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I came home one night to find a party in full swing at the apartment next to mine. As I got closer I saw Ryan laying in my flowers, drunk again I thought. Another guy was standing in front of him. I asked, “What are you two doing?” Ryan answered first, ” I thought you were coming to beat my ass.” The one standing said “I’m Tim, I’m hiding him.” Tim asked my name, I told him it was Sherry. Then I asked if they both could get the hell out of my flowers. Ryan got up and went back to the party. Tim lingered trying to hit on me, I asked him “Do you have any idea how old I am?” He replied, “About 23 or 24, I’m 19 almost 20.” Laughing I managed to say “I wish lets try I’m 33.” Tim then told me I was in my prime.

A few more people came and went from the party. Tim stood in front of me swaying oh boy I thought, Tim really was drunk. Then, I realized he was doing this to rub against my tits. Tim wanted to play, I could play games. I leaned into him a little bit. Tim turned, looking shocked and pleased poker oyna at the same time. I just smiled and went in. I watched Tim from my balcony as he was watching me. The partier’s went in, all but Tim. He looked up at me and said “bye.” I said “Do you want to see something before you go in?”

“Sure” Tim said. I stood close to the rail slowly, I lifted my shirt. Knowing my nipple were rock hard. I jiggled them a little. He looked up licking his lips. I asked him “Do you like?” With a big smile he replied, “Yes.”

“Why” I demanded. Tim said, “Because I like big tits.” As I lowered my shirt I said, ” You know where my door is .” Tim didn’t waste any time, he had my door open and shut before I knew it.

I gave Tim a beer and I lit a smoke. I told him I write adult stories and asked if he’d like to read one. He agreed. He sat there not making a sound, but making different facial expressions as he read. Tim looked at me and repeated 3 times, “This fucking shit ain’t right!” canlı poker oyna I wasn’t sure how to take that. He asked “You really think that way?”

“Yes, your just to young.”

“No” he said, “I’m fucking there,” as he rubbed on his cock.

I asked Tim if he was curious. He said yes. I had Tim slide over on the couch. I shut off the lights and went to my knees. I knew I’d blow his mind. I took out his dick, stroking his full erection. Hell, when I was 19 guys didn’t have dicks this big. I licked and sucked on his balls a little, licking his cock teasing him. Making him wait; not taking his dick my mouth yet. Kissing the head like an all day sucker. Sucking sideways on his dick just below the head, up and down I worked it.

His head fell back on the couch, Tim started pushing on my head. Stopping him, I said to him, ” Either I do the work or I don’t do it.” He removed his hand, just running his fingers through my hair. Tim started working his hips to meet my licking internet casino and sucking mouth. I took the head of his dick between my lips; wrapping them tightly sucking only just the head, then completely engulfing his cock.

There aren’t words for the sounds that escaped from his lips. Using my hand fast then slow, tight around the base I stroked him. My lips focused on the head of his cock. Bouncing fast sucking the head, my whole body bounced up and down hard and fast. I gradually took more of Tim’s dick, a little at a time, but not all of it not yet.

I looked up at Tim with his cock still in my mouth as he said “I want too cum in your mouth so fucking bad!” My lips tightened around his cock as I began sucking harder on the head. I went down on him all the way hard and fast, releasing my hand from the base. The minute I took my hand away Tim let loose. I then began sucking Tim’s dick faster and harder as he filled my mouth and throat with his hot and creamy cum. Swallowing, I sucked every drop, licking making sure there wasn’t any left.

I stood and walked outside on the balcony; he followed me out and looked at me and said, “You sucked the life right out of me.”

“Imagine if you’d been tied in that chair.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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