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I woke up shivering. The air had turned cold and I was wrapped all around Kyle, stealing his body heat. I pressed my face to his hairy, broad chest and inhaled. He smelled so good, and it came to me that something was different. He smelled too good.

He still had that spicy-desert-night smell, but there was a new underlying scent. It was like wind soughing through the grasses of some high cold meadow, earthy and clean. It was my scent. I moved my nose closer to his armpit and inhaled. The smells complemented each other, ultra-masculine. It was the reverse of my own new scent. It made my cock hard as rock, like an aphrodisiac despite the cold air.

I gently pulled away from Kyle’s embrace and left him sleeping. I pulled the other sleeping bag over him and went to the tent opening. It was still very early, the sun not even risen. We’d left our clothes and stuff in the truck and I planned to make a dash for it. I unzipped the flap and stepped out to look at the clearing. There were seven tents set up in a loose circle, plenty of space between them.

At one end were the remains of a campfire I’d barely noticed the night before. John was standing there laying in wood for a new fire. He saw me at the same time I’d noticed him. He glanced at my stiff dick and up to my face, he shook his head back and forth as he gave me a little wave. I took off for Kyle’s truck. I grabbed our bags and ran back to the tent, waving at John again with a big smile on my face.

I entered the tent and searched my bag for the lube we’d packed. I found it and set it near the pillows. My hormones were raging, the smell of Kyle inside the small tent making my dick leak. I crawled between the sleeping bags and positioned my body over Kyle’s. I forced his legs open for me and cradled my crotch into his. I kissed his lips softly to rouse him.

“Wake up, Kyle. I’m hungry.” A growl escaped my lips on the last word. His eyes fluttered open, confusion plain in them.

“Huh? What time is it?” He kissed me, my lips so close to his and I squirmed over him. I pushed my cock into his stomach, grunting and purring.

“Hungry for what, baby?” He started smiling.

“Get a whiff of yourself, Kyle. You smell so good, it’s making me so fucking hard.” I leaned forward and forced my tongue past his lips, into his mouth. My dick was aching so bad, I was afraid I would come so I pulled away from him slightly. He took the space to sniff at himself, his eyes widening.

“It worked. Mmm, I smell good. You like that, baby?”

“Kyle, I’ve gotta fuck you.”

“Shh, Tony. Everyone will hear us, we can’t.” He gave me a soft kiss before speaking again, “We’re surrounded by more than a dozen werewolves with supernatural hearing. Let’s go out to the woods.”

“Kyle.” I moaned out his name, trying to keep it low. I was so frustrated and aroused I thought I might die. The urge to fuck him felt primal and beyond necessary. I thought I might die from the need. Then inspiration struck, thank God I knew my man and what he liked.

“Come on, Kyle. We’ll keep it down, I promise. You can bite the pillow.” I smiled down at him.

“No, baby. Let’s go outside and find a nice spot.”

“You don’t want me to fuck you again.”

“That’s not it, baby, I swear. I want it again, but I am kind of sore….” He looked up at me, gauging my reaction. But I had a plan. I leaned close to his ear and ran my tongue over it, before whispering.

“Please, Kyle. I’m so fucking hot for you, I have to be inside you. Please? I’ll make it up to you, really, I’ll make you the happiest man alive.” I pulled up to lick at his smiling lips.


“Oh yeah. You know I love your big cock.” I rolled my hips against his as I spoke, rubbing my hard cock against his waking dick. “Just let me fuck, and tonight we can switch places. Tonight, I want you to fuck my pussy. I want you to pound me until I come. I want you to make me beg for that huge cock. I want it deep and hard.” Kyle’s cock was now full and hot along mine. He’d brought his legs up, pulling them wider for me, although I didn’t think he’d realized it.

“Please, Kyle? Roll over for me, I’ll make you come.” I rose up onto my knees, using my hands to urge him over while keeping up the dirty talk. “I want you to fuck me all night long, leave my cunt sore and dripping with your come.”

I got in position behind him. I looked down at my cock, so red and full that the skin was shiny. I knew I was making promises I’d have to keep but I wanted to keep them. First, I had to get inside Kyle’s ass. I grabbed the lube and poured some down the crease of his ass. I rubbed my fingers in the slick, right over his opening. I pushed one finger into him, trying to be gentle. He moaned and I forced in another.

“You’ll fuck me so good. I love when you’re so deep inside me. Never seen a cock so big, you’ll split me open. I’ll scream so loud, everyone will hear and know that I’m yours.” I twisted the fingers, making him stretch. He groaned and pushed his poker oyna ass back at me. I reached for the lube again and drizzled it over my dick.

“Take me, now, Kyle.” I pulled his hips up until he was on his knees and pushed my cock in. I couldn’t wait for him to get accustomed to my big dick. I pulled out all the way and thrust fully back into him. He whimpered, keeping the sound muffled in the pillow.

“Fuck, Kyle. It’s so good, so tight.” I pulled out and forced my way back in some more, enjoying his tight heat. Finally he pushed back to meet my hips and moaned, he was getting into it. I dropped down over him, both of us moaning at the new angle. I started fucking him for real, deep strokes, varying my pace. I lapped at the skin of his shoulders and neck, up into his hair. I had him whimpering and moaning.

I straightened up and held still, keeping him fully impaled. “Fuck yourself on my cock, Kyle.” He rose onto his hands and thrust his hips back at me, tentatively. Another whimper escaped his lips, barely audible. He started hammering his ass back onto my dick, arching his back to get the position just right.

“Yeah, show me how much you love it, Kyle.” I grabbed his hips, digging my fingers into the soft skin over his bones. “Fuck, Kyle.” I slammed into him, uncaring of the loud smacks as our flesh connected. I set the pace again, building to a faster and faster rhythm. I gripped him tighter, pulling his body back to meet each of my hard plunges.

“Come for me, Kyle.” He growled loudly, turning it into a whimper as I felt his hole contracting around my cock. I fucked him harder and he cried out. The squeezing grip on my dick pushed me over the edge and I spilled my come into him, crying out myself.

I panted over him for a moment and then rolled us both onto our sides. I kept him on my dick and pulled him tighter against my front. I moved us out of the puddle of come he’d left on the sleeping bag and pulled the other over us. I kissed his shoulder and wrapped him in my arms before passing out.

When I woke again the sky was considerably brighter. I rolled over wondering where Kyle was. I vaguely remembered him pulling away from me and soothing me back to sleep at some point. I heard laughing and playful cries coming from outside the tent. Seemed that the pack was in a good mood.

I pulled some of Kyle’s clothes out of his bag, hoping to surprise him with this little fetish of ours. I found some small, tight running shorts. They had a lining sewn into them, like underwear, and I pulled them on, enjoying the way they cupped my dick and balls. They didn’t cover as much as my boxers would have and I felt my cock twitching at the thought of Kyle admiring me in them. I slid on some sandals and went out to find my wolf.

I emerged smiling, scanning for Kyle. Everyone went quite and they were watching me. I found Kyle by the fire and he waved me over. John and Brady were there watching Kyle cook breakfast. I caught him scanning my body, lingering over my crotch. When he finally reached my eyes I gave him a knowing smirk and I saw some light color creep into his cheeks.

“Hey, it’s Tony, the whammy man.” Brady called out as I got closer.

He stood up to bump knuckles with me. “Huh?” I smiled in confusion at the three friends.

“Jeesh, Tony. I don’t know what you did to us, but it was awesome! You can put the whammy on me anytime. Mike and Tim might be a little pissed, but that’s what they get for bunking together.”

“What are you talking about, Brady? Kyle, I don’t get it.” I looked back and forth between them, uncomprehending.

Kyle growled out, “Shut up, Brady.” He turned to me and smiled. He shoveled up a plate of home-fries and eggs from the pan on the fire and handed it to me.

“Have something to eat and we’ll go talk, baby.”

I nodded as John handed me a fork, a big smile plastered on his face. Kyle took my hand and led me over to the vehicles. He let down the tailgate of his truck and we both hopped up onto it. I gladly dug into the food, starving. I could tell with the first bite that Kyle had made it.

“Good, Tony?” I was humming and purring. “Glad you like it. I have to tell you something. First, let me just say that it’s no big deal.” I’d slowed down chewing and nodded at him. He’d brought a cup of coffee and he handed it to me.

“This morning was fucking perfect.” He leaned closer to murmur, “I hope you meant what you said about tonight, too.” I nodded and took a sip of coffee to clear my throat so I could tell him but he started talking again before I could.

“No one knows why werewolves form into packs, we assume it’s instinct, like wolves in the wild. We form intense bonds with our pack members, sometimes stronger than our family bonds. Look at John and Brady, they followed me to another state when we were little more than pups. We don’t know if the pack thing is metaphysical, linked to the magic that makes us wolves, or if it’s biological, like pheromones or something. But we are intrinsically canlı poker oyna connected in some way to the other members of our pack.

“This morning, when you made love to me, we roused something in the rest of the pack. I should say that we aroused them, I guess.” He chuckled and rubbed a hand across my cheek, stroking his thumb over my cheekbone. “Everyone had the urge to mate, I mean, like it was necessary. We might not have even noticed it, but John was up and he says he practically attacked Sarah after he saw you run to the truck in all your glory.” He laughed and took the half eaten plate of food from me to set beside him.

“No one knows what happened with Mike and Tim. They must have been affected too. I know they’re straight but something must have happened, ’cause they won’t even look each other in the eye.” He grinned over at me, watching me from beneath his dark eyelashes. I could feel myself turning red.

“We’ll just have to be a little more careful in the future, Tony. No one got hurt, but I don’t know what might happen next time. Usually one couple can’t affect the whole group like that, maybe because I’m the Alpha…. I don’t know, maybe it’s connected to how we can speak to one another in our animal form, or maybe it’s because you mated to me last night. Who knows? We’ll just make sure to put some distance between us and the rest of them next time. At least, until we get a handle on this.” I nodded and turned to look out at our pack.

They were all running around, laughing. Some were holding hands and some were chasing each other. I saw Susan come out of her tent and Brady racing over to her, she took off for the woods and he gave chase. She was giggling and flipping her long blond hair, he was howling and trying to grab her ass.

“I guess whatever it is, it’s still lingering, huh?” I looked at Kyle and he nodded, grinning wide.

“Let’s go help them burn off some energy.” He pointed to the moon, still visible, low in the southeast sky. He took my hand and pulled me off the truck.

“I remember smelling water last night. There must be a lake or something over there.” He waved towards the west. He turned toward the clearing and whistled, loud enough to hurt. Everyone stopped and turned to watch as Kyle flung off his clothes and changed. They began following suit, one by one. I tugged off the shorts, throwing them into the bed of the truck, and let myself shift.

Kyle took off and I followed him, along with the rest of the pack. We ran for miles, dashing between trees and jumping over fallen trunks, the wolves howling and barking. Kyle stopped every so often to scent the air then we’d be on our way again. Finally we found the lake set in a valley between two low mountains.

We all ran for the lake, not slowing down, and jumped in. The water was super cold but invigorating. I paddled out a ways and turned to head back in. I watched all the wolves playing in the shallow water like puppies. I ducked under the water and came up human. I swam into the shallows, looking for Kyle.

I found him wrestling with another wolf over a stick. I called his name and he trotted over to me. His wolf looked so much bigger when I was in human form, bigger than any dog I’d ever seen. I put my hand out for him to smell me and he pushed his big head into my palm. I knelt down and scratched behind his ears while he licked my face.

[You taste good. Oh yeah, right there.] I was surprised to hear his voice in my head, but I didn’t stop scratching and petting. His right hind leg started thumping against the ground when I scratched harder where he’d said, like he couldn’t stop it. I started laughing, falling onto the ground. He came over and put his forepaws on my chest, pinning me, and growled. I laughed even harder, couldn’t stop laughing.

When I calmed down some he grinned down at me. He licked my face a couple times, purposely licking over my lips.

“Yuck, dog slobber.” I pushed my arms into his chest, forcing him off me. “Gross, Kyle. Turn, I want to swim.” He changed, laughing even as his human form fully emerged.

“You don’t mind it when I look like this. I was just giving you a kiss, baby.” He started laughing again.

“Sure, sure. You can keep your doggy kisses, fucker.” I sprang up, pushing my shoulder into his stomach and grabbing him by the back of the thighs, I stood up. I carried him toward the lake. He slapped my ass, protesting to be put down, so I threw him into the water. He came up sputtering, “Fuck, it’s cold.”

I jumped out to meet him and keep him in the water then took his hand to drag him out deeper. We swam out toward the middle of the lake, keeping pace with one another. Before too long Kyle slowed and turned onto his back. I did the same and we lay there floating with our fingers linked. He turned to me and without warning pushed me under. It was my turn to come up sputtering water.

“That’s what you get. Fair play, baby.” He pulled me to him and wrapped my legs around his waist. internet casino We both were treading water with our arms, gazes locked. I felt his cock growing against my thigh. He turned to look over his shoulder.

“Think they can see us?” He turned back to me, grinning, that sexy little thing he did where just the corners of his lips curled up.

“I think we’re pretty far away. You have something in mind, pup?” He growled and nodded to the closer shore. I used my legs to pull him under, letting him go quick I took off for the shore. He tried to grab my ankles but just missed me and a second later I heard him cutting into the water behind me. I pushed myself and made it to the shore a full minute before he did.

He came out of the water dripping, his tan line drew my eyes to his dick. It had lost some of its rigidity, but it was still swollen and pointing out from his incredible body. As he approached me, laughing, I got up on my knees and swallowed his wet cock.

“Aghh, no fair, baby. I was going to throw you back in. Shit, you’re throat feels so warm after that water.” I held him in my mouth and throat, feeling him grow hard inside me. I swallowed against the head and he groaned. He held my head and thrust gently into my mouth a couple times before groaning and pulling out.

“They can see us, Tony. Let’s go up in the trees.” He pulled me up and guided me towards the trees with a hand on my shoulder. He guided me to the wide trunk of a big, old tree and pushed me against it. I threw my hands out to catch myself against the bark and Kyle stepped in close behind me. He put one hand on my shoulder, holding me bent toward the tree, and put his other hand on my hip. He ran his thumb in circles over the skin at the top of my ass. He pressed his cock up to me, rubbing it between my ass cheeks. He used his feet to kick my legs farther apart, opening me up.

“How about a taste of what’s to come?” I moaned and pushed my ass back. I wanted him to fuck me, and realized that I missed his big dick inside of me. I expected, wanted him to take me hard and fast. I wanted him to be brutal, feral and shove his cock into me. I let out a begging, slutty little whimper. I was surprised when he pulled away and suddenly I felt the whiskers on his chin scraping along the cleft of my ass. He used his hands to pull my ass open and drove his tongue into me.

“Oh, K-Kyle. Fuck me.” I was gasping and stuttering. He spit onto my hole and used his tongue to press the saliva into me. My dick went hard as a rock. “Now, Kyle. I need you now.”

He stood up, I heard him spit a couple times, and suddenly his cock was pushing up into me. I met the pressure, pushing out with my inner muscles, and helped him impale me. He immediately started hammering his cock into me making my ass burn with the friction. We were both grunting and groaning, gasping and unable to speak as he worked his cock in and out of me. He was gripping my hips with both hands, I knew I’d have bruises bracketing my pelvis, while he assaulted my ass.

He pulled me up onto my toes, suspending me on his dick. He gave me three thrusts, going so deep, and I started screaming with the force of my orgasm. He followed right behind me, fucking into me hard, and I felt his hot come spurting inside me as he howled.

He pulled me up to lean back against him. I let my head fall back onto his shoulder as he shuddered, still pumping into me. We caught our breath for a moment then he pulled his dick slowly from inside me, letting some of his come leak out and run down the insides of my thighs. He turned me around and gave me a searing kiss, crushing my lips against my teeth. He ran one hand up into my hair as I cradled his shoulders.

“God, baby. It just gets better and better.” He cupped my ass with his other hand, pushing his middle finger just inside my come-slick hole. “Think that’ll hold us until tonight?” I nodded before laying my head on his shoulder and licking the salty sweat there.

“We should be heading back, before they start worrying. You gonna make it?”

“Yeah, let’s go, love.” I straightened up and took his hand to walk back to the lake.

We walked into the water and it helped cool down my overheated body. The water refreshing us, we swam for the distant shore. The rest of the pack had shifted back and most of them were lying in the sun, some of them still splashing in the water. As we got closer Brady and Susan got up to meet us at the shore.

Brady saw the handprints at my hips, just starting to turn a deeper color, and shook his head, grinning. Susan saw him and swatted at his arm.

“Ow, honey. Domestic violence.” She leaned up to kiss him on the cheek and he wrapped an arm around her. Then he leveled a serious look at Kyle and said, “Chicken-fight.” Susan laughed as he dragged her out into the water and ducked to put his head between her legs. He lifter her easily and turned toward us. I shrugged at Kyle and he smiled.

“We can take ’em, baby.” He pulled me out into deeper water and ducked down to lift me onto his shoulders. We took a second to get our balance then squared off against the other couple. Kyle and Brady approached each other and when we got close enough Susan and I reached to grapple.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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