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This story shares some elements of my other stories in the beginning, but goes in a totally different direction. If you like fetish, unpredictable androids, B/D and Science Fiction/Fantasy, this story is for you!


I had pulled into a gas station on a raw overcast evening to gas up. The station was old and minimal, with 1 row of pumps. Recently the proprietor, who I had known by face for 20 years, installed a glass booth inside of a tiny store front, where you could buy some chips and smokes up until late. The booth was lit, but the attendant was busy in the back probably catching up on the TV he couldn’t get to at home.

As I started to gas up my car with hydrogen, in the light mist illuminated by the station lights, a new model sedan pulled up to the opposite side of the pumps. Since I am nosy, I stood closer to the pump to see who was in the car. A tall woman in a hooded leather trench coat got out of the car.

I couldn’t help to notice the swing of her hips as she walked toward the pump. What registered a second later was the hollow sound which her heels were making. The sound on the damp pavement was attenuated slightly, but was not made by merely a shoe, but was a more deliberate racket. It was a concentrated noise made by a heel at the bottom of a female leg wrapped in a long shaft. The lady in the leather coat had to be wearing high heeled boots.

I strained to look as the lady pulled out her card and operated the pump. I could see that she was quite tall and wore sunglasses. Due to the shadows I could not see her boots, which my sight coveted, but she was operating the keypad with no problem with a pair of dark colored gloves. It didn’t happen so often anymore at 50 years old, but I could feel a boner coming on. I had a vivid imagination, but that’s generally as far as things went.

After staring for longer than I wished, the woman caught me watching her out of the corner of her eye and glanced my way. I felt butterflies invade my stomach and was thankful that all she did was glance at me, before beginning to fill her tank. I must have really taken my time, because the lady had completed her fill up and replaced the cap to her gas tank, before I was finished.

I was just trying to finish up and leave quietly, when I heard those hollow footsteps coming toward me! I continued what I was doing and tried to act nonchalant, but as I turned around the woman was facing me from about three feet away, with a hand on her hip. She smelled of a delightful perfume mixed with something else, of which I was unsure.

I could not help myself and looked down at her feet. The light where I was standing was pretty adequate and I could see her leather boots now very clearly. They were black and had very tall heels, with about a one inch platform and they continued up under her leather trench coat. The boots had some small crinkles around her ankles, but otherwise they had no sag to them. In my book they were highly effective weapons of mass confusion for me. Taking stock of myself I found myself coming up several inches short facing this tall mysterious woman, who apparently had something to say to me.

All I could get out was, “hello there”. I acted silly sometimes when I was embarrassed.

The woman scrutinized me for a period of time, which felt like forever, before she spoke. “You appear to take an interest in me.” The lady had a very melodic and throaty voice and she was clearly very blunt. There was something strange about it, which I couldn’t put my finger on.” I sputtered for a moment before composing myself to speak. “Yyyyou dress very well put together, I didn’t know how to tell a stranger.” I realized I was barely making sense. The woman placed one foot to the side in a smooth feline gesture and rocked her boot on its heel, before replying. I saw this as a flirting gesture, so did my cock, as I had to shift my weight at a poor attempt to hide my boner. I had to focus to stare at her face.

After my routine, which could pass as comedy, she finally replied, “I can see that I make you bashful!”

I was stunned and could not speak. Thankfully the woman reacted to this nonplussed. She removed her sunglasses and hood and some of my questions were immediately answered. Her eyes were an aqua blue, which could have been altered by contact lenses, but the complexion of her skin gave her away. Her skin was flawless and porcelain in color. This lady was an android! She was modeled after a young brunette of about 25 and she was gorgeous.

The mechanical woman heard me gasp and took another step toward me, so she was well within my personal space. One of the robot’s black gloves rested on my thigh, with a very light touch, only an inch from my erection. She had to know that she was tantalizing me. What I noticed, was that the glove was very well fitting but made of thick rubber, as was her hooded coat, not of leather! At this distance the odor of the rubber was very pungent. I glanced down and noticed that her boots were very shiny but made of leather.

The güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri robot fixed me with a penetrating gaze, but kept her rubber gloved hand in its teasing position. She spoke, “Can I visit you?”

I was numb from her presence and just nodded. What was baffling, was that she abruptly turned on her heel and just walked away from me. I got into my car, pulled out of the station and noticed that the robot’s vehicle was gone!

Robots were a household item in 2046, but androids of this caliber were generally only owned by corporations or very wealthy individuals. These robots were also rarely out and about alone, because even expensive robots did not have the facility for good judgment in many situations and had gotten their owners sued from time to time.

I was a senior software developer for a company, which manufactured robots. I worked on some of the low level processing for robotic motion and had some general knowledge of robot limitations, even though robotic rules and heuristics were not my job responsibility. I hoped that I could counsel this robot and just get her to go back to where she belonged.

I had driven straight home and didn’t see any car follow me. How would the robot even find me? Did she pick me for a reason or was it random? There were many other robotic professionals. Sleep did not come quickly this evening, because I knew I didn’t do the right thing. Owners could get jealous over their androids and this had caused serious problems. Maybe I should have called the police and installed an electronic magnetic sensor device in my home, to alert them of the arrival of the missing robot. I was putting my own cheap thrills first. I really just wanted to spend a little time with her to see where she came from. Finally I fell into a restless asleep well after midnight on Saturday morning.


Being a light sleeper, it didn’t take much sound to wake me. The clock said 3:15 and I could see a person standing deep in the shadows across my bedroom. Groggily I raised my head and before I could adjust to the dim light, I heard a soft clapping sound and the lamp by my bed turned on revealing the robot woman across the room!

I had more time to observe the robot’s figure and saw that she had a thin waist, but her trench coat could not hide the swell of her full breasts. Her attention was not immediately on me, but on studying my bedroom as I admired her long pin straight dark hair.

The android continued her study of my room as she stepped toward my bed and finally turned to address me. “I wish to demonstrate to you my driving skills, so we can get acquainted. You told me that I dress very well put together and that you didn’t know how to tell a stranger. While I drive, you can watch my boots operate the pedals. Isn’t this something you would like? ” As the robot said this she gave me a polite smile.

I was thrown for a loop, by her repeating exactly what I said and how. She really picked up on my interest in her boots! Yet perhaps this was simply learned behavior over time, based on her owner’s reactions to her fetish outfits?

This went against my common sense. Why would I take a ride with a stranger, even if she were a robot? Robots are trained to do specialized tasks like drive and are designed to be harmless, per the three universal laws of robotics:

1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

2. A robot must obey any orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Also robotic intelligence is not at a sophisticated level in 2046.

As I contemplated the situation the robot brought me my coat, which was flung over a chair. As she held up my coat to assist me in putting it on, I noticed that she was now wearing white leather gloves with an attractive stitching which made them look ultra feminine. The android was still wearing her black rubber trench coat and her boots, which she wore before at the gas station.

“I don’t understand. Where are you taking me? I still have my pajamas on!”

The robot rocked her boot back on its heel and clasped her hands together as if in anticipation. “As my passenger I will keep you dressed comfortably so you will remain peaceful, as if you were not removed from your sleeping environment. As your chauffer, I wear my full leather uniform with formal white dress gloves to show my dedication to providing you the highest level of service.”

As the robot said this she slipped on my coat, without waiting for my reaction, and then deftly placed on my slippers. She then palmed my house key and took me by the hand. Her gloved hand felt cool and extremely soft. It had to be made out of lamb skin. Using my key, she locked the door to my house and guided me to her car in the nearly pitch dark.

The youthful appearing robot güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri led me to the passenger side, opened the door and guided me into my seat as if I were precious cargo. I was getting excited having her rubber coat and long straight hair brush against me. When I was seated, she deftly strapped me in and her white gloved hands lingered for a second on my torso. She saw I looked comfortable and she gave me a disarming and hypnotic smile, yet the smile never touched her eyes. To show she was pleased and she kissed me softly on the lips for several seconds! Her full red lips felt like soft, warm pillows! No kiss had ever felt this sensual before!

The robot girl shut my door and walked around to the driver’s side. She slipped off her

coat, folded it neatly and opened the back door of the sedan and placed it on the seat. As she slipped into the driver’s seat I saw her outfit. She wore a knee length black silk dress, which accented more than hid her soft curves and ample chest! A delicate pastel scarf with some streaks of red in it gave her outfit some additional color. Her white gloves were at least elbow length, which disappeared under the short sleeves of the silk dress. The shafts of her black boots also continued up to some unknown height, beneath her knee length hem. I was surprised when she put back on her sunglasses, since she was driving in the dark!

The robot meticulously checked the mirrors and activated several low intensity floor lights. As such, I was able to see all of her when the overhead lights went off.

The android’s shiny boots were positioned above the pedals, prepared to commence the ride. It was at this point that I could see that they had an exaggerated high arches and sharp six inch heels, with a small platform. The way that the robot’s wonderfully feminine gloves were gingerly adjusting the controls, it appeared more like fondling than a simple pull or twist movement. No one had ever driven me anywhere wearing such tall boots, not to mention gloved also. The fact that the robot had knowledge of my interests and encouraged the ride was a huge thrill for me. I felt butterflies in my stomach and my torso tremor involuntarily.

The gorgeous mechanical girl put the car in reverse and pulled out of my driveway, carefully checking her blind spots and looking in all possible directions. After less than a minute, she made a left turn, which could only lead to an entrance onto the interstate! I wondered why the robot chose to go on the interstate, but couldn’t find my voice to speak. As we entered the interstate, the robot suddenly stepped down hard on the clutch and gas as I watched her adeptly shift the car into fourth gear. It was 2:47 AM and quiet on the road, so the robot stayed in one of the middle lanes as she accelerated the car up to 75 mph.

As we drove along for about another five minutes, the landscape had become more rural. I lived at the outer edge of the suburbs. Twenty miles further out was empty high desert. This was where the android was headed! There was almost nowhere to go in the hinterlands unless the robot had a more remote destination in mind. I was bewildered.

Yet I was so bewitched by my driver and became lost ogling the outline of her exciting curves as displayed by her tailored silk dress, that I lost track of time as a few more miles clicked away. I saw another sign which read “speed monitored by state police aircraft” as my lovely mechanical chauffer readjusted our speed up to 85 mph!

To my 50 year old perspective, my android chauffer facially looked barely of age but extremely sensual, with her smooth porcelain skin, delicate up turned nose, full lips and her enchanting oversized blue eyes, which were further dramatized by a layer of eye shadow. Yet I was being whisked further away from home, at a very rapid rate, as the girlish robot’s long boot remained pinned to the accelerator. I also felt anxious and even more stimulated, because she focused on her driving and ignored me.

I became even more anxious when she casually flicked a switch, which tinted all of the car’s windows, so I could no longer see outside. I understood more of her capabilities now. The window did not filter out the whole light spectrum. This robot had the equivalent of night vision.

This android had a plan to act out a detailed script of a fantasy of someone she had a close association with. The problem was it was rattling me. I spoke with a stutter, “III still don’t know your name.”

She replied very matter of factly, “I have decided to be your personal Bootrix. A Bootrix is a category of a fembot, who understands the impact of her fetish clothing on humans. “

I was at the moment simply tongue tied and could only say, “Where are you taking me?”

The girl android replied,” Why is this information relevant? “

I said, “Why don’t you take me back and we can discuss what you wish to do at my house.” I made another attempt at objectivity.

The robot girl’s expressive eyes showed dissatisfaction with my response güvenilir bahis şirketleri as she held my gaze. She actually made me feel ashamed. It was such a contrast to her opaque, unreadable expression just a few minutes before, when she was driving in silence.

She replied, “Do you not desire to be driven, by one who wears tall boots and long gloves, which incite your lust and who also knows your repressed desires?”

I said, “Of course I do.”

The Bootrix replied, “Have you told anyone else of these desires?”

I shook my head, no.

“Since you have appointed me as your confidant by our association, wouldn’t you believe me that it is more stimulating to not know exactly how long I will be driving you?”

“I suppose you’re right.”

“You will take an unknown path, under my care.”

The robot girl surprised me, when she punctuated what she said by seductively arching an eyebrow, as her white glove daintily grasped a small lever on the dashboard and pulled it downward, with a dramatic flourish.

I felt my arm rests rotate in toward my stomach and then lock down, holding me firmly in my seat! I tried to wiggle out of the arm rests, but there was no room left to move as the robot adjusted the lever one more notch down with her long glove, making sure I was “secure” in my seat. I began to have a panic attack, where I cannot find a place for myself. This is a characteristic of my somewhat fragile personality, but today something different was happening.

I could discern the robot making a low level hum and immediately I felt my senses being affected by it. My anxiety was replaced with a fleeting sensation of how it would feel to be pressed up against the android’s voluptuous body, feeling the physicality of her contours and warmth. I could also feel the essence of the texture and odor of her leather boots and gloves affect me viscerally, bringing back the primal responses to my boot fetish, which was first discovered when I was 9 years old.

As quickly as it began, the queasiness ended. The Bootrix sensed my duress and quashed it. She contained a very complex bio-feedback subsystem. I was aware of devices like this being used experimentally, with physically and emotionally ill patients, but just not as part of an android. I don’t think this robot was owned by an individual, but by a cybernetics corporation or even a government, but what was her purpose being here with me?

The robot continued her humming, but adjusted the intensity where it was calming, but no longer sensual. She did not let go of the lever on the dashboard, which she operated to secure me. Several moments later, after I calmed down, the mechanical girl’s gloved hand gave the lever two more short pulls and I found myself secured by the seat’s hidden leg and neck restraints. I didn’t need the extra restraints, and it was clear that the robot understood this and desired to make me feel even more hopeless, yet she knew how to control my anxiety level, so I didn’t become ill.

As the fembot continued to drive at high speed, all could see was the harsh outline of the desert flora. There were no other cars on the road. She continued to drive silently. Even her humming had stopped.

I got up the nerve to speak again, even though I continued to stutter. “You never really told me your nnname.”

She responded by saying dismissively, “That information is not relevant at this time. ” She glanced at me sideways with her large aqua eyes. Her expression was smooth and unreadable. Yet her eyes were fixed, in their determination. “I will start your preparation, for the trip.”

While she spoke she touched a small white button on the dash and I began to hear a whirling noise. My seat had inner moving parts and I could feel a vibration against and slight pulling my skin, starting at my chest and then I felt the sucking of a vacuum, against my skin.

This process continued down my torso and legs. I did not realize what was happening, until I looked at my legs. The chair had removed not only my clothing, but every hair on my body that it touched! If this was supposed to make me open up to her as my confidant, I couldn’t see it happening. When the seat finished its task it automatically moved me a foot closer to the female android.

I sensed the robot girl’s lavender perfume; pick up a notch in its intensity. It happened to be one of my favorites. I knew that she was most likely releasing pheromones, which were powerful libido stimulants and the odor of her perfume was enchanting.

You would think I had more sense being a robotic professional, but that even seemed to impair my judgment rather than help it, thinking that all robots were controllable. Yet nothing that I said diverted the robot from her objectives. I felt so naïve, having gotten myself into this.

I felt even more stupid, because she looked like such a kid to me. I was used to having twenty year olds deferring to a senior technologist, of my years. It was ironic that she was so gorgeous and elegant, with her perfectly fitted clothes and I was now completely naked and had lost control over my current situation. This was a role reversal and I felt vastly inferior to the robot. Ironically I still felt guilt at ogling such a beautiful much younger woman and it was starting to blur in my mind that she was a machine.

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