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Abby and Jess had been friends for what seemed like forever. They told each other everything-things they’d never tell anybody else. They were the picture perfect example of best friends. Well, almost everything. There was one thing Abby never discussed with Jess, and that was the encounter she’d had with Jess’s father.

It was only a few weeks back–Abby was spending the night and woke up with a split lip from the El Niño. She got up and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. When she got to the bottom of the steps she saw that the kitchen light was already on and could hear Jess’s father rummaging around in the fridge. She realized that all she had on were boxer shorts and a little cami and wasn’t sure if she should go put her bra and underwear on first…it wasn’t like he’d never seen her in pajamas before; she’d been over to Jess’s house hundreds of times. But she wasn’t seven anymore, she was almost nineteen.

In the middle of her train of thought she snapped back to the present when her lip split again. It hurt too badly for her to wait any longer so she pushed her questions aside and walked into the kitchen, trying to keep as little of herself exposed as possible. When Jess’s dad heard her he turned around and gasped.

“Jesus, Abby! Your lip is bleeding!”

She’d only felt it split, but she never passed a mirror to see the extent of the damage. When she heard this, she freaked out just as much as he had. She ran over to the cabinet to get a glass, but all of the cups that belonged on the lower shelf were gone and she was having a hard time reaching the ones on the top shelf. That is when it happened. Jess’s dad came up behind her to grab the glass, but he didn’t bother saying anything or waiting for her to step aside. Instead, he pressed right up behind her and she could feel him through his thin night pants on her backside. He grabbed the cup and brought it down questionably slow and she could swear he grazed her chest on purpose as he handed her the glass.

She got the water and went back upstairs, her mind swimming. She replayed the incident again and again in her mind, the story getting slightly warped in her mind with each new theory. After all, they were both a little shocked…it was 1:00a.m., and she was bleeding…maybe poker oyna he was just trying to help.

One strange thing she noticed was that she wasn’t grossed out by the possibility that Jess’s dad had made a move on her, she was more flattered. After all, he was fairly good looking for a man his age, and not many boys her own age talked to her. Besides that, she knew how well he had treated Jess her whole life, giving her everything she needed, always coming to their soccer games, never abandoning her like her mother had. And so what if she was attracted to her best friend’s father?

These thoughts continued well through the night and over the next few weeks. Then, her thoughts came to a halt when she heard the car honk outside. She’d been waiting two weeks and it was finally happening! She was going to a cabin in the mountains that Jess’s father rented out for the three of them for a week of skiing, building snowmen, and forgetting the outside world. Abby grabbed her knit hat and hugged her mom goodbye. Then, she lugged her bag out the front door where she was met by Jess’s dad. She couldn’t help but crack a huge smile at the sight of him, finding it amusing that he had no idea where her mind had been only minutes before. He grabbed her bag and threw it in the trunk with the rest of their things. Less than a minute later they were on the road.

They all had a great time on the drive up joking around and quoting their favorite movie lines. In those few hours everything Abby had come to believe about that night in the kitchen vanished. He was just a sweet old man who treated her nicely because he loved Jess so much. He never once indicated in the car what she had to come to hope, and maybe even wish for a few weeks before.

When they finally arrived at the cabin, Abby and Jess decided to get things organized while Jess’s dad went to the store to pick up groceries. Jess had been up there one time before, so she knew what needed to go where and all the things that needed to be done. After they unpacked, they went outside and lugged in the huge pile of lumber to start up the fireplace. By the time Jess’s dad got back, they were both spent. Jess decided to go take a shower and Abby helped her dad unpack.

After a few trips back and forth from the car, canlı poker oyna they were both together in the kitchen unloading groceries and putting them away. Abby couldn’t help but be reminded of their other kitchen encounter only a few weeks before. Jess’s dad saw Abby smiling and asked her what she was thinking about. After a second of contemplation, she told him she was thinking about that night (but she left out a few inappropriate details). He grinned at her in response and then he did it again! He started acting in those ways that so deliciously blurred the line between being her best friend’s father and being any other man who was attracted to her. He stood closer than normal to her, grazed her more than once while reaching for groceries…she couldn’t be imagining this. This time, she was sure what he was implying and she was intrigued enough to pursue it. He came up behind her to get more groceries and she turned around so they were face to face. She took off her snow jacket to reveal a thin T-shirt beneath. Then, she teasingly grabbed his pointer finger and pulled in to her mouth to gauge his reaction. She couldn’t tell. He was keeping his expression at bay, so she decided to continue teasing him until he broke. She touched his finger to her lip,

“See, it is pretty much healed, but there is still a scar.”

This confused him, maybe he had read her all wrong and she wasn’t trying to seduce him. Maybe she was just a naïve girl. Maybe this was a mistake. Then, she took away all of his doubt when she started to suck on his finger. She slowly sucked it in and out of her mouth, swirling her tongue over it each time. He tasted like dirt, but she didn’t care.

Now that there was no more confusion, it did not take long for him to push back. With amazing ease, he took off his shirt and did the same to hers. Abby could see the hunger in his eyes and she could feel herself getting wet. She let go of his finger and started unbuttoning his jeans. As she slid them down she could feel his erection getting harder. He was bigger than any boy she’d ever seen. She didn’t get to dwell on this for long though because he grabbed her arms and came toward her with a full kiss. His tongue penetrated her lips and she melted. When she came to, she began to kiss back internet casino just as powerfully, running her tongue along the top and bottom of his and biting his lip gently as she pulled away. She could tell he liked this by the rough moan that escaped his lips and the hardness she felt pressing against her tummy. He slowly slid his hand along her neck and over her breasts, making her nipples jump up in arousal. Then, his hand was over her stomach, down to her pants, and undoing her buttons.

He quickly snapped them open and pushed his hand down into her cotton panties. She was so warm and soft. He wanted to take his time, but he couldn’t contain himself. He slid two fingers down her soft lips, separated them, and slowly pushed his fingers inside her already wet pussy. She gasped a sharp intake of breath and dug her fingers into his back. He continued to mercilessly slide his fingers along the length of her area, swirling his thumb over her sensitive clit. Nobody had ever touched Abby so wonderfully. He watched her face transform and could tell she was on the verge of cumming. He did not relent and continued to finger her and massage her clit until she dug her face into his chest and screamed in pleasure as spasms of pure ecstasy washed over her and her pussy convulsed around his fingers. When it was finally over she was panting with exhaustion.

Seeing this, he took the lead once more. He carried her over to the couch and laid her down. He could tell that although she was shaken by her powerful orgasm, she was nowhere near done. He knelt in front of her and slid her to the edge; he started rubbing the sensitive tip of his shaft along her wet slit. Then, without warning he plunged into her tight pussy. She screamed in shock. She’d never felt so filled up in her life, but wow was she enjoying it. She could already feel another orgasm building up inside her. He started pumping with incredible speed and strength, his balls slapping her ass loudly with every pump. His moaning caused Abby to fly over the edge once again and as her orgasm pulsed through her, stronger than the first, she screamed with nothing to block the noise. Hearing this made it impossible for Jess’s dad to hold on any longer and he pumped his cock into her over and over again, each time filling her with more and more of his thick cum. He collapsed onto her, nuzzling his head in her full, warm breasts. At that moment, the shower shut off and they quickly shot apart from each other, hustling to get their clothes back on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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