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‘Do you play chess? It’s a game only two people can play,’ the virtual stranger asked me having only been speaking together for about five minutes. I say virtually, for all I knew at that moment was his name which he offered to me as I sat down on the bar stool in a bar on B sector. Lucas Lantell he’d said offering his hand after I’d ordered my beer.

‘Terry Dowding,’ I replied, shaking the proffered hand and accepting my beer from the bartender at the same time.

‘Do you live on this sector,’ he asked as I took my first sip of the cold beer.

‘No. I live on D sector,’ I answered. ‘D twenty.’

‘I’m on D nine, just along from yours.’

With that, we talked for a few minutes, enough to learn that he was forty years of age and had decided to retire. At forty I had queried? He’d been a worker on oil rigs since the age of eighteen and had worked bloody hard and all the hours he could because the pay was high and had saved and invested as much as he could and was now comfortably off to stop that dangerous work. He had a house in England and had bought this villa on D sector a year previously and was now living in it. On asking if he was married, he’d said no for he’d found that he preferred the company of men rather than women. He’d tried living with a girl but couldn’t handle the hassle that she’d brought into his life and so would rather stay single.

I in turn told him that I was sixty, a widower for the past two years just after having bought our house. Like him, I had enough money left in the bank to see me to the proper retiring age of sixty five and was enjoying my time here instead of working right up to that age.

Then he’d asked me if I played chess.

‘Yes,’ I said, ‘though I haven’t played it much over the past forty years.’

I then agreed to give him a game or two in the near future. We talked for another hour with him telling me of life on the rigs and I related my early years in the Merchant Marine as we drank a few more beers. After which I asked him if he had a car and he said that he would be buying one soon but had walked up to the bar. Now this was a forty five minute journey at the least on foot, so I offered him a lift back.

I pointed out my road and carried on to his and dropped him off with a cheerio and promised to meet him in the bar a few evenings later.

This I did and we seemed to get on well together so much so that I accepted his offer to go round to his house for a game of chess the following day.

It was early summer and quite hot already and so only wore a light shirt, a pair of shorts and sandals and found that he’d set up the chessboard out by the swimming pool under a large sun umbrella. I remarked on the high walls that surrounded the place and he said that the previous owner had built them for it was a re-sale. He brought a cool bag out with some beers in it and a kind of Styrofoam sleeve that your glass could fit into to keep it cool.

We played and I lost the first game quite easily from some stupid mistakes. He won the second one but had to take longer to do so. The third one finished up as a draw.

‘Well I can see some of the skills coming back to you,’ he smiled. By now we’d taken off our shirts and still we were covered in a fine film of sweat. ‘With a bit more playing I can see a strong challenger in you.’ I felt that too, now having to really use my brain for the first time in years, it was slowly coming back to me.

‘How about a swim? To get rid of this sweat?’ he asked as he stood up.

‘I didn’t bring any trunks,’ I replied.

‘Who needs trunks,’ he said, using a toe on each foot to pry down the leather strap around his heels. ‘With these high walls, the neighbour’s can’t see a thing.’ He then pulled down his shorts and kicked them off and I saw that not only was his chest, hairless, a nice golden brown, but also the rest of his body. I noted too that he’d been circumcised as I had been, what, a few years previously.

He dived into the clear water and I watched as he did two whole lengths of the pool before coming up for air. I had slowly got up and divested myself of my sandals and shorts displaying the white middle parts between chest and legs. He shook his head clear of water and grinned at me as I dived into the cool refreshing water.

I surfaced quickly for swimming was not my forte. Paddling and doing the doggie paddle was about all I could manage.

‘I thought all seamen could swim?’ he asked as I paddled to the shallow end.

‘What, in a six foot square canvas water butt?’ I replied standing up waist deep. ‘Where did you learn to swim?’

‘Just came natural,’ he said as he swam over to me. ‘Though I did spend my first eight years diving off the rigs. Though for the most, I was in those big cumbersome suits with weights to take me down. That’s where I earned most of my money. But then I just used to jump off the rig into the sea to swim for the sheer pleasure.’

He then submerged again and brushed past my legs poker oyna as he did another two lengths beneath the surface.

We stayed naked in the pool for about half an hour before he got out and I watched his strong brown body move so easily across the tiles to an enclosed toilet and changing room that had been added to the original building. He came back with two towels, one of which he offered to me as I climbed out, aware of my growing paunch as opposed to his flat stomach. He dried himself as I did and he wrapped this small towel round his middle and got two more beers out of the cooler and went and stretched out on a lounger, indicating for me to take the other as he handed me a can of cold beer.

The towel was a rather small one and with my stomach, the two ends only just met to be able to be tucked in as I took the can and lay down opposite him as we popped the tops and drank some of the beer.

‘So you’ve been widowed for what, two years now?’ he said, looking at me over the top of his can, one leg exposed to the sun through the gap of his towel. I nodded as I drank. ‘So what sex have you had since then?’ His voice was soft and low and I got an inkling of where this question was leading.

‘None,’ I replied. He changed tack with the next question.

‘With seven years in the Merchant Navy, did you ever have sex with another man?’ His blue eyes were now looking at me intently.

‘Yes,’ I admitted, ‘though I never got round to playing the part of being the female.’ I knew then what was being offered and I felt my cock start to respond to what my mind was thinking. I then noticed that he also now had an erection under his towel for it was lifted slightly in the middle.

‘Well without having had sex for two years,’ he said in a quiet voice that only just carried over that short distance between us.

‘I wouldn’t mind being the female for you if you want.’

I looked across at his strong bronzed body and had a tremor run through my body as my cock was now really throbbing at the unspoken thoughts that were running through my mind. Such was my sexual needs that the strength of my own erect prick, had forced the towel round my waist to part though not actually reveal what it was still covering. I saw his eyes flick down to see that I was indeed aroused and he gave me a small smile.

‘I can see that one part of you wants to.’ He leaned across and flicked the towel away to show that it was indeed true.

‘Shall we go into the house and you can have me in there,’ he said as he stood up, his towel falling away to show that his prick too was upstanding and quite big it looked too. He held out his hand and I took it with a trembling hand and got up myself, leaving the towel behind on the lounger.

It was in a slight daze that I held his hand and let him lead me over the patio tiles and through into the house. We walked through into his bedroom where he turned round and went down onto his knees and took me into his mouth. I gasped at the heat of him and gave out a shiver as his tongue roved over the steaming head of my cock.

‘You’re a big man too,’ he said, briefly lifting his head up off of me before taking me back in to continuing sucking on me. It had been forty years since a man last did this to me and it brought back a flood of memories and I stroked his head subconsciously and knew that I did indeed want to fuck him.

A moment or two later, he released me and got up and went to the bedside cabinet and opened the drawer and pulled out a condom. I watched in a state of, not quite shock, but of mixed feelings that this was happening so fast and I was about to fuck another man after so long. He’d unwrapped the rubber and now was rolling it down over the length of my shaft before standing up and getting onto the bed on his hands and knees, lowering himself down onto his elbows so that his brown bum was up in the air being offered to me to fuck.

What bliss to enter such a tight hole after thirty years of a slack vagina and this also brought back many memories of me being in my early twenties and fucking anything that stayed still long enough. I was fully inside him and gently moving myself in and out as I stroked his hips and waist trying to picture who was the last male I’d fucked. Their images flashed past through my mind’s eye and I couldn’t pick out which one it was but I knew that I had enjoyed having whoever it was as much as I was now fucking Lucas. Then it hit me that it was nearly three years since I’d last had sex with my late wife, not two, but such was the pleasure I soon began to feel that I was about to come and held his hips tighter and began to ram myself tight up to his thighs. My cock was throbbing and my balls were aching and it was a most satisfying experience to once again have my cock surrounded so tightly as I began to jerk inside the body beneath me as I came.

I leaned against his hips as I panted away and could now feel the sweat running down my forehead and chest, some of it dropping onto canlı poker oyna his back.

‘You sure needed that Terry,’ Lucas gasped, ‘and it was simply great!’

There was nothing for me to say, though I really should have thanked him at the time, but that could come later. I straightened up and pulled myself slowly out of him and he gave out a small cry as I slipped out and I saw his arsehole begin to pucker up, back to its normal size.

I got off the bed and staggered on wobbly legs to the adjoining bathroom and used some toilet paper to pull off the condom and drop both into the toilet pan before going back into the bedroom. He was now lying on his back and smiling up at me and opened his arms for me to move into and be hugged. I also got a kiss as he held me tight.

‘That was well done Terry. I haven’t had a fuck like that for a long time,’ he said, this time, his kiss catching me on the lips.

‘Like chess, this is another game that only two can play.’

‘Yes,’ I replied, ‘but who is the winner in this game?’

‘There’s no winner for it’s always a draw. Both of us winners but then neither of us loses either so it’s somewhat of a paradox,’ he smiled as he moved up onto an elbow allowing my head to slip down onto the pillow.

‘Seven years in the navy and never the wife in your relationships. Have you ever wondered what we get out of it? Sucking on a male cock and being fucked by one?’

‘Yessss,’ I drawled out. ‘I’ve often wondered that.’ I guessed what he would be asking next and I got a funny glowing feeling inside my stomach.

‘Would you like to just try sucking on me?’ he asked confirming what I’d thought, as I felt his erection pressing hard up to my thigh.

‘Would you come in my mouth?’

‘I would like to and I have some tissues here for you to spit it out. I prefer to swallow it myself, but that’s an individual taste, so the option’s yours.’

He saw the hesitation in my eyes though it was something that I had often wondered about for years, to hold another man’s cock and take it into my mouth. Would I get pleasure out of it? I made up my mind to try it and see if it was something that I would enjoy.

‘I’ll….I’ll give it a try,’ I stuttered, ‘but don’t think badly of me if I don’t do it right.’

‘That I would never do,’ he said with a smile. ‘I think you are showing a degree of courage to do this.’

He then moved off away from me and laid down flat on the bed, his erection, big and looking heavy, lay up on his lower stomach. I moved down the bed and, though it wasn’t the first I’d ever handled, it was to be the first time I’d ever taken one in my mouth.

I was pleased to see that my hand wasn’t trembling as I curled my fingers round his shaft and held it upright, feeling it throb and pulsate, hot and hard as I grasped it firmly. I moved my hand up and down on it, feeling the silken skin move smoothly over the hard flesh that it covered, remembering that I had been but a young boy the last time I had done this. I could feel the strength and power in that weapon as I looked at the fiery head that was now almost purple in colour, the eye winking at me as my hand squeezed it near the top.

He was big enough for my hand to hold it from the base and still have the head showing above my fingers and looked down on it and marshalled up my courage to do something that I’d only ever dreamed of doing.

I quickly bent my head while I was in this thinking mood and took the head of his cock into my mouth. It was hot and I heard him give out a small gasp as my lips closed round under the base of it. I ran my tongue round the head and felt him quiver and I gently raked it with my teeth and felt that it was rather like a rubber bone that one gives a dog, though a bit more softer.

My hand was still moving up and down as I sucked on him and to my amazement, felt that I was getting another hard on from sucking on him. It was actually turning me on and gave myself up wholeheartedly to giving him the satisfaction that he’d allowed me by fucking him. There was plenty of saliva in my mouth and it moved quite easily in there as I moved it from side to side as I both sucked and chewed at the same time and it wasn’t long before his hips began to buck beneath my arm.

‘I’m coming Terry,’ he gasped, though I didn’t need to be told that as I felt his cock stiffen just that little bit more and I felt the sudden spurt of his semen hit the roof of my mouth. Not once but several times I felt his seed spill out of his cock and I kept my lips clamped tight round the head as he never seemed to stop pumping the stuff out.

He gave out one big sigh and I felt his body relax under me as I still held him there, my mouth now really full of him. I pulled my head up, releasing him and fumbled for the tissues which he passed down to me and spat out his coming and wiped my lips, but still felt and tasted the residue that was there, which wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. The head of his internet casino cock was still hard and coated in both my saliva and his sperm as I looked it being still held upright in my hand.

Even though I had spat out his coming, I couldn’t help myself but to put my head down and lick and then suck what was left to come out of him.

‘For a first time that was very good Terry,’ he said, not a hint of condescension in his voice for which I felt foolishly pleased about. I moved back up the bed and as he had opened his arms, I naturally moved into them.

‘Can I kiss you to say thank you?’ he asked. I nodded and didn’t feel anything unnatural about us two men kissing each other. They do say that you feel as young as the other person you are with and I certainly felt that way at this moment. It wasn’t until I snuggled down into his arms and lay my head of his chest did I realise that it was him holding me as though I was the female. But it felt comfortable to be held like this and I just lay there content, stroking his flat stomach and wishing mine was like it used to be.

We lay like this for awhile, each with his own thoughts until he stirred.

‘Would you like to stay for some dinner? It’ll only be a stir fry with a side salad and some of that nice crusty bread, oh, and a bottle of wine or two,’ he added.

‘I’d love to,’ I replied as we then got up from the bed. He went over to a chest of drawers and pulled open a lower one and brought out some pieces of material.

‘Here,’ he said, tossing me a piece. ‘In case you feel bashful about walking around naked. It’s used like a sarong. Just wrap it round your waist and tuck the ends in,’ which he was doing now with his piece. I did the same for he was right in the fact that I didn’t really want to walk about naked. Well, not quite yet.

The stir fry was only a packet mix dumped into a large frying pan and stirred constantly. I did this while he made a mixed salad and set up the condiments and cutlery at a table on the patio just outside of the kitchen door. I was surprised to see by the kitchen clock that the afternoon had flown by and it was now early evening.

Dinner was ready and I carried the plates outside and saw that he’d even lit a small table lamp which made it nice and cosy. The evening air was warm but thankfully not humid and it was quite pleasant to dine a la fresco for a change. The salad was good as was the wine, one bottle of which disappeared quite fast. We even had brandy and coffee afterwards as darkness began to fall.

‘Terry,’ he said, leaning forward and placing his hand over mine on the table. ‘Would you please stay the night with me?’ It was an earnest entreaty for I could see this plea in his eyes. I thought that my car was inside my plot and the gates were locked as was the house and there wasn’t anybody or real reason for me to go back that night.

‘I’d love to,’ I said, turning my hand round under his so that they could be clasped together. I wondered as I looked at him if my eyes shone as brightly as his were doing as I said this. He gave my hand a squeeze before letting go to pick up his brandy. It was nearly ten minutes before he spoke again and this time it was with a husky voice.

‘Shall we go to bed then? The dishes can be left till morning.’ He was smiling as he stood up and held out his hand which I took and we went back inside the house. It was now dark inside but he turned on a table lamp in the lounge and then left the bedroom door open after we’d walked inside. In the faint glow of this lamp from the lounge, I saw him take off his sarong and get onto the bed, already half erect and his body now looking almost black in that light and as I took off mine, the white strip around my waist showed up quite clearly.

I got onto the bed and automatically went into his arms and we held each other, both on our sides facing each other.

‘Can I kiss you again?’ he asked.

‘Please do,’ I answered him and he moved in closer so that our bodies touched first before our lips met. I suppose living with someone else for so many years had led to my past kisses being more of a token rather than one of passion so it was a welcome surprise to feel that I was being now kissed in this fashion. So much so, that I began to reciprocate and had no qualms about opening my mouth to let our tongues play with each other. If our cocks were not mashing themselves together, why shouldn’t our tongues. It was both sensual and exciting to be once again kissed in this fashion and held him tight as our fervour mounted. He finally broke off.

‘Make love to me now Terry. I want to feel you inside me,’ he said in an almost begging voice. We broke apart, me panting with the passion that he’d aroused in me and I wanted nothing better than to stick my prick up his arse and fuck him. There was no more foreplay as we feverishly tore the condom packet apart between us and I rolled the condom down over my erection so he turned round and presented his backside to me. Even in the dim light I knew where I was going and quickly was between his legs and put my prick up to his entrance and held it there with my body as I placed both hands on his hips before pushing forward and sliding up into him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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