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I reached office early next day armed with the knowledge that at least five girls with bushy underarms would be in office in order to enable to choose two who would be the “Hair Apparent”. I knew that they should be proficient in giving blowjobs as well be hirsute so I called Rod and Peter to the office. Rod’s rod was legendary at least 11 inches long and three inches thick and I had a great experience when the boss had gone for a vacation. His ever-hard rod would once stiffen and would take a lot of persuasion to relieve its load. He loved me manipulating his monster dick in my mouth. Peter was a lot of relaxed but he too packed a heavy cock in his trousers. I had called them so that they could test or maybe taste the girls who I would shortlist.

Soon the first one came in she was Sheba and she was all of eighteen. Small in build hardly 5 feet tall I wondered if she had as much hair under her arms as the boss liked. She soon stripped and even I was surprised at the thickness of the luxuriant hair in her unshaven armpits. Lovely long tresses of jet-black hair grew profusely in her bushy armpits. I could that both Peter and Rod were turned on by the swelling of their massive members in their trousers as they strained to leap free.

I had to check out the others waiting outside and called the second one, Rhonda in she was a little older but more brazen as Samira, the Turkish belly dancer, had sent her. She was already in a sleeveless top and as she walked in she lifted her arms to reveal the most gorgeous growth of underarm hair. Long silky hair grew in her unshaven armpits. Was there any requirement to see the others since these two had such bushes under their arms? Any case I called the other three in. Tina, Cheryl and Claudia came in. When the removed their tops they revealed very bushy underarms. They were all extremely hairy.

Was I having trouble finding underarm hair in candidates for secretary or was I now having eliminating candidates. Cheryl had thick blonde underarm hair and I knew boss would not be very turned on as he had a fetish for jet-black bushy armpits. I told her I would get in touch with her though I felt sorry for this hirsute woman. Claudia was from Argentina and she was equally hairy but I was surprised as she was a platinum blonde. Her armpit hair was strikingly white though rich in quantity in contrast to the immensely hairy Tina whose dark armpit hair would surely turn on boss. So Claudia too had to and so I needed to choose two from sheeba, Rhonda and Tina.

It was the turn of Peter and Rod to get into action. They had stripped to their underwear and their cocks were straining hard against it. To start the action I knelt before Rod and revealed his magnificent cock. It sprang out like a caged lion in its full glory all 11 inches long. I bent forward and cupped his massive alls and licked his massive shift along its entire length as the girls looked on impassively. Peter got behind me and took of my dress and revealed my generously hairy thatches under my arms. I was far more hairy than any of the girls and they looked surprised at the copious growth of armpit hair.

No wonder I was working for the boss these last two decades. Very few women could manage the hirsuteness of my bushy armpits let alone my rich pubic jungle. Peter took out his long circumcised thick cock, as its red head curled out like güvenilir bahis a mushroom. I then took hold of both the enormous dongs and wanked it slowly in my hands as I took them alternately into my mouth. My mouth stretched as rod filled it with is monster cock. I knew the girls were wondering how they would suck this huge cock though it was now comfortably in my mouth. I could see Sheeba furiously playing with her clit while Tina and Rhonda were in some sort of a trance.

Sheeba now came towards us and she lowered her open mouth to take Peter’s throbbing cock. Slowly his two-inch around cock disappeared into her eager mouth. She was having a hard time getting it down her throat and I saw her gag twice, but she was determined to swallow all of it and finally her lips touched his balls as they slid down his cock. Rod was keeping his blistering pace as stuffed his monster dong to the back of my throat. His 11 incher was really stretching my oral cavity but I was tingling in the excitement. I saw that Sheeba had taken Peter’s peter down her throat and I could see her tongue his balls. I reached down and started playing with her hairy clit as she moaned caressing Peter’s swollen balls.

Rod took out his cock and waved towards Rhonda and Tina daring them to come and suck his enormous 11 incher. Rhonda stared up at his cock and licked her lips and the hairy woman said . “Are you just going to tease me or are you going to let me suck that big thing?” Rod rested his cock on her lips and she sucked him into her mouth.

“Baby,” he said, “Swallow my big cock you hairy slut! Lift your arms and show me your jet-black bushy underarms you bitch, ” I thought he was losing it as his job was to test the women at their sword swallowing skills but he seemed to be in a trance seeing all these naked hirsute women.

Rhonda loved to be talked dirty and she lifted her arms to show her profusely sweating armpit jungle. Drops of perspiration were filling her airy armpit forest as he forced himself all the way down her throat and held it there while she thrashed on the floor pinned under him. Peter too got excited and took his flailing prick towards her mouth as this wanton woman demanded more cock. Now she had two men with enormous dongs with them trying o put their throbbing cocks into her mouth. Both the guys were hung like a horse!

She got up on her knees and grabbed the big cock of Rod and looked up at him. “I’m going to fuck you next,” she announced and bent over offering him her wet hairy pussy or if you want you can slide your cock into my wet perspiring armpit and push it into the heavy pelt of hair their” Both of the other guys pushed their cocks into her mouth at the same time. Peter then pulled at her hairy slit and her legs melted under her with pleasure as she fucked the huge rod between her legs. She started to cum and couldn’t stop. He kept pounding her over and over again so she was Cumming constantly. It was one hell of a sight to see. Tina came towards me and I asked to lift her arms and I kissed her passionately in her armpit jungle. I was sure that the boss would be turned on by the enormous quantity of hair in her bushy armpits as I got entangled in the carpet, which grew profusely in her unshaven underarms.

Rhonda continued to suck Rods 11 incher deep into her mouth as he trembled and started shooting his cum in her türkçe bahis mouth. She never stopped as she sucked the cum off the shaft still in her mouth. She reached up and wiped a glob of cum off her chin and licked it off her finger.

Now that things were heading in the direction that I intended, I moved Tina up to where her pussy was inches from the edge of the table and I pulled up a chair and sat down between her legs and looked eye-level at the hairy junction of her thighs. She had a massive pubic muff growing all the way from her navel round to her ass. The hair on her mons was thick and unshaven and grew into an enormous ball of jet-black hair. I positioned her feet on the arms of the chair on each side of me and dove into her hairy pussy. Her clit grew quickly under my tongue and as I sucked it into my mouth and beat on it with my tongue, her hips rose from the table and her thighs clamped around my face so tightly that I feared for my neck. She reached out and felt the dark hedges under my arms and played with the luxuriant carpet in y bushy armpits. She rode my face she shuddered as I gave her a series of long licks up and down the length of her bushy pussy. As I looked up to see what was happening on the other side of he room, the sight of Rod being sucked to life again by sheeba greeted me. His hands fast disappearing in her furry armpits.

I then started licking and nibbling at Rhonda’s 40 C breasts and already-hard nipples as my tongue again went down to her juicy bushy slit. I now needed a cock and I motioned to Peter

Peter however was busy with sheeba. His eyes peeled on her hairy body. As he looked down at her hirsuteness he could see that like the hair on her head, the hair between her long legs was thick bushy and black and was a real forest covering a much larger area than Tina or Rhonda but woefully less than mine and covered a much larger area then my own.

I turned towards Tina and pushed against my hairy pussy my love juice ran freely. My body tingled as I moved my hairy mound against her, urging her to suck faster. I felt her hands pull my bum cheeks apart, feeling the coarse hairy in my asshole as she ran her tongue into my bushy asshole. I now wanted a big cock inside me. I was having the time of my life and Peter thrust his massive rod deep inside me, his balls bumped gently against me. He pressed his hand into the small of my back so that I arched my bum more towards him meeting every powerful drive of his hard and muscular body. I felt my hairy quim start to tremor; soon my body was shaking in an orgasm. The intensity of my come seemed to multiply as Rhonda put her tongue into my hairy anal orifice.

I was shouting out obscenities when his body went very taut against me. I cried, “Fuck my hairy armpits put your monster dick into my hairy underarms. Can you feel the heavy pelt of hair”? I felt his cock swell then pulse as he paid me the final compliment and filled my hairy underarms with his hot cum. He had not shrunk much when he pulled out. I looked at the massive glistening rod standing between his legs. Had I really had all that in me? I knew he needed to be sucked and I motioned to Tina to take his bulbous dick into her mouth. Rhonda knelt before Tina and kissed her hairy gaping pussy as her tongue drove her wild. She opened her thighs as Rhonda kissed her massive pubic fur as she reached güvenilir bahis siteleri for Peter’s hardness. As she slowly winked, it grew hard against her palm. It felt so big in her hot hand as he saw the lusty woman pull him towards her. I was lost in a haze of sensations that swept through my body from head to toe She wanked him slowly, hoping that he would enter her once more, and fill her bushy hole. But what came next I was not prepared for. He moved towards me pushing her aside. He held my head between his masterful hands and guided me to the big hot cock. I pulled back but he pushed my face into contact with his throbbing manhood.

“Suck my dick you hairy dick. I want you to keep your mouth closed over my member while I put my hands into your bushy underarms. ” I kept my lips tightly closed and he rubbed the tip of his glistening rod against her lips. Holding my head with one hand, he put his calloused hands into my coarse armpit jungle. He pressed the monster to my lips, rubbing it back and forth. I had to let him have what he wanted or he would not give me any more. Slowly I let it pass first my lips then my teeth, until the tip entered my mouth. He kept tugging at the hair in my underarms and I was sweating profusely with my exertions. The matted hair in my armpit jungle was pressing out wildly as he tugged at the massive hair in my bushy underarms. Each time he pulled me to his groin, he forced more of the invader past my lips. It tasted salty but not unpleasant. The sensation of its smoothness slipping on my wet lips, it pulsating on my tongue and the hardness of it gave me a lustful thrill. His cock begins to swell even bigger than it had ever been.

I begin to suck willing, now loving it I ran my tongue around and around it also wanking the shaft. I licked its entire length and sucking his balls as he pressed his hands into my unshaven armpits. I had a captive audience though both Tina and Sheeba both were servicing Rod taking his monster cock into their eager mouth. Rhonda was busy taking his enormous balls into her mouth and I as sure Rod had met his match.

Peter spread his legs wider and lifted up from the sofa as I took his length into my mouth again. He grabbed hold of my head and pressed his swollen cock deep into my mouth and held me there he then jerked his cock away and drove it into my sweaty underarms. His cock sliding in and out of my moist hairy underarms. He had no difficulty in finding his way in the coarse black hair of my hairy pits. Soon he spurted his cum all over my bushy luxuriant armpit hair. So much came from him that for the first time it trickled out of my armpit forest a rarity considering the enormous quantity of hair I have in my bushy armpits.

It was no w time to asses the respective skills of the participants All were equally hairy especially under their arms though no where as hairy as my profusely bushy underarms now filled with cum. I however felt that Sheeba though hardly 5 feet tall had such amazing hairy armpits that her height may have been diminished by the growth under her armpits. They seemed to hang down a long way almost as if touching the floor. The growth of hair under her arms was amazing – far more that I think I have ever seen under any other woman other me and definitely more than any a man’s underarms. Her pubes too was hairy her whole pubic area was covered with a thick carpet of luscious black hair which extended from her navel right down to her anus.

I had certainly to choose her but what about the other two I thought maybe the boss would need to see them all before deciding on the “Hair Apparent”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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