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Good morning, my brothers and sisters. May the Lord bless you on this beautiful day. My name is Ramon Jean-Claude. I was born in the City of Leon on the island nation of Nicaragua to a Haitian father and Latin mother. I grew up in the City of Boston, State of Massachusetts. My parents emigrated to the United States of America when I was younger. I hold a Doctorate’s in Theology from Northeastern University, where I once played football. Presently I am a Pastor with the Seventh-Day Adventist Church of metropolitan Ottawa, Province of Ontario. What’s a Caribbean-flavored American preacher like me doing in the Capital region of Canada? Sometimes I ask myself the same question but all I can say is that the Lord works in mysterious ways and as a good Christian man, all I can do is obey His will. He needed me in Canada so that’s why I am here.

Presently, in my office, I’m counseling Jeffrey Xavier and his wife Maria Hector Xavier. Jeff is a tall, muscular and stocky, dark-skinned Black man from the City of Montreal, Province of Quebec. He’s a graduate of McGill University and works as a Constable with the Ontario Provincial Police. Considering how racist Canadian society is, that’s quite a sign of progress. A Black man as a member of the toughest police force in Canada’s capital region. Nice. Jeff is doing big things for himself. He recently married a lovely young Jamaican woman named Maria Hector. Now, even though Haitians and Jamaicans are neighbors in the beautiful isles of the Caribbean, things can sometimes get dicey with them. Jamaican men in particular don’t like seeing Jamaican women with men from other islands, especially Haitian men.

Somehow, Jeffrey and Maria met, fell in love and got hitched. She’s presently studying business administration at Carleton University. He’s twenty nine and she’s twenty four. They’re a young, lively couple. I want to do everything in my power as a pastor to help their marriage succeed. Black Love is something that I believe in. The Lord has yet to introduce me to the young lady he wants me to marry. I am forty years old. All I can do is wait, I guess. Maria was telling me about how frustrated she felt because apparently Jeff neglected her womanly needs in the bedroom. Jeff complained about how his wife was insatiable and when he came home tired about a hard day patrolling the highways of provincial Ontario, güvenilir bahis he wasn’t always ‘ready to go’. That poor guy.

His darling wife Maria rolled her eyes when Jeff uttered those words and the brother winced. Poor Jeff. He’s got a hot young wife who’s horny. I feel his pain. We should all be burdened with such a situation, eh? Well, it seemed that the situation between Jeff and Maria was getting serious. That’s why I invited them to my house for a sort of ‘extended couples therapy’. And I must say that my idea worked like a charm. My house in the Ottawa suburb of Barrhaven is a beautiful mansion. It’s neat, warm and welcoming. I filled it with African and Caribbean art. What can I say? I am forever proud of my people. Anyhow, Jeff and Maria sat in my living room as we discussed their marital problems and possible solutions to their dilemmas.

Maria was quite loud and accusatory in her interactions with Jeff in my office and she was even worse in my house. I feel for Jeff, I really do. His wife is a fire cracker. Not all men can handle such a woman. She kept accusing him of being a fruit since he wasn’t paying much attention to her in the bedroom. Jeff finally confessed that the reason why he wasn’t interested in sex with her was because he had an erectile problem. Maria was quite shocked to hear that. Not me. All kinds of men can experience sexual problems and they can happen at any age. I reassured both Maria and Jeff that their problem wasn’t without a possible solution. However, I told them that I would need their full cooperation to solve their issues. Well, I thought I saw a sign of progress when Maria linked hands with Jeff, smiled at him and said she would do anything to ‘make it work’. I smiled. Those were the exact words I’d longed to hear for quite some time.

I had some ideas about how to help Jeff and Maria with their troubles. And I told them that while my methods were unusual, they always yielded results. I spoke to both of them point blank. I got Jeff to confess that while he was quite tired after work, his tiredness wasn’t the only reason he neglected Maria in the bedroom. He also had some latent tendencies. If you know what I mean. Upon hearing that, Maria was shocked and frightened. She looked at Jeff like she didn’t know him. I assured Maria that many bisexual men had wives and careers and productive türkçe bahis lives. They didn’t have to go down the homosexual route. All they needed was support from a wife who understood. Maria nodded upon hearing that. I smiled at her and Jeff, then began undressing. They stared at me, shocked. I saw shock in Maria’s face and interest mixed with uncertainty in Jeff’s face. Soon I stood naked before them. All six feet three inches and 250 pounds of me. My nine-inch, uncircumcised Black cock sprang out like a frigging cobra. Now both Maria and Jeff were staring at my groin.

I looked them both in the eye and told them that I was only doing this to help them. Then I asked them to undress. Maria hesitated, but Jeff didn’t. The tall Black Canadian policeman undressed hastily. Soon the six-foot-one, dark-skinned stud stood naked before me. Hesitantly, Maria looked at us. Both shock and lust filled her pretty face. She saw the way her hubby looked at me and meekly said that homosexuality was wrong but I assured her that I was only doing this to help her and her husband. I wasn’t doing this for my own pleasure. I was merely fulfilling my, um, Preacher’s duties. Maria nodded, then began undressing as well. I feasted my eyes on the young Jamaican woman’s curvy body, big breasts, wide hips and big round ass as she got naked. Nice. Real nice. I walked up to Jeff and stroked his cock. It got harder as I touched him. As I stroked Jeff’s cock, I asked him to close his eyes. Then I asked Maria to make herself useful. The plump Jamaican chick knelt before her husband and sucked his cock while I massage his shoulders with one hand and stroked his balls with the other.

Just as I thought it would, Jeff’s cock hardened both from my touch and Maria’s. The Black Canadian policeman is bisexual. He doesn’t have erectile dysfunction. He just needs some patience, understanding and proper stimulation. Soon Jeff was thrusting his big cock down Maria’s throat like there was no tomorrow. Nice. I want some of that. I knelt beside Maria and together, we sucked Jeff’s cock. I briefly paused and asked Jeff to open his eyes. He did. Upon seeing Maria and I kneeling before him, he seemed really surprised. Pleasantly surprised I might add. Now that he was sufficiently aroused, I told him the time had come. I asked Maria to lie down on the couch with her legs spread. She obeyed güvenilir bahis siteleri me. I knelt before her and licked her pussy, sliding my fingers inside of her. The sexy Jamaican gal moaned in pleasure. I love oral sex, with both women and men. I’m all about making people happy.

After I licked Maria for a good while, I took Jeff’s hard cock and guided it into Maria’s pussy. The sexy Black woman’s eyes widened as her husband’s thick cock slid inside her snatch. Jeff held his wife by her wide hips as he slammed his cock into her. Hard and fast he pumped his manhood into her. I watched them, stroking my hard cock. Watching Jeff fucking Maria really turned me on. He fucked her like this for a good twenty minutes, then started to go soft. Maria seemed disappointed by that but I came to the rescue. Jeff seemed disappointed in himself for not lasting longer but I promised him I could help. I sucked his cock while fingering his asshole. That got him hard again. He pushed his cock into Maria’s cunt again and resumed fucking her. I kept my fingers inside Jeff’s ass. When he started slacking off again, I asked him if he trusted me. He said yes. I replaced my fingers with my dick. Yep, I slid my cock into Jeff’s ass while he fucked his wife Maria’s juicy-looking pussy. Jeff’s moans echoed Maria’s as the three of us did our thing. I fucked Jeff’s tight ass for a long while, and he stayed hard inside Maria the entire time. We went at it for hours, before finally collapsing exhausted on the couch in a heap of lusty, sweaty bodies.

Much later, the three of us showered, redressed ourselves and sat down to discuss what just happened. After getting fucked by her hubby Jeff, Maria was glowing. I looked at the happy couple. Jeff sat up straighter than before. He seemed more confident now. I told them that as a man of God and a good Preacher, I shouldn’t have crossed boundaries by having sexual relations with them. They didn’t seem to mind, especially Maria, who thanked me for my help. Jeff was thankful too. He told me he had never done anything sexual with a man before. I told him that there was nothing wrong with bisexuality. Maria admitted to being turned on by watching Jeff and I together. I smiled at that. I told them that the male prostate was a man’s pleasure spot and stimulating it with fingers, tongues or dildos was the way to go. I gave Maria a strap-on dildo and several butt plugs as a parting gift. She and Jeff were all smiles. We said a quick prayer together, exchanged heartfelt hugs then they hit the road. I think I’ve just about saved a marriage, folks. May the Lord be praised.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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