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Carl and Mark sat across from one another staring into the campfire. Each lost in his own thoughts, comfortable enough with one another to allow the silence to stretch out as the sun sank slowly over the tree tops. The disappearance of the sun did not take away the oppressive heat of a midsummer night in southern Mississippi.

Carl watched sparks jump deep within the heart of the burning wood, savoring the unique beauty of the fire. He wondered quietly to himself how many more of these trips he would have with his best friend. Each had graduated earlier in the summer, and had vowed to remain close as they began the next phase in life. Their summer camping trips had been a tradition going back to the early days of their friendship. As soon as their fathers had given them permission to camp on the two hundred acre property they had managed to make it into the woods at least twice a month.

He watched Mark swat at the mosquitos that plagued the area this time of the year. The smoke offered little protection from the pests, neither did the various bug sprays that he had accidently left sitting on the counter back at the house.

The silence was broken as Mark swore loudly at a particularly annoying insect that seemed to feel his ear was a good place to rest its weary wings.

“These damn things are going to eat us live,” he said, “next time for God’s sake please don’t forget the spray.”

Carl chuckled and tossed him the flask he had been holding. “Take a nip of this. It’ll help you forget the bugs.”

Mark shook his head giving Carl a wry look before tilting the flask back and enjoying a very large portion of Uncle George’s moonshine.

“Holy crap, that is strong. How much have you had?”

“I don’t know. Too much by the way you keep getting hazy.” Carl swatted a mosquito. “I don’t remember having this kind of insect problem when we started all of this.”

“We were too busy having fun back then to think about it, I guess,” Mark answered, “We used to find better ways to spend our time than drink.”

Carl’s fuzzy mind felt a tug. Could Mark be referring to the one topic they never discussed? They had fiddled with each other before. Back in their senior year of high school and a few times in their early years of college. Never anything major. Just an exchange of handjobs and blowjobs between friends. Could he be bringing it up?

“You know, we used to go swimming pretty much every time we came out here.”

…Apparently he wasn’t.

“Oh yeah, I remember. Those were the good ol’ days weren’t they? Just two friends, naked and swimming in the moonlight; probably a good thing the girls don’t know.”

Mark laughed, “It certainly is, you know how jealous poker oyna they get. We had some good times back in the day. We should do it again someday. Dammit, let’s go right now. Anything is better than being eaten alive by mosquitos.”

Carl stood up, elated at the idea. “I’m game. I’ll get a flashlight. The pond isn’t all that far away.”

As it turned out, the pond was in fact “that far away.” The area had grown up since the last time they had camped out, and neither was completely sure the correct way to the pond. But after forty minutes pushing thru the bramble and the thorns they stumbled out to the edge of the small pond.

Carl wasted no time in stripping off his shirt and shorts and throwing his briefs onto a branch and plunging in. As he resurfaced he realized that Mark had not followed him into the dark waters. He looked around and saw him standing on the bank.

Mark may not have jumped in, but he was ready to. His clothes lay in a rumpled pile beside him. He stood, hands on his hips in the light of the moon, looking like a Grecian sculpture. His muscular form was crisp and neat. Each muscle thrown into stark relief as the moon turned his normally tan skin into alabaster and contrasted with the dark shadows surrounding them.

Carl felt an involuntary twitch between his legs. He was getting aroused! What the hell? Those days were long gone, they were much younger then, this was different. He was glad that he was waist deep in the water so his friend could not see his reaction.

“Are you going to come in,” he yelled trying to keep the strange hoarseness out of his voice. He hoped Mark would listen, the sight of that body was doing things to him and he hoped it being submerged in water would help. Out of sight out of mind.

But Mark seemed content to just stand there for a moment. He stretched languidly, arching backwards. His hips thrust forward and Carl gave out an accidental gasp. He was not small by any means, but Mark was hanging out a tool that made him shudder with suppressed desire.

Mark must have heard the gasp because he was looking at Carl intently.

“Dude, put that thing away and get in here.”

Mark made no indication that he heard or cared. He continued to stare.

Carl was quickly approaching full on panic. Why in hell was he getting aroused? He wasn’t gay…was he? He had occasionally looked at gay porn, but only as a curiosity, it didn’t mean anything. Did it?

Mark slowly moved a hand to his flaccid member and began stroking it, never taking his eyes off of Carl. It was too much; Carl felt himself begin to grow beneath the water.

“What the fuck, man!” He was shocked and excited and altogether confused. canlı poker oyna Mark however seemed to feel anything but confused; he was slowly working himself into a proud erection under Carl’s startled gaze.

“I told you I wanted it to be like the old times, Carl. This is pretty much how I remember it. Except, I think you were closer.”

Carl blinked as the weight of what he had just heard slowly sank in. Mark wanted him to stare, wanted him to do even more than stare. All of his hesitancy was lost, he would deal with what these feelings meant another time, right now he had other things to attend to.

“Why don’t you come in the water where I can get to you?”

Mark smiled and obliged. He stepped into the water, and waded toward Carl.

They faced each other, no more than an arm’s reach between them. Carl was finding that it was suddenly hard to breathe. Marks impressive physique seemed to have a direct connection to his lungs. His heart was pounding like it might come out of his chest as Mark took a step closer.

They were almost nose to nose, Carl felt the tips of their erect members bumping against each other beneath the dark water. He felt his chest tighten with anticipation.

Mark reached out and grabbed him lightly. His hands moved gently up and down the erect shaft, coaxing it gently into full attention.

Carl moaned with pleasure. The sensation of Mark’s calloused hands playing with him sent tremors up his spine and throughout his body. He had forgotten the strange thrill these interactions had for him.

He reached out and tweaked Mark’s nipples and was rewarded with a gasp of appreciation. He continued to pinch his way down the hard stomach until he reached the base of Mark’s cock. He wrapped his hand around the huge member and realized it was even bigger than he thought. His thumb and middle finger barely touched.

He pulled toward himself, letting his hand move lightly over the heavily corded flesh.

“Let’s get out,” Mark whispered, “I want to see.”

They made their way back to the bank and spread their clothes out in order to avoid getting dirt all over themselves. Mark lay down first. His cock still hard enough that it did not lay flat on his chest.

“Come and get it.”

Carl needed no second bidding. He crouched down between Mark’s splayed legs and took the huge treat in both hands and began working his way up and down. He watched as Mark melted under his touch. His head rolled over, his breathing became ragged, and his cock continued to harden.

Carl started to increase his speed, twisting his hands in opposite directions and was rewarded with a satisfied moan. But finally, he could resist no more and internet casino leaned over Mark and took the tip of the cock into his mouth. It completely filled him. He was astounded by just how large the head alone was and attempted to get more of the shaft between his lips.

He continued to stroke with his hands as his head bobbed up and down. Mark squirmed under the intensified pleasure, his hips beginning to rock in rhythm with Carl’s administered touch.

“Wait. Stop.”

Carl looked up, “Is something wrong?”

“I’m not ready to cum yet. Let me work on you.”

Carl readily obliged. Mark sat up and reached out to get hold of Carl’s half erect penis and started to work it into its former hardened state. Carl leaned back on his elbows to enjoy the sensation and let his head rock back.

He stared into the heavens, enjoying the splay of stars overhead as Mark continued to work magic with his hand. Soon he felt Mark’s hot breath at the base of his cock, and shuddered as his friend’s tongue and lips ensnared the side of his member.

Mark worked his way up one side and down the other, slowly licking and kissing every inch. He stopped at the tip and ran his tongue around the head. He started slowly but each time around the speed increased until the sensation began to overpower Carl and he felt the familiar clenching.

Mark must have felt it too for he suddenly stopped and waited for it to subside. Carl looked down, watching as Mark stroked himself to maintain his own erection. Mark met his eyes and smiled before leaning back down over Carl’s cock and began blowing him again.

Carl reached out to take over Mark’s work on that huge cock and began stroking in time with Mark’s bobbing head.

He felt the clenching again, but Mark didn’t let up this time. He felt his cock begin to twitch with anticipation as Mark sped up his tempo.

“I am about to blow,” Carl warned his friend in case he wanted to remove his lips, but Mark apparently had no intention of doing that and reached out a hand to aid in bringing out Carl’s juices.

The added sensation was too much and Carl’s head was thrown back in ecstasy as he fired his load into Mark’s eager mouth. As his own orgasm came to an end he felt the cock in his own hand begin to throb. He pulled it in his direction and watched and wave after wave of hot cum splashed across his legs and stomach. Mark sighed with relief as he spent himself on his friend.

Carl stood up, looking down into Mark’s face. A bit of his semen found its way onto Mark’s chin and he fondly wiped it away.

“Perhaps we should get back in and wash off,” he suggested.

“I think that might be a good idea,” Mark readily answered, looking at the mess he had made all over Carl. He stood up and took a few steps toward the pond before looking back and smiling.

“Do you have plans tomorrow night? I’d like to camp out again…you know…for old time’s sake.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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