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This will be more interesting and make more sense if you read Chapter 1 first. It is about Marsha and John sharing their individual viewpoints with a marriage therapist, including all the juicy details of their infidelities.



“Hello Mr. Richards. Did you measure the size of your penis like I asked?”

John nodded his head and said, “Yes. Fully erect it is ten and a half inches long. Would you like me to show you?”

John put his hands on his hips. He had worn a pair of tight jeans making his bulge clearly visible. Dr. Steinberg was wearing a short black skirt which was cut half way up her thighs. Her full tits were pressed tightly against the sweater she was wearing. John wondered if she had dressed like this just for him.

“Don’t be crude, Mr. Richards. If I need to see it I’ll let you know. If you don’t mind I am going to sit behind the desk for today’s session. It will be easier to take notes that way. Let’s continue where you ended. You were having sex with the neighbor as I recall.”

“Yes, that is correct. We were doing it several times a week, but life got complicated when her daughter Kim entered the scene. I’ll pick it up from there.”

One afternoon I went over to fuck Tammi. We had set it up in advance so I was surprised to find her daughter Kim in the apartment. She was a short cute blond with nice tits and a tight ass. She greeted me in a pleated maroon and white cheerleader skirt that barely covered her panties and a matching top that stretched tightly across her large tits.

“Hi Mr. Richards. Mom’s not here but she left a note. I don’t think she wanted me to read it because it’s kind of nasty, but cheerleading practice got cancelled so when I came home I couldn’t help but see it.”

She handed me the note. I opened it and read…. ‘John, I am so sorry but there was a crisis at work and I had to go to the office or get fired. My pussy is dripping with need for your cock. Make an excuse to come by after 8. I’ll send Kim out for some groceries or something’… It was signed ‘Your cock hungry fuck slut’.

“I knew she must be getting it from somebody because there are never any men around like before, but I never thought it was a neighbor. Mr. Richards, you should be ashamed of yourself. You are a married man.”

There was a playful twinkle in her eye as she said it. I had been horny all afternoon and was looking forward to a hot fuck session with Tammi. Standing there I couldn’t help but wonder if Kim had a hot pussy just like her mother’s. From the look in her eye I convinced myself that she was daring me to make a move.

“I’m not ashamed, Kim. Your mom has needs just like Mrs. Richards. We like to have sex because it gives us both pleasure. That can’t be wrong can it? I bet you have a boyfriend that gives you the same kind of pleasure, don’t you?”

She giggled shyly and tried to look embarrassed but didn’t do a very good job.

“Mr. Richards, that’s none of your business. Besides, I don’t really have a boyfriend. I mean not just one. I like to play the field. It’s more fun that way.”

As she said this she leaned back against the kitchen counter and ran her hands down her hips and to the insides of her thighs. She pushed out her chest so I could see the nipples peeking through her blouse. I stepped forward and put my hands on her shoulders.

“Just like me. I like to play the field too.”

I leaned forward to kiss her. She turned her face up to mine and opened her mouth. My tongue slipped inside. My hands slid down to her nice tits and squeezed. I felt her hand move to the front of my pants and rub my growing cock. She pulled away from the kiss and looked into my eyes.

“Are you going to fuck me? I’m not sure mom would approve.”

“Then let’s not tell her. You are eighteen, right?”

She nodded her head. I pushed her down onto her knees. She unbuckled my belt, pulled down my zipper and reached inside to pull out my cock. It popped free and dangled right in front of her face.

“Holy shit, Mr. Richards. You’re huge. No wonder mom likes you so much.”

She wrapped her lips around my swollen knob and sucked me into her mouth. Her youth and energy made up for her inexperience. Her lips, tongue and mouth attacked me aggressively slurping and sucking and massaging my cock. I grabbed her head and fucked it in and out until spit was drooling from her chin. I went faster and harder, fucking her face like it was a cunt.

Kim kept up with every thrust sucking and licking me like a possessed woman. I crammed my cock into the entrance of her throat and pulled her head until I could feel it slide deeper. I could feel her tongue massage the underside of my cock as I continued to push into her throat. I finally let her go. She gasped and drooled, then immediately gobbled my cock back into her mouth.

I looked down and saw her big blue eyes looking up at me as she gagged on my cock. The lust in her eyes was wild and out of control. I noticed that her hand was in her panties and she was furiously fingering her güvenilir bahis pussy. The front of her top was drenched with spit. Her body tensed. My cock fell from her mouth.

“Oh… oh… oh god… uuuuuuhhhhhh…”

She was still cumming when I pulled her up and bent her over the kitchen table. I yanked her panties down her thighs, pulled up her skirt and guided my cock to the swollen pussy peeking out from between her legs. I watched it split apart as the knob of my cock pushed inside. I shoved and drove it all the way up her cunt. Kim gasped.

Her second orgasm happened shortly after we began to fuck. My hands were under her top squeezing her naked tits and pinching her hard nipples. The length of my hard cock repeatedly pumped deep into her dripping cunt. Her head was tilted back. Her gasps were desperate. She came hard thrusting her cunt back forcefully and driving my meat into her belly.

I held my cock deep in her cunt while she was cumming. Her pussy clenched my swollen member. Her body trembled. Cunt cream leaked out from her pussy and dribbled down my balls. Slowly I began to fuck her again in long and steady strokes. Kim moved a hand between her legs and rubbed her clit until a third orgasm gripped her body.

I sat down in a kitchen chair. Kim pulled off her top. I watched two firm melons bounce free. She stepped out of her panties and straddled my lap with her tits dangling in front of my face. I grabbed the powerful cheeks of her ass and sucked one of her swollen nipples into my mouth.

Kim teased the head of my cock with her pussy by rubbing it back and forth and slipping it just inside her opening. She grabbed my head and held it to her nipple, moaning when I bit down on it with my teeth. She lowered her pussy impaling herself on my hard cock. She held me deep inside her cunt rubbing her clit against the base of my cock as she rocked back and forth.

I sucked and bit her nipple while we slowly fucked. My hand slipped further around her ass until my fingers were wedged in the crevice between the cheeks. Kim continued to grind her pussy against me and rotate against my cock buried deep in her cunt. My fingertip slid over the tight nub of her butt hole and rubbed it in circles. I felt her sphincter slowly open from the pressure against it.

“Oh god yes… put your finger in my ass… ooohhhhh… yes… right there…”

She pushed back against my finger. Her tight hole continued to open until the tip of my middle finger was inside her. She gasped when I shoved it deeper. I pumped my finger in and out of her ass while she fucked me. Her gasps and moans became more desperate. I bit down hard on her nipple and shoved my finger all the way up her ass at the same time. Kim stiffened and bucked violently. More cunt cream dripped down my balls.

I stood with my cock still deep in her cunt. My hands held her up by her ass cheeks. She dug her heels into my back lifting up and slamming her cunt down hard on the length of my cock. We staggered towards the living room bouncing off furniture and bumping into walls. A lamp went crashing to the ground when we fell onto the couch with me on top. She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around me digging her fingernails into my back. She screamed from the feel of my cock pounding her dripping cunt hard and fast.

“Oh god… fuck me… harder… oooooohhhhh… oh fuuuuuuckkkkkk… yes… yes… aaaaaahhhhhhh…”

It was impossible to tell when one orgasm ended and the next began. Her body shook and thrashed uncontrollably as ripples of pleasure consumed her. Her fingers raked my back and pulled at my hair. Juices poured from her cunt and dribbled across her asshole where my balls slapped wetly each time I slammed my cock into her cunt.

I was ready. I pulled my dripping cock from her cunt and straddled her tits. It was aimed directly at her face when the first jet of hot cream exploded from the tip. It splashed off her cheek and bounced into her hair. The next burst of cum trailed from her nose up across her forehead. More cum splashed onto her lips and into her eye. I pushed my cock between her lips and drained the last few drops into her mouth.

I stood and watched Kim rub her pussy fast and furiously with cum dripping down her face. She arched her back and screamed. She looked up at me and smiled wiping cum off her face and feeding it to her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmm… that was good. You’re not going to tell mom are you? She got really pissed the last time she caught me fucking one of her boyfriends.”

Now I was fucking Tammi, her daughter and Marsha. I have a lot of staying power, but they were beginning to wear me out, particularly Kim who was insatiable and always in the mood.

John looked at Brenda when he was finished and realized that she had a hand under the desk. Was she fingering her pussy, he wondered? He watched her face scrunch. Her body shuddered. She let out a small gasp, then sat up and quickly composed herself.

“Forgive me, Mr. Richards. I must be coming down with something. I got the chills türkçe bahis and felt faint for a few moments. Anyway, we are out of time. We’ll have to continue this next week.”

“I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, Brenda. Do you want me to have Marsha come back another time?”

“I’m okay now. Send her in, would you?”


“Did you bring the pictures,” asked Dr. Steinberg.

Marsha handed her a memory stick. Brenda put it in her computer and quickly flipped through them.

“I need to study these in some detail. Thank you for bringing them. Now where were we? Oh yes, you just fucked six guys at a bachelorette party, then put on a lesbian show on stage and took three strangers home where I assume you fucked them as well. So what’s next?”

Marsha was surprised at the language Dr. Steinberg was using but didn’t say anything. She continued with her story.

Tammi continued to fuck John with my blessing. Of course John didn’t know anything about our arrangement. One time she asked me if I wanted to watch. Curious, I hid in the back room and had a perfect view of John and Tammi fucking in the kitchen. She put on quite a show knowing she had an audience and was looking right at me when John pumped cum all over her face and tits.

That was the beginning of my sexual relationship with Tammi. After John left she found me in her bedroom and asked how I enjoyed the show. I told her that my pussy was dripping and that if I didn’t get fucked soon I was going to go nuts. Tammi reached into her dresser held up the wickedest looking vibrator I had ever seen. She told me to take off my panties and lie back on the bed.

For the next half hour she fucked me to one orgasm after the next. She knew just where all of my sensitive spots were and knew just how to apply the right pressure in the right places. Then she used her mouth to get me off. She was incredible and had me gushing in buckets. After that she pulled a strap-on dildo out of her closet and fucked me from behind until I was screaming.

It was one thing to let John fuck Tammi. Heck, I was fucking her too. But he went too far when he fucked her tramp daughter Kim. I knew she was a slut because I had seen a slew of boys from school come by when Tammi wasn’t around, and the sounds coming from the apartment easily penetrated the walls.

I probably never would have found out about it except I had become addicted to watching Tammi and John fuck and then having sex with her afterwards. It was particularly erotic when she let me eat his cum out of her pussy. We had set it up one afternoon when Kim was supposed to be at cheerleading practice.

I was surprised when Tammi didn’t answer the door, so I let myself in and waited in her bedroom. John wasn’t due for another half hour. Unfortunately I didn’t see the note she had left for him and thought she was just late. When the front door opened I went to greet Tammi and was almost caught by Kim who wasn’t supposed to be there. I quickly ducked back into the bedroom.

I watched the whole scene between John and Kim. My pussy was dripping from watching, but I was not about to give him the pleasure of fucking me after what he did so I decided to get my revenge in another way. When Kim was in the bathroom I let myself out and headed downtown. I found what I wanted. Four huge black guys were sitting in a diner across from the basketball court.

I have two recurring fantasies that get me off. One is being taken by force by a complete stranger. The other is getting gang-fucked by several big black cocks. Sometimes both fantasies come together in one. It’s not that I haven’t fucked a black cock. In fact two of the male strippers were black. In my fantasy there has to be at least four and they have to be huge.

I went right up to them and leaned over the table.

“Excuse me, but could you boys help out a lady who has a problem?”

I gave them my best Marilyn Monroe ‘I’m getting ready to have an orgasm’ look.

“Yeah. And what sorta help would that be, lady? We don’t want no kinda trouble.”

I saw him glance at my wedding ring.

“The kind of help a lady can’t get from nice white boys, if you know what I mean. I can promise you there won’t be any trouble.”

I slid my hands down my stomach to the crotch of my jeans. There was no mistaking my intentions. The one doing the talking stood.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure I do know what you mean. Let’s go out back.”

I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into and could feel butterflies in my stomach. I followed them out the back door into an alley where there was a beat up chair and table. I decided to play the innocent blonde who was in over her head to see where this would lead.

“Wha… what are we doing out here? Is it safe? I hope you don’t think I…”

I put a hand over my mouth appearing to be frightened which was sort of true. One of the boys pressed up behind me. A pair of huge hands reached around and crushed my tits. At the same time my jeans were being unsnapped. A second hand slid into my güvenilir bahis siteleri panties. I could feel a long thick finger rubbing my wet gash. I gasped when he pushed it inside me.

“You know I’m a married woman. I shouldn’t be letting you do this.”

One of them grabbed my chin and squeezed. He knew the kind of game I wanted. I didn’t just want to get fucked. I wanted to get ravaged.

“Shut the fuck up, bitch. Jesse, you got something to put in her mouth so we don’t need to listen to her bullshit.”

Jesse grabbed my hair and jerked my head down. His cock was already out. Even though it was mostly limp, I could tell he was huge. He fed it between my lips. I eagerly sucked it deeper. I could feel it grow harder and bigger. He crammed it deeper into my mouth pulling on my hair to hold it there.

Behind me I felt my jeans and panties being pulled down over my ass. A huge black knob pressed against my pussy splitting it open. It went deeper and deeper into my cunt until it hit my cervix. I tried to scream, but the cock stuffed in my mouth only allowed me to gag.

Spit drooled from my lips when he pulled his cock from my mouth. Another one quickly replaced it. This was even bigger. He grabbed my head and fucked my face hard and rough. The cock in my pussy hammered me again and again until I couldn’t take it. My body stiffened and shook with a violent orgasm. I coughed and gasped for air when the cock in my mouth finally pulled out.

Another cock was shoved into my pussy. The guy that had been fucking me fed me his hard meat still dripping with my juices. I stiffened when a thumb was pushed up my ass, but I was helpless to do anything about it. Seconds later I had a second orgasm.

They moved me to the table. I was put on my back with my head dangling over the side. My legs were pushed back. I felt a cock slide into my pussy and fuck me. Another was shoved between my lips and into my throat. I gagged and choked trying to keep up with his thrusts. He pulled out and groaned. Streams of hot cum splashed across my face until it was dripping into my hair.

Before I could catch my breath another cock was quickly shoved into my mouth. I did my best to open my throat to accommodate his thickness. The cock hammering my pussy jerked me forward on each thrust driving the cock in my mouth deeper into my throat. The guy fucking me grunted. Jets of hot cum filled my pussy again and again. I could feel it dribbling down my ass.

They picked me up and carried me over to the chair where a big black cock was awaiting me. I was lowered onto his monster shaft. I squealed as it pushed deep into my pussy. Another cock was shoved into my mouth. It didn’t take long before he pulled out and sprayed my face and tits with more cum. He was still cumming when the cock fucking me sprayed a big load into my pussy.

I dropped to my knees. Cum was running down my thighs and was splattered all over my face and tits. They surrounded me on all sides waving their spent cocks in my face. I went from one cock to the next licking and sucking until all four were standing tall.

They bent me over the table and took turns fucking me from behind while I sucked the others two at a time. I felt a finger being pressed against my asshole smearing it with something gooey. I tensed when two fingers pushed into me and twisted. They came out. Seconds later I felt a cock slide between my ass cheeks. His big knob pressed against my sphincter.

I was helpless to stop what was about to happen because I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t move my head as I gagged on the cock down my throat. My sphincter popped open. I felt his massive shaft enter my body. I had never felt so much pressure in my life. I thought I was going to split in half.

The mixture of pressure and pain invading my asshole became more pronounced as he punched deeper into my bowels. I thought I might pass out because I couldn’t get any air. The cock in my throat pushed even deeper. For a second I forgot about my ass and struggled to get free. He finally let me go. I gasped for air as a flood of spit drooled from my lips.

After catching my breath I realized that the cock in my ass was fucking me in long deep strokes, and that it no longer hurt. There was a lot of pressure, but it felt good. I was getting fucked in the ass and enjoying it… something John always wanted to do but I wouldn’t let him. I got even more pleasure just thinking about how sweet this revenge was becoming.

The cock in my ass finally pulled out and was replaced by another. Two more big black cocks showed up in my face. I took turns sucking first one and then the other. After several rounds they stood me on my feet. One guy lifted me into the air and lowered my pussy onto his cock. I wrapped my arms and legs around him. I was getting fucked suspended in air.

Someone pressed up behind me. I felt the large knob of his cock against my sphincter. I was about to get fucked by two cocks at the same time. When his cock pushed into my asshole the pressure was incredible. They found a rhythm and rocked me back and forth. I screamed with the first of many orgasms. The cock in my ass swelled. Moments later he filled my bowels with hot cum. Another cock immediately entered me and, minutes later, pumped me full of more cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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