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Kate and Emma were kneeling on the floor of their flat looking at the glass jar, both with a look of amazement on their faces. In the jar was Kate’s boyfriend, now standing at only one inch tall.

Of course they hadn’t believed the woman who claimed to be able to shrink people and Kate had certainly been joking when she’d asked for her boyfriend to be shrunk for the weekend. The woman hadn’t been joking and now here they were, two thirty year old women and a naked one inch high guy.

“Are we supposed to put grass and water in the jar?” Kate asked as she swept her long dark hair out of her eyes with her hands.

“He’s not a bug,” Emma replied without taking her eyes off the tiny guy.

“Maybe some crumbs for him to eat?”

“You could fill the jar with beer, he’d like that.”

“Do you think we can play with him?” Kate asked.

“I’m sure we can play many things with a guy that size.”

“The woman said that he’d be as tough as usual, so no chance of hurting him.”

“We’ll have to put that to the test,” Emma smiled.

Kate gingerly unscrewed the lid of the jar, reached in and picked up her ex- six foot boyfriend with her thumb and forefinger.

“He looks good enough to eat,” Emma observed as she lowered her head, opened her mouth and pretended to eat him.

“Stop it, you’ll scare him,” Kate replied as she took him and gently slipped him into the front pocket of her jeans.

“My mouth is no scarier that your crotch,” Emma giggled as she saw where Brad had come to rest at the bottom of Kate’s pocket.

“He’s never minded that before.”

Brad had no memory of the incident, he’d just woken up and the world had grown. He felt normal, but everything was huge. It had to be a dream, although it seemed worrying real. Kate’s pocket, for example, felt so real, the scent was unmistakably hers. What had he taken for his mind to imagine things so vividly?

Kate’s pocket was just how he imagined a glazier crevasse to be, very narrow and very tall and impossible to climb out of. Unlike a crevasse, the pocket lining felt soft and warm and kept moving.

The jean denim was too thick to see through, however the pocket lining was thinner and he could just see the outline of her body and the new black lace underwear that he’d bought her. He tried to climb up to the very thin line of light at the pocket opening, but his pathetic attempts just landed him on his back at the bottom of her pocket. There was no way one, this was one very secure cell.

“I can’t believe you’re keeping him in your pocket,” Emma repeated.

“Can you hear him complaining?”

“He’s too small to hear anything he says.”

“Obviously a satisfied customer then.”

“Well I think it’s cruel,” Emma persisted.

With Emma throwing doubt on the correct etiquette when caring for your one inch high boyfriend, Kate reached into her pocket and gently pulled Brad out and placed him back into his jar.


They ate lunch and then Kate had to leave for work.

“You promise you’ll look after him?” Kate asked Emma for the fourth time.

“I won’t lose him or eat him, I promise.”

Brad couldn’t hear much through the glass jar but looked on with concern as he saw Kate slip on her black leather jacket. Surely she wasn’t going out? Surely she wasn’t going to leave him with Emma? Sure, Emma was attractive and yes like most guys he’d daydreamed about her, but she could be cruel. She’d once locked Kate in a trunk, not letting her out until way after the joke was over. This blonde certainly wouldn’t be his first pick to baby sit him in this state.

With Kate gone, Emma smiled ominously as she unscrewed the jar and lifted Brad out, “Just you and me now…”

Emma was a couple of inches taller than Kate and with a slightly fuller figure, not that extra strength was required to control a guy of this size. She lay back on the sofa and dropped Brad on to the front of her sheer grey top. She watched with a wide smile across her lips as the tiny guy stood up and tried to walk around. It tickled, which made Emma laugh, which made her muscles tighten, which made him fall over.

“Careful,” she giggled as she helped him to his feet.

The mischievous look in Emma’s big blue eyes was worrying. He needed to get away from her and hide somewhere until Kate returned. It sounded easy, but every time he tried to move away she picked him up and put him back in the middle of her poker oyna stomach. But things were about to get a lot worst.

Without warning, the blonde picked him up in her hand, squeezing him tightly and with her other hand unzipped her jeans. He panicked but there was no possible way to escape her grip.

“What to explore in here?” Emma asked as she held him with just her thumb and forefinger above the open zipper, “what’s wrong, it’ll be lovely and warm inside.”

Her fingers opened and he fell in. He landed on the front of her white underwear, which felt like a soft mattress, before sliding off and down into the bottom of her jeans, coming to rest by her butt. He heard the zip close above him, plunging him into near darkness.

In front of him he saw Emma’s thighs leading off into the distance and he had to make a move. He staggered forward down the inside of her right thigh, the denim towering above him on the left and her tanned thigh rising up like a cliff on his right.

With her legs stretched out in front of her on the sofa, Brad clambered forward was now almost at her knee. ‘You little Houdini’ Emma smiled to herself as she drew her feet up towards her butt, lifting her knee off the sofa and making Brad slide back down her trouser leg. At the same time, she lifted her butt slightly off the sofa.

Brad continued to tumble back down toward her crotch and this time his momentum carried him onwards until he was under Emma’s butt. He immediately jumped to his feet and tried to run, but she gave him no time. Her butt dropped on him like a building, crushing him and pinning him motionless beneath her white satin underwear. The pressure was by no means unbearable, but it was constant and unyielding and created a pitch black, silent cell that put maximum security jails to shame.


When Emma finally released Brad he was exhausted and collapsed gratefully into the bottom of his jar. But only ten minutes later Emma returned, this time wearing a tight fitted cocktail dress. She lifted Brad out and sat down on the floor with her knees drawn up in front of her.

“Want another adventure?” Emma asked, her breathing faster and her voice more husky.

She placed him down on the inside of her skirt and watched as he slid down the slippery taut black material and crashed into her butt. Her skirt now rose up around him on all sides; her smiling face with its perfect teeth peering in mischievously from the top.

Emma picked up his body and squeezed it into her panties and massaged it back and forth across her clit. The warm pressure was nice, but the real pleasure was from knowing that she had a sexy guy literally worshipping her, all consumed by her.

She moved to her vagina and used the palm of her hand to push him deep into her panties, fuck he was now pretty much inside her. As she held him in place, he started to move, tiny vibrations that sent shivers of pleasure many time amplified through her body. ‘Mmm, keep fighting me’ Emma thought as she pushed him in deeper and crossed her legs to seal him in the cell.


“I’m going to meet Kate for lunch,” Emma announced as her thighs parted and Brad collapsed with exhaustion on to her damp underwear, “and guess what, you’re coming too.”

Instead of lifting Brad out of her skirt, Emma pulled open the front of white panties and dropped Brad inside. “I’m sorry if this is a little personal, but it’s the safest and most discrete place to put you.”

Brad was in shock as he dropped down pass her bush and into the crotch of her underwear. He lay face down on the soft white material looking downward directly between her legs, the slightly elastic satin pinning him up against her crotch. The satin was slightly see through and he could make out Emma’s long tanned legs and the floor below.

Brad reached over and tried to slip a hand between Emma’s crotch and the hem of her panties, but at his size the elastic material might as well have been made out of steel. There was no doubt about it, anywhere that Emma went he would be going too.

She completed her outfit with a grey woollen top and knee length black leather boots, chosen to play down the cocktail dress. The outfit was perfect to both contain Brad, but also to give him no chance of signalling to the outside world. He really did have no choice but to stay her little secret.

Emma took the bus to the city and met Kate at a small café. She sat smiling with her blonde canlı poker oyna hair neatly parted at the centre and her sunglasses perched on her head. She sat with her legs slightly apart, as far as the dress would allow, so Brad could see out between her thighs.

Brad could just about make out the shape of Kate’s legs under the table, he’d never realized how often Kate crossed and re-crossed her legs, and he could also hear their conversation.

“Are you sure he’s OK on his own?” Kate asked. Brad was touched by her obvious concern.

“He’s fine,” Emma replied.

“I hope he’s OK with this.”

“Oh, I’m sure he’s enjoying the experience.”

“I’m really going to make it up to him…”

Brad was starting to get interested, but unfortunately Emma crossed her legs. This was a simple enough act, and one that women do millions of times of day, however when Emma’s legs crossed it had a real impact on Brad.

Her left thigh moved over her right and crushed Brad somewhere in between. The claustrophobic space was dark and silent and he would have to wait to hear what Kate was going to do to make it up to him. ‘Uncross your legs you stupid bitch’ Brad thought to himself as he waited in his cocoon.

Emma smiled to herself, crossing her legs was quite deliberate.

“Why are you smiling?” Kate asked.

“Oh nothing.”

“You’re in a funny mood today.”

“Am I?”

The truth was that Brad’s struggling body was again stimulating her and whilst she loved the feeling, Kate was starting to get suspicious. Emma reluctantly uncrossed her legs to reduce the pressure of his body on her clit.

Brad tried desperately to call out from his cell and attract Kate’s attention. He pushed and kicked at the soft satin that incarcerated him and screamed out but there was no way he could be heard above the café noise. He punched at the inside of her panties and made tiny indentations which lasted for a millisecond before the elastic returned them to their original figure hugging shape, but even that was hidden deep inside Emma’s dress and well out of sight. Maybe Emma heard or felt something as she re-crossed her legs, tightly encasing him once more between her thighs.

The girls finished lunch, walked to the door and kissed on the cheeks.

“Look after Brad until I get home,” Kate asked with a worried expression.

“Oh I will.”


When they arrived back at the flat, Emma took him out of her underwear and dropped him straight back into the glass jar. Even Emma felt a little guilty as she watched him sitting dejectedly against the glass. How much of this would he remember when he returned to normal size? Would he try to get revenge on her? At least he couldn’t complain to anyone, who would believe him.

Brad was grateful that Emma had left him incarcerated in the jar for the rest of the afternoon without inflicting any more pain. Kate returned from work, ran to the jar and gently lifted out her boyfriend.

“I’ll look after you from now,” she assured him as she unzipped her leather jacket and hugged him into her chest.

Emma looked on jealously as Kate carried Brad up to the safety of her bedroom and after some thought, gently placed Brad him into one of her favourite black leather ankle boots.

Brad walked down towards the toe of the boot to explore his latest prison, but the smell of leather was so overpowering that he had to walk back up to the heel for some relatively fresh air. The boots rose vertically all around him, there was absolutely no way to climb out.

As Kate showered she thought about how she should carry her boyfriend to the restaurant that night. She wanted to wear her new straight fitted black dress, but that had no pockets. With a smile on her high cheek boned face, she looked down at her slim naked body thinking of all placed she could hide him inside her dress instead.

She dried herself and pulled on silk black panties and bra; these were Brad’s favourite and she hoped he would appreciate them, especially tonight. She then pulled on thin pantyhose and ran her hands over her legs to finalise the plan. Yes, Brad would spend the night night tucked inside her pantyhose. Against her inner thigh would be best. He’d be safe in there and although her black dress was short, if she placed him high enough up her thigh he’d be completely hidden from sight.

With her mind still on her dress Kate slid her foot into her left internet casino boot. Brad saw it coming, a pantyhose covered foot coming down on top of him. It pushed him over and he ended up pinned underneath the middle of her foot.

Kate didn’t realize what she’d done until her foot was inside the boot, “Sorry,” she apologised as she quickly pulled her foot back out. But Brad was smiling and soon Kate was laughing too. “Did you like that?” she asked as she studied his tiny face, “I can put you back if you like.”

She lowered Brad back into her boot and very carefully eased her foot in on top of him and then zipped up the boot. “I don’t think you could get out of there in a million years,” Kate said as she examined the leather that wrapped tightly around her left foot. It didn’t seem possible for anything else to be inside her boot and anything that was inside was certainly not going to get out.

She could feel Brad moving under her instep and trying to push up between the inside of her foot and the boot, “There’s no way you’re getting up there,” she giggled, enjoying the game, “now that’s a good boy, go back down under my foot!”

Kate needed to get ready, but she couldn’t help spend a few more minutes enjoying the power. Usually around this time, Brad would pin her to the bed and kiss her until she agreed to make out with him one more time and invariably this would make them both late. How things had changed.

Kate finally unzipped him from his inescapable leather cell and pulled up her dress, “You have a new prison for tonight,” she announced, picking him up and sliding him down inside her pantyhose until he was resting against her inner left thigh. “And no one will ever know,” she giggled as she pulled her dress down and smoothed it out with her hands.


“Where is he?” Emma asked as they sat together in the back of the taxi.

Kate pulled up her dress to show Emma, who faked a smile in return. Fuck, she was already missing the feel of Brad inside her own panties.

“It’s a little personal down there, isn’t it?” Emma said.

“He’s fine, at least until I cross my legs,” Kate giggled back.

The girls arrived at the restaurant and sat down with a group of friends. Kate sat with her legs clinched neatly together with her dress tucked in tightly around her thighs. Brad was enjoying the feel and scent of his girl’s warm skin and almost wished he wasn’t going to return to his full size at midnight tomorrow.

Emma was sitting opposite them and Brad could see out between Kate’s knees, under the table to where Emma sat wearing the same dress and the same underwear. The bitch had imprisoned him inside her fucking panties! He smiled as h thought through what he would do to Emma when he returned to size.

Two hours of alcohol later and Kate had completely forgotten about Brad and only remembered him as she looked down at her tightly crossed legs. Fuck! She quickly uncrossed her legs and discretely reached under her dress to check he was still alive. Relieved that he was fine, she continued to chat, but ten minutes later crossed her legs again.

The friends arrived home just before midnight.

“I think we both need some water,” Emma smiled as she handed Kate a glass into which she’d slipped two of sleeping tablets.

The tablets hit Kate’s slim body and within minutes she was fast asleep lying on her back on the sofa. Emma pulled up Kate’s dressed and smiled as she saw Brad’s reaction and his hopeless attempt to escape from Kate’s pantyhose.

“I think your girl’s asleep,” Emma purred as she slowly eased her hand down the front of Kate’s pantyhose and pulled Brad free from captivity, “If you think that was secure, just try and get out of this.”

Emma pulled open Kate’s black panties and, with a slight look of disgust on her face, tucked Brad inside, positioning him carefully against Kate’s clit. The second the last manicured fingernail disappeared, Kate’s elasticated underwear snapped shut.

“Oh good boy,” Emma giggled as Kate started to smile in her sleep.


Still asleep, Kate reached down between her legs and moaned quietly. She rubbed gently and cried into the sofa cushion as she had yet another wet dream. She relaxed again and fell back into a deeper sleep. She looked a mess with hair everywhere, her slim frame wrapped in a crumpled dress and her boots still on.

Deep inside, Brad was sodden, exhausted and hadn’t slept a wink. The combined tightness of both Kate’s panties and pantyhose had initially held him in place and then he had also slipped through the lips of her vagina. The lips had now closed above him and he was desperately trying not to go any deeper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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