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Mrs. LaRocca and her husband moved in well over a year ago. Jake, the next door neighbor, didn’t see much of her husband, but then again neither did Mrs. LaRocca. She was home during the day. Most days. She was always very nice and outgoing whenever they ran into each other. The niceties usually revolved around the weather, school, holidays. Jake was doing a year at community college and still living with his parents in the house next door. His parents had been there for 22 years, moving in when they were pregnant with Jake. The LaRocca’s had moved in about 4 years ago. Mr. LaRocca was in construction but it seemed as if he was what the neighborhood people called “a legitimate businessman.” Either way, he wasn’t home at all and on a few occasions there were other women who showed up to the house. But that’s a whole other story…

Living at his parent’s house was awful most of the time but it was the smart thing to do as Jake got his act together and refocused his life. And it certainly had its advantages. Middays- driving up the block and catching sight of the very fit Mrs. LaRocca working in the front yard in a skimpy v-neck t-shirt, her neckline revealing her perfect 34Cs (he guessed) was definitely one of them.

Another one was catching the end of her mid-day runs in her three quarter length tights and slim top, sports bra peaking out to say hello.

“Looking good Mrs. LaRocca.”

Jake shouted out his window without even thinking about it. She was sprinting out the finish of her run. Jake was pulling up to his house at the end of the block. He had never said anything like that before. In fact, he usually didn’t say anything at all- just a wave. What was he doing, he thought.

“Thanks Jake,” she breathed out.

Slowly Jake got out of his car, happy to keep his dark sunglasses on as he admired her slim shapely legs and muscular thighs. Her tights left little to the imagination as she bent over at the waist with her hands on her knees. Jake could see down her tank top, her beautiful breasts wrapped tightly in her heather grey sports bra.

She panted and his imagination ran wild with the same panting as he stood behind her spreading her sweet ass as she held herself up on the bed while he fucked her from behind.

She broke the silence and brought him back to the reality of- how long have I been standing here looking at her…

“Early day today?”

“What? Oh yeah. Finished early.”

“That a normal thing for ya? Finishing early?”

Was she flirting with him? Because that sounded a lot like flirting.

Jakes mind raced with witty retorts, something that would be benign if she wasn’t flirting but equally racy if she was.

“No Mrs. LaRocca, I usually take my time… with my studies. He paused. Happy with himself.

She smiled. They stood there for a moment taking in the pleasant awkwardness of the silence. She broke it.

“I could use your help with something. Can you maybe come over a little later?”

“Absolutely. Whatever you need.”

“Great. I’ll uh… I’ll open the door after my shower. You can just come on in whenever.”

The way the houses lined up on the cul-du-sac from Jake’s kitchen window he can see her front door. She knew he’s be able to see her indication of leaving the door open. And Jake was thinking that very thing- that she was leaving the door wide open.

“Ok. Sounds good Mrs. LaRocca.”

“I’ll shower quickly.”

“Me too.” Jake blurted it out without even thinking.

She turned around and took a few steps before turning around. Jake took those few steps to drop his eyes to her tightly tucked tail. He quickly averted them back up.

“And Jake.”


“I know I’ve told you before. You can call me Maria.”

“Will do Mrs. LaRocca.”

She smiled and walked inside. Jake went into his house. His mind raced with what she could want him to do and what she meant when she told him she had to shower and what her soft breasts would look like with the water beating down on them and what they would look like in his hands, her pointed nipples between his finger tips. He entertained the possibility for a moment that she could be a lonely housewife teasing the 22 year old neighbor in order to fill her otherwise lonely day of being married to a man who is never home living in a huge house mostly by herself and having that oh-so slamming body with no one to ravage it… His run-on mind returned to sex- what she would smell like, what her inner thighs would feel poker oyna like in his hands and what her back would look like from behind as he took her.

He shook the thoughts out of his head, trying not to set himself up for disappointment. She probably couldn’t reach a light fixture or a pot she kept on a high shelf.

Jake paced wondering what to do to prepare himself – if anything at all. Should he shower, as he so awkwardly blurted out. He went upstairs and changed his underwear. Lucky boxers seemed the way to go and maybe a clean t-shirt. But he put the same jeans back on. He didn’t want to seem like he changed for the occasion.

He looked out the window. The front door was open and his heart hopped.

“Here we go,” he said to himself out loud.

He walked over casually in case Mrs. LaRocca was looking out her window. He didn’t want to seem over eager. He got to the door and peered in.

“Mrs. LaRocca?”

No answer.

“Mrs. LaRocca? It’s me. Jake.”

He started talking to himself. “Duh it’s Jake, you fucking idiot. Who else would it be?”

He walked thought the open door into the front foyer. He closed the door behind him and shouted again as he slipped of his shoes.

“Mrs. LaRocca?”

“Hi Jake. Come on upstairs.”

Jake’s heart hopped again as he tried to remain as casual and relaxed as he could with his heart and cock twitching while he walked. He adjusted his hardening member into comfortable position in his pants so he wouldn’t have to do it when he was in from of her.

“Are you hiding?” Again he kicked himself as soon as the words were out of his mouth. What an idiot! He thought to himself. Then he heard laughing. Giggling really.

“No. I’m not hiding. I’m in the bedroom. End of the hall. Come here. I’m desperate. I need your opinion.”

Desperate?! Opinion?! What was he walking into? He climbed the stairs, mind reeling with possibilities.

He was at the door of her bedroom now. She popped into the door frame. She was in her bath robe, long gray robe tied loosely just below her waist, cut low. He could see water still glistening between her breasts and imagined himself a drop of water running from below her chin, down her sternum, between her breasts and underneath the confines of that gray robe. He was mesmerized by the woman before him and his own water-drop-fantasy running through his mind.

Jake didn’t notice the clothing on the bed.

“I have an affair tonight. I have all these dresses and nothing is new and I honestly don’t know what looks good anymore. There are going to be all these young judgy people there. And I know it’s a good problem to have but with the weight I’ve lost nothing fits me anymore. I need you to tell me what looks good, which one looks best.”

Jake stared blankly. “An affair?”

“Is that all you heard?”

“No. I can do that.”

“Good. Thank you.”

“Of course. Yes. You’re welcome.” (One of those three.) He wanted to recover with something strong. “Start with that one. Black. Cocktail. Simple. Everything natural you have going on won’t get overshadowed by a dress.

Maria smiled. “Okay. I’ll go try it on.”

She walked into her closet at the other end of the room, a huge walk-in with a heavy white door that opened into the room allowing her to hide behind it while still leaving it open. She came back out a moment later, the dress draped over her slender body.

Jake stood motionless. She turned.

“Come on. Zip.”

Jake scurried over (or at least it felt like a scurry to him). He slowly placed his finger tips on the zipper at the center of her back. Mrs. LaRocca’s arms folded above her head lifting her long brown hair up and folding it, resting it atop her head as not to get her dress tangled in her hair or get her damp hair on the dress. As Jake slowly zipped her dress he watched the fabric tighten around her torso. He left his hands lingering on her neck after the zipper had reached its zenith. The back of his hand lightly brushed the back of her ear. It could have been mistaken or an accident but it wasn’t. Jake noticed a small shiver and was close enough to see the patch of goose bumps rise on her skin.

He thought it was too much and “Sorry,” was all he managed to get out.

She kept her hair held up as she turned. “No. You’re perfect,” she whispered.

“You are.”


“You are… perfect in that dress.”

“Not bad for an old lady?”

“Mrs. LaRocca, you are not old.”

“Maria. canlı poker oyna Please. You are standing in my bedroom zipping up my dress.”

“You look beautiful.”

“Thank you.”

They stood facing each other. Jake wanted to move in or say the right thing or do the right thing and the plethora of possibilities played pinball inside of his head.

Maria abruptly broke the silence before he could do or say anything.

“Okay. Unzip. Next dress.”

He smiled. The game was to continue.

Again, he took his time. He lifted some of the hair that had fallen onto the back of her next and they worked together to get it all back into her delicate hands. She missed a piece and ran her hand along his trying to find it again. It sent shivers from Jake’s hands to his feet making sure to leave a lasting impression on his once again hardening cock, yelling at him not to be ignored.

“Pass me the red one.” He hadn’t recognized that the black dress’s zipper had been brought below the small of her back. She was ready for the next one. “Please.”

Jake took one last look at the plunge of her back and the beginning of her perfect ass before he turned toward the bed. He handed her the red dress. She hung it inside the closet. Where he was standing now adjacent to the door, there was no hiding behind the closet. He didn’t move and she didn’t ask him to. She slid the black cocktail dress down her shoulders. It made a slow journey toward the floor following the pull and denying the force of gravity all at the same time. First her breasts and soft, perky nipples were revealed to him, then her shapely and toned stomach, that muscular V shape leading to her sex and slight gap in her thighs. Finally the dress hit the floor and he found himself drawn into the way her muscles works as she slowly knelt down picking up the dress, never once taking her eyes from his. She reached out for the red dress staring at him still. She lifted one and then the other leg into it and pulled it up over her shoulders. She turned and backed into Jake. He didn’t stop her as she backed toward him and let her body gently fall into his. She felt her back and her ass against his strong chest, felt her thighs meet his as he placed his hands on her hips and pulled her into him slightly.

“Come on. Zip.” She toyed with her toy.

Jake obliged. He placed his hands on her shoulders and squeezed, a gentle massage, a rub before he brought her dress together with a slow zip and fastened the button at the top. This time he let his hands fall along her neck, over her shoulders. He dragged his hands along her sides and just underneath the sides of her breasts.

She turned and faced him.

“So?” She smiled playfully, coyly.

“Hideous. Awful. You look terrible. Take that dress off immediately.”

Maria laughed. Jake corrected himself.

“You look amazing. But I have a feeling that body would look amazing no matter what was wrapped around it.”

“Should we see what this body looks like with you wrapped around it?”


And yes was all it took.

Maria moved toward him, her body drawn to his and her hand reaching toward his face. She touched his fair skin and stubbled face, ran her fingers lightly down his sideburn and ear and met his lips with hers. He reciprocated running his hands up the back of her head, still slightly damp from her shower. They kissed passionately and deeply. Maria needed to see him and needed to feel his skin on hers. She brought her hands to the buttons on his jeans as she spun around telling Jake to unzip her. As he unzipped, she unbuttoned him behind her back. Turning again toward him, she let her dress fall to the ground. She reached out for the bottom folds of Jake’s t-shirt and he lifted his arms above his head. She slid the shirt over his torso and shoulders as he stepped back toward her neatly-made bed. Unbuttoned, his pants sagged as the back of the bed met the back of his knees. He sat and almost subserviently Maria knelt before him and slid him out of his jeans.

“Mrs. LaRocca-” Jake had no idea why he was whispering her name or uttering anything at this moment but hearing it flooded Maria with warmth and sex and waves of breath. She felt her own wetness without even touching it. She just knew… and she was going to ask for it again.

“Say my name again.”

“Mrs. LaRocca?” Jake questioned.

“Now say Mrs. LaRocca, suck my cock.”

“I can’t say-“

“Say it or get the fuck out!” She was taking internet casino control and being submissive all at the same time and it was driving her crazy.

“Suck my cock. Mrs. LaRocca. Put it in your mouth.”

She slid Jake’s boxers down his hips and thighs and pulled out his hard cock. She flicked it gently with her tongue teasing him a few times before taking just the head into her mouth. Jake barely moved and writhed all at the same time on her bed as she kissed the head and the shaft of his cock, periodically taking it into her sweet mouth and as she sucked it down she moaned sending Jake to new heights he’d never known existed.

“Put your hand on the back of my head.”

He did.

“Push me down.”

He did. And she went at his cock like that for awhile, his hand guiding her back down over his cock.

But she didn’t want him to cum just yet so she squeezed the base of his shaft and slowly backed off her exuberance of engulfing his cock. She looked up at him from between her legs and he knew that she knew that he knew where they both wanted to be.

Jake gently rolled her onto her back, her legs hanging off the bed and her feet on the floor. He sank to his knees and took one leg in his hands. He gently massaged her left foot as he kissed her ankle and as he worked his hands along her ankle his lips moved to her calf. As his hands moved to her calf his mouth went to the inside of her knee and behind in that tender spot between tickle and sensual. His lips moved to her upper thigh as his hands moved along her knee. And just when she thought she may feel his lips on the lips between her legs he abandoned her and moved toward her right foot. Planting her left foot back on the floor, Jake worked on the right side of Maria’s body working up to that same spot, the crease between where her legs met with her sex.

This time he dove in, gentle addressing the outermost area of her sex with his tongue. Maria moaned and drew her hands to her own breasts. She ran her hands down her stomach with the hopes of touching herself but was stopped by Jake’s hands just below her belly button.

He licked and sucked and tickled with his tongue all around her pussy without ever grazing her clit and Maria was silently screaming for it, screaming for one touch or one graze and as she was about to break her silence and audibly scream out as Jake gave it to her. She came instantly in a wave and rush and gush of emotion and gratitude and release. She grabbed the back of his head, holding him against her as she tightened and released her entire body all at the same time.

She had to have him. Holding onto his head still she brought him up to her. She tasted herself on his lips and in his mouth as they kissed passionately, his cock knocking at the door and her pussy wanting nothing else but to invite him in.

She repositioned herself on the end of the bed and Jake still standing at perfect level for precise pleasure dove into her. He lifted as his pelvis met hers, the head of his cock going deeper and harder than she had ever felt. As soon as he was on his way out, Maria grabbed the sides of his ass and pulled him back in. This continued over and over and over and again.

She looked up at Jake and noticed a look of coy smugness on his face. No way. It was her job to rock his world and she wasn’t going to let him leave thinking otherwise.

She pressed her foot into the floor and rolled Jake onto his back. He cock never leaving her as she climbed on top of him grinded her hips into his. Jake’s head fell back onto and into the bed. His hands reached out to the side grabbing onto whatever blankets he could wrap into his hands. Maria was grinding her hips on top of him and he was hitting all sides of the inside of her. They both loved every second of it. This was how Maria liked to cum and Jake was on the verge of the greatest orgasm he had ever anticipated. He wanted only to wait for her.

He didn’t have to wait long. Maria lifted off of Jake and flooding Jake’s cock and balls and legs with warm hot fluid, drenching him in her release… Feeling the hot cum, Jake shot out having a huge orgasm all to himself and at the same time with Maria. They moaned together, they came together, they surprised each other- together…

Her hands were leaving a red mark on his chest and her legs were still pulsing around his hips as she remained straddling him. It was a feeling of shock.

Maria rolled over and half covered herself with the blankets on the bed. Jake scooted up gently spooning in behind her. The both had a similar thought that this was the start of something but neither expressed it. They just lay there together, breathing, listening to the deafening silence in the air.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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