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In order to properly understand this story you must first read Game Night as I really am just picking up where I left off which is basically in the middle of a card game gone too far but not yet far enough. I apologize for the long delay between chapters but real life often interferes with my time in fantasy life.

To briefly recap we pick up with my wife Susan and I playing an adult version of truth or dare stakes high card low card with our friends Joe and Cindy:

That was it, we were all naked and I asked Susan if she intended to continue the game to which she simply said “That depends, does everyone want to keep playing?”

Joe and I were the first to chime in “Yes!” and Cindy was not far behind. I think she surprised herself with such a quick response but it was unanimous we were all looking forward to more. Susan smiled and dealt each of us another card. I got a 6 and Susan revealed a 3 so fortunately or unfortunately I was safe. Joe turned over a King and Cindy showed her 4 in a very provocative tease hiding the face of the card against her chest as she slid it around her breast and nipples while demurely biting her lip. We all laughed at this a little and it helped to keep Joe and I at near full attention.

When Cindy finally did reveal her 4 she looked straight at Susan then down to her large natural breasts and then to Joe who had won this round and therefore got to decide if Susan had to answer a truth or perform a dare. I think she already knew what Joe would go for as he looked at her and I noticed an almost imperceptible question and answer pass between their eyes.

“Dare Susan, please excuse my bluntness here but I’ve imagined this for a while and Cindy knows it. I want you to kneel in front of me and let me fuck your tits.”

“For 60 seconds.” I chimed in. I was really looking forward to this. It had been one of my long recurring fantasies to watch my wife in close contact with another man’s cock. She knows this of course so she smiled directly at me as she stood from her chair and walked slowly in all her naked glory of the Joe and traced a finger down his chest and side as she knelt down in front of him. Joe’s cock twitched a little as did mine at the sight of my hot wife with that twitching hard cock right in front of her.

Susan is tall enough that when upright on her knees she was just the right height for Joe to only have to slightly squat to place himself between her beautiful breasts. As he did Susan reached up and grabbed each milky white globe with a nipple in each hand and pressed herself together around Joe causing an audible breath to escape his lips.

“Time starts now.” Cindy called out before looking at me with a sexy smile “I caught Joe a while back looking at Susan’s chest and when I talked to him he admitted this was a fantasy of his. Silly boys, but I just don’t have the cleavage Susan does, I’m jealous.”

Without thinking I admitted to Cindy that her petite body type was always more my preference before I met Susan and she converted me. She had moved around the table now to stand next to me and watch her husband’s dream come true and her hand rested lightly on my shoulder as she leaned down and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek saying thanks for the kind words.

Before long (much to quickly for Joe and I both) the show ended with Susan letting go of her breasts placing a hand on each of Joe’s thighs and sitting lower for a second to get her balance she reached out and licked the tip of his cock as she stood up leaning into him for a quick little teasing kiss and embrace before returning to her seat.

I jokingly remarked how I couldn’t wait to win or lose again to which everyone laughed a little. Joe sat back down still reeling from the brief time with Susan when Cindy announced it was her deal.

Cindy dealt out the cards again and this time I knew I had lost (or won maybe) with a 3. I was relieved and disappointed to see Cindy turn over a 2. Susan turned over a 10 and Joe showed an 8. Susan quickly turned to Cindy:

“Two part Truth question Cindy! Cindy started to protest but Susan simply said “The second part depends on the answer to the first part. It’s only a two part question if you answer part one the way I hope you do.”

“Alright, alright.” was all Cindy could reply.

“You said my last dare was a fantasy of Joe’s involving me, have you ever had a fantasy involving either Gregg or I, and if the answer is yes you have to tell what it is. “

Joe smiled and Cindy blushed a little but she smiled as she answered “Yes, is the answer to part one but the part two answer is actually a two part answer.” Susan and I raised our eyebrows in surprise poker oyna and Joe just smiled bigger.

“I have two fantasies regarding each of you, the first and probably my favorite involves me coming over to talk to Susan when Gregg isn’t here and we decide to get into the hot tub to relax but I haven’t brought a suit so you are such a good friend you say neither of us need them and we get in nude. As we talk we both get a little aroused and begin to play with ourselves in a mutual masturbation session when Gregg comes home. I’ve often fantasized about the two of you kind of taking me and using me a little like your personal sex toy.”

“Wow, that sounds great, I’ll go fire up the hot tub.” Was my quick response before Joe told me to just wait he knew I would like the next one better.

Cindy continued, “Based on your earlier truth you might like the next one better. It is a variant where (sorry Susan) Gregg is the toy and Joe and I share him.”

My jaw dropped as I looked over to Joe to gauge his reaction and when there wasn’t one I had to ask “Are you ok or supportive of that fantasy?”

“You’ll have to use a Truth to find out”

“Joe!” Cindy almost yelled, “Let the poor guy off the hook, you are as curious and horny and perverted as he is – no offense Gregg.”

“None taken, but I am relieved to hear I’m not alone.”

“My Deal!” was all Joe said after that.

As the cards were dealt I hoped to get a high card this time to ask Joe for details about Cindy’s admission. Unfortunately I got another middle card with an 8. Susan got a Jack so I figured she had won until Cindy turned over her Ace. Lastly Joe turned over his card which by coincidence (I think) was also an 8. Joe and I had tied for loser and Cindy was the winner.

A huge smile crossed her face and she teasingly asked Susan “Do I get them both since they tied?” Susan nodded yes and Cindy immediately looked at both of us and excitedly said, “Dare – COCK FIGHT!”

Now no-one but Cindy knew what she meant by this and I thought it funny that this otherwise shy woman was getting so excited.

“We need to move into the living room where there is more space for this. This is an un-timed dare and probably, hopefully the end of the game and the beginning of the fun.”

“In that case let me get drinks for everyone and I’ll meet you all in the living room.” Susan said as she went into the kitchen. She returned with the drinks and some towels which I thought was good thinking. Joe and I stood naked and nearly hard in the middle of the room in front of the two girls as they smiled and took sips from their drinks.

“Okay,” Cindy began “this is how this cock fight works. You both have bi-curiosities and Susan and I both want to get fucked but who fucks who needs to be sorted out so the winner of the cock fight gets to pick who he fucks first me or Susan.” We all nodded in agreement at the prize for this new game as Susan sat back and began idly rubbing her nipple and moving her legs a little in anticipation. “Now that you know the stakes here is how you win – you have to get the other mans cock in your mouth first. It’s a wrestling match more or less and the goal is not to pin your opponent unless that’s what it takes. The goal is to get into a position where you can suck the other mans cock but he can’t reach yours. Now we want this to be a clean dirty sexy fight so touch cocks and come out fighting.”

Cindy came over and grabbed both our cocks (a nice surprise for me especially) and pulled us face to face and rubbed our cocks together briefly which had a definite affect on both of us as I felt his hard cock twitch against mine. I looked down and realized not only was there no loser in this fight but that I really wanted to win because I really wanted to taste my friends cock.

As we stepped apart and Cindy sat down next to Susan to enjoy the show neither of us knew really how to begin. We circled each other a few time and slowly worked into wrestling stances opposite each other. I feigned lunging a few times and on the second fake as I pulled back he lunged in unexpectedly. I was quickly pinned on my back but his head was behind me and nowhere near the desired target. I twisted around and onto my stomach. I pushed up lifting Joe with me; his arms were strong around my midsection. I quickly discovered I was outmatched physically so I tried to think my way through this. I was nearly on my hands and knees with him standing over me and I briefly wondered if the girls were enjoying this.

I reached back and under myself with the hand that was opposite Joe and grabbed Joe’s leg. I didn’t have a great hold or a lot of leverage but it was enough distraction canlı poker oyna to get him to loosen his grip. I used the opportunity to dive under myself in a forward roll putting my head directly between his legs. I knew I had him and the girls were cheering. As I reached up with my head to get closer to his now dangling cock (we had both softened during the sporting competition) I felt him lean and dive toward my cock. My move however ingenious had provided him with access to me and I was still on the bottom in a position of disadvantage.

Rolling quickly I escaped his attempt and could only reach his cock with my hand now. Which I did thinking at least I would know where my target is. I didn’t squeeze or pull, I was careful not to inflict any pain and I hoped he noticed in case he eventually took hold of me. That moment came sooner than expected as he reached between my legs and gently held on to my balls. It felt incredible and for a moment I know I forgot all about the cock fight and just paused to enjoy the sensation.

I came to my senses in time to think that maybe he was feeling the same way with my hand firmly but gently wrapped around his now noticeably hardening cock. It was quite erotic to feel it harden in my hand. I raised my hips up slightly to give him better access to my hardening manhood and was not disappointed as he reached further under me to grasp me. I turned to look at him and we exchanged a glance and reach our own silent agreement.

I rolled slightly away from him as he rolled into and towards me and we nearly simultaneously won/lost the match as our mouths reached each other’s cocks and we sucked each other in. We continued for a short while before we realized the girls were both calling foul on our cooperative move. It was almost a whole new battle them vs. us as they tried to pry Joe and me apart.

When we finally allowed them to stop us Cindy quickly took charge and announced “Since neither of you won, (you both cheated by the way) you are both our slaves for the rest of the night or at least until Susan and I are satisfied whichever comes first.”

“I can live with that, how about you Joe?”

“I agree.”

“Then I want to sit on Gregg’s face while Susan rides his cock and we can both suck on Joe to keep him ready for action when we are done with Gregg.”

“Awesome!” I responded as I lay back on the floor. Everyone smiled and quickly took their places. Cindy stepped and kneeled over my face first getting settled in a position where I could have full and easy access to all of her sweetness. Her neatly trimmed pussy was dripping and glistening as the strong uniqueness of her scent and soon her taste washed over me. I used my fingers on her lightly to help me access her deepest spots and it wasn’t long before she was grinding on my face. I licked and teased and sucked and even nibbled away trying to keep up with her increasing movements.

I felt her lift off briefly and glanced down to see Susan reach out and grab onto my hard cock and guide it into her own dripping wet pussy. I gasped slightly as I never tire of that sensation of the first penetration into her. I imagined if I ever got to penetrate Cindy it would be different but incredible in its own way.

I couldn’t see Susan from the belly button up and even less as Cindy lowered herself back onto my tongue and mouth. I could hear Joe moan as I’m sure one of the girls took him into their mouth and went to work on him. In a way I was jealous both of Joe and the girls but I hoped my time would come. It wasn’t long before I was having trouble breathing as Cindy started to grind harder and harder into my tongue and mouth but I kept working her as much as possible.

I felt Susan lift off of me which was thankful because I could feel myself approaching the orgasm I was so wanting. I knew after a short time with Joe in her mouth she would want more in the way of him inside her. I didn’t mind because as she moved to the couch and laid back spreading her legs wide for Joe to slide right into her Cindy raised off of my mouth and bent over right next to Susan looking back over her shoulder to give me the order to fuck her while Joe fucked Susan.

I of course gladly got to my feet and moved over behind her. As I moved in behind her I heard rather than saw Joe’s first penetration into Susan. She audibly sighed and moaned as he slides his length into her. I glanced over to see my sexy wife taking her first new cock since we married and it was incredible. I paused too long and Cindy reached back and slapped me on the leg. I laughed a little “Oh Yeah, sorry.”

I positioned myself again and pushed into Cindy and her velvety internet casino wetness was as different and as amazing as I had hoped. I worked my way into her with a few easy strokes before picking up the pace gradually until I was full on pounding into her. My efforts were not unappreciated as Cindy got more and more vocal as the pace and force increased. Then I realized that some of the noise was coming from Susan as Joe was pounding into her at nearly the same pace as I was doing Cindy.

We were all more than ready to find our releases after all the teasing and tension tonight. Susan was the first to go and as I know from experience her orgasm basically milked squeezed and convulsed Joe into having his own orgasm which he shot full on into her. I couldn’t hold back anymore seeing and hearing all this action and quickly began my own release which apparently triggered Cindy to plummet over the edge of her orgasmic climax as she began to almost scream “Yeeesss!!!!” and her body quivered and shook as I held myself deep inside her filling her with my cum.

We were all apparently spent at least for a few minutes. No-one moved or said anything for a little bit and we even stayed in the same positions for a bit with both Joe and I not pulling out of each other’s wives. Finally Joe and I pulled out and the girls sat back on the couch next to each other. Just as Joe and I were about to sit next to them Cindy piped up “I don’t think so. Clean each other up first, and then you can clean us up.”

Joe and I looked at each other and smiled. We laid down next to each other in a side 69 so we could each rest and still reach each other. It was strange tasting the familiar juices of my wife mixed with the new taste of his cum as I took him into my mouth. I imagined her was thinking the same thing as he sucked me into his mouth. We were both a little over sensitive after recently cumming but we knowingly went easy on each other and soon the sensitivity subsided and we both began to harden again even though it had only been minutes since our orgasms.

Cindy interrupted again, “Ok, Ok. Don’t you two ever get enough? It’s our turn now. Gregg you take Susan and I want Joe to lick me clean.” The girls lay back on the couch with their legs spread wide and their asses right on the edge to give us access so Joe and I reluctantly but eagerly moved into position. As I leaned in to take my first taste of Susan I felt a hand on my leg and then my cock and looked to see Joe had reached over to continue playing with me as he licked my cum out of Cindy. I liked the idea so much I reached across to him and we continued stroking each other slowly and gently as we licked each other out of our wives.

The taste was by now a familiar mix of my wife’s sweet tartness and Joe’s musky slightly bitterness. I licked all I could out of her and then kept going. She was definitely enjoying the attention as I looked up and her eyes were closed and her fingers were rolling one nipple around and she was biting her lip a little. Cindy was also enjoying herself but she kept watching Susan and I think that was almost turning her on more than Joe eating my cum out of her.

Finally both girls had had enough and although they hadn’t cum again you could tell they were still enjoying a beautiful afterglow. Finally Cindy let Joe an I take our spots next to them on the couch and we all laid back and nearly fell asleep totally satisfied.

Susan was the first to speak up, “I can’t believe we just did that. That was awesome.”

Cindy quickly agreed, “I know, what time are we doing this next week?”

Joe and I just smiled and I said, “Do we have to wait that long?”

It was nice that we could all still talk and joke and it really put things at ease after such a strange and exciting night. We eventually all got up and while Susan and I only threw on our under garments, Joe and Cindy obviously dressed to be able to go home. We talked a little more about the game and other dares and truths we could have or should have used and agreed that when we did get together again we might skip the game and just use our time to enjoy each other again.

Joe and Cindy left with hugs and kisses all around and Susan and I waved nearly naked out the window at them as they pulled out of the driveway. After they were on the road and pulling away Susan and I hugged each other tight and I have to admit I was still pretty nervous about what she might really think about everything that happened that night.

We went to bed happy and I couldn’t wait for a chance to talk to her about what the future might hold. Especially after she rolled over and sleepily whispered in my ear, “I can’t wait to see Joe fuck your tight ass.” And then fell promptly asleep.

Exhausted as I was I didn’t sleep great that night, I kept having recurring and dreamy images of the night we just had and the nights to come. I love my wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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