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I awoke in total comfort. I was wrapped in a big soft white quilt and satin sheets. The smell of coffee was in the air. The room was the perfect temperature as I started to stretch out a bit and leave my little cocoon. I felt a wonderful soreness throughout my body. It was that good sore that athletes know so well. I hadn’t felt this way since high school after a soccer game. That was back in the day when I was a jock as well as a student. I thought to myself that I should play intramurals at school from now on. My days of all work no play were over.

I got up and stood next to the bed naked as the day I was born. I figured it was time to cross the hall and find my personals if I could. It was then that I noticed the sign on the mirror. It was a big round doily with red writing. I went over and read it. It said to call a phone number and had an arrow pointing down. I followed its path and there was a hotel phone on the table under the mirror.

I dialed the number and a man answered.

“Hello, Miss Katie. Are you ready to start your day?”

“Uh, yes. I think so.”

“Wonderful! My name is Donny and I will be your host this morning. There is a light breakfast assortment on the cart over by your door, so feel free to grab a light bite. Grab a shower if you like too and don’t fill up too much on food as we have a full-body massage ready for you in 20 minutes. We’ll have a full made-to-order breakfast ready for you after your massage.”

“Uh, great. Thank you, Donny.”

“Wonderful, Miss. I will be waiting for you right outside your room. Mr. Robert let me in when he left about an hour ago. See you soon.”

“Very, Good. Thank you, Donny”

I hung up and sat back on the bed. A big smile came over my face. This kind of treatment is something I might just get used to. I poured myself some coffee and grabbed a muffin. As I ate the muffin, I started to realize how starved I was. I then pounded some fruit and a croissant and stopped myself there. There was a nice soft robe in the bathroom and that gave me something to wear after my shower.

After a nice hot shower, I slipped on my robe and went out into the main room. Donny was there waiting. He was a really happy looking guy and he greeted me with a wide teethy smile. He had an accent that was vaguely island.

“Miss Katie! So nice to finally meet you. Bob told me to take care of you this morning. He is out on business for the next few hours and we have a great morning planned for you. Bob explained to me that you are not fond of wearing clothes, so please feel free to stay naked if you please. Your massage is right this way.”

I dropped my robe to the floor immediately and followed Donny nude. When he turned to open the door for me, he smiled at my nakedness and did a half bow to welcome me into the atrium.

“Miss Katie, I would like you to meet Eva, Jana and Lea. They are the best massage team in Boston. I will leave you now Miss Katie, but before I go, is there anything specific that you will require for breakfast or should I just have them send everything?”

“Thank you Donny. French toast would be great.”

“Extra fine choice, Miss Katie.”

The three ladies were waiting for me and as soon as Donny left the room, they whisked me up onto a massage table which was much more comfortable than the table I had spent so much time on the day before. My shower had warmed me up nicely, which was a good thing. The three ladies all worked oil into my skin and then started placing hot stones up and down my spine and in several other key spots. They massaged my feet as the stones allowed more heat to seep deep into my body. It felt wonderful and my soreness began to fade way.

After a little while, they removed the stones and they all worked my body. One lady did most of the deep tissue work and the other two worked very gently on my feet. This was like something out of Greek mythology movies. I felt like Andromeda. Of course, I had already sacrificed myself and it was awesome.

The massage took less than an hour, but it felt like a lot longer. The ladies were very tender but also did some very deep tissue work on me. It was fantastic. When it was over I felt totally refreshed and ready for what was going to be a long day of crazy sex.

The ladies left me on the table with a soft blanket covering me. Less than a minute later, Donny came in.

“The breakfast you ordered is ready, Miss Katie. Just follow me.”

He had my bag with him. He gave me my thong, sweatpants and shirt and told me we had to get moving after I ate. Bob had set up something very special for me and for this, I would need some clothing.

I told Donny to stay and have some breakfast with me. He said that was not necessary. I told him that I would really like the company. He grabbed a bagel and ate with me. When we finished, he got up to leave. I asked him to stay and watch me get dressed. I bent over and showed him my pussy and ass as I stepped into my little thong.

“Donny, will this be enough?”

“No, Miss. You’ll need poker oyna to get completely dressed. If it was up to me, a woman like you would be able to stay naked all the time. You are incredibly beautiful.”

“Thank you, Donny. Donny?”

“Yes, Miss.”

“I think that I’ll just wear the sweat pants and skip the underwear. What do you think?”

“I think you should do what you like, Miss.”

“Will it turn you on to know that I’m wearing nothing under my sweats? Be honest, Donny.”

“Miss Katie, I am turned on just being near you, but yes, I will be even more turned on knowing how little you have on.”

I then bent over and asked him if he could pull my thong off of me slowly and to tell me what he sees.”

He complied and he took his time.

“Miss Katie, I see your sweet little pussy and your beautiful ass. It looks good enough to eat.”

“Maybe later, Donny.”

I said that with a seductive lilt in my voice. I had a feeling that I was going to swallow some of his cum before our day was done.

There was a limo waiting for us right out front. I asked Donny where we were going.

“Bob has set up a shopping trip for you, Miss Katie. We’ll be gone several hours.”

With that he handed me an iphone and told me it was a gift from Bob. He then got into the car up front with the driver.


It was already after 10am and I had thought I was going to get gangbanged all day. Shopping, while it sounded nice, didn’t sound as nice as playing with a room full of cocks.

I looked at the iphone. Cool. My phone sucked, so this was a welcome change. Then it rang.


“Good morning my little slut.”

I lit up at the sound of my man’s voice.

“Hi, Master! Where are you? Your sexy little slut woke up all alone without your big cock.”

“I’m busy with a few things my dear. I never get a full day off in my line of work. You were a vision this morning wrapped all around me. Leaving you in that bed was the most unpleasant thing I’ve had to do in some time, but work will sometimes intercede. I had a few things that needed to be done and now I am going to do some things for you.”

“You’ve already done way too much, Master. Your hot cock is the only thing I need in this life.”

“You are a very good girl. I wish circumstances were a little different right now as I would love to spend the entire day and evening with you. Sadly, you won’t be seeing me again this weekend. I’m already checked out. The room we stayed in is now in your name until Tuesday and the tab is open, so have them send you anything you want and don’t you dare be shy. Feel free to hang out. Donny will see that you get to Monday and Tuesday classes.”

I was stunned. He was gone? This news hit me hard and I knew my response was important. I didn’t want to act like a spoiled brat and I didn’t want to lay my entire hand on the table either.

“Master, I just wish I had known this. I’m…”

He cut me off.

“Katie, you remember the things we said last night?”

“Every word, Master.”

“Good girl. I will be calling you on Thursday evening. I expect you to be available at 8pm. I will expect an answer at that time as to whether you want to continue our relationship. If you do, we will set up something special for next weekend and if not, I will dream of you forever.”

“Yes, Master. I will be available at 8pm.”

“Good girl. Katie, I want you to enjoy today and I want you to fulfill your promises to the guys. I want you to be their submissive cumslut for the day and I want you to submit to them completely as soon as you get back. Do whatever they desire. Make all their dirty fantasies into realities.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl. But, Katie?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“When the sex stops, it stops. You are not to see any of these men next week nor are you to bang them when you wake up Monday morning. Keep your word to them. It’s a one-time thing. You will be sexless until Thursday at 8pm. No masturbating either. You must abstain from all sexual release. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good girl. I knew you would. Now, as for your morning. You are on your way to Louis. It’s a great store and you will be taken around by James, who runs the store on weekends. He will help you put together some outfits at your discretion. Money is a complete non-factor. You remember Client

, Mr. White?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I bet you do. His next door neighbor owns Louis and he owes Mr. White a fortune in favors. Shop until you drop and go nuts. Seriously. Mr. White wanted me to thank you personally for the best night he’s ever had. He thinks you are an amazing lady and he’s ready to fly anywhere on a second’s notice to see you again. You captivated him. I’m sure my other friends will be sending you tokens of their devotion as well.”

“I don’t know what to say, Sir.”

“Say nothing. Men have been showering the objects of their desire with gifts since the beginning of time. What you did yesterday was incredible and they all want canlı poker oyna you to know it. You should accept their generosity and take it in the best way possible.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl. All three of them would leave their Wives for you at the drop of a hat. These men have been around the track. They are evolved enough to realize how incredibly special you are. They’d feel like heels if they didn’t do something special for you.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl. Now Katie, I want you to feel not one scrap of guilt about today. This is your weekend of sexual awakening. There are seven men awaiting you. They are all re-loaded with fresh cum and they are going to give it all to you. Enjoy your orgy, slut.”

“Oh yes, Master. I will be their slave and I will love every second of it!”

“That’s my girl.”

“I’ll speak to you on Thursday. Enjoy your gangbang, my sweet slut.”

He hung up.

My gangbang was going to be smaller than expected, but the boys were all going to be recharged as they watched a lot yesterday after the older gentlemen arrived.

We were now pulling into the parking lot. There were only a few cars there. It was about 10:15 in the morning and the placed looked closed.

“Donny, I think we’re early.”

“Miss Katie, you are getting a private tour by the weekend manager. You’ll be all alone for at least a half an hour.”


He was right. They dropped me off at the front door and James was waiting for me. He helped me out of the car and told Donny that he’d have me ready to go in an hour.

James brought me inside and we had two of his shopping consultants with us to carry whatever I bought and to help me make choices if I wanted any help.

They treated me like royalty. I walked out of there with six crazy expensive pairs of shoes and a pair of Zuriick boots. I also got a pair of really cool Zuriick sneakers that I never would have bought for myself.

I found a little Roland Mouret dress that I loved. It fit perfectly. I also found a really pretty Lyn Devon dress that also fit well and showed off my legs and arms. In all, I walked out with almost an entire wardrobe plus an invitation to come back again at my convenience.

Donny loaded all of my clothing into the car and we were off. Donny told me we had one more stop to make. A few minutes later, we pulled up in front of a lingerie shop called Agent Provocateur. Once again, I was waited on hand and foot by their personal shoppers, Zach and Marc. They fitted me with a few pairs of really sexy pajamas that were also super comfy, plus a handful barely there bras and panties. I picked out some really tiny thongs. They also gave me a super sexy stripper’s outfit in case I ever wanted to put on a show. It was basically a black negligee with garters and stockings and little pasties for my nipples. They told me that Bob had requested this outfit specifically.

That made me wet.

I was there for less than an hour and I enjoyed taking off my clothes over and over again as my personal shoppers watched. Bob must have told them that I was a total exhibitionist as they gave me two cute guys to work with and both were quite forward with me. I told both of them that I loved being watched and they made sure to help me out by making comments to each other about which parts of my body looked hot in each garment I tried on. I was slowly getting hot and bothered and my gangbang could not get here soon enough!

Both Marc and Zach gave me their cards and told me that Bob set up an account for me and that I can make another appointment with them at my leisure. I told them that I couldn’t wait.

They carried my purchases out to Donny, who loaded up the limo and we were off. I was now getting really hot down under. My slutty little pussy was ready for some big hard cock.

We were back to the hotel by noon. Manny told me that there was lunch and champagne waiting for me in my room and the boys would be ready for me at 1pm and that I was expected there at that time.

I asked Donny if he knew what I was going to be doing all afternoon. He said that he did.

I invited Donny to eat my lunch with me. He accepted. I stripped the second we entered my room. Lunch was all set up in the Dining room. As I was led through the threshold to the dining room, I told Donny that he could only join me only if he shed his clothes too.

A minute later, he walked in naked. His cock was already hard. I asked him to sit next to me and to keep eating no matter what I did. After he sat and began to eat, I went under the table and took his cock in my mouth. He had a very nice penis but it wasn’t going to be that hard to take all the way. I wanted to let him enjoy it for a minute or two before I showed him my deep skills. I could hear him moaning, but the table cloth prevented me from looking him in the eyes. I really sucked him hard and I worked the underside of his cock with my tongue, which he loved. After a few minutes, I crept up a few inches and got up on my heels a little as I took all of internet casino his length. He was a few inches into my throat and I started working my muscles on his cock-head. He came in about ten seconds and I backed off just enough to taste all of it. Once I had swallowed all of his load, I cleaned him like a good slut. He just kept saying “yes” and moaning my name. It was really hot.

After cleaning him thoroughly, I came back up and gave him a kiss.

“Oh, Miss Katie, thank you so much for making me a part of your fantasy.”

“Donny, thank you for being so wonderful.”

We finished our meal and the bottle of Dom. I was going to get a quick shower and then go to my men. Donny informed me that he would pick me up at 8am to take me to my 9am class.

I got out of the shower with a few minutes to spare. I checked myself in the mirror. I looked pretty darn good in my birthday suit. I was ready.

I left my room naked and knocked on their door. I was waiting for about ten seconds as I got wet with anticipation. Alex answered the door with a big smile on his face.

“Hey Katie! Glad to see you. Are you ready to be our slut?”

“Oh yes. Where are we going to have fun first?”

“Right this way you little cumslut.”

“Yes, Master Alex.”

The degrading words began doing their usual magic. I just loved being called a slut, especially when it was said with a confident possessive tone.

Alex led me back into the room that I had spent most of the prior night in. The bed had been cleaned up and there were no longer chains and such. It looked perfectly normal. The table was also back to normal with a table cloth over it and fancy chairs all around.

The sex swing thingy was still there hanging from a hook that screwed into the ceiling. I knew what was about to happen and I was soaking wet.

The swing was not really a restraining device. It was more about getting me into easy position for the men to take my holes as they stood comfortably.

It basically turned me into a floating and easily positionable fuck-toy.

There were comfy velcro cuffs for my hands to keep them in place and stirrups for my feet. There were also supports for my mid-section and or ass depending on what position they wanted me in.

They lifted me up and helped me into the stirrups and then raised my whole body up into the air, with my legs spread wide and my sex parts on full display.

The boys were all naked and they surrounded me.

Charlie stepped in and started rubbing lubrication into my pussy and ass. It felt really good and he took his time and spent almost a minute on my clit, which got me close to an orgasm. Then Bobby spoke up.

“Katie, we are all going to fuck you now. We’ll be taking you in every hole and you will enjoy it. Understand slut?”

“Oh yes. Fuck me like the dirty whore that I am. Abuse me. All of my holes are here for you to fuck. You own me. I am your cumslut and you are all my Masters. I do what you say. I exist only to pleasure you.”

Chris stepped up and fed me his cock to blow. I told him to hold my head and to control me as my hands were not free and I was moving sort of unpredictably. Chris held my skull and started to fuck my face. Charlie’s hand left my ass and a second later, he was pushing his tool into my pussy. He and Chris rocked me back and forth between them and I was really enjoying it.

Chris was allowing his cock to go all the way into me and it kept bumping into the back of my throat. It was a little out of control, but I was on fire and I just kept my mouth as open as I could and hid my teeth. I tried to hang in there because I knew he wouldn’t hold out long. I was right. I felt his legs go limp right before he started blasting off in my mouth. He was half way in when his first spurt came out. I tasted everything and swallowed it all down. Once he was totally drained, I went right to work on cleaning his tool.

Alex stepped up and told Charlie to take Chris’ spot. Charlie came around and I told him to fuck my face just like Chris did. He was a little more methodical and I could time him entering my throat a little better than I could with Chris. Of all the guys, Charlie had the biggest tastiest loads. I remembered how much he pumped into me on Wednesday and I was really looking forward to swallowing all of his seed.

Alex slid into me and he was a bit bigger than Charlie or Chris. It felt nice and I knew the cocks only got bigger from here. They seemed to be going in order from smallest to biggest. Alex was grinding his pubic bone into my clit slowly but very firmly. He was good at it too. I knew I was going to cum. He kept grinding and grinding and I just sat there on the edge of a really nice climax. Charlie started increasing his pace with my face and I knew he was about to blow. I closed up my throat in time to catch his whole load in my mouth. I had to swallow a few times to avoid losing some. His sperm was hot and really thick. I swallowed everything as I felt Alex pulling out of me. Alex was already cumming before he even got to my mouth and he shot a rope across my face before I could get my lips around his head. I caught the last few spurts and it tasted great. My thirst for male seed was only getting bigger.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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