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It has been about 3 months since I last wrote of a special love in my life. My grammar and spelling has not improved but home life just gets better every day.

Karen and I still have Marie, Karen’s mom, living with us and don’t see this changing in near future. I hope not anyway. Some guys complain about mother in laws but if they just spent a little quality time with them maybe it would make a big difference. I still cherish that special kiss. The first time she let me touch her breasts and pussy. The first load of cum that was left between the pussy lips my wife entered this world from so many years ago. Until a mother-in-law and son-in-law join together, you don’t know what your missing. Age is not important and I think women get better with age.

Karen will be away this weekend and looks like it will be just Marie and I at home. Saturday is Marie’s 72nd birthday and I have a special weekend planned. Marie and I talked about the past few times and if we wanted to do it again. We both agree that no matter if it is called sex or love we both want to have fun while Karen is gone.

I ordered some special items for the weekend and have given the panties and bra to Marie already, just to check the size. On Saturday Marie has agreed to wear the thin lavender panties and bra set when we go out in the evening. She will be my special lady for the whole weekend.

This morning when Marie came into the kitchen she gave me my morning kiss, something she does most mornings when Karen sleeps in, and it was one of those special kisses that I enjoy.

Marie asked if I would like to see her in the poker oyna panties now or wait, as she brushed against my semi hard cock. Then with a little smile she said she would do anything I asked and my cock could be in any part of her body Saturday.

Marie doesn’t know but I also ordered a special toy for her birthday. Saturday, Marie will have a 7 inch vibrating black cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Marie will ride that toy as she has my cum filling her belly again. She is one of the few women I know that loves that taste of cum.

Because of her age I am a little nervous about fucking her ass but her pussy is about to be fucked until she can’t take no more.

Marie has told me so many stories about when she was younger and some of the guys she fucked before meeting Karen’s dad. She also said when she was younger she had sex with a sister,Ellen.

Just the normal sisters sharing a bedroom in teen years and how girl talk had progressed to touching and oral sex. Marie and Ellen did continue even after marriage and have gotten together a lot but not in past ten or fifteen years.

Marie did say this weekend she would do ANYTHING I ASKED. MMMMMMMMMMM! I plan to ask Marie to call Ellen and ask her over, since she lives in this area. I would like to watch Marie kissing and hugging Ellen. I want to see Ellen’s tongue licking Marie’s pussy like I have done for the past year. I also have wanted to have a threesome with myself,Marie and Karen and have not dared to ask Karen. To watch 2 sisters eating each others pussy will be awesome but still hope Karen will be a part someday. Marie does canlı poker oyna what I ask and I will write again next to tell about the weekend. I can almost see that black rubber cock in Marie’s pussy. I also can picture Marie licking my cum as it flows out of Ellen’s cunt. Marie at 72 and Ellen at 70 being to old ……I wonder how I could get the two together again. You don’t know what your missing tell you meet your mother in law in a sexual way. If opportunity knocks I hope every guy puts a smile on his mother in laws face. They deserve it guys. Don’t be afraid to have a fantasy and if reality is an option……….. you will never be sorry.

I had printed and left a draft copy on my desk to reread and decided it was short and would need to have more added to the story. Marie happen to read the story and felt she should talk to her sister and see what would happen.

Karen did go away last weekend and returned yesterday. I had my hopes up to spent time in bed with Marie and enjoy each others company. Friday evening Marie’s sister, Ellen, stopped in to visit. I had hoped to be just be Marie and I and was a little disappointed.

Marie said she would be back and went to her bedroom to get something. Ellen said something about how close Marie and her had always been and never kept secrets. Ellen came up closer and put her arms around my neck and gave me a little peck on the lips.

Ellen said, ” naughty boy has been playing when the wife is away. I hear you have fucked your wife’s mom and now you want to see her get her pussy licked. Is that true?”

I was never so scared as that internet casino moment and very nervously said, yes.

Ellen said, “if I lick Marie’s pussy do I get this nice cock in my pussy?” Ellen reach between my legs and rubbed the cock that was about to fill her cunt with hot cum.

Marie was around the corner and entered the room in the bra and panties I had purchased her last week. Marie and Ellen kissed and hands were all over each others tits like young school girls.

As Ellen lifted her dress, to show no panties,

Marie was getting on her knees. Marie kiss both of Ellen’s inner thighs and inched closer to that sweet tasting female nectar that was dripping from Ellen’s cunt. Marie slide a toy black cock in Ellen’s pussy as I unzipped and pulled out my cock. As I came near to Ellen’s face with my cock her eyes and mouth opened at the same time. Ellen sucks cock as well as Marie and Karen. This whole family of two generations were professional cocksuckers.

Marie and Ellen, both past 70, may not be as juicy and wet between their legs as when they were younger but both love a hard cock.

Marie stood as I slide my cock between Ellen’s legs and Marie guided the head to her sister’s waiting pussy. I could not hold back and after only a minute filled Ellen’s cunt to overflowing. As my cock started to soften and come out of Ellen’s cunt Marie was there to lick up all the cum that was coming out of Ellen’s cunt.

As I write I just can’t put into words the fun you can have with women this age. They know how to fuck and they want cock and will do anything to make a son in law happy. I still hope Karen will someday join her mom and I in bed. Until then Karen’s mom and aunt will take care of me. After 70 you just never know how many quality years are left so let the old girls enjoy life to the fullest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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