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Several weeks had passed since Monique had dominated Gary with light S&M. They had made love in the traditional method several times since, but had rarely mentioned their brief digression into the ‘Black Arts of Sex’, as Monique termed it. Monique had thoroughly enjoyed her light S&M experience with Gary. She and her late husband had often role-played, switching from submissive to dominant frequently. Gary too had enjoyed his first excursion into the S&M world with Monique. His previous experience only involved genital spanking between he and his now deceased wife. Gary thought that Monique had forgotten about returning to the ‘Black Arts’ and that seemed all right with him too.

The phone rang and Gary put down his magazine to answer it. “Hi Gary,” It was Monique.

“Hello, sweet Monique,” Gary greeted her, “How can this old curmudgeon be of help?”

“I’m home alone tonight,” she told him, “I’ve given the staff the evening off. Would you like to come over to visit?”

“Of course,” Gary replied, “I can be there in about twenty minutes.” Monique was pleased and said she would be waiting anxiously for him. Gary hung up the phone and went to the medicine cabinet. He selected two Viagra pills and swallowed them with water. Fortified for the evening, he got ready to drive to Monique’s home. Curiously, in all the weeks since they had met through the ‘Dateline’ ads, Gary had never been to Monique’s home. All of their encounters had been at either Gary’s house or at a hotel. Gary had never questioned Monique about this, as it was none of his business. After all, their relationship was sexual and so far there had been no overpowering need to visit Monique at her home. He felt that she had her reasons and he respected them.

Gary had some difficulty finding her driveway. Her home was out of the city on a dark road whose residents all had gated drives. Finally, he found her address, and pulled into the drive, stopping before the wrought iron gates. Gary pressed a call button on the security keypad and Monique answered. “Yes?” she asked.

“It is I,” Gary joked. She laughed as the gates began to swing open. Gary drove through the gates onto a long a winding driveway. It took nearly five minutes to arrive at the front entrance of Monique’s home. The house was illuminated by several spotlights, enabling Gary to view the huge Great House in all its glory. It looked like a grand English manor house and had obviously cost a great deal to build. He stopped at the front entrance and walked up the stairs to ring the doorbell. Monique answered the door dressed in a heavy velour robe that reached to the floor.

She embraced him and kissed him as she pulled him inside.

“Welcome to my home, said the spider to the fly,” Monique teased him as she ‘lured’ him into her massive living room. Gary smiled at her, noticing that all the drapes were closed. She dropped her robe to stand dressed in a black leather Domina’s outfit, thigh high shiny boots with heels nearly five inches high. Her nipples peeked out at him through holes in her outfit, put there for that purpose. A soft leather flap, held in place by two snaps, covered her pussy. Her asscheeks were fully exposed by the end of the thong like leather flap that covered her pussy. A soft leather paddle, strap and a flogger hung from rings at her waist. Monique grinned wickedly at her ‘victim’. “Please stand on this pedestal, slave,” she told him sternly.

Gary was surprised, but pleased that she had decided to dominate him tonight. He stepped onto the pedestal and stood looking down at his ‘Mistress’. Monique unbuttoned his shirt and removed it from his body. His trousers were next and they too came off. Monique produced a pair of scissors and quickly cut his undershirt and boxer shorts from his body. Naked except for his shoes and socks, Monique had him kick off his shoes and ordered him to remove his socks. She walked around the pedestal viewing his nakedness, lightly touching his asscheeks, cock and balls. Gary moaned with desire and excitement as Monique fondled his cock causing it to grow erect.

Pre-cum oozed from his cockhole. Monique scooped it up with her finger and wiped it on his lips. Gary licked off the pre-cum and sucked at her finger. She reached up to lightly rub his nipples as he groaned with passion and lust. Monique drew back his foreskin to blow air onto his cockhead, sending shivers through Gary, moaning delightfully. She brought out a soft rope circle and twisted it into a figure eight, placing both his wrists into the loops in front of him. Gary could see that the loops did not really restrain him, but were there mainly for effect. With little effort he could release himself at any time he wanted.

“Now, my sweet little slave, you are totally poker oyna in my clutches,” Monique told him as she toyed with his balls, pulling at his scrotum. It felt marvelous, his cock straining, as it stood upright and hard. Monique moved closer to him and rubbed her protruding nipples all about his cockhead, working them against the sensitive spot in front of his cock. Gary sighed as he felt his cock throb as she ‘tormented’ it with her nipples. She backed away and moved to a small table that held a collection of sexual toys. Monique selected a dildo butt plug about six inches long and an inch in diameter. She lubed it with KY jelly and walked behind him.

She ordered Gary to bend over. Spreading his asscheeks wide, she daubed some KY on to his asshole and penetrated it with her finger. Gary groaned at the small intrusion, knowing that a larger item would soon replace her finger. She withdrew her finger, placed the dildo at his asshole and pushed the fake cock slowly inside. At first there was some discomfort, but the dildo wasn’t thick enough to cause any real pain. Monique began to fuck him with the dildo, pressing on his prostate to stimulate him. The constant massaging of his prostate caused large dollops of thick clear pre-cum to from seep from his cockhole and slowly descend down the shaft of his cock.

Monique continued to fuck his ass as she reached around to scoop up his pre-cum. She tasted the salty sweet clear thick gel then placed more on his lips. Gary licked pre-cum into his mouth as Monique pushed the dildo into his asshole until the depression on the end of the butt plug entered his ass. His sphincter closed around the butt plug to hold it fast in his ass. Gary moaned with pleasure, feeling the butt plug snuggly pushing against his prostate. Monique turned on the built in vibrator and Gary twitched with delight. She drew her tongue along his back until she was at his shoulders then kissed him as she brought him to an upright position. His cock was throbbing as the vibrating dildo ‘tormented’ his prostate and he writhed with pleasure.

Monique lowered a chain from the ceiling that had a large hook on the end and commanded Gary to place his wrist ‘restraints’ over the hook. He complied and Monique raised the chain slightly to bring his arms over his head. Although he appeared to be bound completely, it was just an illusion. With little effort Gary could free himself whenever he chose. Monique reached up to lick his nipple while tugging at the other one. She switched nipples several times as Gary’s sensitive nipples drove him nearly insane with lust. Monique moved to the table, returning with nipple clamps joined by a short chain. Gary winced as she clamped his nipples tightly.

These clamps had not been altered and pinched his nipples hard. To add to his ‘pleasure’, Monique added a small lead weight on the chain to pull down hard on his tender sensitive nipples. She grinned and commanded him to spread his legs apart on the pedestal.

His cock remained upright and hard throughout the clamping of his nipples. Now, Monique decided it was time to spank it with the soft leather paddle. She showed him the paddle and drew it along his cock and balls. His cock twitched at the feel of the leather against it. Monique raised the paddle and brought it down on his cockhead. Gary gasped, but did not cry out.

Again and again she swatted his cock with the soft leather paddle. Although some of the strokes stung, most were just slight slaps that felt good, more than they hurt. His arousal grew with each swat and he moaned in pleasure. Monique swatted his balls with the paddle and he grimaced a bit, but it just stung more than hurt. She spanked his balls and cock alternately until his genitals turned a bright crimson shade. Sensing that he might cum, Monique stopped to let the urge to cum subside. Moving again to the table, she returned with a cock and balls harness and fit it tightly to his balls and cock.

The leather harness separated his balls and wrapped tightly around his cock, essentially forming a cock ring. Gary moaned as Monique began to suck his cockhead, pulling his foreskin back. She placed a wide rubber band tightly behind the rim of his cock, hanging a lead weight from it. His hard-on, stimulated by the harness and rubber band, began to rise up, but the weight pulled down on his cock and he could not maintain a stiff hard-on. Smiling at her submissive lover’s plight, Monique added a lead weight to his balls harness, which stretched and pulled at his balls. She stood back to watch him struggle with his slightly sore genitals, grinning as the weights took their toll on his cock, balls and nipples.

“Promise to be a good little boy slave and ‘Mistress’ will release your arms and let you get off the pedestal,” Monique told him.

“I promise, ‘Mistress’,” Gary said playing out his role. Monique lowered his arms to let him step down from the pedestal. She forced him on his hands and knees as she moved canlı poker oyna to sit in a straight chair, spreading her legs wide.

“Crawl to me, slave,” she commanded. Gary slowly crawled to her as the weights pulled and stretched his nipples and genitals painfully. “Remove the leather flap from my outfit with your teeth, slave,” she ordered him. Gary moved his head to her crotch and grasped the leather flap with his teeth. He pulled at the flap and it unsnapped easily, revealing her steaming wet pussy beneath it. Her scent wafted to his nostrils and he inhaled deeply of her fragrance. “Nuzzle my pussy with your face,” she said. Gary eagerly pushed his face into her crotch, his face buried in her soaked bush and sopping wet pussy. Monique moaned as his face touched her sex.

“Lick it,” she ordered. Gary complied, drawing his tongue all over her pussy and clit. He parted her cuntlips with his tongue and a rush of juices filled his mouth. Swallowing her tasty nectar, Gary plunged his tongue deep inside her, swirling it around the pink folds of her inner cunt. “Ummmmmmmmm, yesssss…yesssss, lover…Lick it good…suck my clit!” she commanded him. Gary suckled her clit while Monique pulled and gently twisted her nipples in rhythm with his tongue licking her. “Oh God…that’s soooooo good, slave…Mmmmmmm, yes!” she cried. Feeling her orgasm rising, Monique pushed him away. She smiled as she looked at his face glistening with her juices.

“Stand up, slave!” she ordered as she composed herself, from nearly cumming. Gary arose and she reached out to grab his cock and draw him to her side. She removed the rubber band around his cock rim and the harness from his cock and balls. Monique removed the top of her Domina’s outfit, leaving only the crotchless leather thong that she wore. “Lie across my lap, little old man slave boy,” she teased him. Gary lay across her lap, his belly on the tops of her thighs. She reached under his belly to grasp his rock hard cock, pulled back his foreskin and placed his cock between her warm thighs. His bare sensitive cockhead twitched and he nearly came when her warm thighs closed around his cock.

Gary groaned with lust and arousal as his balls drew up tight, needing relief from the pent up semen they contained. Monique spread his asscheeks to ‘adjust’ the dildo butt plug, ‘tormenting’ his asshole a bit. Bending down she kissed his asscheeks. Monique’s breasts rubbed against Gary’s back and he twitched feeling the hard nipples on his flesh. “You are a naughty boy, little Gary,” she began, “Look at what you’ve done; stripped naked, had your pee pee spanked, balls stretched and your asshole stuffed with a dildo! Now isn’t that naughty, you bad boy?”

“Yes, Ma’am, it is…I’m a naughty, bad boy,” Gary replied secretly pleased with his circumstances.

“Do you know what happens to bad boys, Gary?” she asked.

“They get their bottoms spanked,” Gary answered sheepishly, playing his role perfectly. Monique smiled in agreement, reaching to the floor for the soft leather strap on her Domina’s outfit. Raising the strap high she swatted his asscheeks hard. The soft leather strap smarted as it struck his ass, but did not really hurt. The sound of the leather slapping his asscheeks was pronounced, but the noise too, was much worse than it sounded. Gary groaned appropriately as Monique continued to pummel his asscheeks with the strap. The soft leather strap was not having the effect Monique wanted and she dropped it to spank him with her hand.

Immediately the discomfort approached real pain as she swatted his ass hard with her hand. His asscheeks began to transform from their flesh color to a bright crimson, leaving imprints of her palm with each spank. Monique, sensing his discomfort, began to roll his cock between her warm sweaty thighs, heightening his lust and arousal. “Oh God, Ma’am…you’re going to make me cum,” he gasped as her thighs ‘tormented’ his cock.

“If you cum on my thighs and legs you will clean it up with your tongue, you naughty boy!” she warned him forcefully. Gary moaned in earnest now as she continued to roll her warm thighs against his sensitive cockhead. He had difficulty breathing as she spanked him harder and harder. Her palm was sore, but she continued to land the blows on his burning asscheeks. Several times the butt of her hand came down hard on the butt plug driving it deeper, causing his prostate to quiver.

“Oh ‘Mistress’, please stop…I’ll be a good boy,” Gary said half role-playing and half in earnest as his asscheeks began to burn more with each spank.

“That’s what they all say, naughty boy!” Monique said, swatting him hard to emphasize her words. She could feel Gary’s cock twitch and throb in its ‘prison’ of warm sweaty thighs. Gary’s balls drew up tight as Monique watched them prepare to release their ‘cargo’ of thick white semen.

Suddenly, Gary groaned aloud, grunting hard as his cock convulsed and spewed his thick white frothy cum all over Monique’s thighs internet casino and legs. “I’m cumming, Monique…Oh God, I’m cumming,” he screamed. Volley after volley of his seed spurted from his cockhole, coating his ‘Mistress’s’ legs. His asshole contracted around the butt plug each time he would spasm and cum, heightening his pleasure. He breathed hard as he tried desperately to recover, but his orgasm had consumed him totally. Monique’s domination techniques had completely taken Gary’s will and he could no longer control his orgasm. “Sweet Jesus, lover, what did you do to me?” he sighed in a low, but satisfied voice, thinking his balls would never empty themselves of cum.

Monique stopped spanking him and reached under his chest to remove his nipple clamps. Next, she gently removed the dildo butt plug from his asshole and let Gary slide from her lap to the floor. She let him recover a bit then chastised him for ‘soiling’ her thighs and legs with his unsightly semen. “Clean me now, slave!” she commanded. Gary, still reeling from his orgasm, forced himself to his hands and knees and crawled to her. He licked his cum from her thighs and legs, swallowing it, until she was cleansed of his seed. Finishing, Gary sat on the floor, his breathing labored. He sat gasping for air as Monique removed the leather thong she wore to get down on her hands and knees naked, pointing her lovely ass towards him.

She reached between her legs to spread her cuntlips and called to her ‘slave’, “Gary, fuck me lover…fuck me like a big ‘ol grizzly bear, fucking a momma bear,” she said to him in her normal voice, signaling that the role-playing was over. The Viagra still had not worn off and his cock was semi hard. Looking at Monique on all fours, begging to be fucked drove Gary’s cock to full hardness. He secretly thanked the pharmaceutical ‘Gods’ for sending Viagra to men. He crawled to her and licked her lovely asscheeks as she moaned. He kissed and licked her rosebud, then licked her pussy that she held open with her fingers.

He got on his knees to place his cockhead between her cuntlips. Monique groaned with passion feeling his cockhead half inside her pussy. Her juices provided ample lubrication as he pressed forward, sliding his cock slowly into her hot throbbing cunt. She cried out as he impaled her on his cock as his balls slapped against her clit and bush. Monique sighed pleasantly as Gary began to fuck her slowly. “Yes!” she cried out as his huge member was buried deep inside her. “Fuck me hard, lover!” she cried as Gary increased the pace. She groaned and writhed with pleasure as she called out for more, hoping Gary would not cum early.

Gary, having recently cum hard, knew that he would last a long time before he came again. He leaned over his lover’s back and reached for her breasts. He cupped them in his hands, kneaded them gently as his thumbs found and rubbed her nipples. Monique moaned aloud as she neared orgasm, aroused by the role-playing and by Gary’s cock fucking her doggie fashion. Gary felt her cunt clutching his cock with each stroke. She was panting and breathing hard as her twitching pussy drove her headlong towards cumming. Gary drove his cock into her hard, she screamed and shuddered in orgasm. Her juices spewed from her pussy to coat his cock, balls and thighs. Each cum spasm produced a fresh gush of cunt nectar that splattered on their thighs.

True to her form, Monique came in multiples as Gary held her fast by her tits, fucking her hard throughout her orgasms. Her eyes rolled in their sockets as she desperately tried to fight the urge to pass out. Finally, Gary could no longer feel her pussy clasping his cock and he slowly withdrew it from her cunt. Monique’s body seemed to flow fluidly to the floor to lay on her belly gasping for air. Tenderly, Gary rolled her over on her back, placed a pillow under her head and two more under her lovely ass. She smiled at him half consciously as he placed her legs on his shoulders and slowly allowed his cock to slide back into her sweet pussy.

In this position, Gary drove his cock deep into Monique’s pussy. She moaned as he began to fuck her again, slowly. Although exhausted from her recent orgasm, Monique’s arousal began to creep back. She dropped her legs to his waist, wrapped them around him and locked her feet together. She sighed with pleasure as his cock bottomed out in her pussy with each of his thrusts. She embraced him tightly and whispered into his ear, “Fuck me hard, Gary…make me cum again, lover.” Gary quickened his pace, groaning with lust and desire as he thrust deep, slapping his balls on her asscheeks.

Monique had a slight smile on her face as she murmured and sighed while her lover drove himself and her towards release. Their bodies were coated with salty sweet sweat as they fucked, feeling their bodies sliding together, under the slick perspiration. Monique closed her eyes and kept moaning into Gary’s ear, “Mmmmmmm, so good, Gary, soooooo nice, lover.” Gary could feel his balls draw up tight and sensed that he would soon cum. He tried to resist cumming too early so that Monique could cum again too. Unfortunately, he was losing resistance, and he knew he could not last much longer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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