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That summer was by far the strangest and the sexiest of my life. I had just finished school and had to attend several summer classes to prepare for college. Interpretation: I was to be stranded in town while my folks had left for Europe since early June.

Initially I was upset, but soon got the best out of it. I would return home at noon and do anything I wanted. I would walk around the house naked, watch porno and jack my brains off.

That Friday, I got up horny as hell. Having no time to masturbate before class, I was still a horny boy when I came home. I stripped immediately and run upstairs to my bedroom. I put a DVD with a beautiful brunette on all fours getting her ass fucked hard and furious. The sight of her anus getting penetrated like that got me a stiff, raging boner.

I climbed on my king sized bed, got on all fours and started jacking off. I was too young to have fucked a woman, but hadn’t thought of getting a cock stuffed in my ass either. I just was too horny and too much in heat, and wanted to do what they did.

I started wanking my cock, shoving a finger or two in my tight little anus every now and then. It was hard since I was on all fours, but I started to enjoy the feeling.

It was getting really nice and I was literally on the verge, when I felt two hands grabbing my asscheeks hard, their fingers going deep in my hairless young flesh.

I looked over my back, only to see Sam. Sam was our housekeeper. I know its strange to have a male housekeeper, but he was my fathers army pal. After they were discharged, Sam couldn’t get a job. No one would hire a nigger with a record for stealing cars in his youth. That is, no one but dad. He was white and quite on the wealthy side, but really liked Sam. He would come over on weekends, fixing stuff.

He had been with us for a decade and knew me since I was a kid.

Now he was kneeling behind me only in his shorts. He never wore a t-shirt during summer. Though in his mid-forties, he worked out all the time.

With the sound so loud and my orgasm building, I had never heard him coming in until he was behind my unprotected and inviting asshole.

Without a word on either side, his fingers invaded my relaxed ring. He shoved three of them at once and started to go in and out of my rectum. He kept it on, literally fingerfucking my ass, while pinching and slapping my buttocks with the other.

I admit I loved it instantly. Having a foreign member in your rear passage is so much better than fingering your hole. I went back to my cock and kept jacking off. poker oyna Sam was doing a great job. I could feel my rear entrance widening and loved the way his fingers felt on the walls of my anus.

As expected, my orgasm was incredible. I came all over the bed and dropped forwards. Sam laughed and pulled his fingers out.

“I think you liked it, kid” he said sitting back on the bed.

“No kidding” I laughed back and turned to look at him.

There he was, with his well worked out torso glistening with sweat, his fingers still in the shape of the “phallus” that had just fucked my butt. I don’t know what came over me, but I just went for it. I bent towards him, and took his fingers in my mouth. I deepthroated the “phallus” cleaning the fingers up. All the while, I kept looking at his eyes. I could see he was very surprised but very excited too. I could see that he had an enormous bulge in his shorts, and I started to wonder if he would let me touch it.

I was blowing his fingers for a while, when he said what I expected the least.

“Wouldn’t you like to replace those fingers with the real thing, boy?”

The question went through me like a lightening, and I got instantly hard again.

“Oh yes, Sam. Could I?” I begged back.

He stood up and I followed. We were facing each other, me with a raging hardon looking straight at Sam, he with his shorts almost out of place due to his incredible raging cock. I looked up at him (I was only as tall as his chest) and waited since I had never given a blowjob before. He smiled at me, put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down on my knees.

I was facing his crotch now. I grabbed his shorts and pulled them to his ankles. A pulsating manrod hit me in the face, liberated from the confines of the sorts.

It was a 10-inch uncut cock, with a beautiful purple cockhead. I started worshiping his shaft, kissing it all over and licking the tasty head. Like it was a popsickle, I licked good and hard enjoying the glistening precum that was coming out of his peephole.

Holding his rod up, he guided my mouth to his nutsack that I gladly ate like my life depended on it. I traced the lower side of the shaft with my tongue, up to the head and tried taking it in. I managed to take a few inches in my mouth, but couldn’t possibly deepthroat him.

That pissed him off, so he grabbed the sides of my head and started fucking my face with force. He shoved his cock to the back of my throat almost gagging me and started going in and out rapidly. I thought my jaw would fall off but it canlı poker oyna didn’t . Once I got used to it, I liked the feeling of him using me like that.

Soon I was over the edge and shot my load on the floor. That was too much for Sam who took his dick out of my mouth. He looked at me and said “Keep your eyes shut and your mouth open” and started shooting on my well fucked face.

His shots covered my face from my forehead to the chin. Cum was shot over my nose and on my cheeks and even on my hair. My mouth received a good mouthful which I swallowed with joy like the boy slut I would soon be. I loved it and cleaned his cock dry. I loved the way he humiliated my face and told him.

“That’s good” he laughed and made me lick my own load from the carpet while he forbade me from cleaning my cumcoated face. “I like your young face the way it is” he said and he climbed on my bed.

We stayed in bed, chatting about stuff. I could feel his torso on my back, his big shaft lying on the crack of my ass. It only took him a minute until he started giving me a slow handjob. And it only took me a second until I was raging hard again. I was feeling his cum on my face and chest, his hand on my hard cock.

I quickly went on my hands and knees and begged Sam to fingerfuck my ass again. It was the second time I was bent and exposed to a strong, big black man. He was happy to oblige of course, and soon he was fingering my ass hard.

“Jesus boy, your hole is still tight like a pincer. I think it should be opened with something harder” he said and took his fingers out. He parted my globes and replaced his fingers with his throbbing cockhead. The moment I felt his burning dick tapping my rear entrance I panicked but had no time to react. With a powerful thrust, my virgin asshole was history. The pain was intense and made me cry.

It wasn’t that I wouldn’t want him to fuck my asshole or that he wanted to hurt me. No matter how you do the math, putting a 10-inch nigger cock and a virgin young ass together, always ends up in ripping for the boy. I was surprised then that Sam had actually shoved his cock in my anus, but I shouldn’t be. When one bends over and shows his pink unprotected ring to a black man with a raging 10-inch hardon, he should expect to get ripped.

Sam ignored my screaming and went on forcefully going where no one had ever been before. He entered my rectum with short forceful thrusts, making sure that my ass was getting opened for good and would stay that way. Each push, made me scream and shout, but he held me steady with internet casino his right hand on my right shoulder and his left under my belly.

It took him many thrusts until his whole nine incher was in. When he was all the way in, I thought I would stop breathing and my eyes would drop out from their sockets. And then he really started fucking me. With long hard thrusts of increasing speed he literally plowed my ass open. Sometimes he pushed so hard that he would have to keep me from falling forward. I shouted and grunted and he would scream at me that I was his white bitch and that I deserved his big black cock in my tight white ass.

Picture the sight. A white plump young man on his hands and knees across a bed, screaming, crying and begging, while a big sweaty black guy fucks him in the ass good and hard standing right behind the boys puckered hole. I bet if dad could see his only son getting nailed hard in the butthole by his best friend, he would get a stroke.

Meanwhile, Sam was really pumping me open. He had both his hands on my hips now, and was screwing me hard. The pain had become less and I was starting to enjoy his cock in my poor sore bum. I could hear Sam grunting and saying my ass belonged to him and I believed him when I felt my cock erupting without getting touched.

My orgasm drove Sam overboard. He shoved his rod in my anus all the way to the top of his nutsack and started shooting his thick cum in my bowels. With a couple of shots I was full so he pulled his cock out of my stetched asshole put the shaft along my crack and kept shooting all over my asscheeks and back. He shot so hard, a shot hit the back of my neck and dripped sideways. He smeared my hairless body with his cream and I could feel his seed dripping from my fucked ass. I fell forward exhausted while he sat back and admired the view.

He stood up, walked around the bed to my head pulled it up from the hair and shoved his shaft in my mouth for cleaning. I remember him looking me straight in the eyes while I gladly cleaned his cock, my face still shiny from the first load it had received.

When I was done, he asked me if I liked the fucking I received in my virgin ass.

“Yes but it hurt like hell” I replied.

“Don’t worry baby, you’ll get used to it. Your parents aren’t coming home for another three months and I have keys to this place. Shut your eyes now, sweetie”.

With that, and while I was still lying across the bed face front, my head held up my Sam who was standing in front of my face, he started pissing long and hard on my cum covered, humiliated young face. All I could do was stick my tongue out and sample the goods offered. I enjoyed them greatly.

I simply love feedback. If you enjoyed the stuffing I got, please stuff me back with feedback.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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