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Harley gasped as her brother in law walked into the kitchen. As he was still technically on duty, he was dressed in his uniform. He had called in quickly on his lunch break to drop off a book he’d borrowed.

“Cuppa?” Asked Harley, recovering quickly.

Dan checked his watch. “Yeah go on, I’ve got time for a quick one.”

Harley busied herself making tea, glancing occasionally at Dan. She had always loved a man in uniform and here he was; complete with his body armour! Harley could see the baton strapped to his belt, along with the handcuffs.

She took a deep breath, trying to pretend she wasn’t aroused by him! She finished pouring the hot water and passed a mug to Dan.

Dan was her husband Cameron’s twin brother. They looked similar; same build, same hairstyle and eye colour. The only real difference was that Cameron left his face with a layer of stubble and Dan was clean shaven.

Harley blushed, suddenly aware that she was staring at him. Dan smiled as he sipped his tea, trying not to laugh. He knew how Harley felt about the uniform, he’d even offered to lend some to Cam in the past.

“Right, I need to get going.” Dan said, placing his empty mug in the sink and smiling to Harley. “Still like a man in uniform then?” He winked at her.

“Urgh…” Harley groaned, throwing a tea towel at him, “Get back to work!” Dan chuckled as he left, closing the front door behind him.

Harley braced herself against the sink, breathing out slowly. She hated that they looked so similar! She never managed to see Dan in his uniform without getting a bit excited. It wasn’t just the uniform, but the whole idea of being handcuffed and controlled by a stranger. She looked at the clock; it was still hours before Cam was due home. She would have to wait to release her frustration!

She had a few errands to run that afternoon, before calling into ASDA for a few things. On her way there, she realised she hadn’t asked Cam if he needed anything. Deciding to risk it, she wiggled her phone from the pocket of her jeans and quickly dialled his number.

Just as Cam answered, headlights flashed in her rear view mirror. She glanced up to see blue lights flashing, signalling for her to pull over. She ended the call quickly, dropping her mobile onto the passenger seat.

She pulled over, her heart racing as the police car pulled in behind her. She drummed her fingers on the steering wheel nervously, unsure what to do.

Her door opened and she looked at the officer. “Afternoon, any idea why we’ve stopped you today Miss?”

“No, not really…” Harley answered nervously.

“I think you do.” The officer replied. “Step out of the car please Miss.”

Harley took a deep breath and stepped out of her car. As the officer pulled his notebook from his pocket, she glanced at the patrol car. She couldn’t be sure, but it looked like Dan sat in the passenger seat. She smiled, nothing to worry about then, Dan would sort everything out!

“Is this your vehicle?” The officer asked.

“Yes it is.” Harley replied. She wondered if Dan had told him to pull her over; maybe this would turn out to be fun!

“Your name and address?”

Harley answered the question, resting her hand lightly on his arm. He looked at her hand and cleared his throat. Instead of removing her hand, Harley ran it up and down his arm lightly.

“Miss, I need to ask you to stop that.” The officer frowned.

Harley smirked taking her hand away.

“Are you aware that using a mobile phone whilst driving is an offence Miss?” He asked, “Also, you were swerving into the other lane whilst using it.”

“Well, haven’t I been naughty?” Harley pouted.

“Miss, this is a serious offence! I need to ask you to take this stop seriously or we’ll end up back at the station.”

“Really?” Giggled Harley, putting her hands on his chest; feeling the firmness of his body armour under her hands. “Sounds exciting! But I’m sure we can come to an arrangement?” She ran her hands down his body armour towards his belt, winking towards Dan in the patrol car.

The poker oyna officer pushed her hands away, “Miss, this is your final warning.”

“Ok officer…” Harley chuckled, reaching up to take his hat. She put the officers hat on her head and pouted at him. She was sure Dan was having a good laugh at his colleague from the car.

“Miss that was your last warning!” The officer added sternly, taking his hat back. “Have you had anything alcoholic this afternoon?”

Harley frowned. “No.”

“Can you blow into this tube, don’t stop blowing until the light comes on.” The other officer came out of patrol car carrying a breathalyser. Harley’s heart sank. It wasn’t Dan coming towards her.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry! I thought you were someone else. I was just messing around! Can’t I just pay a fine?” Harley babbled.

“Blow into the tube please miss.” Repeated the first officer. Harley sighed and breathed into the breathalyser, nervous even though she knew she hadn’t been drinking! They waited for the light to change, showing that she was telling the truth.

“Turn around and place your hands flat on the car please?” The first officer asked.

“Why? I admit it, I was driving while on my phone. Just give me a fine or whatever!” Harley answered.

“Turn around and place your hands flat on the car, or I will charge you with resisting arrest too.” The first officer repeated.

“Charging me? That’s ridiculous! What for?” Harley raised her voice at the first officer.

“Do you have anything sharp on your person? Or anything that could be considered a weapon?” The first officer asked.

“This is ridiculous! No I bloody don’t!” Harley retorted folding her arms. “You’re just abusing your power now, harassing me because I thought you were someone else and tried to have a laugh.”

“Last chance Miss, you need to turn around now.” Warned the first officer.

Harley folded her arms defiantly.

“John, I need back-up!” He called to the officer in the car.

“What!?” Startled Harley, as the first officer turned her around to face the car, roughly pulling her wrists behind her back. He used his shoulder to keep Harley against the car, while the second officer clicked the handcuffs shut around her wrists. “Look, this is ridiculous! Call Dan, Daniel Madden, he’s my brother in law.” Harley called to the officers.

Neither officer answered her, but the second officer read out her rights as he tugged on the handcuffs to pull her towards the patrol car.

Harley started to panic. She’d made a mistake, sure, but she didn’t deserve all this.

“Mind your head.” The second office warned her as he pushed her head down gently to help her into the car. After he closed the car door, he went around to the other side and climbed into the back next to her.

“This is really uncomfortable.” Harley gestured to her wrists, still cuffed behind her back. “Can’t you take them off?” The officer shook his head. The first officer started the car, driving them the short distance to the police station.

Despite her situation, Harley couldn’t help but glance at the officer next to her; he was wearing her favourite uniform after all! He had a slightly sweaty, manly smell about him and Harley felt herself getting excited by the situation.

When they arrived at the station, the second officer helped her out of the car; holding onto the handcuffs as he walked her into the custody booking area. Harley found it a little hard to focus with so many officers in uniform around her!

The desk Sergeant took her details. She started to feel a little ashamed of herself. The officers hand was warm and firm on her wrist and she could feel his body armour against her side. Harley tried to concentrate, but her mind kept wandering.

He led her into a room to be photographed, before fingerprinting her and taking a cheek swab from inside her mouth.

Harley was nervous, what was Cam going to say? The officer asked who they should call to let them know where she was. Harley went to say Cam, but instead gave Dan’s canlı poker oyna details; hoping he was still on duty and able to help.

The officer removed her handcuffs and Harley rubbed her sore wrists gratefully. A female officer came in, patting her down to check that she had nothing in her pockets or concealed on her body. They removed her belt and shoelaces, before the female officer led her down to the custody cells.

“Someone will be down to speak to you shortly.” The officer told Harley curtly. Harley looked around at the bare mattress in the empty room. Empty except for a metal toilet in the corner and a blanket rolled up on the mattress. Harley sat down, wrinkling her nose at the stale smell in the cell. The door banged shut and Harley flinched at the sound of the lock being slid across.

She had no way of knowing how much time had passed as they had taken her watch. She was starting to get thirsty, so she guessed she had been sitting there a while. The viewing hatch opened and Harley glanced up. Someone quickly looked through the hatch before snapping it shut again. The lock slid back and the door was pushed open.

Harley didn’t realise she was holding her breath until she let it all out in relief at seeing Dan. She stood up and went to hug him but he stepped back. “I’m still on duty Harls!” He chuckled, “And you’re already in enough trouble!”

Harley hung her head. “I know.” She mumbled, “What happens now?”

“Unfortunately the officer you decided to have fun with is a real hard-ass. No sense of humour. I’m going to have a chat to the desk Sergeant now, see if I can explain what happened.” Explained Dan. “I’ll come back in a bit.” He stopped at the door and turned back to look at her. “Does Cam know you’re here?”

Harley shook her head. “I thought you would be the best person to call.”

Dan laughed. “Ok, give me a minute!”

Harley sat back down again. How would she ever make it up to Dan?

A short time later, the officer from the back of the car opened the door, gesturing for her to follow him back to the main custody desk.

“I’ve spoken to Officer Madden about what you thought you were doing today.” The desk Sergeant smirked, “He’s told us about your ‘weakness’ shall we say, for the uniform.”

Harley blushed. What exactly had Dan told them?!

“We still need to charge you for driving recklessly while using your phone.” The Sergeant explained. Harley nodded in understanding. “For a first offence it’s a fine and points on your licence.”

Harley filled in the necessary paperwork and handed over her drivers licence. The Sergeant returned her belongings and showed her the way out. As Harley walked through the door, she saw Dan waiting outside. He was no longer wearing his body armour; just his black combat trousers and a police polo shirt. He smiled when he saw her, raising his eyebrows.

“Thanks.” She mumbled quietly as he pulled her into a bear hug. Dan started to laugh. Soon Harley was laughing too, her face pressed into his warm chest. She looked up at him, “Does Cam know?” Dan shrugged, “Not if you haven’t told him yet.” He hugged her again, “So, how’d you enjoy that? Bet it was a dream come true?”

Harley laughed. “Actually it was pretty exciting…” she admitted, suddenly realising that she was more than a little moist.

Dan seemed to sense what she was thinking, releasing her from his arms. “Come on, I’ll give you a lift.” He suggested, unlocking his car with the fob. “Mind your head!” Dan winked as Harley climbed into the passenger seat. Harley blushed again. They drove back to Harley’s car in silence, Harley thinking about how turned on she still was.

Dan dropped her off at her car and waved goodbye as he drove home. Harley decided to skip ASDA and head home. Cam would be home in less than an hour. At home, she showered and changed her clothes; keen to get rid of the musty, stale smell from the cells.

She was just heading into the kitchen to flick the kettle on, when her phone buzzed. It was a message from Cam;

‘Going 2c Dan quick internet casino and I’ll b home x’

Her stomach clenched. What if Dan told Cam about earlier? She shook her head and text back;

‘Ok. Don’t b long! ;p xx’

As Harley went back to the kitchen to make a second cup of tea, she heard Cam’s key in the lock. “In the kitchen!” She called. When he didn’t reply, she turned to see where he was. For a second, she thought Dan had called in again, before spotting the stubble and realising it was Cam, in what was probably Dan’s uniform.

“Good evening Miss.” Cam nodded, “Just thought I’d come round and check on you after today’s incident.”

“I’ll bloody kill him!” Harley laughed, feeling both excited and embarrassed at the same time. “How much did he tell you?”

“Well Miss, Mr Madden explained that you’d had quite an interesting day, but they made a mistake back at the station.” Cameron explained, still standing stiffly in the doorway. Harley frowned, unsure what Cam was talking about.

“It seems, my colleagues forgot to perform a strip search when you were booked in? They’ve sent me round to carry one out…” Cam’s lips turned up slightly as he pulled a notebook from the trouser pocket. “Can you confirm your name for me Miss?”

“Harley Madden…” She breathed, feeling weak at the knees.

Cameron stepped closer, his shiny black boots clicking smartly on the kitchen floor. He made some notes in the notebook before tucking it back into his pocket. He pulled the armoured vest straight and gestured up the stairs. “Can you accompany me upstairs please miss?”

“What if I resist?” She breathed.

“Well, then you’d be in trouble…” Replied Cam, raising an eyebrow. “I’d probably have to handcuff you for refusing to cooperate?”

Harley almost came there and then, in the middle of the kitchen! Cam un-clipped the metal cuffs from his belt and approached Harley. She held out her wrists for him to snap the cold cuffs snuggly on her wrists. He took hold of the cuffs and led her upstairs.

In the bedroom, he unlocked the cuffs and dropped them on the floor.

“So Officer…” whispered Harley, “Where do you want me?”

“It’s a strip search Miss, so I need you to remove your clothes and bend over.” Cam grinned, his hold on the character starting to slip in anticipation of what was coming next. Harley slid her clothes off, letting them fall to the floor in a heap. Quietly, she put her hands on the bed, before bending over slowly, pushing her firm buttocks back towards Cam.

“Fuckin’ hell Harls…” He mumbled as he fumbled with the black cargo trousers, dropping them and his boxers to the floor. He was already hard. Truth was, just having Dan telling him what Harley had done had made him hard!

It had been Dan’s suggestion that he borrow his uniform and have some fun with Harley, as he’d noticed how aroused she was earlier at the station.

Cam stroked the length of his penis, before sipping it inside Harley from behind. He was surprised at how wet she was already! He knew she liked the uniform, but he didn’t realise how much. Her excitement turned him on as he started fucking her hard from behind, holding onto her firm ass for support.

Harley was in a daze. Today had been a bit of reality and fantasy all rolled into one. She glanced behind her to see Cam still wearing the top half of Dan’s uniform. If she concentrated, she could just about make out the smell of Dan’s aftershave.

She moaned as her erect nipples brushed back and forth on their duvet, as Cam continued to ride her.

After they’d finished, Harley rolled over as Cam pulled out of her. She looked beautiful, flushed and sweating post-sex. Cam growled, grabbing her hips and pushing himself back inside her cum filled vagina. He was completely lost in the moment, thinking of nothing except filling her for a second time.

Harley lifted her pelvis a little, allowing Cam to slip his hands underneath her, driving himself deeper inside. Harley gasped with pleasure, running her hands over the police polo shirt and body armour he still had strapped on.

As they finished a second time, Cameron flopped onto the bed next to her, where they lay panting exhausted. Harley rolled onto her side to face him. “So, when does Dan need the uniform back?” She smiled wickedly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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