started coughing because of the fucking cold. I must have made a hell of a lot of noise because I heard the door open and then her voice.

“Are you OK?”

“Yeah, I’m OK. It’s the worst cold I’ve ever had. Sorry to bother you.”

I felt her lean over me on the bed. It was dark in the room and I couldn’t see her, but I knew she was very close.

Then she said, “You’re no bother; I’m glad you’re here with me. I get lonely sometimes.”

At that point, without any advance plan, I reached out to her in the dark. She seemed to be wearing something like a nightgown, and not much else.

I pulled her close to me and kissed her. After a moment’s hesitation, she kissed me back!

“Carla, I’m really sorry”, I stammered.

“It’s OK, … Nothing to be sorry about. Hold me tight, it’s too long since I’ve been with a young guy.”

Then I felt her reach for my cock!

“Holy shit, Carla! That feels fantastic!”

“Keep quiet, . Just enjoy.”

She moved her hand up and down on my cock, but then she stopped and said something to me.

“Not a Goddam word about this to your mother! Or anything else we do this weekend in my place. Is that understood?”

“Yeah,” I mumbled.

“Say it like you mean it! Do I have your promise?”

“I promise that I won’t tell mom, Carla. Put your hand back on my cock, please.”

She put her hand on my cock and continued to stroke it until I came, making a sticky mess on the bed.

She must have used the light switch, because there I was in bed with her, my spunk in the bed between us.

“Sorry — ” I started to say.

“Hey, don’t worry about it,” she said. “I’ll get a washcloth and clean up the bed. I’ll be right back.”

It was a scene out of porn movie, or something like that.

She came back with a wet washcloth clutched in one hand, and the other hand holding a thin blue nightgown together. Carla seemed oblivious to the fact that her tits and crotch were showing through the nighty.

Her crotch was a dark triangle, under the nighty. I figured that was cunt hair and wondered if she ever shaved her pussy.

It was obvious that she was advertising her body and wanted me as much as I wanted her.

A woman the same age as my mother, and I loved the idea! Maybe I realized, for the first time, that I’m attracted to older women. Or maybe is was that Carla had been on my mind ever since I was a kid. None of that mattered – she was showing her body to me, and canlı poker oyna I was determined to take what she offered.

As Carla scrubbed away at the wet spot in the mattress, I said, “Forget the wet spot! It’s going to get a lot wetter before long. Take that damn nighty off: show me what you have, you horny bitch!”

At that point, I was scared that I’d been too direct with her and was prepared to apologize. But it wasn’t necessary to apologize, because she slowly dropped the nighty, showing me her naked body. Then she spoke.

“Do you like what I have? I truly want to please you. It’s been too long since I made love to a young guy like you.” Then she added, “To tell the truth, it’s been too long since I’ve had sex with *anyone*, and I’m horny as can be. Can you understand that?”

“Yeah, I can. It’s too way long since I got fucked. Come here, Carla, and give me a big hug, and a kiss!”

We embraced, kissed, then lay down on the bed facing each other.

She put her hand on my cock, which had recovered enough to respond. As she grabbed my dick, I put two fingers into her cunt and said, “spread your legs real wide, Carla. Show me your pussy.”

She must have shaved her pussy, making it easy to see her cunt lips. I bent down and put my tongue between those lips, then licked my way up to her clit, which was out from behind its hood and waiting to be loved. After I pleasured her clit orally for four or five minutes, she came!

I held her in my arms afterwards, as she relaxed, a happy smile on her face.

“You’re the best lover I’ve every had!” she said. “You’re going to sleep in my bed, from now on, instead of the one in this office. What do you think of that?”

“I think it’s great! But I hate to mention this – can we have breakfast now? I haven’t eaten anything since leaving New York.”

She laughed. “Sure, honey. We’ll have breakfast. After that, we’re going to do sixty-nine. How do you like the thought of eating my pussy and getting a blow job at the same time?”

That’s what we did that first night of my vacation, and the rest our time together.

Three days after I arrived in Boston, mom called and spoke to Carla. I heard Carla’s part of the conversation.

“Barbara, it’s been my pleasure to have Nick here. He’s a really nice young man.”

After mom said something else, Carla winked at me and responded to mom.

“We found something to do together, despite our age difference. When are you getting back?”

After mom said something else, Carla said, “Too bad Charley is still under the weather. No, you don’t have to hurry home. I and Nick are now the best internet casino of friends. It’s worked out well. See you in a few weeks. Do you want to talk to Nick?”

She held the phone out to me, saying “Talk to your mother.”

I told mom not to hurry home, that Carla had been a wonderful hostess. When mom asked what we’d done to pass the time, I said, “Carla showed me a thing or two, She knows her way around Boston.”

After hanging up the phone, I told Carla that mom thinks she’s been a good influence on me.

Carla responded, “Was I good?”

“You’re very good! But practice is still necessary. Take off your clothes, Carla. Then get on the bed, spread your legs, and we’ll practice all day, if necessary. What do you think of that?”

“Great idea,” she said.

We practiced all sorts of positions in bed, until it was almost time for me to drive back to New York. I was on top, then she was on top, and then we were side-by-side. I ate her, and she sucked my cock.

I was startled when Carla pulled something shaped like a cock out of a desk drawer, together with a leather harness.

“What the hell is that?” I asked.

“Nick, this is a strapon. I’ll put the harness around my hips and then attach the strapon…How does that look?”

“I’m not sure if I like it or not. Looks scary to me.”

“I guarantee you’ll love it,” she said. Get on your knees, next to the bed, and bend over.”

I did as she asked, despite my fear of the unknown.

Carla held the strapon in her hand, so that I could see it, as she covered it with something from a tube.

“What’s going on?” I said.

“I’m just putting lube on the strapon, so it will go in without hurting you. Remember to relax your sphincter muscles.”

“What are those?”

“Just relax,” she said, and then started to push her way into my ass.

“Hey, that hurts!” I said.

“Just relax,” she said, and continued pushing into me.

She fucked me until the strapon was right against my ass. Then she pulled out a bit, only to push in again, as far as possible.

After ten minutes of that sort of thing, she pulled all the way out, kissed me, and asked, “Are you OK, Nick?”

“I think so, but I’ve never been fucked like that. My asshole really hurts.”

“You’ll get to love it over time, I promise. In the meantime, it’s you turn to fuck me.”

We took turns until morning came. Then we had breakfast, while naked.

We watched Christmas stuff on TV, then back to bed for more sex.

When I had to leave for New York, Carla kissed me and promised to see me whenever she goes to New York on business, keeping our affair a secret from mom.

I’m looking forward to nonstop sex in her hotel room, partly because she promised to bring the strapon with her.

Life doesn’t get much better than that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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