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This story is the first I have written and felt compelled to put online. It is a work of fiction based heavily on events that I’ve experienced, a couple female friends, and other things that have shaped me as a person. While many people seem to prefer writing stories that get down to business, so to speak, I wanted this one to feel somewhat more realistic in terms of dealing with personal issues that come into play with a sexual relationship. Thanks for reading! I appreciate any comments, feedback, or advice.


Growing up I took to strong morals and could have been considered a goody-two-shoes type of guy. I didn’t touch drugs, smoking, or alcohol at all. Nor did I delve into any sexual adventures of any kind. In fact I was never in any serious relationships. While my intent to keep my virginity intact until marriage was something I had no desire to dismiss, I often longed for a relationship. At times I even found myself wanting to simply experience touch, smell, and pleasure of lying naked next to a naked woman even if we weren’t doing anything sexual. But I didn’t put that at the top of my priorities since my studies, work, and other activities were more important to me.

So at age 25, molded by that desire to stick to my morals, I still found myself as someone who had not yet been in any relationships, and was still a virgin yet not ashamed of that fact at all. Only at that point my desire to experience the physical side of a relationship was much more intense. In fact it was that intensity that ended up getting the best of me.

My job as a programmer at a medium sized company placed me in contact with most of the fellow office staff there in some way. Whether it be the occasional passing and greeting, or working daily on a project, I knew pretty much everyone, and was well liked and appreciated. I enjoyed that position and my work as well, finding that it was both challenging, intellectually stimulating, and a great opportunity in which I could continue to build my knowledge. So I had no desire to do anything that might put my job security in jeopardy.

Despite my great liking of my job and the people who I worked with, I let my strong desire for a physical relationship get the best of me. I’d never have expected to find it taking place with one of my coworkers, something which went against both my morals as well as my desire to avoid any possibility of losing my job.

The woman who finally fulfilled my hunger for physical affection was part of our purchasing department. I’d worked with her on a project in the past, and for the most part before and after that, our interaction consisted of only passing each other in the hall or small talk while we both happened to be getting a beverage in the break area. Normally this type of thing wouldn’t even make my think twice about a woman. Yeah, beauty certainly makes a man’s mind dwell on a woman, and this woman was a beauty. But a handful of chance greetings throughout the week weren’t something I considered to be the first steps towards a sexual relationship.

This lady was different though. She had a playful nature, bordering on flirtatious in a harmless way. Ann was her name. She was around 40 years old, about 5’6″ tall, built athletically with what appeared to be ample breasts that she always kept well concealed in her modest clothing. Her hair was very blonde, curly, and about neck length. And her face, while not unattractive in anyway, was one many men might not think of as stunning. Overall she was an attractive woman, but by no means a trophy. The thing that always got me looking at her was her ass. Now there were a number of attractive women that worked there, many of whom were my age, but none of them had as nice a posterior as Ann. While she did dress modestly, her pants always seemed to make her butt look fantastic. The best days were Fridays when she’d wear jeans. Nothing conformed to the shape of her ass güvenilir bahis like jeans, and whenever I saw her wearing them I made a point of walking behind her just to get a good look.

Now that I’ve made it clear that I found this lady attractive, I should also explain that I had no intent of ever engaging in a physical relationship with her. None whatsoever. Again, I had every intention of staying a virgin and not putting my job at risk. On top of that, I had no idea if she was married. Meddling with a married woman was something I vowed that I would never do. As it turned out, things would work out much differently that I would have anticipated.

The whole situation that I’m going to lay out in the rest of this story started on a Monday morning when Ann came to me requesting my help on a project that I’d worked on in the past. There were some enhancements and changes that needed to be made to one of my applications, and my programming was needed to make that happen. Ann was the person who’d taken the responsibility of making sure it got done. The big problem was that, due to some upcoming deadlines that her and her coworkers needed to meet, they would need my programming done within one week. It wasn’t something I’d preferred to rush through, but when the orders came down from the company president, you didn’t think twice about doing whatever was necessary to fulfill them. That Friday, after a week of fast food and long hours, we finished everything we’d set out to do. That’s when things started to get interesting.

Part One

“I think that’s it.” I glanced at her as we sat back after reviewing everything that we’d worked on.

“I think you’re right. I’m so happy we finished on time. You have no idea how much this means to me Scott.” She was smiling at me. “How about we go grab some real food to celebrate? I’ll buy.”

“Well if you’re buying, then I’m all for it.” I was sick of eating fast food all week, and the thought of real food, even if it wasn’t homemade, sounded excellent.

“Great. I’m going to drop this stuff off at my desk. How about we meet in the lobby in ten minutes?”

I agreed to her plan and we went about our business. After quickly organizing the paperwork on my desk, shutting down my computer, and stopping in the restroom, I headed for the lobby. She walked in less than a minute later.

“Change of plans. How’d you like some homemade grub instead? I left my credit card at home and I’ve got no cash on me.”

“I don’t mind paying.” I replied.

“Oh come on, you’re not going to pay for anything. I owe you for your hard work this week, and that’s that.” She informed me as we were walking towards our cars.

“I guess there’s no point objecting. I’ll follow you to your house.”

My mind wandered for most of the drive. I was tired and hungry but in good spirits now that the weekend had arrived. With no big plans ahead, I was going to do nothing but sit around and be lazy.

We arrived at her house in about ten minutes. It was a nice house. Two stories, a grayish-blue color with white shutters, and surrounded by a well kept yard. As a whole it had a very nice feel to it.

The inside was the same way. There were lots of pictures of various landscapes, which I found out later were photos that Ann had taken, crafty little shelves that supported various knick-knacks, plush furniture, and many other things that offered a comfy feeling. I liked it.

“I’m going to change out of these work clothes and then we’ll check out the food situation. Make yourself at home.” She said as she put her work stuff down and headed to her bedroom. I took the time to look around a bit.

A few minutes later she returned wearing a dark t-shirt and running shorts. Modest yet comfortable.

We wasted no time heading to the kitchen after that. “Let’s see what we can whip up.” She rummaged around in a few cupboards and in the fridge. “How türkçe bahis about some subs? I’ve got lots of lunchmeat and everything else we need.”

“Good food and no cooking? How can I argue with that?” I smiled as I started to help her get everything out.

“So what have you got planned for the weekend?” She asked as she set a pile of lunchmeat on the counter.

“As little as possible. After this week I’ll be doing nothing but laying around being lazy.”

“Oh come on. Haven’t you got some girl to spend time with, or a party to go to?” She nudged my shoulder; her playful nature in action.

“Not this weekend. Not most weekends actually. My social life has been pretty lame lately.”

“I can relate to that. With this place empty most of the time now I tend to stick around here.”

We’d both finished assembling our sandwiches and sat down.

“Oh! What do you want to drink? I’ve got some pop, tea I think, water, and wine.” She got up and walked to the fridge.

“Water sounds good.”

“Alright. Two waters coming up.”

She returned with the drinks and a pitcher full of water, and we started eating. Despite being famished we both took our time on the food. It hit the spot.

“What did you mean about this placing being empty most of the time?” Her comment earlier had me wondering.

“Well the kids are only here every other weekend, except in the winter when they spend every other week with me. So it’s just me here most of the time.”

“You’re divorced?” My surprise was obvious.

“Yep, it’s been, oh, nearly three years now. Gosh, I can’t believe it’s been so long. But anyway, yeah. You seem surprised.”

“I am. I just assumed you were married.”

“Nope.” She smiled at me. “How about you? Divorced too?”

“Oh yes, I’m on my fifth one now.” I said sarcastically, followed by a feigned sigh. “I guess I have a knack for it.”

“Five is it? You must be on some kind of annual wife rotation then?” She laughed.

“Yes, you’re exactly right. I signed up with the local swingers club. But they’re running out of women to send my way, so I’ll have to find a new club to join.” I couldn’t hold a straight face anymore.

“I should have known. You always seemed a little different to me.”

I just shook my head and chuckled. My glass of water was nearly empty so I reached for the pitcher, only to accidentally knock it over towards Ann. Since it was almost full she ended up soaked.

“Oh crap!” For some reason I couldn’t help but laugh as I said it. “I’m sorry Ann.” I got up to find a towel or napkins.

“It sure sounds like it funny guy.” She didn’t seem upset, but she wasn’t laughing either. I handed her a towel and she pressed it against her chest and then her stomach. “Good thing that was water. You really drenched me.”

“I really am sorry Ann.” I was serious this time.

“It’s okay.” She said as she was wringing out the towel in the sink. “I couldn’t let you get away without a little hassle.” That’s when she nonchalantly pulled off her shirt.

“Oh. Oops.” She quickly covered up her chest with the shirt. Her face was turning red, and I had no doubt it was an honest slipup. “I’m so used to being here alone. Well you know about that already. I’m sorry, Scott. I better go change into something dry.”

I was glad she did because I wasn’t sure what to do while she was standing there. My eyes were trying to look at her bra-covered chest, while my manners were telling me to look away. My eyes won, and I think she saw me looking.

While she was changing I moved the dishes to the sink and started to wash them. Even though she had a dishwashing machine I guess I felt like this would be a good gesture to show her I felt sorry for the spill.

“You don’t have to wash those.” She said as she came back into the kitchen.

“Oh it’s the least I can do after…” I said as I turned around to find her güvenilir bahis siteleri leaning against the counter wearing only a dark blue bra and matching panties. “You forgot to put clothes on.”

“No I didn’t.” She was clearly serious.

I wasn’t sure what to say. For a moment I considered what could be going on. Either she was doing this to avoid getting more clothing dirty or she had other motives which I could only assume were sexual in nature.

“I promise I won’t spill anything else on you.” It was the only thing I could think to say.

She smiled at me. “Want to spend the weekend laying around with me?”

I weighed in my mind the significance of her pun, intended or not. Was she really proposing a weekend of sexual intimacy?

“Yes,” she answered the question for me. “I’m asking if you want to sleep with me.”

“Okay.” It was out of my mouth before I had time to think about it.

She walked over to me and took one of my hands and led me to her bedroom. My head was spinning with worries. What about my abstinence? How would this affect things at work? But my train of thinking quickly changed. Was I really going to have sex with this beautiful woman? What am I going to do when she realizes I don’t know what the hell I’m doing?

“Ann,” I had to tell her what was on my mind before anything happened. “There’s something you should know.”

“What? Wait, you’re not gay are you?” She said as we sat down on her bed.

“Oh no,” I chuckled. “It’s nothing like that. I mean, it’s complicated for me.”

“Well then tell me. The last thing I want to do is hurt you, if that’s what you’re getting at.”

“Okay.” I paused, trying to figure out where to start. “Okay, what about work? If we…have sex, isn’t that something that could affect things at work?”

“I don’t think so. I’m not going to tell anyone, are you?”

“Of course not, but this would change our relationship. It already has.” I hope she’d understand.

“Look, my job means a lot to me. And I’m sure yours is just as important to you. If we go ahead and make love,” She sat back against the headboard. “I promise you I won’t let it change how I, how we do our jobs.”

“Alright, it just seems like something that could affect things. That’s why I wanted to bring it up.”

“I understand. I appreciate you’re being thoughtful. Is there anything else?” She had pulled her legs up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. Out of the corner of my eye I could see her panties were now pulled tight against her pussy, revealing the shape of her lips.

“Yes. I’m a virgin.” I blurted it out and stopped without elaborating.

“Really?” She sat up, clearly surprised. “You’re really a virgin?”

“Yes, that’s why I’m…well I’m really feeling awkward and confused. As much as I’d love to rip my clothes off right now and have fun with you, there’s part of me, my morals and spirituality, that’s holding me back. I’ve been waiting for marriage. It’s so hard Ann.” I sighed with frustration. “And yet at the same time I can’t deny that I’ve had days where I thought about nothing but what I’d love to do with a woman.”

Nothing was said for a few moments. Finally Ann broke the silence.

“We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.” She was speaking quietly. “As much as I respect what you’re dealing with, I still want you Scott.” She set her chin on her knees and looked into my eyes. “I’m not going to persist though. This is your decision. Whatever you decide, I’ll honor that.”

So it was up to me. No pressure at all. I lay back on her bed as my mind started reeling. From the start of our short talk my hormones had been gently prodding me, and in the back of my mind I’d been talking myself into agreeing with her. I mean, what harm is there in enjoying the company of a beautiful woman who just admitted that she wanted me?

Ann sat there silently, watching me. I didn’t want to keep her waiting. I wanted to do the right thing though! I knew what it was. I had to tell her no, this was not a good idea. But my brain was insisting that it was!

I opened my mouth to speak. “Okay.” Nothing else came out.

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