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I am sitting on my bed naked and my nerves are twisted up inside of me. You are here in front of me in your black coat and your eyes blazing with desire. You walk towards me with a predatory grace that excites me.

You reach into your pocket and pull out a zip tie. Then you grab a fist full of my hair and pull me off the bed. You walk behind me and pull my arms back then use the zip ties on my thumbs. I can’t move my hands.

You push me down on the edge of the bed and walk over to my dresser to turn on my stereo. You find a song you like and walk back towards me and stop a foot away.

You begin to dance while you remove your jacket and all you are wearing is fishnet stockings and high heels. You have my cock throbbing to take what it wants. You finish your dance and motion for me to come towards you.

I cannot resist and I’m standing in front of you almost touching your body. You grab my hair and pull me down for a kiss that is all consuming. You push me down on my knees and pull my head back.

I stare into your eyes as you guide my lips to your pussy. You tell me to stick out my tounge and you begin to grind poker oyna your cunt on my face. My arms start to shake from straining against the zip tie.

My cock has never been so hard. You begin to play with your breasts while grinding on my face. Your moaning is music to my ears. Your grinding my face so hard your legs begin to shake. Suddenly your legs clamp down on my head as your orgasms has you leaking all over my face.

Your legs loosen their hold and you rub your pussy juice all over my face. You pull me back up and start licking your juices off my face sharing it with deep kisses. You guide me to the bed and lay me in the center on my back.

You crawl up between my legs and stop above my cock. You sit and watch it pulse for moment then you look into my eyes and lightly begin to flick the tip with your tongue.

You start to circle under the rim of my cock head. Suddenly you have half the length in your mouth. You slowly bob your head up and down. The strength of your mouths suction has my legs jerking.

You work farther down my cock until I feel your tongue on my balls. Your hair is bouncing all over as you pick up your speed. All of a sudden you stop with my cock in your canlı poker oyna throat and hold it there for almost a full minute. You repeat this twice more when I suddenly feel my orgasm coming.

You see me close to the edge and pull off. Suddenly you smack my cock and my orgasm is gone. You have a feral grin on your face.

You crawl up my body stopping with your breasts above my face. You grab your breasts and begin to feed them to me. I have nipples hard as Stone in moments. You move up and kneel over my face.

I see your glistening honey pot descend on my face. I begin to eat you from bottom to top stopping to flick your clit at the end of every pass. After a few minutes of this I latch onto your clit.

I suck on your bud flicking it with my tongue. All at once my air is cut off by the strength of your legs gripping my face while you ride out a fierce orgasm.

Now it’s my turn and my cock feels ready to burst it is so hard. You get up and help me off the bed. You lay your upper body on the bed and arch your ass into the air. You put your feet together and I slowly walk forward my cock perfectly lined up with your entrance. I have to almost force my way into your tunnel it is internet casino so tight.

You twist the blanket up in your hands when I bottom out. I can’t use my hands so I begin to slowly pump into your pussy trying not to lose my balance. I begin to pound your cunt harder and harder till I’m almost lifting you off your feet. Suddenly my cock is caught in a vice like grip by your pussy as you scream out your orgasm.

I keep fucking you through your orgasm and I’m there too. You feel my cock swell and spin down to your knees. You grab my dick and begin to pump it hard sucking on the tip. I can’t hold onto my orgasm and begin to spray your mouth with cum. You swallow three full loads before catching the last in your mouth.

You rise up and grab my hair in a tight grip and kiss me forcing my cum into my mouth. I freak out for a moment till I taste my and your juices then we begin to trade it back and fourth as we kiss. Finally after a couple minutes I swallow our juices.

You walk to your coat and pull out a knife. After you cut the zip tie we lay down on the bed and I hold you as we spoon. I take the time before sleep takes me too soak in every thing about you and the experience we just shared.

This is a bittersweet moment cause I know when I wake up you will be gone. You are always gone.


*The end? I guess it depends on you the reader.*

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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