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“Black Silk Entertainment, Roger speaking. How may I help you?”

“My name is Jamie, and I’m looking for a male escort.”

“Alright, Jamie, have you used our service before?”


“Fine, let me tell you how this works. Our contractors model clothing and role-play. They do not have sex with clients. Is that clear?”

“Yes, but I imagined I’d be the one wearing the special attire.”

“Okay, what do you have in mind?”

“My interest is penetrating a man with a strap-on. I mean, pretending to.” He paused.

“Please hold.” Some terrible music came on the line, and there was a loud click. Then, I heard a quiet ringing. After a few moments, a woman’s voice answered.


“My name is Jamie. I was hiring a guy for a pegging fantasy.”

“Very good. Take down the following location,” she said, and I wrote what she recited. “May we expect you today at four?”

“I’m not sure. Do you accept cash?”

“We don’t have fees.”

“How come?”

“This is a dating service. The man you’ll meet is not our employee. We impose no restrictions on your behavior, token or otherwise.”

“Wait, if you won’t accept money, why are you doing this?”

“We’re an affiliate of Black Silk. They occasionally farm talent from us, and all our funding comes from them. Shall I pencil you in?”

“Yeah,” I said.

They had a large area on the first floor of the mall, between a major department store and the food court. Two young women stood in front of the door with clipboards, asking passing shoppers if they wanted to do a survey. The windows were blacked out and there was no sign indicating what was inside. All in all it wasn’t welcoming, but that made it seem discrete.

The lobby walls were lined with chairs, most of which were occupied by teenage girls filling out what looked like application documents. I approached the front desk and gave my name to the receptionist, a blond with glasses whose name tag read Tammy. She smiled warmly and asked me to grab a seat, insisting someone would be right with me. While I was sitting, a young woman in a lab coat emerged from the nest of cubicles, and called out, “Michelle?” In response, a tall, lithe black girl stood up and accompanied her to the testing zone.

Two minutes later another incredibly fit, beautiful woman appeared, this one white and wearing her dark hair tied back in a bun, a midriff-baring red and silver sports top, black bicycle shorts, and white socks with sneakers. She strode confidently to me with an outstretched hand and introduced herself as Karen.

“I’m Jamie,” I said as we shook.

“No trouble getting past our security, I see.” I looked at the clipboard ladies in the main artery.


“We prefer to wear a friendly face. It simplifies things. Please.” she said, and gestured for me to enter the labyrinth of gypsum. Each of us took a seat in her small office. “So, you’re interested in pegging.”

“What is all this?”

“How do you mean?”

“This operation, what are you doing here?”

“Didn’t they tell you on the phone? We bring people together.”

“In a mall?” She shrugged.

“We can’t afford to be hidden.”

“But you are, really.”

“Yes, in plain sight. Jamie, why don’t you tell me a bit about yourself, and I’ll see if we can be useful to you. That might be the best way for you to learn more about us.”

“Okay. What do you want to know?”

“Whatever you feel like sharing. We didn’t have to sift you under false pretenses, as we do those teenyboppers you saw. You came to us. Tell me what you’re seeking.”

“Well, I want to fuck a man, basically.”


“You can see I’m very mannish. A lot of people mistake me for a guy. Like when poker oyna me and my boyfriend are out running we dress the same, in t-shirts and interlock shorts. We look like we’re on a track team.”

“Your boyfriend won’t let you peg him?”

“I haven’t asked.”

“You’re afraid he’ll say no?”

“I’m not sure. I think he’d want it, but if he says yes I want to be ready for him, to give him something he’ll remember, not to fumble. I want some practice, to learn if it’s for me. This way, through a service, I thought it wouldn’t be cheating. I’d also be doing it for him.” Karen gazed at me thoughtfully.

“I think we can help you. Tell me, are you prepared to try it today, or would you need a little more time?”

“No, I came here to do it now.” The woman smiled.

“I admire your enthusiasm. I’ll be happy to assist you.” I took a deep breath.


“Your story is quite common, actually. In fact,” she said, and punched a few computer keys as she looked at a monitor, “there are two people ahead of us in Room Three. Then it should be available. Would you like to get ready?”

“Yes, please.” On the intercom she instructed Tammy to hold her calls, unless it was someone named Margaret.

We took a hallway that was padded with blue foam panels to the rear extreme of the rented space. Karen entered an unlit room without waiting for me, which gave me a chance to examine a wheeled laundry cart that was filled two-thirds up with generic climbing harnesses, each of which had a five-inch green plastic dildo affixed to it by some industrial adhesive. Paused there, I saw two hard-bodied young women in gray sweat suits walking down an adjacent corridor carrying boxes, one that contained rolled up yoga mats and the other full of printed t-shirts. After they turned a corner, I heard a muffled round of applause from a room in the opposite direction.

“Magnificent, isn’t she?” Karen’s voice reminded me of our purpose, and I joined her in the dim chamber. Her sculpted silhouette stood before an observation window, through which she watched a pale, shapely girl in a strap-on take a man doggy style on a plain bed. “Anna is blessed with great physical potency, but she lacks your psychological disposition for the act. Don’t let that long, pretty hair fool you. Within her is a spring of masculine vigor.” From around the speaker’s muscular arm I saw the subject rest her hands on the lower back of her victim, who she invaded repeatedly with gentle taps of her slightly jiggling thighs. Her raven mane hung above the man as she tested a variety of insertion techniques and remained attentive for any reaction, every stroke landing with faintly more insistence than the one that fell before it. A red bulb went on over the door in the lab, and the girl immediately withdrew the latex cock, stood up on the floor, and casually strolled through the portal and out of view, naked except for the harness she was wearing. The man remained on all fours, and let his head sag below his shoulders. The warning light shut off.

“This next case is the complete reverse. Tess is thoroughly boyish but lacks the power, speed, and accuracy to realize her sexual aims.” As she spoke a tan, skinny girl with short, bushy blond hair and a small bust entered the mock bedroom. Beneath her harness she wore black leggings, but otherwise she was naked. Already lubed, she climbed onto the bed behind the waiting man, seized his waist, and sat back on her ankles. She scanned his ready torso and lifted her pelvis to him. With one careful pump, she violated his loosened asshole. After placing her hands on the sheet at either side of his midsection, she gracelessly and frantically humped his backside. “You should strap-on,” Karen said confidentially. “She won’t last very canlı poker oyna long.” I nodded.

I undressed before a full length mirror that hung on the wall, and let my clothes pile up on a desk chair. Karen evaluated me dutifully as grunts and cries were piped into the room from the microphones mounted above Tess. The man groaned pathetically as his ass rumbled. Opening the massive drawer of a metal filing cabinet, the woman searched for some items behind me, and I took stock of my features as they were reflected to me by the glass. My wild hair was a reddish brown, and fell just past my eyes from an off-center part. It framed a round, fresh face with rosy cheeks and huge blue eyes. Bronze was the color of my skin, and its full figure was solid like a boy’s, minus the genital apparatus and with the addition of two tiny breasts. Suddenly I became conscious of Karen grinning down at me approvingly, and I turned to face her.

“These could have been made for you,” she beamed, holding out a shiny orange dildo and a bottom that evoked a g-string. The orgasmic symphony raged as I put them on. When I saw myself next I looked at an Adonis, the dick having merged perfectly with my natural hue and the limbs of my athletic form tensing and easing in anticipation of the exercise to come. I joined Karen again at the screen. Though she didn’t look at me, I could sense her awareness of my latent energy. “It’s almost time,” she intoned. We watched silently as the blond approached her climax.

Fingering the thin black cord around the base of my new shaft, I studied Tess as she had the man. Her upper half remained motionless above him except for her quivering lips, but the pounding of her hips relentlessly softened his ass for me. Unconsciously measuring myself against her, I felt contempt for her lack of strength and agility, and itched to show her up. Maybe I wanted to prove myself to Karen. I tested the snugness of the minimal rig around me and found it secure, reminded more than a little of an elaborate Japanese bondage knot. The audio output had dwindled to nothing as the doll concentrated on her pleasure.

“Both of these girls can fuck a man, though one lacks spirit, and the other ability,” Karen said. “In you I see their drive and strength combined. There should be nothing stopping you.” Tess reached her peak at that moment, simultaneously lunging forward and grinding her hips about once per second. She moaned with every hard thrust. “Our associate is obviously broken in, and he’ll prove up to your challenge. Don’t worry about hurting him.” The light came on in the lab. After sliding out of her target, the subject sat at the edge of the bed and calmed herself for a minute. Then, she rose and exited the room. “Oh, and Jamie?” I turned my head to the tall woman as I waited at the inner passage. With a subdued whoosh the door slid open and the bulb went off. My fists swelled. “Have fun.” At that, I smiled, and went in.

When the perimeter sealed automatically behind me I glanced at the spot where Karen was standing, and found the window was a mirror on my side. Another sweep of the chamber revealed the man patiently balancing on all fours and a bottle of lube on the nurse’s table. I squeezed out some of the cold, clear gel and liberally coated my rod. Hesitating a moment, I planned my attack.

The first thing I did was reach out for his thighs and pull them to me. That caused his shins to slide off the bed, and he positioned his feet squarely on the floor. As quickly as he stood up I shoved his trunk back down with a firm hand on his neck, and he supported himself with his hands on the sheet, and his elbows up beside his shoulders. His legs moved apart in an unsuccessful attempt to steady his hips, which put him in exactly the pose that I wanted. internet casino I pointed the metallic dick at his sphincter and stood up on my toes to lean over him, letting my weight alone accomplish the invasion. When the cock was unceremoniously buried I fell gently on his back, and let my arms slink around his from below so that I was able to interlace my fingers in the hair at the base of his skull. Alarm and confusion stiffened his muscles, but there was no possibility of escape anymore.

“Down,” I ordered, and he slid forward onto his forearms. We both dropped a couple inches, but I maintained my lock on his upper body and kept the phallus tightly planted within him. As if enjoying a swing set I sent my hips to and fro placidly to chart my range of movement. He must have wondered what was going on.

Slowly I unfurled myself atop him, and then clenched my thighs, buttocks, and abdomen as violently as I could. I settled into a relaxed state, and struck again. Then, I did it once more. It happened a fourth time. A series of vicious bucks brutally stabbed the man’s ass. The action was so quick and precise it resembled a cartoon made from only two images. In, out, hard, soft, the force came mercilessly and regularly.

“Don’t kill him, Jamie,” Karen’s voice pleaded over a loudspeaker. I felt the volunteer droop beneath me. After straightening up I placed my hands on his hips and plumbed him leisurely, a sneer marring my formerly impassive face. The crumbling resistance to the advancing dildo excited me, and I began another two-part sequence: the first had me bent over, gripping his hips at a distance; the second had my spine erect and his butt drawn to my crotch. Chewing on my lips, I focused on the flawless execution of the routine.

Though the plan had been to stop like a boy after I’d come, the ecstasy thrashing inside me couldn’t deter my single-minded pursuit of total anal dominance. The locomotion continued for an hour, peppered by insults and slurs that I spat at my bitch.

“You like that! You fucking love it, don’t you?”

“Yes!” he screamed.

“Take my fucking dick!”

My powerful slamming accelerated so that my sexy thighs were banging his, urging him closer and closer to shooting his own wad. He bellowed inarticulately and I went over the edge.

“Oh, God, yes!” I cried, and came for the final time that afternoon, in unison with the recipient of my aggression. In a fit of blind fury I pulled out of him and stuck my foot on his hip to push his helpless hide off the mattress. He dragged the twisted bedding with him, which in turn caught the end table and sent it on its side, causing bottles and metal instruments to clatter and scatter all over the floor. My fists out at my sides, I looked up at the ceiling and roared.

A week later, Karen called me.

“Wow, it’s great to hear your voice,” I said.

“It’s nice to speak with you, too.”

“I mean it, you’ve changed my life. Things are so much better since we met.”

“Oh? How is your boyfriend handling this transformation?”

“Well, I guess you could call him my girlfriend, now.” She laughed.


“It’s funny, because I saw his mom wearing one of your t-shirts last night, and she asked me about his new passivity, as she called it. I burst out laughing. It turns out she’s been fucking his dad in the ass for two months.”

“It truly is a small world.”

“Thanks, Karen. I owe you a lot.”

“I’m glad I could help. And I’m thrilled to hear you’re grateful, because I’m calling on behalf of the agency, Black Silk.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Indeed, a corporate magnate is one of their customers, and lately his tastes have been tending toward the exotic. They feel it’s time to slip him a bonus. After reading the file, I thought instantly of you. Tell me, would you be interested in making the delivery?”

“Absolutely. Count me in, I’ll be eager to help.”

“Yes,” she said. “I knew you would.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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