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It had been a long working year and it was time that Craig and I went on a nice holiday overseas. Something that was beside a beach with sun, sand and some beautiful picture perfect water. We wanted to relax and be together for a change.

We started the first day with a nice walk down the beach and some swimming to relax the body and recharge. We had plenty of time to focus on each other and that’s exactly what we did. The beach was magnificent with waves breaking on the shore and the hot sun giving us a tan as we lay not thinking about a thing. Lunch was perfect a nice tropical food platter that was to kill for. Everything was perfect and we made sure we had some fun through the day as well.

We did want to continue our great sex life and making sure we are both happy. Craig and I had great sex all the time and adventures had been something we tried to keep to be different. We certainly found time for sex on the holiday, plenty of kissing and fondling as we became totally engrossed in the holiday and how it made us feel.

As the days wore on we knew that it was coming to an end and thought it would be nice to go out for dinner at one of the local 5 star restaurants and treat ourselves. We found a beautiful modern cuisine restaurant and decided to feast and enjoy our second last night of the holiday. We also decided that we don’t normally drink but because it was a celebration we would have some champagne, it felt like we decided to get married all over again.

The night went quickly and before we knew it was 8pm and we had finished our lovely dinner. We had also finished a bottle of champagne. Craig asked if I wanted to go and get some dessert at the bar down the street and I thought that would be a great idea. Nothing would finish the night better than a nice dessert and then go home with my man to have some sensual long steamy sex. We found a table after about 10 mins, the bar was packed with holiday makers. We found two seats near the bar but were tucked around the corner which was actually quite nice. We sat down and ordered a piece of chocolate cake which definitely looked like it would need me to go out for a run the next day.

We started talking to a female next to us who had actually come from across the country and was waiting for a date to arrive. She too had been on a relaxing holiday and loved the place as much as us. She introduced herself poker oyna as Jenny and she had to have been the nicest person we had met so far. We talked and talked about the world and realized that her date had not turned up. She wasn’t really that worried as she said she wasn’t really into the guy anyway. We laughed and joked and she seemed fine with it. I’m sure she could have had any man with her long dark hair, brown eyes, legs that I would die for and a set of breasts that I’m sure Craig couldn’t keep his eyes off.

Craig later found some pool tables and a couple of the guys asked him to join in for a couple of games. I was fine with it as he needed some guy time and I had Jenny to talk with. As he made his way out Jenny leaned over and whispered to me that I was a lucky girl and don’t ever let him go. I agreed with her he was a great guy and treated me very well. She then whispered and he is a very lucky man and at the same time put her hand on my upper thigh. I had a shortish dress on and I could feel her hand slightly touching my thigh through the material. I don’t know whether it was the alcohol or not but I felt a tingling sensation down my neck and spine which I had never had before. Was Jenny hitting on me?

All I could do is let out a little chuckle and said thank you. Jenny smiled and asked me to hold her hand, so I did. It was like being teenagers again. She took my hand and slid it up her very short dress while she looked at me with her amazing brown eyes. She pushed my hand up to her lacy underpants and I could feel she was very wet through her panties. It was a little weird for me because I had never had any contact like this before with a woman but it actually was exciting and I could start to feel myself getting very wet. Jenny leant over again and asked if she could join Craig and myself tonight. I knew exactly what she meant and giggled again, I didn’t know what to say but just the smell of her hair and the touch she gave me was making me unbelievably horny.

I said to her that I needed to get Craig to agree. As I said that, Craig came in the bar from the games room and walked up and gave me a kiss on the forehead, I didn’t know how to ask him to I swiftly reached over and cupped his cock without anyone seeing, he looked at me and smiled. I bought him closer to me and got him to face me with his back to Jenny who was playing it all canlı poker oyna cool. I reached around and grabbed his ass and gave him a sensual kiss, while doing that I reached out to Jenny and pulled her hand around to cup his cock. Craig immediately turned around and didn’t know what to do. I stood up and whispered to him that I wanted Jenny to join us in bed tonight and I wanted to try some fun with another woman’s touch. He agreed and we made our way back to the hotel.

We opened the door and I immediately pushed Craig in the bedroom door and took all of his clothes off. He was rock hard and I could see he enjoyed the thought of having both of us there. I sat him on the bed as I pulled Jenny closer and started to kiss her. She was an unbelievable kisser and I became very wet quickly. We both had very short dresses on so we quickly peeled them off each other’s bodies. I could see Craig starting to jerk his cock as he watched us undress each other. Her lips were so soft and I just couldn’t stop kissing Jenny. We took each other’s blouses off and had now exposed each other’s lacy lingerie. Jenny stood there in white lacy bra and panties with her long dark hair, brown eyes and tanned body. She was so beautiful and I admired her so much.

We both again started to touch each other all over and Jenny made her way all the way over my body. She kissed my back, neck and made me tremble when she kissed my inner thigh. I was so horny and it made me hornier hearing Craig jerking hard on the edge of the bed. I wanted him to be included in fun so I asked him if he wanted Jenny to suck on his cock and he definitely did. I moved around the back of him kissing his neck sensually and grabbing his nipples, he turned and kissed me passionately as Jenny leant down and took his rock hard cock in her mouth. He shuddered a little as she worked her mouth around his cock and took it in and out multiple times. His nipples were also rock hard and I felt his body starting to tense. I whispered in his ear that I wanted him to cum in Jenny’s mouth and then kiss her sensually tasting his own cum. It was something that I wanted to see and the thought of it made me as wet as I have ever been.

At that moment I felt him tense dramatically and saw cum flow into Jenny’s mouth, she took it all and Craig leant down and started kissing her passionately tasting his own cum. It made me wild internet casino and I moved over in between them. As I did, Jenny took off my bra and panties and started to kiss me again. She took her bra and panties off as well and started to make her way down to my wet glistening pussy. She started to lick my pussy and I moaned out loud, I felt Craig starting to kiss me on the neck. Jenny licked so softly and with Craig kissing me it didn’t take long until I felt the heat of orgasm coming to my head. I think Jenny could feel it and she started to finger my wet pussy as she was licking and it made me cum like never before. For the first time I squirted all over Jenny and was moaning louder than ever before. I felt Craig’s cock growing again and without much forcing he had a rock hard cock again.

I wanted cock right away, I laid Jenny out next to me on the bed and asked Craig to fuck me with his enormous hard cock. As he started to get closer I felt wet, so wet, he slowly inserted his cock in my pussy and I could feel how big he was. Jenny started playing with her clit and asked Craig to start fingering her. He did as he fucked me, Jenny started to moan and asked for more fingers and Craig did so. Before long Jenny had asked Craig to fist her pussy, she moaned loudly and as she moaned I could feel Craig grow harder and harder and I wanted him to this time cum somewhere he hadn’t before. I never liked anal but I know he did so I asked Jenny to take his cock now in her ass. She agreed and rolled over, as she did Craig took his juicy wet cock out of my pussy and made his way over to mount Jenny.

As he inserted his cock in her ass I licked her ass hole and his cock at the same time. Jenny moaned loudly and her body started to quiver, I felt Craig tense and start to shoot his load in her ass. Craig moaned loudly and let his cum flow, Jenny was getting close and as Craig pulled his cock from her ass I started to lick the flowing cum from her ass. Craig joined me and as we licked the cum from her ass Jenny collapsed and began to have a huge orgasm. She quivered again and tensed letting out a moan and then relaxed. She had cum as well. Craig kissed me and hugged me and we all laid in the bed for 10 minutes trying to recover from what happened.

After about another 30 mins of just chatting, Jenny decided it was time for her to go and we both hugged her and thanked her for the fun night. It definitely was something I will never forget and was something that was enlightening and exciting all at the same time. I will never forget my first female to female session but continue to have fun with my beautiful sexy man.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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