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I walked in, turned, and locked the door, I expected the little room to be dark, but a bulb above and the light of the big video screen lighted it up. The room it self was tiny, so tiny that as I sat there I could touch both sides to my right and left with out stretching at all. There was a single chair in front of the screen. I looked at the walls and sure enough there were holes on both sides of me.

They where the size of a big basketball. It looked to me, that it was big enough to pass a basketball through them. (I’m sure you get the idea) Because the holes where so big I imagined that a person could put his or her whole arm through and part of the shoulder it and almost touch the other side. Because of those booths being lit up as mine was, I could see through the big holes that I was being watched. I took one of my tokens and dropped it in the slot and the movie started. The movie started with this lovely Blonde driving a car and parking it in a carport.

She walked to an apartment, knocked on the door, and when the door opened the man said “you made it right on time, I was afraid you would chicken out.” The man was big, not fat, just big and he was very Black. They walked inside and on the couch sat two Black men; in a chair sat another and one was standing at a bar in the room, all of them where naked. (Including the man that answered the door) When the door closed she began kissing the man that answered the door. While kissing her he reached under her short dress and began playing to her uncovered pussy. They kept kissing as he moved her to the bedroom with the others following.

I was mesmerized by the size of all their cocks. The woman grabbed on to the guy kissing her and by now I was thinking to my self or more like fantasizing that I was the girl in the movie. I reached down, lifted up the front of my yellow summer dress, and began touching myself. As I watched her go to her knees and begin sucking his big fat cock. I was distracted by a sound to my left. It was then that I was brought out of my fantasy and back to why I was here. I saw a dick sticking through the hole to my left. In addition, I saw a hand reaching in from the right side of me. I leaned over and grabbed onto the cock next to me. I brought my mouth down to it and as I did that the hand coming threw the wall reached my vagina.

I felt the hand work it’s fingers to my now very wet pussy. I did not have to open my legs much because of the way I had to lean over to my left; I automatically opened up my legs just to keep from falling over. The fingers found my hole and the stranger began to finger me with force and speed. I moaned with pleasure as I worked on the cock in my mouth. I really like the feeling of the fingers working in me as I worked the cock, but I wanted more and I guess so did the person fingering me. I felt him pulling at me to scoot over closer to the hole he was reaching through. I found I was able to do so with out letting go of the cock I was sucking.

Once I knew what he wanted, I scooted off the chair and just backed up to the man, as I was still able to hold onto and continue sucking the other strangers cock. I was very comfortable in this position and the way the person was now working my backside made the moving around worth all the effort. I felt him licking my pussy through the hole, well let me clarify that better. I was pressing back against the wall and my whole backside was half way through the huge hole itself. The more he licked me, the more pleasure I wanted to give the man I was sucking. It worked because the man started shooting his sperm into my mouth, I took a deep breath, I gulped and I pushed forward as he began to come, I wanted to feel his cock inside of my throat, I wanted to feel it pulse in there as I worked my mouth down his lovely cock. I worked it all the way down my throat until I could get nothing else inside of me. I felt my lips stop as I hit the hair of his groin.

The stranger behind me I guess got tired of licking me because he began to finger fuck me again. I felt the fingers pull out and I could feel a dick replacing the void that the fingers had left in me. I held the cock in my mouth as long as I could before pulling back to catch my breath. The stranger behind me was not all that big or maybe I should say long, but he was very filling, the feeling I was getting was more than just sex, it was something else. I got this very wicked feeling of doing something very dirty. The thrill of sucking and fucking these two men at once here in this place, this filthy, nasty sex smelling place made me wild with lust.

I felt the man I was sucking, pull back, and because of the light in his booth, I watched as he zip up his pants and hurry out of the booth that he was in. I closed my eyes as I just relished the feeling the man behind me was giving me. I heard the boor creek in the empty booth and watched as another man stepped into it. I opened my eyes to see that Immediately he unzipped his pants and I saw a lovely rock poker oyna hard dick move to the huge hole in front of my face, I watched as the cock came through the hole, I went for it.

I took it in my mouth and began to work it for dear life right then I wanted to make love to that cock. The man behind me was fucking me like a mad man. The whole wall shook as he kept driving into me. He was moaning loud and I heard him say “Take it Bitch, take it all.” I felt his cock pulsing in me and I pushed back so hard I was almost afraid the wall would give way. He emptied himself and pulled away. I just closed my eyes again and thought of nothing but making the person with the cock in my mouth feel the love I had for his cock. I worked my mouth and throat up and down his cock. I felt another cock begin to work at my drenching sperm filled hole.

This cock was not only large in girth, it was also very long. I know that because as he pushed in I felt him all the way up against my cervix and uterus. I could say it hurt, but it didn’t, there was something there and if I had not been so damn hot and horny maybe it would have. However, I was very hot, and very horny, I wanted to feel every inch in me short of any pain. I felt him reach his depth so I moved forward just enough to make sure he did not hurt me. I kept working the cock in my mouth until I felt it start to swell up. Knowing that his sperm was next, I took him all in my mouth and I swear my whole body felt as if it was one huge cunt. I can’t explain it in any other way. I guess the closest thing to it would be drugs I guess.

My mind, my body, and my soul were wrapped up in this nasty lustful dirty sex and I achieved such a fantastic inner sexual pleasure I can in no way describe it. It was more than a climax, much more; it was Heaven, pure fucking heaven. I had forgotten all about why I was here there was no reason any more, only sex, nasty sick sex. I was lost in this sick feeling of sexual pleasure, the more I felt, the more I wanted to feel more of it. I could not think I could not feel anything but pleasure. I worked the cock in my mouth until he was so soft there was just nothing else to do but let him go. The person fucking me was pouring it on. I wanted him to know how great he was making me feel so I said “give it to me, give that cock, fuck me baby, fuck me yea, yea, more give me more baby fuck that cunt, fuck that pussy”

I felt something like a cock hit my nose I opened my eyes and I saw this lovely thick, hard long black cock. I grabbed for it with my hand and took him in my mouth. I felt the guy fucking me squirt his sperm inside of me and I shoved myself backwards right against the wall. Before I had pulled away because of the discomfort of his size, now I wanted to feel every fucking inch of his cock deep inside of me, inside my Cervix, and if possible inside my Uterus. I ground my ass hard against the hole in the wall trying to feel every pulse of his cock shooting in me. I never stopped working the cock in my mouth; I was pumping the long black cock as I made love to it with my mouth.

The person fucking me finished and pulled out, I felt all kinds of sperm running down my legs. I swear the instant he pulled out another man replaced him. He stuck his cock in me, and he pumped a few strokes then he pulled back and out. Then something happened to me that surprised me.

I felt a mouth behind me licking my ass, and slowly move to the center of my heat. I felt his tong licking and probing my sperm filled pussy. At first I felt this was sick, I felt that this person was out of his mind. Then that all changed, while it did feel nasty, I instantly loved it. There was something about having my cunt licked. When he began to suck gently on my Vulva my mind felt like it was spinning. I felt him begin to actually suck on my hole, he was sucking out the sperm that was there, or at least what he could get out of me.

This had to be the most outrages thing that I had ever had happen to me It made my head fill with even more lust (if that was possible) I closed my eyes and relished every touch of his tong, and I cringed as he sucked on my opening. I was so disappointed when I felt him stop and move away from me. He then put his hard dick back inside of me and pumped in and out a few strokes. While he was fucking me he worked a finger down between us.

I felt him touching my asshole; I felt the pressure against it. I knew he wanted to add to my pleasure but he was pushing too hard. I pulled away from the wall to make sure he did not hurt me by going too fast. When I did that he came out of me and I heard him say “fuck” I wanted to feel him in me and right at that moment I did not care if it was in my ass or not, just as long as he did not hurt me. In fact I think I wanted his cock in my asshole. Nevertheless, because of the wall I was able to maintain just how fast his cock would slide in me. I eased backwards at my own pace and I felt his cock touch my cunt, I moved down a tiny bit and felt the canlı poker oyna end of his cock right at my anus, I slowly pushed back and I felt his cock slowly filling my ass.

It was a little uncomfortable at first, but I knew from today that would pass and it would be replaced by pure, nasty, lovely pleasure. I finely eased back against the wall and I let him do the work while I kept moaning and sucking and loving the cock in my hand and mouth. The guy fucking my ass must have really loved it because he was telling me and anyone else that was around my booth and in the hallway just how hot and tight my asshole was. The wall was thick or I am sure as hard as he was fucking it would have given way. He started doing something that I really love, he pulled his dick all the way out and then after it was out, he would reenter me. I thought the first time it would hurt, but just the opposite, it gave me a different feeling. It was a wonderful feeling. I took my mouth off the cock just long enough to let him know how great it felt to get fucked that way.

“Oh shit, I love it that way, yea, oh fuck, yea, all the way out, yea, now give it too me, that’s it all of it, oh fuck, I love that, keep fucking me just like that” I said. I put my mouth back on that lovely fat cock I was jacking off and went back to work on it. The person fucking my ass came first. I heard him grunt and shove hard deep inside of me. That wonderful pulsing feeling of a guy shooting his sperm passed through me from my asshole to my brain. I just closed my eyes and relished every moment that I could of that feeling.

Before I could even think about it, he pulled back and I felt air enter my asshole. I can only guess that there was some sort of line of guys waiting to fuck me, because as soon as he was out of me another was shoving back into me. I could feel this man slide back into my open waiting hole. He filled my ass with one stroke. No pain, no discomfort, only pleasure. The cock of the person I was sucking swelled in my hand and I knew I was going to get my sperm that I loved. I let go of his cock with my hand, and moved my head forward I took a deep breath, gulped so I could feel him inside of my throat. I slid my lips all the way down his cock till I came to a stop at his groin.

I felt his cock pulsing inside of me; I moved my head so slightly up and down not wanting to let any of his cock out of my mouth. The person fucking me in my ass came at the same time. I swear my eyes must have rolled up inside and back of my head. I lost myself in this sick pleasure. I felt the cock in my throat finish and I had to breath, so I pulled back, took a breath and went right back down his full length one more time. I slowly pulled back again and took another breath then right back down his long, fat black shaft.

The person behind me pulled out and another replaced him. I felt the person in my mouth gently pull back and away from the wall. I then realized that my legs where beginning to hurt by being bent over like this. I thought about sitting back down and resting them when I felt another cock pushing against me from the rear. I can only assume that the other two guys had fucked my ass so good that when they pulled out my hole did not close as it should, because the guy shoving his dick in me went right into my ass. I loved the feeling as it slid inside filling me. I loved the fact that he found it so easy to shove his cock up in my ass. Bending over I could see the man I had sucked pulling up his pants and leave.

As he went out another man came in the booth. I was not about to wait for him; I reached through the hole with my right hand and arm. I found his bulge in the front of his pants; I unzipped him with one hand, grabbed his cock, and pulled him to the wall where I went to work on his cock. He had a short one, but he sure was hard. I don’t think his cock was in my lips one second before he let loose a low curdling moan and he shot his sperm. I tried to take him down my throat but he was just too small. I swallowed his sperm and just enjoyed the person fucking me. My legs and back where forgotten at that moment.

It took the person fucking me a long time to climax. During the time it took him to fuck me, I sucked off three other people. I had decided that when he came, I would pull back from the wall and sit down. I had too because my back was really starting to hurt being bent over like this. He finely shot his sperm in me and as he pulled back I quickly sat down. I kept sucking the cock in my mouth until he came and when he pulled back I sat up and leaned back against the chair and wall. I could smell myself; I knew I smelled like sperm, the whole place smelled like sperm. I sat there and when those guys left, two others replaced them. I saw two cocks on each side of me. I was too tired to do anything but grab them both with my hands and I let them pump my hands until they both shot their sperm all over my dress and me. I saw the light go out on my screen and I figured it was internet casino the sign to move to another boot.

The trouble was I was too tired to even stand up. I would have loved to find a mattress and just lay down on it. I sat there for I don’t know how long until I heard a knock on my booth door. I heard and recognized Phil’s voice. He was calling to me. “Linda, are you all right? Linda open the door, it’s me Phil.” I raised my right hand and arm that felt like they weighed a ton and unlocked the door. He stepped in maybe a half a step put out his hand and said “Come on kid, you look like you could use a rest.”

He helped me stand and taking my hand he led me back to another door. We went inside and in the room was nothing but a great big bed. He said, “Go ahead and lay down, do you want to be left alone or do you want to enjoy some more men?” I saw the bed and fell on it, I rolled over on my back, I lifted my knees and I opened my legs my dress fell to my waist I have no idea what I looked like. I was wide open offering myself to anyone that wanted to fuck me. I answered Phil and said, “I want more cock, I need some more cock, I need to be fucked some more. Is it ok if I just lay here and do it? I need to be on my back is that ok with you Phil?” He said “I kind of thought that so I had this place set up just for tonight. Do you know how many men you took on so far tonight?” I looked at him with glazed eyes and said “What ever the number it wasn’t enough, I need more.”

I heard Ken’s voice and looked at he door he said “I was hoping you would say that honey, we’ll just shot the next two hours here with you on your back taking man after man. Before anyone else get a chance, Phil and I need some relief. So get ready baby, cause where next.” He was already taking off his pants and Phil started taking his off. Ken got between my legs and entered me. Phil got up on the bed and moved over to my head. I reached for his cock and took him in my mouth. Ken was fucking like a mad man, he came a lot faster than he or I wanted, Phil was not much better. I emptied both of them and just closed my eyes.

I heard the door open and then I heard Ken tell who ever it was out in the hallway. “Ok boys, just line up, she’ll take two at a time. Just be patient and wait your turn. She wants it as bad as you do, be nice and you’ll love it, be anything but nice and you’ll leave here with a broken jaw.” I heard a guy ask “Can I fuck her in her ass?” Ken said “Hell she loves it there as much as she loves it in her cunt or mouth, when it is your turn, do what you want only be nice to her, got it?” I heard a bunch of guys say, “Got it.” I heard footsteps walk in and the bed move as one person got up for me to suck him off and another got between my legs. I felt him grab my ankles and place them on his shoulders. I felt him aim his cock into my ass and I waited for the pain as he shoved forward hard and fast.

To my surprise there was no pain, I felt his cock ram inside filling me so fast and it felt so fucking good as it went in like that. It almost took my breath away. In that position I felt every inch of him inside of me. He fucked and fucked and fucked. I made love to the cock in my mouth. They each came and as they did another replaced them. Some would call me names as they fucked me, others would fuck my pussy and then want me to suck them. I have no idea if or how many times I climaxed myself if I did. I just felt like I was floating on a cloud of pure sexual pleasure.

I have no idea how much time passed until I heard Ken say to the men still standing in line “Ok boys, that’s it for tonight, we have to get our little slut home to her husband before she gets in trouble and can’t come back for some more fun.” There was a lot of grumbling but soon they where gone. I just laid there, legs open and with my ass in a puddle of men’s sperm. I felt real dreamy as Ken came in and said “Linda, it’s late dear, you need to get home. He shot enough film to last us a long time, why don’t you just wear the dress home. We need you to do one last thing, we need to get an ending so you need to get up and ask for more, keep asking until you realize there are no more men around.

Then make your way up front, and ask for your purchases, try to get the clerk to fuck you one last time before you leave. He won’t but I want to hear you beg him to, when he won’t fuck you I want you to grab any one of the cock s you bought and while standing in front of him fuck yourself one last time. It doesn’t matter which hole you do it in, just do it, and tell him what he is missing. I’ll be the clerk, so give me a minute and start begging for more then get up and start looking for another man to fuck, got all that dear?”

I looked at him as if I was looking at him through a fog. I said “sure, got it, I’ll beg, but you won’t fuck me so I do myself with a rubber cock, then what?” ken said “well after you climax by fucking yourself, take your bag of things, get in the van and drive it to the back. That will be the end. Come inside we have your cloths in a bag for you, and we’ll take you either to your home or back to your office.” I said “my office.” Ken said, “Ok then, give me a minute and lets wrap this all up.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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