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Here is the next installment of Ben’s continued escapades. As always, thanks go out to my editor Romantic1 for taking the time from his own writing to review this chapter a final time before I publish it. Also let me apologize for the lack of formatting in this chapter. My submissions keep getting rejected so this is going to be submitted as “plain text.” Shouldn’t affect the story, but wanted to give a heads up anyway.


Chapter Six – Winter Break

“Steve, it’s Ben,” he said into the phone on his end.

“Hey man, what’s up?” I replied.

“Got a favor to ask,” he stated.

“Sure man. What do you need?” I asked.

“Well, it involves Liz,” he said.

“Okay,” I said hesitantly. I thought he was going to ask me to help with a chore or a project around the house.

“Well, you see,” he stammered, “She has a fantasy.” He paused for a second. “She wants to be triple penetrated.” I was speechless. “She’s already had a double with Doug and I. Now she wants a dick in every hole.” I was still speechless. “You still there man.”

“Uh. Yeah,” I said as my brain caught up. “Sounds like it would be kinda kinky.”

“Yeah,” he said. “I am sure Mandy will want to try it to when she see it all go down.” He continued, “but she’s not as big on anal as Liz is.” He was not getting more comfortable talking about this sort of thing on the phone.

“Okay. Well, you tell me when and where and I’ll be there,” I said.

“Thanks man. I owe you one,” he said as he hung up.

“Well, that was unexpected,” I said to myself as I tossed my phone onto my desk.

I then quickly picked up my phone and called Ashley. She had gone back to my uncle’s house for the christmas holiday but promised to come back and visit for new years eve.

“Hey Ashley, got a question for you,” I said after she answer the phone. “You ever done anything with multiple penetration?”

“Yeah,” she said without skipping a beat. “What do you want to know.”

“Well, I dunno,” I said. “I just got asked to be part of a triple penetration.”

“Oh wow,” she said in disbelief. “I’ve had a double but never a triple. I have thought about it though,” she paused for a second, “Who with, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“The twins,” I said. “I guess it is a fantasy of Liz’s. Ben asked me and I agreed. He also said Mandy will probably want to try it too since well, they do everything together.”

“Are you worried about it?” She asked. “About being in front of Ben and Doug?”

“Oh, no. Not at all,” I told her. “Ben sees me nude in the locker room all the time. We have nothing to hide. I am not worried about Doug either.”

“Okay,” she said half heartedly, “then why did you call me?”

“You know what? I don’t know,” I confessed. We both laughed and she told me to call her after it happened to tell her the details.


Saturday afternoon I got another call from Ben laying out the details. He said his parents were going out of town for the night to a fancy dinner for his dad’s work. That would give us all afternoon and evening at his place. I assured him I would be there. I took a long shower and got myself cleaned up and ready to go after lunch.

I got to Ben’s just after 2:30. He greeted me at the door and then ushered me upstairs to his room.

“Oh goody!” The twins exclaimed in unison. “He’s here!” Liz said. “And he looks just yummy,” Mandy finished.

“You two are always a welcome sight,” I said as I walked in.

“Here, have a seat,” Ben said pulling a chair over for me. “The girls like to put on a little show to get things started.”

‘Well,’ I thought to myself.,’No time wasted getting to the point.’ I just sat back and smiled as the twins stood up in front of us.

“A little music if you would,” Liz said to Ben. He quickly turned around and keyed up a song on his iTunes player. The club mix started with a slow deep beet and the twins started to sway as they got in tune with the song’s rhythm.

Ben, Doug, and I sat with our eyes transfixed on the girls. Their bodies moved with the music and it gave me an idea. I made a mental note to tell Jenn that the next time she felt like throwing a party to make it a dance party. Maybe even set that as the theme for New Years.

The girls focused more on bringing us guys up to temperature via a slow simmer. They were modestly dressed in designer pants and loose fitting knit tops. They would occasionally bend over and shake their ass in our general direction or lift the hem of their top up to reveal their tanned and toned midsection.

Liz walked over to Doug and started giving him a little lap dance. I expected Mandy to go to Ben since I knew the pair swapped partners before, but I was surprised when Mandy came to me.

“I’ve wanted you for a while now Steve,” she whispered in my ear as she straddled my lap. “I can’t wait to let you have your way with me.” She then lightly bit my ear before standing up and turning around to grind her ass into my crotch. güvenilir bahis She leaned back and whispered into my ear again. “This isn’t a strip club lover. You can touch me if you want.” I didn’t waste any time. I moved my hands from my side to her hips, then under her top, and finally slid them up to her breasts. She let out a quick gasp when my hands cupped each of her breasts. Before I could make another move she stood up and moved to Ben’s lap. I was a little disappointed till I saw Liz strutting my way.

Now, you might wonder how I knew which sister was which. Most people would never notice, or even if they did they could probably never remember, but there are two subtle differences between the sisters. First Mandy has a double piercing in her left ear and Liz has the same piercings in her right. Also, Liz has a small barely noticeable scar on her neck from where she cut it at Girl Scout camp.

“Are you ready to make my fantasy come true?” Liz asked as she picked up where her sister left off. I just slid my hands around to her crotch and rubbed her pussy through her slacks. “Mmm. I’ll take that as a yes,” she said with a sultry tone. “I am going to suck you off and then let you fuck my pussy while my boyfriend fucks my ass and Mandy’s boyfriend fucks my face.” I groaned as she rubbed her ass hard against my crotch. “Before that my sister and I are going to get each other off in front of all three of you.” She turned around and straddled my lap. “You like the idea of watching two twin sisters dyke it out in front of you?” I nodded. “We know it’s every guy’s fantasy,” she continued, “We’ve been sleeping naked together since we were little. Our parents never spent the money on separate beds for us. When they finally offered when we were teenagers we told them to just buy us a bigger bed.” She paused for a second while she pulled her top up and over her head. “We hoped for a queen but lucked out and got a king. Plenty of room for all five of us some other night.” She then leaned down and kissed me. I ran my hands up and down her back and on my last pass up I tried to unhook her bra but didn’t find a clasp. “Silly boy,” she said. “It’s upfront.” She then leaned back and undid the front clasp. I slid my hands up her ribs to her shoulders and slid the bra off down her arms. “You’re not an eager one are you Steve?” She asked looking at me. “I like that about you. Most guys just want to dive right in. You’re letting me have my fun.” She smiled. “I may have to see a lot more of you.” She then got up, topless, and joined up with her equally topless sister in the middle of the room.

The two sisters danced together for another song. Letting their breasts brush against each other making their nipples hard from the fleeting contact. At one point they exchanged a kiss that could have powered every house in the US for a year. After their kiss Liz, or maybe Mandy, at this point I was aroused I couldn’t think straight, got down on her knees and started to undo her sister’s pants. With an agonizingly slow pace she peeled the pants down leaving a tiny g-string covering her sister’s pussy. When she stood back the other sister repeated the process. They then walked over to the bed.

Ben, Doug, and I quickly spun our chairs around and took the opportunity to adjust ourselves. When the girls lay down on the bed they proceeded kiss, lick, and suck, every square inch of each other’s bodies. I was surprised when they gave each other a rim job and ran their tongues over each other’s ass.

They moved into a 69 position given us a nice side view of their intertwined bodies. After a while of focused licking and fingering both girls climaxed simultaneously. They then turned to kiss each other and lick each others fingers clean.

I was so turned on at this point I was afraid that if I sneeze I would blow my load right in my pants. It took every once of self-control not to touch myself. When I looked over at Liz and Mandy walking over to Ben and Doug I noticed both of them had their dicks out and were already stroking themselves. I kind of kicked myself for not doing the same, but I figured the self-restraint would pay off in the end. Turns out I was right.

After both guys grunted and blew their loads into the girls’ mouths they sauntered over to me and knelt down in front of me. They then proceed to swap mouthfuls of cum back and forth and kiss each other in front of me. They then swallowed what was left and licked each other’s faces clean. They then looked up at me. “You’re turn,” Liz said. “We want your cum now,” Mandy continued. They undid my belt and my pants like seasoned pros. Next they pulled my pants and boxers down to my ankles and over my feat tossing my shoes aside in the process. The feeling of four well-practiced hands working my dick was amazing.

While I had a similar experience with Sarah and Jenn, they were not nearly as proficient as the twins were. Rather than two pairs of hands belonging to two separate people it was as if all four hands belonged to the same person. türkçe bahis At one point they stacked their hands in such a way that they had my whole dick encased. It was another unique feeling different from a blow job or a titty fuck. The next sensation made that one forgettable. The feeling of both of their mouths, all four of their lips and both of their tongues, working in unison sent me right over the edge.

“I’m cuming,” I said.

Without a word one of the sisters engulfed my cock and took it all the way into her throat before backing off to catch my sperm. She then showed me a mouth full of cum before turning to kiss her sister.

My dick deflated for a brief moment. The sisters went back to making out on the bed and in no time Ben and Doug joined them. I guess they were already recovered. I sat back for a while and just watched. First they just fucked each girl doggy style. Then they did each girl from both ends. Once I was sufficiently hard again I stood up and walked over to the bed.

“Lay down Steve,” Liz said moving to the side. Once I was on my back she straddled my waist and plunged herself down onto my dick. “Oh god that feels good,” she said. “Now get in my ass Ben,” she said as she leaned forward. Once ben was in her ass she let out a deep moan. It was a little weird at first since I could feel Ben’s dick through Liz’s vaginal wall, but I was not really focused on that. Next Liz leaned out over the edge of the bed and took Doug’s dick in her mouth. I took the opportunity to take her left breast into my mouth and began flicking my tongue over her nipple. Seeing an opportunity to complete the circle, Mandy moved around to side of the bed and knelt down and took Liz’s right nipple in her mouth. She also slid her hand between us and fingered Liz’s clit. This final act caused Liz to explode internally. Her body jerked so hard she impaled herself on Doug’s dick and it caused her to gag.

“Holy shit,” she said as she regained her breath. “Fuck me that was amazing,” she continued before taking Doug’s cock back in her mouth. Slowly we worked up a rhythm and Ben and I got in sync pistoning into Liz at the same time. Soon Doug was doing the same thing and Liz pretty much just hovered in midair as we fucked her from all angles and held her up. Soon her orgasms just blurred together and her body shook and shook till finally she went limp.

“I think we killed her,” Mandy joked as we rolled her onto her back on the bed.

“Hey, if I could die experiencing an orgasm like that sign me up,” Ben said before leaving to wash himself up.

“Now, how about you two studs fuck me from both ends,” Mandy said getting onto her hands and knees on the bed.

“Will she be okay?” I asked pointing to Liz.

“Yeah. She passes out like that whenever she has a major orgasm.” She paused as I lined up with her pussy and Doug liked up with her mouth. “She’ll wake up probably when I orgasm.”

Doug and I double-teamed Mandy and I was nearing my second orgasm of the night. Mandy experienced a mild orgasm and as her pussy clenched it was enough to tip me over the edge. Doug expressed he was equally close and Mandy told us to cum all over her. She dropped to her knees and pressed her breasts together as Doug and I sprayed our loads all over her. Ben stepped up from out of my blind spot stroking his dick and sprayed a load of his own too. Mandy had cum on her face, in her hair, on her breasts, all over her shoulders, and I think some even dribbled down to her stomach. She was a hot mess.

“That looks tasty,” we heard Liz say and she came back to life. She then crawled across and off the bed and began licking every drop of cum off of her sister.

I just fell back into a chair and took a deep breath. “That was fun,” I said after a moment of silence.

“We will have to do this again for sure,” Ben said.

“You’re telling me,” Liz exclaimed. “That was the most intense string of orgasms I have ever experienced. We are so doing that again.” We all laughed.

I decided to make my exit and after a quick rise in the shower I got dressed and made my way home.

On the way I called Jenn.

“I have the best idea for you for New Years,” I said into the phone. “Coed sexy dance party.” She screamed so loud I nearly dropped my phone. She then told me she would talk things over with her parents, leaving the sexy part out of course, and run it by Sarah as well. She assured me she was on it.


After my pre-Christmas antics with the twins, and some time with family for Christmas Eve, the big day finally arrived.

“Merry Christmas,” I said speaking at my computer. My screen had four live feeds; Ashley, Sarah, Jenn, and Heather were all signed in.

After a moment for everyone to say their hellos and holiday well wishes the conversation shifted to talking about our Christmas gifts. I was holding back letting the girls go first. I wanted to hold off on my news before mentioned anything. Once they were finished I was called out.

“You’ve güvenilir bahis siteleri been quiet Steve,” Sarah said.

“Yeah, spill the goods,” Jenn quipped.

“What did you get, a lump of coal?” Heather asked with a sarcastic laugh.

“Well, it’s black,” I said as I held up my new camera. “I got everything on my list. My parents said the numbers looked good for next year so since they wouldn’t really have to pay anything major out of pocket they bought me all the camera gear I wanted so I could practice with it before I start my photography stuff at State in the fall.” Jenn and Sarah were way more excited than Heather was but the girls soon clued her in on our photo shoots. Jenn even posted a few of the less racy ones for everyone to see. Heather smiled at the idea of me doing a shoot with her. She even asked me if I was able to do her senior photos. I thought that would be a great idea and would be a great primer for my portfolio to use when I declared my major. At State you couldn’t declare your major till after your first semester was over. So while it was pretty much assumed I was going into the photography program I still couldn’t formally apply for it till the spring semester.

Since it was Christmas day night, we said our goodbyes and went back to our families. I thanked my parents again for getting me everything on my list and promised them I would do my best to continue making them proud.


The week between Christmas and New Years was affectionally known as hell week to the swim team. We did doubles all week. This was usually because when the holiday fell on a weekday we lost two days of practice. Since Christmas was on a Sunday this year it meant five days of doubles. Damn luck of the draw.

On Friday I was so sore I could barely stand on deck.

“I know this sucks guys,” I said to the team barely believing my own words, “but we can do this. No pain, no gain.” I then started in on what we called dry-lands which was our stretching and workout routine we did on the deck before getting in the pool. Right as we finished our stretching Coach walked over and wrote a giant one-half symbol on the board and bracket the rest of our dry land workout. This motivated everyone to buck up and get through it. Getting a second wind we started to get out of our deck suits when coach walked over to the board and erased our practice routine. He then wrote ‘WATER POLO – 1 HOUR’ and turned to all of us.

“This is the best team I have ever had the privilege of coaching,” he said standing tall. “We have two more meets and then Champs. If we keep our current pace and win at least one of the next two meets will pretty much lock ourselves into the best seed spots for Champs.” He paused as he surveyed the team. “If everyone here swims their best times will all be winners regardless of how champs plays out. But, if you ask me,” he paused again, “we can do it!” The team let out a boisterous ho-rah and people started jumping, diving, and canon-balling into the pool.

The teams ended up being lead by Summer and I as captains. We quickly divided the team in half and started playing. Since water polo was a rather physical sport it was no surprise that the team took it to the next level. We were splashing and dunking each other and violating about a half dozen official rules but no one really cared. We were just playing for fun. In some ways it was a workout on its own.

Summer ended up covering me most of the game and she did everything she could to overpower me. While she was a fit, strong, and athletic girl she still didn’t have enough mass to overpower me. I was a good 4 inches taller than she was and probably sixty pounds heavier. When she tried to dunk me I just pushed her under with one hand. At one point she reached down and stuck her hand down in my suit and grabbed my dick. This caused me to lose my concentration and when a teammate passed me the ball is hit me square in the face causing my nose to bleed. I quickly jumped out of the pool and got the bleeding to stop. Summer jumped out after me and apologized.

“I am so sorry,” she said trying to fight back her laughs.

“No you’re not,” I said looking at her straight in the eyes, “and if that’s how it’s going to be then it’s game on girl.” I then ran across the deck and dove back into the pool. She followed in my wake.

The rest of the game was as physical as I had ever played. She did her best to grab at me but with my long arms I was able to keep her way. When I came up on her I would grab her ass, reach around and press my hand into her abs making sure to get close, but not too close, to her pussy. At one point I even slipped my hand under her suit and reached around to her breast giving her nipple a quick squeeze before pulling my hand back.

When we were on the wall between points Alex whispered in my ear. “I wish I was on the other team. Summer seems to be enjoying herself,” she then gave me a wink and swam out when the ball was tossed to the middle of the pool. I decided to tone it back for the last match and focused on playing the game.

After practice was out I waited for Summer in the parking lot. Before I could say anything she locked her lips with mine and shoved her tongue down my throat.

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