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After another bout of love making, we were exhausted and fatigue had taken over our bodies. We showered together in the lavishly sinful bathroom, dressed again and left the place along with James, who drove us back to her place. On the way back to her place, she promised me another good time, and we fixed the appointment, and scheduled our program. We planned out where and what we would do for that next evening. James glided the car to a stop at her apartment gate. I pulled her in, as she was about to alight from the car. I kissed her on the lips, while my other hand went to my pocket to pull out money. I pushed the notes (bills) into her palm as she disengaged from the kiss. She looked at the money and gave me that fiery look she had given earlier when she had thrown the money on my face. I gave her a sly smile and added for effect, “I love giving gifts and I welcome surprises.”

Her fire like anger changed to a cool smile, she promised me a meeting and added to my excitement, “wait for the next meeting, I would get my friend Gautami, she is my age, you would like making it with her.” Saying this she ran into the gate and disappeared.

I was caught puzzled about the name game, Anu or was it Gautami, James had said that the real name of Anu was Gautami, now who the hell was Gautami that Anu wanted me to bed. I looked up front at James quizzingly and James stared back at me with the same puzzled look.

Gautami or Anu, the name game and the personality game would come to an end that weekend. I was waiting for the next few days in anticipation for my date with Anu, aka Gautami. It was past 10:00 pm on Thursday night while I was traveling back home when Anu called on my cell and fixed up an appointment for Saturday. I likewise arranged for her to be picked up from her place and brought to my penthouse.

Despite my various business interests to keep my mind busy, I was still waiting in anticipation for the weekend to arrive and to have an opportunity to take to bed another young girl. However on Saturday evening when she walked through in through the door of my penthouse, my house of pleasure, she was alone, Gautami was not with her.

“I suppose you promised me that you were to get a friend of your…what was her name?” I mocked, putting an act of having forgotten the name.

“Gautami,” she reminded, adding, “Gautami, she had to go out with her family for the weekend,” she told me.

I left the subject and made a drink for us and then we proceeded to the bedroom to indulge in the act we had both arrived in this place for. The next three hours we had passionate sex, taking and giving the best to each other that our bodies had to offer. After the hot lovemaking we left the place, James drove us back to her place where I kissed her goodbye, not before pushing a wad of notes (bills) in her palm. This time she did not complain, but smiled back at me, kissed me on the cheek, shoved the money in her purse, promised me once again that she will have Gautami with her next weekend, got of the car and disappeared through the gate of her apartment.

In the next six months, we met each other every Saturday to have wild sex. With every hot session I found her getting better at the act of satisfying me, while I found myself getting attracted to her. A point came when it was no more sex alone that I needed from her, but also her presence, her company for those few hours. Needless to say, that every time we departed and said goodbyes to each other, I would push notes in her palm, each time I would increase the sum to double of what I had given her last. She would promise me every time that Gautami would be with her for the next week, but would site some excuse when we would meet again, and thus kept Gautami an elusive factor, so I presumed.

Initially Anu hesitated when I gave her a copy of the keys to the penthouse, and the permission to use it at her free will. But like a good house maker, she made sure that the house was in good order. She would drop in when the housekeeping staff would come for cleaning the place, giving them instructions and ensuring that the cleaning was to her satisfaction. Like a good consort she would make sure that the bar was filled with my choice of wines and liquor and the fridge filled with food. She would personally go to do the purchases for the penthouse. She had literally become a taskmaster as far as the penthouse was concerned.

As time passed, she got more involved with the house. On certain weekends, she would reach there during afternoons and prepare meals for me, then wait for me to arrive. Though her overtly concerned acts made me uncomfortable at times, I did not complain. Somewhere in the corner of my heart, I also liked her being extra concerned; for the first time in my life I was enjoying somebody other than James caring for me. However, all her concern was associated for and limited to the penthouse and those few hours of the weekends. In no way was she demanding on me, she had never asked for my company other than on Saturdays and that too was always a polite request. She had never asked me for money either, that I put money in her hand was absolutely my privilege.

Anu had almost become my live-in girlfriend when she told poker oyna me that she could now stay over nights. She had cooked up some story for her nanny she told me. Since she started spending the nights with me, I started paying her more and she started spending more, but nowhere other than over the necessities for the penthouse. Over a period of time, she had refurnished the penthouse in a more exotic pleasure house, all of it from the money I paid her every Saturday for her service. This was the very reason I kept on increasing the amount I paid her for her services. Anu was almost my unofficial weekend wife, for she would prepare elaborate dinners for me and then give me the best sex.

But good things do come to an end and so it did when our relationships went in an eclipse one faithful Thursday when she called me to reconfirm our Saturday date.

“Hello, this is Anu,” she said.

“Yeah, so what’s the surprise girl?” I asked her.

“No nothing special,” she said, “I just wanted to know if we are meeting this weekend.”

“Oh! Anu when are you going to get that pal of yours,” I teased her, “Gautami. Right?” I asked her. I had already presumed that there was no Gautami and the young girl trying to trap me had played a little name game.

“Well, I talked with my friend Gautami about you, she has agreed for the date with you,” she said stretching on the word ‘date’. I was taken aback by the sudden twist, but presuming that she was still playing her game, I continued.

“So, when am I meeting her? This weekend?” I asked.

“No, she has got a problem, maybe next weekend,” she replied, adding rather non-coherently, “I would like to meet you this Saturday if you are free.”

I was only happy to hear her say that, I vehemently agreed to it saying, “Oh dear, sure we can meet, I would be rather happy to meet you girl.”

“Can you send over James to pick me up, I will be ready by 5:00 pm…so you can ask him to be here by 5:30 in the evening,” she requested.

“Fine, he will be there at 5:30 pm, but tell me Anu, what’s the surprise? You sound excited so very excited.” I asked her.

“Oh nothing special, I am excited about meeting you anyway,” she said, “Anyways, can I ask you one thing?” Anu asked me.

“Shoot,” I replied.

“Have you never ever thought of getting married?” she asked me.

“No never,” I replied.

“Oh I see, so girls like me who are fast…” she started.

“No Anu! Not always, most of the time I used to pick girls or use the service of a call girl,” I said, and added “I would love to have a regular relationship with someone like you, but I cannot commit to it. You see that is the problem.”

“What sort of commitment you are afraid of?” she questioned me, delving into a subject that no one had ever pondered to talk with me about, an orphaned rich child. It was the first time somebody had asked me these questions and I realized that I did not have valid excuses.

“I don’t know, I don’t want to be committed.” I said

“You mean you cannot take care of one single person, a person who belongs to you, and who you belong to,” she asked me.

“Not that Anu, I can take care of maybe thousand people, run their households, provide for their education, food and other necessities, I would like to own a person and call her mine, but I don’t want another person to own me, I am non-committal in that expect.” I told her clearing myself to her as much as I cleared this fact to myself. Yes! That was it, I wanted to own Anu, or a girl like Anu who I could call mine, but I was afraid of somebody else having a claim on me. “Forget this Anu, I am not gonna marry, neither you nor anybody, at least for now.” I finally told her, if that was what she wanted to hear.

“Aaye! Don’t you get ideas; neither am I interested in marrying you. You are one brat and I don’t like to own brats.” She said laughing. We continued chatting over an hour on this subject, and finally before hanging down reconfirmed the time that James would pick her.

On Friday, at work, I was almost feeling like an excited teenager at school, trying to finish his homework as fast as he could to keep up the date with the girl next door. It was even surprising to me how I finished the day’s work by 4:30 pm, allocated work to the managers and having said my goodbyes to them I was in the elevator with James behind me by 4:45 pm, I was in my car by 4:50 and the car was parked before the gate of Anu’s apartment by 5:15, waiting for the angelic Anu to walk out of that portico towards the car.

I, a billionaire business tycoon, was waiting for a girl, half my age, at her door! Surprising, but true. I who never had a minute of my time to spare over such trivial matters was wasting a full 15 minutes for a girl who I paid for her company and the use of her body. Was I going crazy or was I in love.

My thoughts trailed off when I saw Anu walking down the portico towards the car. She was wearing a Shalwar Kameez, a beautiful peacock blue in colour. It was the first time I saw her in the ethnic attire, with a beautiful bindi of the same shade as her dress on her forehead. She looked a pretty picture of a perfect girlfriend. My perfect girlfriend.

As canlı poker oyna she neared the car, James got off and opened the door for her. She had not seen me sitting in the car because of the tinted panes, however as she bent to get in, she saw me and jumped back.

“Oh aha!” she exclaimed. “Its you, I was not expecting you coming to pick me up,” she said getting in the car and settling next to me.

“I finished my work early, so I thought why not join James and pick you up,” I explained.

“Ah! I thought you would not be free before 7 pm, so I was contemplating on going for a little shopping with James before I reach your place,” she said as she put her hand on my thighs, caressing it, trailing it to the region between my legs.

“But,” she said moving her dainty little fingers over the bulge in my pant, “I presume I have to leave the shopping for some other day.” Saying so she stroked my cock through my pant.

“No!” I said, shoving her hand off, “we go shopping first, tell me where should James take us?” I asked her as James started the car.

“To your place.” She replied, as she crushed into me, pressing her taut tits into me, reaching with her lips for mine.

We kissed passionately for a few seconds; Her tongue darted into my mouth, snaking over my gums and dueling with my tongue as I gestured James to drive. James and I have a good tuning and understanding, to this day and time, there has hardly been a time when James may not have understood my spoken and unspoken words. Just a gesture, a nod or even a flip of the eye is enough to tell him of my needs.

We cuddled, kissed and felt each other for the next twenty minutes till James finally brought us to our destination. Once in the apartment, we did not waste time and went straight to the bedroom. No sooner had we shut the door of the bedroom behind my back, I pulled Anu to me, swirling her on her heels as she crushed into me. I held her tight with my one hand around her waist as I raised her face to me with the other seeking her luscious lips. I kissed on her lips and then suck them in my mouth as I disengaged my hand from her face to rest it on her buttocks. Through her clothes I massaged her lovely buns, pressing her further into me. I could feel my cock pressed tight against her tummy, as she darted her tongue in my mouth, dueling with mine.

One thing about Shalwar Kameez (Pajama like Indian dress) is that it does not give easy access to ones private parts and is cumbersome when you are trying to disrobe your partner. However, I could not wait any longer and I urgently required this lovesome girl, I wanted to possess her, I wanted to be in her, I wanted my cock in her soft pussy, I wanted to suck her enormous breasts that were now pressed tight to me.

With our lips still locked to each other, I rapped her firm buttocks with the flat of my palm to make her shiver and squeak. As a counter reaction she left one hand from around my neck to seek the bulge in my pant. She pressed the bulge with the flat of her palm and then held it through my trouser as she hissed and continued to suck my mouth. My hand left her buttocks to lift her kameez to get access at her shalwar. I fumbled for a while with the knot not able to find the right chord that needed to be pulled to undo the bowknot to release her shalwar. But help was at hand as Anu’s hand joined mine, she broke the kiss and handed me the end of the string.

“This is the one, dear,” she laughed slyly handing me the end of the chord that needed to be tugged to release her shalwar. I tugged on the chord and it gave way, I pulled it all the way to loosen the shalwar and it slipped off her to gather at her feet in a heap of raffled clothes. With my one hand still around her waist, she stepped out of the heap, with a little fumble, as the shalwar was caught in her stiletto. I pulled her back to me, but she pushed herself off me and slipped down to kneel at my feet. Then with her small hands and delicate fingers she worked on the belt buckle, the catch that held the trouser and then unzipped the zipper. The she looked up at me, in my eyes as her hands traveled ones more up my waist to pull down my underwear and with it she had my pants all the way to my feet.

“Now, that is fair,” she said looking up at me as she lightly caressed my hard cock that stood out of me like a pole. She looked at it with awe, as she traced the vein of the cock with her fingernails. She then caressed the cockhead with her fingers, and then wrapped her fingers around it, lightly stroking it around, as one would a doorknob. Satisfied with this she was about to get up and I pressed her applying a little pressure to her shoulders.

“You want me to take it in my mouth,” she asked staring at me with wide eyes. As a response, I just nodded back at her in affirmative.

“Tell me, do you like this better than fucking?” she baffled me with her question.

I did not know what to say, so, as a response I held her by her shoulder and brought her up to stand by me as I started to step out of the heap, which was my trouser and underwear a few moments before. She stood there bewildered.

“Did I do something wrong?” she asked me, tears gathering up in her eyes. “I will internet casino take you in my mouth, you can even come in my mouth if you want,” she said at the verge of crying.

I pulled her to me and held her head up, and then looking deep in her eyes I told her, “Anu, I like everything about you, your mouth, your pussy, your tits, your ass. I would like to make love to every part of you…but, I think first we should be out of all these clothes, right?” And I kissed her on the lips as a reassurance that my action was not out of dejection; it was just an action for a better reaction.

As we broke the kiss again, we helped each to disrobe the rest of the clothes till we were absolutely naked. I just had my watch on my hand while she vouched to keep her stilettos on. I once again held her in my arms and kissed her as we hit the bed together, with her on top of me. She held my cock, caressing it while I played with her nipples, twitching and pinching them, making her squeak and hiss.

“Do you want me to suck your cock?” she asked, her face telling me that she was still feeling the guilt of having asked me a question earlier, “I love your cock, I would like to suck it, can I do that now?” she reframed her question, making me smile back at her.

“You like to suck cock, fine, you can suck my cock, but…” I said, as I was trying to think of a task that would throw her off balance.

“But what?” she asked still stroking my cock.

“You will have to agree to give me your virginity,” I had finally got that bright idea.

“Virginity? How can I still give you that? You have already taken my virginity.” She responded.

“What I want of you is still virgin, are you ready to give me that, then I will let you suck my cock.” I quizzed her once again.

“Still virgin…?” she wondered aloud.

“Okay, Anu let me fuck you in your ass hole today,” I finally let off the goose.

“What?” she asked probably shocked at the unexpected demand.

“Yeah girl, let me fuck you in your anus,” I exaggerated on my demand.

She looked back at me with her eyes wide open in shock, in bewilderment. Her hand had stopped stroking my cock as it just held it loosely; her body suddenly seemed to have become heavy on mine as her mind delved into a deep thought, probably deciding whether she wanted to do this.

Moments later she suddenly looked away from me, pulled her hand of my cock, got off the bed without a word and rushed to the bathroom. Before I could even call her out or ask her if this demand troubled her, she had disappeared behind the ornamental partition that separated the room from bathroom and then I heard the bathroom door shut with a slam. A slam that meant that she was angry, raged, unhappy with the unexpected twist to my demand. I knew I had done it; here was a girl who was ready to be a whore as long as I wanted and freelance as a pimp getting me fresh young girls to wench my sexual appetite for young girls. What an ass I had been; demanding her, for a piece of her ass.

I got off the bed and gathered my clothes, sure now that this was the end of the day, end of the relationship. I sat back on the bed with my clothes in my lap thinking of how this girl in such a short span of time had become so close to me. I had lost the hardness of my cock, it lay now between my legs, limp and defeated. I wore my shirt and as I was buttoning it, I heard the bathroom door slam once again. Then I heard her stiletto, tik-toking its way behind the partition, I looked up in that direction and saw her naked form appear from behind the partition, as enticing and exciting as ever, her tits juggling on her lithesome body, the flare of her hips swaying as she walked towards me.

I looked up at her face to read her mood, there was nothing, it was blank, her beautiful round eyes were staring back at me. However, her walked seemed confident, business like, firm, as she walked the distance to the bed where I sat with my shirt on. Then she slowly lowered herself to kneel at the foot of the bed, while her hand went to my thighs caressing them. All the while she sported the blank look, staring deep in my eyes, reading me from within. She then moved her hand up my thigh to hold cup my limp cock in her soft velvety hands. She rolled my cock in her hand and it started to grow, she then wrapped the fingers of her right hand around the cock and pushed me back on the bed with the left as she bent over my cock and took it in her mouth.

Without exchange of a single word, she started sucking my cock back to its full hardness. Not wanting to loose on the double benefit of watching her while I felt her mouth on my cock, I propped my head up, supporting it on my hands. With the cock in her mouth, she looked up to stare back at me, reading my reaction to her oral manipulation of my love pole. She them took her mouth off the cock and masturbated me with long strokes, her silky hand wrapped in fist and her sleek saliva working a lubricant. Then she shifted her hand from the cock to my balls and played with the sack and she put her lips back to work on my cockhead. She then gave some more licks long and slurpy ones licking the length of my cock right from the base to the cockhead, the tip of her tongue paying extra homage to the rim of my cockhead. She then once again took my cock in the cavity of her mouth; as she took it deeper then before, bobbing her head over it, fucking her mouth with it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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