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“You are, you’re fucking him,” he said with a shocked look.

“Keep your voice down,” I said, as I nervously glanced around.

“I don’t believe this. Christ how long has it been going on?”

“I mean it Dave just drop it, and if you tell anyone I swear I’ll drop you in it too,” I spat.

“Yeah how, everyone knows we fucked. That was ages ago, its old news now.”

“You arrogant bastard, I mean about you and Sabrina,” I hissed back.

He looked shocked now, realising I knew more he wanted me to.

“The day Pete hurt his leg, I heard you when I ran to get his towel, you and her in the girls changing rooms. That phone call was from Sabrina, not your wife!”

I moved back hoping the rage in my eyes and voice would soon calm down a little.

“In that case Gillian we had better look out for each other.”

“I’m not the one with a wife you are!”

“So that makes it OK for you?”

“Pete is 18. Legally we are doing nothing wrong.”

“Sabrina is 18 too. But let’s face it we would both be in the shit if it got out.”

I moved forward, “look at the moment I’m worried about Pete. I don’t want to talk to you, and I certainly don’t want to watch your back.”

I spun on my heels and took a few steps away. Pete was my only concern now. I heard rushing footsteps and Pete’s mother and father calling out to Dave. Annabelle was there too. Dave went into a room with Pete’s parents, Annabelle stopped at the door. She looked back at me.

“What are you doing here Miss?”

I could see suspicion in her eyes.

“I heard Pete was rushed in here. I didn’t realise Dave was here, Mr Bird I mean.”

Swallow it please Annabelle I said in my head.

“Oh,” she mumbled.

She disappeared through the door. I just hoped she didn’t think Pete and I were seeing each other. I tried to find an excuse to stay, but that book in my head was slammed shut again. It wouldn’t let me open it to find the right excuse, even if there was one. That night I had a heart to heart with myself. I knew this had to stop now, I wanted to do what was best, but that wasn’t best for me! I had to let go of Pete now. I had to walk away. I phoned Diane and slowly I blurted everything out to her. She sat next to me an hour later cuddling me as I wept. I saw the mobile that Pete had left me start to glow and vibrate.

“Is that him?”

I nodded as it stopped.

“Don’t Diane,” I mumbled, as she reached for it.

She picked it up and read it to herself. Her eyes searched mine, “Oh Gillian what are you going to do?”

She held up the phone and I read it.

‘I’m OK, I can’t wait to see you again, and I want to sleep with you, soon.’

Pete had got an infection into his wound from a few weeks ago. Of course I blamed Dave Bird for letting him start swimming again too soon. But I had bigger problems to worry about. I hadn’t returned Pete’s messages. They were coming thick and fast over the last few days. I phoned him late at night, I had to tell him people knew about us and Annabelle had her suspicions. He listened as I cried down the phone telling him it was over. He didn’t interrupt. I told him he should date girls his own age, I told him an 11 year age difference was too much especially as he was only 18.

“So that’s it is it? You know dad is 13 years older than mum?”

“It’s for the best Pete; it’s what’s best for you.”

He was silent for awhile.

“Thanks a lot!” he grizzled.

I closed the phone and switched it off.

I had finally agreed to see him. He wouldn’t take no for an answer, not until he had spoken to me face to face. I didn’t want him coming to my house; I thought I’d probably crumble. I stood outside the cinema, still not knowing how to tell Pete it was over. I bought the tickets and we sat at the back on the left. It was dark when we got in there, and I could only see a handful of people watching the movie.

I felt his hand tentatively hold mine; my eyes began to water as I squeezed it. This wasn’t supposed to happen! I couldn’t let him go now. He kissed my neck and I began to sob.

“I love you Miss,” he whispered.

I didn’t answer him. I just held Pete’s hand trying to convince myself I didn’t want him. Several times I went to start but I just couldn’t. Why did he have to say he loved me? It wasn’t fair, it just wasn’t fair. I didn’t have a clue what was going to happen now. I just sat there with him, hoping for something to drop out of the sky to end my life! Eventually I leant into his shoulder, giving up any hope I had of ending this now.

“Christ there’s Sean with Becky the new girl,” Pete gasped, “they won’t see us Miss, keep quiet.”

We watched Sean get up leaving Becky in her seat.

“Oh my god there’s Della now Miss.”

“Enjoy the film slut!” Della growled, and then she spat in Becky’s face.

“God look at your tits hanging out you tart!” one of Della’s friends snapped.

“I suppose that’s what I’ll get if people find out about us Pete?”

He squeezed my hand trying to reassure me. We sneaked out a few güvenilir bahis minutes apart, I went after him. I was still shaking when I got to my car.

Sunday Pete and I chatted for hours about what was likely to happen; sometimes I would break down in tears. I had tried to give him all the reasons I could think of as to why we shouldn’t be together. I even tried to stop him dragging me up to bed, but it was quite half hearted. The thrill and excitement came back over me in waves. I let him move between my legs. I clung to him just letting him fuck me. I now knew that it would take much more than few people knowing to split us up. But would it be the same for Pete? He was like a kid with a new toy, the fucking I mean. He couldn’t stop and his enthusiasm became infectious. He was like some sort of love machine. By the time he allowed himself to climax we were both dripping in sweat. Nearly an hour of just constant fucking!

I was still jittery about getting caught, and we used to meet up under the tree. I told him if we had been seen, we could just say we had met by accident.

“I dare you Miss, to take me on holiday to your friend’s cottage?”

I stared at him in shock. I had told him about my friend’s holiday cottage by the sea, and how Lydia had said it was free for the next school holidays. I only told him because I had planned to go there before we started seeing each other. He kept telling me that we could relax there as it was secluded and 70 miles away. I suppose it was my fault for telling him all the details. At first it was a flat refusal, but over the coming week I was asking about what he would say to his parents. I arranged to meet him at the town car park. I noticed Becky walking that way and I drove round the block. I couldn’t relax until we got on the motorway. He chatted excitedly about how wonderful it was going to be. We pulled up at the supermarket and got some food, enough to last the three days over the bank holiday. I found the key under the flowerpot. Pete was like a big kid, running down to the water and jumping straight in. I watched him splash about from the bedroom window as I began to unpack. I suddenly felt like his mother. I looked in the mirror at a few wrinkles that had started to show my age. Would we still be together in 5, 10, or 20 year’s time? Or was I kidding myself to think it would last beyond 5 months? I wiped away a tear, if only I was 18. When he came back he threw me the towel. I was soon rubbing him dry. Well it was more like exploring his young fit body with the towel covering my hands. I gently rubbed over his chest. Then I moved down his body.

“Take them off Gillian,” he mumbled softly.

I peeled his wet trunks down and his cock sprang up inches from my face. I began to dry his cock and balls with a real slow motion.

“I dare you to suck my dick?”

I looked up into his eyes and pushed my glasses back on my nose. I had only ever sucked two cocks the brute when he grabbed my hair and forced me to do it, and the conman. Neither of them came in my mouth, I didn’t think I’d like that.

“Please Miss, I mean Gillian,” he whispered.

“Confirm the dare?” I asked with a gulp.

“Suck my dick?”

I bent my head forward a little. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. Pete gasped as I managed to get his cock head past my lips. I began to tongue him with my hand wrapped around his shaft. His warm hard cock was tainted with seawater. He grunted as gradually I relaxed a little more. My head bobbed a little but I was still conscious of the way my previous two blowjobs had me gagging.

“Can, you throat me Miss?” he said with a swallow.

I took his cock out of my mouth, and looked up at him pushing my glasses back up my nose.

“I’m no good at that Pete, and please stop calling me Miss?”

I put him back in my mouth, and tried to let him enter my throat. I pulled away a little and tried again.

“Go on Gillian please,” he panted.

I tried even harder and I gagged and choked. I pulled back looking up into his eyes. His mouth hung open and he looked so turned on. I wondered what he made of my expression. I must have looked quite scared. I went back and slid him in and out of my mouth. I could see his legs trembling slightly. I took him in my throat again, and again I gagged.

“I’m sorry I don’t like it,” I mumbled, almost ashamed to be letting him down.

He had now gripped my hand that was around his cock. He was pulling himself off through my hand!

“Can I come on your face, all over your glasses?” he panted harder.

“I’d rather you didn’t.”

I was feeling a little upset by the way he was talking now. His hand was jerking mine faster and faster. I wanted to get up or just move but it was too late. His spunk flew out of his cock that I was looking at. I saw and felt it land on my glasses. I turned my head away and felt more landing on my ear.

“Oh that’s so fucking sexy Miss!” he hissed.

No it wasn’t! I tried to get up, but more and more hit my cheek and then my neck. I yanked my hand from underneath türkçe bahis his. In doing so I stumbled forward his cock actually went between my face and my glasses which had slipped off my nose. I felt spunk hit my eye blinding me! Pete was too far gone to notice how distressed I was. Perhaps he couldn’t see me struggling to get up.

“God that looks sexy seeing my spunk all over your face Miss,” he said panting hard.

His hand was on my head and before I knew it he had pushed himself into my mouth.

“Go on suck the rest out you horny bitch.”

He yelled and pushed me back. It was the same reaction that I got from the brute when I bit his cock!

“What the fuck did you do that for?”

I was trying to clear my eye. Pete’s spunk was stinging and I just wanted to rinse it out.

“You hurt me, why did you have to hold my head?” I cried.

“Sorry,” he mumbled.

He pushed past me knocking me sideways, holding his cock like he thought it would fall off. Great what a holiday this was going to be!

An hour later I told him about the man, who seemed to get more satisfaction from beating me, rather than making love to me. He hugged me as I cried, and for some reason it seemed to bring us back closer together. By the time we got to bed we were both sorry. I couldn’t stay mad at him for long.

“I think I bruised your cock,” I mumbled as I kissed it.

“I bet it would still work though, that is if you want to try it?”

I pushed him on his back and straddled him. I began rocking up and down on him, feeling the flagpole that stuck into me. He just looked up into my eyes with a lusty expression that turned me on all the more! He began thrusting up as I pushed down.

“Christ Miss that feels good,” he panted.

“Will you call me fucking Gillian?” I grunted.

“Christ that feels good, Fucking Gillian!” he shouted.

I grinned at him as he smiled at me. His sexy blue eyes had my heart fluttering again. I was putting everything into it now, vigorously going up and down like a kid getting her moneys worth on a bouncy castle. He stopped thrusting into me as I shook and quaked to a deep orgasm. He seemed to be watching my face as I went through all the expressions that my body dictated.

“God you’re hell of a wet,” he said with a grin.

I grinned back, “that’s your fault, you make me wet.”

I carried on for the next 15 minutes or so. I could feel my body starting to wilt. Several times I stopped but I didn’t want to let him down. I carried on and on but he just wouldn’t shoot! Maybe he was holding back, or maybe he wasn’t going to come.

“Are you going to stop Gillian?”

“Don’t you want to, to spunk up me?” I panted.

“God you’ve got a dirty mouth Miss, I mean Gillian.”

“Does that surprise you?”

“It turns me on,” he grunted.

“So what is it like fucking me huh, seeing my tits bounce and hearing my cunt squelch? I bet you never thought I was such a fucking slag did you Pete?”

He looked really shocked by my foul language. I suppose it was doubly so, because of me being a teacher too.

“No Miss,” he mumbled, as he began to push into me.

“Oh you like to hear your teacher talking dirty then?”

He nodded and pushed up into me. I ground down harder on his cock.

“What do you think your friend’s would say, if, if they could see me now, huh? Do you think they would want to fuck me too?” I grunted.

“Oh fuck yeah!” he snapped, “you really are turning me on talking like that Gillian.”

“What, talking like a little tart? Have any of your friends got a bigger cock than you? Hey, Tommy or Lawrence perhaps? Oh what about Steve, I bet he’d fuck me. Maybe you should have asked him here? Do you think he’d fuck me up the ass?”

“Oh Christ you dirty slut!” he hissed, through clenched teeth.

I bounced even harder, dripping in sweat. My own words were turning me on so much, I just couldn’t stop! I slapped his hands away that reached for my breasts.

“You should have dared them all to come here and fuck me.”

“Boys, and girls Gillian?” he grunted.

“Yeah do you want to see me eat pussy? Do you want to see me sucking cocks and pussy all day? And what’s with this Gillian thing, I’m your fucking teacher, call me Miss or do I have to start dating Steve or Tommy?”

“Go on Miss, again Miss? Have another orgasm you slut!” he yelled.

“Am I a bigger slut than the girls at school? Maybe I should wear mini skirts and hang around the bike sheds, would you like that, seeing me wait for you with my blouse open and my legs spread wide?”

He pushed me off and turned me on my back, his young cock rammed into me.

“You are a fucking slag aren’t you Miss? I can just imagine all the teachers doing you one after the other!”

“How do you know they don’t? How do you know they don’t fuck me everyday in the staffroom? Can you imagine all those cocks just slamming into me? Maybe they could use me in the sex education classes?”

He was really thrusting hard into me now. It was like he was trying güvenilir bahis siteleri to prove he was the best boy to fuck me.

“Yeah you’d have to be naked and do whatever we wanted,” he groaned.

I began shuddering again, clinging to his sweat soaked back.

“I bet you lay there Miss, with your legs spread wide, just waiting for the first teachers, and boys to jump you! I bet they laugh about how you beg for it.”

“Yeah but it’s you I want Pete. I want your hard cock fucking my cunt. I want you to finger me in class with everyone watching!”

“I could offer you round to the rest of the class. I could hold you’re dripping cunt open for everyone,” he grunted hard.

“You wouldn’t need to I’d spread it myself! Anyway I’d be so wet, I’d leave a trail on the floor,” I hissed.

“They could fuck you all day slut, even the girls would ride your nose and get off on it!”

We climaxed together holding each other tight, and grunting and hissing. Finally he stopped. But I could feel him twitch and jerk in me. I just lay there open mouthed my mind and body totally spent. Pete cuddled me, kissing my nipple and stroking my hair, until we fell asleep.

We spent most of the weekend in bed just fucking each other. My pussy was exhausted and sore. But Pete was up for more, eventually I had to refuse him, not that I wanted to.

When we drove back home Pete slept from time to time. Now and then I would glance at him. This weekend had been so wonderful, but I couldn’t help thinking that we had reached the pinnacle! Now I had to drop him off, and we had to go back to hiding from people. We had lived our dream away from prying eyes and people who knew us. It was just a brief glimpse into what might have been if we had been the same age. The deceit was hard to live with too. I would sometimes start to cry when I thought of his parents. I knew our relationship was doomed, like the bloody stupid romance novels I kept reading. I would have to give my young 18 year old lover up, and it hurt, it hurt like hell! It wasn’t easy living with these feelings. Diane wasn’t really interested although she tried. As I poured my heart out, she was more into getting a drink from Donny. She snatched the fiver from my hand and called him over. Since she had split up she had become a little strange, she didn’t want to talk much about it so I didn’t push her. I had told her about the dare game and Pete nicking apples for me.

“That’s lame even for you Gillian,” she mumbled.

Pete was well enough to play football again, and I watched him with Becky. She asked who he was and I realised she had caught me looking at him. I just mumbled about having to go home. I was jealous of her I didn’t want her chasing Pete; I couldn’t stand and watch that. But I was also frightened. I was sure she had spotted him getting into my car when we went on holiday, and now she was watching me for a reaction. She must have known something was going on between Pete and me? I told Pete over the phone I was scared now. If she told anyone I would be in deep trouble.

Oh shit, what do I do now?

The next day she avoided my eyes, but eventually I caught her looking at me. I could see it now, but I tried to blot it out of my mind. I didn’t want to end it with Pete but I was scared. Could I trust Becky? Should I even talk to her about it? I didn’t know I didn’t have a clue! I went to the girl’s toilet after hearing a commotion. There was Becky with her school books in the sink flooded with water. I knew Sabrina had done it. I comforted Becky wanting to ask her if she was going to tell about Pete and me. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I couldn’t bring myself to end it with Pete either. We were still meeting up by the tree and he was still coming to my house. The dares were going on too, and I was just as bad as he was! I dared him to let me tie him up. He did, it was just a game but I had tied him in the garage. I sucked on his cock as he lay there restrained. I denied him, getting him right on the verge of coming. He was begging me to let him come, but I would just giggle and leave him in the dark, just for 5 minutes and then I would go back.

“So do you want me to let you come on my tits?”

“God yeah,” he panted.

“Yes what?” I hissed in his ear.

“Yes please mistress,” he said with a gulp.

I squeezed my tits together round his hard cock. It didn’t take long for him to shoot. Right there and then he dared me to taste it. It took me awhile but with him still tied up I wiped my finger in it. I stuck it on my tongue and swallowed as he watched spellbound. Still I had a dare for him that would surely lose him a life. I watched in disbelief as he ran to the bottom of my garden in one of my long white skirts. He touched the gate and came back. We kissed and giggled until he left me with his dare for me. This was different. His dare was over in just a few seconds, and it was dark. But I would have to wear that skirt to school the next day with dark panties on underneath! That might not sound much but the material was thin. Pete had told me that when I wore it once the light from the projector shone through it. Everyone could see the shape of my legs and my panties. I told him I couldn’t do it. That was until he phoned me that night as I fingered myself to another orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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