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\NOTE: This is a sequel to a previous story, “Foxy Teacher.” For background and additional descriptions, see that story.


Selma Fox smiled as she looked out at her Senior English pupils on the second day of class. It wasn’t that they were all such outstanding students, because they were actually pretty ordinary. What brought about the smile was her memory of the terrific sex she had enjoyed with Jacob Olson on the previous evening, and how she intended to have more with Lincoln Carver after class that day. They were both 18 years old, so she wasn’t worried about getting into any trouble over either of them. Sometime in the very near future, she hoped to have both boys call on her at the small apartment she rented near the school, but that was still something she had to arrange.

To put her plan in motion, she stood up and walked among the students to return the information sheets they had filled out the previous afternoon. On other days, Selma would have asked a member of the class to attend to this detail, but she wanted to make a point of stopping at Lincoln’s desk. When she did, the horny teacher stood in front of him while he looked expectantly up at her. Bending over more than she really had to, Selma handed him his sheet, giving the young man a good look at her outstanding cleavage as she did so.

Lincoln Carver appreciated the display. Miss Fox, although she was known to be over forty years old, had an excellent figure, especially her breasts. There was also a rumor going around about how she sometimes had sex with some of the older boys. He doubted that it was true but, if it were, he fervently wished that he would sometime be one of those lucky guys, although he didn’t really expect that to ever happen. Even so, his hopes rose, along wirh his erection, when he gazed at her big, luscious tits and she smiled and spoke to him.

“Mr. Carver, I need some additional information on one of these questions. Can you stay after class and supply it please?”

“Yes, Miss Fox.”

Having scheduled what she thought of as another tryout for the position of her newest boytoy, Selma returned to the front of the classroom and spent most of the rest of the class period, which was the final one of the day, describing her expectations of the students that year and outlining how the class would be studying the entire text book. After assigning homework due the next day, the last few minutes of the period were spent removing everything from the top of her desk. She was known to do this every day, and she wanted to be sure everybody knew that, so nobody would attach any significance to it when she did it with the intention of sexually entertaining somebody on that surface.

The bell sounded, ending the school day and, everybody except her and young Lincoln left for the day. As the students filed out, Selma stood up and turned to the chalkboard to erase a few words. Her real reason for turning her back on the class was to unfasten another button on her blouse, so she could put even more of her breasts on display to the young man who would soon be standing at her desk and looking down at her.

Besides the low cut blouse, Selma was wearing a short skirt and, when she sat back down after doing the erasing, she pulled the hem up high enough to show off her thighs and the crotch of her sheer panties. Her legs were under the desk, so nobody leaving the room could see what she what she was showing off there, only Lincoln when he stopped by her desk as she had instructed him.

While he stood waiting, Selma scuffed out of her shoes, rolled her chair back out and turned it so she was facing him and giving him an even better look than he had gotten earlier at what she would be making available to him. Selma had long ago learned that subtlety in the process of seducing 18 year olds was a waste of their time and hers.

She smiled up at the tall black youth who was standing over her and noted the way his eyes kept moving back and forth between her breasts and the cameltoe that was visible in her panties. “Do you like what you see?” she asked him.

“Er, ah, um, what do you mean?” Lincoln thought he might be in trouble for staring lustfully at a teacher, and tried desperately to think of a way to make light of it.

Selma reached out and gently placed her left hand on the erection that looked as if it were trying to rip a hole in the young man’s tight blue jeans. “Your hard cock tells me you do like what you see.”

Lincoln was somewhat inexperienced, but not at all stupid. The actions of Miss Fox made him realize the rumors had been true, and that he was about to get a chance at what he had been wishing for earlier. He stood where he was, and the hand that had been placed on his growing erection became much more aggressive, as its fingers wrapped around his cock, which quickly became completely stiff, although still tightly encased in his pants.

Happy and excited at how well her seduction was going, Selma reached out with her right güvenilir bahis hand to unzip the fly on the student’s jeans. Once the zipper was all the way down, she reached through the opening with the same hand, but turning it sideways so it could pass through the fly of his jockey shorts to fondle what interested her. She exulted in how it felt, so long and thick and hard, but there was a very minor problem. Lincoln Carver’s stiff cock was too big to fit through the fly of either his underwear or his pants.

This was really more of an opportunity than a problem, since Selma intended to remove both of those garments anyhow. She withdrew her hand and used it and its mate to unbutton the waist of his blue jeans — he wasn’t wearing a belt — and pull them down to his knees. Quickly but gently, holding his erection out of the way, she pulled his underwear down to the same level. Lincoln’s cock, fully erect and ready for fun, popped out, aiming at her face. To Selma, it looked like a giant sized chocolate bar, and she knew it would be every bit as much of a treat to her mouth, and later to her pussy.

She could have remained sitting, but Selma prefers kneeling in front of a man when she sucks him off so, holding Lincoln’s cock in one hand, she got to her knees and pushed her chair out of the way. She loves the velvety texture, so she started by licking the head for a few short strokes, and those were followed by a series of concentric circles. As Selma moved her face closer, her tongue caressed all over the head and probed the slit in the end, before licking around his shaft directly under the ridge.

She could tell the young man had a truly excellent cock, one that would give her mouth a lot of fun, and be equally delightful later when it was driving in and out of her pussy. It was big, but not so big that it would cause pain or be unable to fit between her lips and be moved around by her tongue. Selma was not the least bit surprised at its bigger than average size, because he was a large young man. She was also fully aware that the myth of the colossally hung black stud was little more than a story that had been made up to scare white people.

Lincoln Carver didn’t say anything about the developing situation. He had no wish to initiate a conversation that would lead to the English teacher starting to use her mouth to talk, when it was already so excellently occupied. He also didn’t want to say anything that might make her change her mind and stop what she was doing. Consequently, he did no more than watch his cock being slowly engulfed by Miss Fox’s mouth.

It was a beautiful sight, but the physical sensations were many times better than the visual treat. He could feel her tongue curling around and caressing him, and he could feel her lips pursing against his shaft as it slipped between them. Before the entire length had been enveloped, he felt the tip brush up against the back of her mouth, and he saw and felt her slowly drawing her face back. All the time, throughout the first stroke with her mouth, the teacher’s warm brown eyes were looking up at him, and he was looking down on her pretty face and dark hair.

“You have a really nice cock here, Lincoln. We’re going to have some fun with it this afternoon,” she told him, before starting to once again slowly engulf the big, dark brown object of her admiration.

This time, when the tip reached the back of her mouth, Selma opened up her throat and didn’t stop enveloping the cock until her lips were pressed against the young man’s curly black pubic hair. The first full stroke had been an extremely delightful experience for her, and she drew her mouth back to begin a long series of even better ones.

Before doing that, however, Selma wanted to get more comfortable. Holding the tip of Lincoln’s cock between her lips, she unbuttoned her blouse the rest of the way, peeled it off and placed it on the arm of her chair. She leaned forward slightly, taking the cock more deeply into her mouth, and reached up her back to unhook and remove her bra. This garment was draped on top of her blouse.

Thoroughly enjoying the greater freedom of movement, Selma placed her hands on the young man’s hips and started moving her head back and forth, taking his cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat with every stroke. His pubic hair tickled her nose and lips every time she enveloped his long, hard shaft, but the glorious way his cock filled her mouth more than made up for any discomfort it might have caused.

Lincoln was not completely inexperienced, but the great sex he was already getting that evening was the best of his life. The visual aspect was great; he relished looking down on the sexy teacher who was kneeling in front of him, her big, white breasts swaying with every movement. Even better was seeing his dark cock gliding in and out of her pretty face. With each and every stroke of her mouth, her eyes looked up at him, making the young man feel pride at being the one chosen for the after school türkçe bahis session with the sexy English teacher. The only thing he hoped, outside of continuing to enjoy the great sex, was that he could live up to what he thought were probably high standards.

He was doing that and more. The admiration in her eyes was real, because his cock stretched her mouth perfectly, and she loved the feel of the warm skin as it glided in and out between her lips. Selma’s tongue laved its entire length, all the way from the tip to the base of the student’s scrotum with every stroke, reveling in the way the skin was stretched so tightly over its hard roundness. She was taking her time, wanting to make the fun last, although she was also very much looking forward to having her mouth filled with the young man’s cum and relishing its taste and texture.

Although she wanted to take a long time, and even feel the big brown cock rubbing her nipples and sliding between her breasts, Selma felt it starting to throb inside her mouth, and she knew what that meant. Although feeling rather disappointed at being unable to have the thick shaft pleasure more than just her mouth, she concealed it, not wanting the young man to feel he had disappointed her. She had plans for more than just one night with the handsome boytoy, and building up his ego would be necessary if those plans were to come to fruition.

Lincoln knew his climax was imminent too. “I’m ready to cum, Miss Fox,” he told her.

Not wanting to talk with her mouth full, and not wanting to empty it, Selma did not respond to the news that she already knew, except to signal “OK” with the thumb and forefinger of her right hand. She also sucked faster and stopped giving deep throat, because wanted to be sure the delicious semen didn’t shoot straight down her throat before she had a chance to fully relish its flavor and texture. Her tongue was positioned in just the right place that he knew she would catch all the cum the man produced for her.

For less than another minute she sucked, until the cock in her mouth jerked and a big gob of viscous juice landed right where she wanted it. Selma savored the taste and kept sucking, because she was certain there would be more of it forthcoming. She was right; Lincoln Carver ejaculated twice more, gushing his cum all over the inside of her mouth, but Selma continued sucking until she was certain he was finished. Delicately holding Lincoln’s cock upright so nothing would drip out and be wasted, she moved her lips away from it and swirled inside her mouth all the semen he had fed her, before letting it slip down her throat.

There was still plenty of cum on the cock she was holding, so Selma licked it all off, making sure to wrap her tongue around the ridge to get everything that was clinging there. After cleaning off the outside, she placed her thumb in front of Lincoln’s scrotum and her fingers on the opposite side of his cock. Slowly and carefully, she moved her hand toward her mouth, squeezing out all the cum and letting it please her taste buds. When her fingers reached the end, Selma’s tongue probed into the slit on the head of the cock held in her fingers, before treating the mouthful of cum she had just earned as she had dealt with the first one.

Giving Lincoln that blow job and swallowing all his cum had been immensely pleasurable, and Selma was elated that his cock had hardly softened at all. She hoped and expected to get it into her pussy a little later. Before that would happen, though, there was something else she wanted.

The horny English teacher stood up in front of her student and smiled. “I enjoyed that very much, Lincoln, and I hope you did too.”

“I sure did.”

“I surely did. It’s an adverb, you know. Now, I want you to do the same thing for me.”

“Yes, I surely did, and I will surely enjoy doing the same thing for you.” Lincoln had eaten the pussies of several girl friends and had enjoyed it immensely, and he expected to have just as much fun eating out the hot teacher.

Selma took her large purse out of the bottom drawer and placed it on the top of her desk where she would use it as a pillow. She unbuttoned her skirt, pulled down the zipper and bent over, sliding it down far enough that she could step out of it. When it was off, she folded it and placed it on the edge of her desk to provide padding for her thighs. Her panties were already sopping wet with the juices from her pussy after sucking off Lincoln and relishing everything about his cum, and she peeled them and her nylon stockings down and off around her feet, leaving them on the floor.

Completely naked, the sexy teacher climbed on top of her desk with her legs hanging over the end and smiled an invitation at the man in front of her. He knew what that meant, and got to her knees so she could raise her legs and rest them on his shoulders, and he could wrap his arms around her thighs, leaving his face inches away from the pussy that he and almost all the boys in the school güvenilir bahis siteleri were lusting for. Knowing everything was ready and going perfectly, Selma lay back and rested her head on the purse she would be using as a pillow.

Lincoln gazed with delight at the beautiful sight that was being presented to him. Although more than twice as old as any he had eaten or even seen before, it was at least as beautiful as the pussy of any girl or woman he had known intimately. Miss Fox had apparently shaved herself there recently, because the creamy skin was hairless, with no more than a slight dark shadow, which perfectly outlined the soft pink of her slit. Her inner lips were swollen with her lust and blossoming through the narrow aperture, like dark pink flower petals. At the upper end of those lips her adorable clit was also swollen, and he could see how it was starting to push its way through its protective hood.

He leaned in closer and gently separated the edges of her slit and breathed in the fragrant cloud that arose. Her lips were shiny wet, and Lincoln pressed his tongue against one of them to sample the fluid that was there. It tasted even better than it smelled, and he glanced to the left and to the right and saw drops clinging to the insides of the teacher’s thighs. Not wanting to allow anything so delicious to go to waste, he licked everything off her soft skin and his tongue started caressing her crotch.

Pleasure rippled through Selma’s body from where the young man licked the juices from her thighs, and even stronger thrills radiated out from her crotch when his tongue stroked her there. The sensations were even better when his ministrations started up one outer lip, and she was glad the young man knew how to please a woman. She was also glad she had shaved her pussy the previous day, because Lincoln’s tongue on her sensitive bare skin sent thrills through her body and she started squirming under his face. As the student’s obviously experienced mouth traveled slowly up to her mons, thrills of pleasure shot through Selma’s body from everywhere his tongue caressed her. When she looked down her body and saw his face, with her juices smeared on his lips and chin, she encouraged him to keep doing what he had started.

“That’s wonderful, Lincoln. I know you’re going to make me cum if you keep that up.”

He grinned back at her and kept it up. Like most men, one of his greatest sexual pleasures was having his partner enjoy a great orgasm, and that was what he wanted to do for her that afternoon. After bringing his mouth back down to where he had started, the young man feasted on the wealth of fresh juices and started treating the other lip the same. Very slowly, his tongue meandered up the smooth skin of the horny English teacher’s pussy, loving the soft texture, until Lincoln’s lips once more reached her soft mons. He kissed her there again, and his mouth returned to its starting point with no need for any directions.

After savoring all the fresh nectar again, Lincoln’s tongue started caressing the small, very sensitive area between the origins of an inner and an outer lip, and continued upward to the point where they are close together. He slightly tilted his head and squeezed his tongue into the seam between the labia so he could lick them both at the same time. The soft, spongy texture of the inner lip felt exceptionally good, and the strokes of his tongue there must have felt the same way to Miss Fox, because her movements under his face went from squirming to writhing, and her pussy started fucking up against his mouth.

The blow job she had given him earlier was easily the best he had ever gotten, and the pussy he was eating was the wettest and tastiest and most appealing. Lincoln was extremely glad to be the one chosen by the hot English teacher to stay after school and sexually please her. He pressed his face snugly against her pussy and licked the rest of the way up to the end of the inner lip, where it forms one half of her clit hood. When he raised his face to survey his partner’s body, the scene that met his gaze was the most erotic thing he had ever seen.

Her eyes were closed in bliss, and her mouth was partly open in a grimace of pleasure, while her head tossed back and forth on the makeshift pillow. The teacher’s sexy, naked body was rocking from side to side on her ass, as well as writhing ecstatically on the top of the desk. Her big breasts, so much lovelier when naked and unrestrained by her clothing, swayed with her movements. Lincoln had never seen a girl or woman respond so wantonly and with so much lustful joy to his sexual attentions, and it gave him a strong feeling of pride to think that he was giving this hot and experienced woman such a great time.

He felt even better after looking down and seeing her swollen clit. When he started eating her pussy, it had been peeking out from under its protective hood, but the little darling had become so engorged with lust it had pushed its way completely out from that protection. It was one of the most enticing things Lincoln had ever seen, resembling a lustrous, pink pearl, and he knew he would have it in his mouth in a few minutes, and would bring his partner to a great climax by sucking and licking it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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