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“Hey, I’m Donte.” the muscular black furniture delivery guy said as I opened the door. “We’ve got you furniture from AAA Furniture.” He added referencing the other two guys behind him holding the side piece of the sectional couch my wife and I had recently purchased.

“C’mon in guys. Let me show you where it’s going.” I said as I lead them to the open basement door. I walked down the stairs with Donte walking behind me and the other two articulating the piece of furniture down the stairs behind him.

“We’d like it set up right over here by the television.” I told them. “My wife would like it off the wall enough to walk behind it.”

Donte was shorter than me, maybe 5′ 8″ or so. Though he was wearing sweat pants and a sweat shirt it was clear that he had thick muscular legs, powerful shoulders, and beefy arms. He was lighter skinned but had the cultural dread lock hair. The other 2 guys were darker skinned and thinner but clearly strong as they easily carried the large love seat portion of my new sectional.

After setting down the first piece all 3 men headed back upstairs to retrieve the other pieces. I couldn’t help but imagine what was between their legs. Did they fit the stereotype and have thick cocks? Or were they packing more normal size black dicks. I myself have a small white penis approximately 4″ rock hard. I’m not gay, I mean I’m married and love the female body but I have sucked a few men off over the years. For me it’s about the humiliation of the act rather than an attraction to men. After I suck a guy off I feel ashamed and degraded and I get off on that.

“Mr. Smith if you’d like to call your wife down to approve the set up you can do that now. We’ll have it together in just a few minutes.” Donte told me. “JJ and Will are bringing the last piece down now.”

“Oh she’s not home Donte. I’m sure it’ll be fine and if not I’ll have my son help me adjust it later when he gets home.” I answered.

Just then I saw the other 2 guys coming down the last few steps. I couldn’t help but notice the large bulge in Will’s sweat pants. As he walked something was swinging from side to side. I couldn’t help but stare.

“Look at that shit Donte!” JJ said. “You were right about these suburban white guys!”

“I told you bro.” Donte smiled and nodded towards me.

“I’m sorry. What?” I was confused.

“Donte was telling us that white suburban guys love to suck black cock.” JJ looked right at me. “By the way you are staring at Will’s big dick I’m guessing he’s right. We had big Will let his snake swing to test you and man you failed.” He added laughing.

“Oh it’s not that I…” I started to say before being interrupted.

“Look man, we all know what’s going to happen now.” Donte said while pushing his sweats down to reveal his fairly thick and rapidly growing dick.

I was truly a little scared at this point. I have only sucked off other white suburban men like myself. It wasn’t there cock size that worried me, as I’ve sucked some big ones, but it was their thuggish look and apparent insistence that made me worried.

“How about this?” Will asked while pulling out the biggest cock I have ever seen. He was very dark skinned and his dick was no different. It must have been 10 to 11 real inches and as thick as my wrist. It didn’t stand straight up even hard probably because of its weight.

But while being afraid of these urban black men I was also very intrigued by their black cocks. I wondered what they would taste like. They looked kind of sweaty to be honest but they had just carried in my furniture. I felt a sexual urge but I was very unsure of the situation. I couldn’t take my eyes off those cocks either.

“Why don’t you strip down and come over here on your knees like a good boy?” Donte said as he wiggled his now fully hard cock. He was probably 7″ or so and very thick.

“I guess most of you middle aged white guys daydream about sucking black cock. You got some right here. No one has to know.” JJ chimed in convincingly. He had now pushed poker oyna his jeans down and was stroking his cock to bring it to full hardness. JJ’s dick was thinner than both the others but looked to be slightly longer than Donte’s.

It’s true. I have jerked off while daydreaming about sucking a black man, granted I assumed it would stay just a fantasy. My small dick was now fully hard behind my pants as I contemplated my next move. I certainly loved the feeling of humiliation when I sucked dick but I was still apprehensive of them.

The three men were all standing with their pants down and cocks in their hands. Thank god my wife or daughter wasn’t home.

“Let’s go man. Strip down and get on this dick white boy.” Donte said in a now more threatening voice.

I felt like they might forcefully make me suck them if I don’t do something soon which, if I’m being honest, was a somewhat appealing thought. But it might involve violence and I didn’t want that. So I took a step towards the group. Fuck it, I was going to suck my first black cock. Well, first three black cocks.

“He said strip first bitch!” JJ ordered.

“Oh fuck!” I thought.

I stood there and slowly took my shirt off revealing my pale dad bod. I kicked off my Sperry’s, pulled my socks off, and let my pants drop to my ankles. I kicked everything to the side and walked towards the men in my boxers.

“Everything mother fucker.” Donte barked pointing at my boxer shorts.

Knowing I was about to reveal my short thin white penis to men that probably hadn’t wielded something like this since they were toddlers was actually exhilarating. I knew I would be embarrassed and that thought turned me on even more. So I slid my boxers down off my legs and stood up straight for my new friends to see.

“Holy shit!!” JJ said laughing.

“That’s not a dick!” Donte added.

“Fuck man, did you have an accident or have some kind of deformity?” Will asked somewhat seriously.

“Your poor wife!” Donte said to approval from the others. “And that’s hard? Homeboy better be good at eatin’ pussy!”

Again I took a step towards the men ready to suck their black rods. The degradation was driving me insane.

“On your knees bitch.” Will said. “You come to us respectfully. You white cock suckers need to approach real men on your knees.”

So I knelt down. Probably 10 feet away from their hard cocks that they were all wiggling in their hands. I walked on my knees over to them. I approached Donte first as he was in the middle. I reached out and put my hand on his cock. That thick cock felt so much different than mine. I hadn’t sucked anyone off in a long time, and even longer since I sucked a big cock. I wasn’t sure if I could handle this. I held his cock at the base and pointed it towards my mouth. I opened wide and took the head into my mouth.

“There you go bitch. Much better. Showing respect to a black man.” Donte said.

“His little weenie is rock hard too man!” One of the guys said. “He must be in heaven right now getting to taste dark meat!”

Truthfully I was still tentative but I wanted to relax and just enjoy this new experience. Donte’s dick had a slightly salty taste, probably a mix of sweat and pre-cum. I swirled my tongue around the thick head and then took it as deep as I could into my mouth. That proved to be not very far with his thickness. My jaw wasn’t used to something this big. Donte took my head in his hands and slowly rocked back and forth sliding only the first couple of inches onto my mouth. I took my free hands and reached to the cocks on either side of me. I stroked the other two cocks while Donte loosened my jaw.

“Dam Donte. You called this for sure. We’re gonna flood this white faggots mouth with some seed!” JJ said.

“What turns you white guys into fag cock suckers?” Will asked. I assume he didn’t expect a response considering his friend was using my mouth as a pocket pussy.

The humiliation I was feeling was turning me on like never before. Between their canlı poker oyna constant comments about my small penis, the laughing at it, and the degrading names they were calling me, I was ready to cum without even touching my little prick.

My jaw was now loosened up and stretched to its max with Donte’s thick black cock working it’s way deeper in my throat. I certainly couldn’t take him to the base but his cock head was banging against the back of my throat. Donte has picked up the pace and announced to me and his friends that he was ready to shoot his load.

“Over here.” Will said. “Pull out and cum on my cock Donte. I’m gonna make him lick it off.”

So with Will holding his giant cock straight out Donte pulled out of my mouth and sprayed a huge amount of hot cum all over his friends anaconda. From head to base Will’s long thick cock was covered in black spunk.

“Lick that jizz off bitch.” Will commanded.

I put one hand on the under side of Will’s mammoth dick to hold it level, stuck my tongue out and began to lap up the cum his coworker had just deposited. I couldn’t believe the weight of his cock. The humiliation had now driven me to the point of compete intoxication. I was currently a complete cock sucking fag for these men.

“Is that your first taste of black seed white boy?” One of them asked.

“Mmhmmm.” I muttered as I licked up the warm tasty treat from Will’s prick.

“We should fuck him!” JJ said to the others. “You want some cock in that white ass bitch?”

My eyes bulged out. “I’m’s just that…I don’t do that. I haven’t done that.” I stuttered while still licking up Donte’s cum.

“He’s a virgin JJ. I couldn’t even get it in that tight hole!” Will said. “But if you want to go ahead.”

So evidently it didn’t matter that I didn’t want to get ass fucked. Or that I had never done it.

“Okay. Why don’t you sit down Will so I can get his ass up in the air?” JJ said not caring about my opinion on the matter.

So Will sat down on the edge of my new couch and held his cock out. “Come over here and suck me so JJ can get at that virgin ass.” he said.

Feeling very horny now and knowing I didn’t have a choice I walked over to Will and bent over and took the enormous dark purple head of his cock in my mouth. Almost immediately JJ was behind me slapping my ass with his long skinny cock. I was so turned on at their total disregard for me that my cock was leaking pre-cum and I was ready to bust having not touched my dick at all.

“Get ready to feel that cherry pop bitch!” JJ said and he wiped a generous amount of spit on my puckered asshole. He pulled my

cheeks apart and pressed the head of his snake against my sphincter and applied constant but surprisingly gentle pressure. I found myself wigging my ass a little in an effort to assist his dick that was slowly working it’s way inside me. I was preoccupied with the desire to feel him inside me.

I was using both hands to stroke Will’s giant black cock while JJ was slowly pushing farther into my ass. His skinny cock felt enormous in my virgin ass even though he only had a little more than the head in at this point. I couldn’t imagine the damage if Donte or Will had decided to fuck me. Just then JJ must have gotten past some particular part of my sphincter because he cock suddenly slid in much deeper.

“There you go white bitch! You ain’t a virgin anymore!” JJ stated the obvious.

JJ now pulled out almost all the way and then pushed back in, this time I felt his hips hit against my ass. The full length of his thin 9″ dick was inside me and I’ve got to tell you, it felt fucking good. I was having trouble concentrating on sucking the dick in front of me with this new experience happening.

“Hey fag. Are you gonna suck this or should I fuck your ass too?” Will asked looking down at his cock in my hands.

“Sorry sir. I mean Will. I’ve just never felt a dick…”

“Just suck it and shut up!” Will interrupted me.

I went back to work internet casino on Will’s dick with my hands and mouth as best I could while JJ was still slowly long stroking in and out of my asshole. He would give my ass an occasional slap but was calling me names and talking down to me the whole time.

“Have him put these on.” Donte said as he threw a pair of my wife’s panties over to me. Apparently he had gone into my bedroom and gotten a thong out of her drawer while I was preoccupied with his friends. Again, I knew I didn’t have a choice.

“Don’t stop sucking though!” Will warned.

JJ pulled out of my ass. I felt a slight gape since I had never had anything, even a toy, in my ass before. I lifted one foot and then the other as JJ put the thong on me and pulled it up to my waist. I had never gotten into wearing panties but I could tell right away I would be exploring this further on my own. I felt so completely humiliated and the cum was seeping heavily out of my cock into the silky panties.

JJ pulled the thong to the side, re-entered my ass, and began pumping faster than before. With the rhythm of his fucking I allowed my mouth to bob on Will’s monster cock head. I was also stroking him with both hands which helped me keep my balance. Will must have enjoyed the rhythm because he grabbed my hair and told me he was going to cum and I better not let a drop of it go to waste.

“Here you go white bitch!” Will yelled as his gigantic cock began pulsating and spewing hot black cum into my mouth. I swallowed as quickly as I could and his balls kept emptying into my mouth. What must have been a pint of semen passed my tongue and landed down into my stomach. Just then I felt an extremely hard smack on my ass and JJ announced that he was going to “fertilize my white ass.”

“I’m gonna fill you up bitch boy.” JJ said as his body tensed up. He was pulling on the thong to hold me back into him as he deposited his load of creamy spunk deep into my bowels. I could feel every expansion and contraction of his long cock with every shot. That feeling and the rubbing of my ridiculous dicklet on the silk crotch of the panties caused me to explode as well.

With one final smack JJ backed out of me and wiped his cock on the ass of panties. Donte was fully clothed and JJ pulled his pants up. Will was still sitting on the couch with his pants off when I stood up.

“How was your first black cock bitch?” Will asked me.

“Good sir. Will. I mean…it was good.” I stammered out. I looked down to see the wet cum spot on my panties. I felt so humiliated.

“Don’t worry, you’ll get better at sucking my cock. It’s a lot for someone that’s not used to it.” He told me.

“Get better?” I asked.

“Yes. You’re going to be our white bitch now. We’re going to use your mouth and ass for our pleasure. Right guys?” Will smiled revealing his pearly whites.

“That’s right man. If not I can just show this video to your wife and kids.” Donte said holding up a cell phone. “They’ll love the part where you licked my cum off Will’s cock.”

“Oh come on guys. What can I do to get that video deleted forever? This was just a one time thing for me.” I pleaded even though being in a blackmail situation was kind of exhilarating.

Will stood up and pulled his sweats over his giant cock. “Nothing bitch. And this wasn’t a one time thing either. You’re going to be our cum whore. Video or not. And you know you want more of these black dicks anyway. You’d be calling us if we didn’t decide to own you.”

At that the three guys told me they had to get off to their next delivery and headed up the stairs. I walked up behind them still wearing my wife’s thong with my little wet dick hidden behind the small patch of silk fabric.

“One of us will call you in a few days. You’re going to service us at least once a week. Maybe more. Don’t worry, we won’t bother your wife with any of this if you go along with the fun. But if you want to fuck around not only will we show her the video we’ll post it on your social media.”

“I understand.” Was all I could say. I stood there in the doorway watching them walk to the truck in shock. I couldn’t believe that all just happened. I mean I absolutely loved it but I was absolutely afraid of what’s to come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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