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Every Youth Deserves An Older Woman Ch. 1

The summer of my junior year I worked for Lester and Mary, a married couple who were friends of my parents. Actually, I worked for Mary, who was a real estate broker and needed a handyman to work in some of the properties she managed for investors.

She hired me on a job-by-job basis and kept me busy all summer. I painted four houses and two apartments, replaced a couple of faucets and doors, trimmed lawns, cleaned pools and earned a good buck for a high school kid.

Mary was more than twice my age, in her late thirties or early forties with porcelain skin and a mature body that made a teenager feel the power of wanton desire. Her hair was elegantly cut; her face had some age lines but it made her look like a woman, more desirable than some college coed or high school cheerleader.

I was not an awe struck virgin; I had already experienced three girlfriends at my age level but I wondered what Mary would be like…many a night I stroked my meat in bed thinking of my cock entering the moons of her ass, rubbing my head up and down her wet slit, banging her with lustful abandon.

The summer I graduated from high school, I went back to work for Mary, hoping to save up some money for college. Her husband, a balding man with an unremarkable physique taught art in a local high school and had a fair reputation as an accomplished oil painter.

I was not painting oils, but houses. On my third day on the job I was indoor painting an empty house without air conditioning, so I wore only a pair of old nylon gym shorts without underwear. Three hours into the job I was sweating profusely and the shorts were matted to my flesh, outlining even the hairs surrounding my cock.

That’s when Mary showed up, coming by hoping I could finish the job by the end of the day and as she walked through the open door, behind my back, I could sense her stopping for a moment even without seeing her. I thought I heard a tiny gasp, then I turned towards her as I looked directly at her eyes which blinked then glanced down. Her face flushed and she looked at me, not quite at my eyes but around me, like an embarrassed school girl.

We talked about the job and for the three minutes the conversation lasted, her flush remained and her eyes strayed twice towards my cock outlined by the red nylon fabric. The whole moment had made me semi-hard and I was finding the situation too interesting to worry about circumstances. At eighteen the only thing I wanted was that warm full body with the smooth ass and silver dollar nipples outlined on the fabric of her dress.

She left and I masturbated in the bathroom of that very warm house, wondering what it would be like to enter her body, to possess her flesh.

—- ——— ———– ———

When I walked into the unit,I was stunned. Ricky was practically naked, all he had on was a sweatband and little red gym shorts that were soaked. As I entered the room I could see his back covered by a sheen of sweat, the muscles on his ass tightening as he stretched to paint the higher edge of the wall.

When he turned his shorts were transparent with perspiration and the young man’s organ was perfectly clear and somewhat awake. His body was hard, without fat, the beads of sweat clinging or rolling down his neck, arms and thighs.

The sight of Ricky excited me. I hade never cheated on my husband in twenty-four years of marriage but the thought flashed through my mind when I saw the almost naked young man covered in a sheen of sweat, an animal scent emanating from him, raw power waiting to be unleashed, a thick tube of flesh outlined on his shorts.

I talked to Ricky stumbling with my sentences and left feeling flushed.

I am not a prude. I had relationships with three boyfriends over a two year period before I married Lester and I am a happily married woman. Our sex life has been healthy, spiced up by watching videos and filming ourselves, sex in public places and toys of all types. We have sunbathed naked in Jamaican beaches and seen live sex shows in Amsterdam. Lester has painted two nude oils of me but all the various experiences never included a third person.

Truth is, Lester likes me to fuck other men. I have wondered if my husband is bisexual, for his fantasies always involve men fucking me, while the possibility of Lester with another woman has never been mentioned.

We have talked about a threesome or an adulterous adventure for years but it has always been a game. Lester recently took me to a male strip club where a female audience tipped the dancers by placing bills on their jockstraps and I tipped four men, feeling them as I placed the bill, pulling back the jockstrap. As the men performed their cocks bobbed up and down and I was mesmerized.

That same night, while Lester fucked me he asked me which one of the four dancers I would like to bang the most; knowing his desires I told him I would fuck all four while he watched, suck their fat cocks and sit on their dicks so they could fuck me deeply, which is the kind of filth talk that my husband poker oyna enjoys. Actually, that night I was so turned on from watching those dancers flailing their cocks in front of my face that I would have enjoyed being taken by all four. Our orgasm was explosive that night.

Lester suggested several times that a third party would be interesting but although the fantasy was exciting, I was not sure I would enjoy or be able to carry out a real intimate act with a man other than my husband.

As I drove home I imagined what it would be like to spend a night with Ricky, sucking his sweaty cock, bending over as his meat entered the folds of my flesh, feeling his teeth nibbling my nipples while his fingers played with my cunt and my fingernails scratched his naked stomach, feeling his hands on my ass…

I was very excited. After twenty-four years of marriage I now considered fulfilling my husband’s fantasy.

If Lester wanted it and I wanted it, why not? Would I dare seduce this young man? Suck his manhood? Open my legs to his cock? Would Ricky be attracted to me? I am a friend of his family, more than twice his age. This would be insane… still, he was so well muscled, so full of life and energy, so ready to be taken by a woman who could show him things he had never imagined…I wondered if Ricky was a virgin and if not how experienced was he?

“Honey,” I said as I entered our home, “Do I have a surprise for you.”

————- ————— ————– ——–

The next incident happened two days later. I did my pool maintenance route, balancing the water chemistry and cleaning out filters for four maintenance properties, the fifth and last stop being Mary’s pool.

It was almost eleven in the morning, the Florida sun bright and warm. When I entered the screened patio of Mary’s home in Coral Gables I was surprised to find her sipping ice tea on a deck chair, wearing a conservative yet interesting two piece bathing suit that outlined her chest, the nipples pressed tight against the thin fabric. My cock began to throb inside my denim shorts.

“I figured you would be in the office by now,” I said.

“I’m taking a couple of days off,” she answered, “I did eleven closings in the last five weeks and the property management has required a lot of planning. I need to recharge my batteries. Have you finished early today?”

“Unless you have a yard to mow or a room to paint,” I said as I tested the water, “It looks like I’m finished before noon.”

“Good for you,” she said,”Enjoy your afternoon. Would you like some ice tea?”


I admired her ass as she walked ahead of me. Was it my imagination or could it be the moment, the right time to make a move? She knew I would come to work on her pool and she waited for me, wearing a bathing suit, her nipples outlined against the thin fabric.

“Here,” she said, handing me a tall glass of ice tea.

“Thank you,” I said as I took a generous gulp and placed the glass on the countertop.

“You are welcome,” she answered, hesitating for a moment before she continued talking, “If you are free this afternoon you are welcome to have lunch with me and use the pool.”

I did not answer right away. I was unsure on how to proceed. Was it just an invitation or a seduction move? Making a move on a married woman who knows my parents well was not a wise option, although still an option.

“Of course,” Mary said, “If you would rather spend the afternoon with your peers, hang out with smart, young and pretty girls…”

“No way,” I answered, “You are smarter and prettier than any of my peers.”

“That’s flattering,” she said with a chuckle, “I was pretty when I was your age but the years take their toll.”

“I guess all women are the same,” I said, “at any age.”

“Why is that?”

“You like to be told what you already know.”

“And that is?”

“That you look hot for any age level.”

“Thank you, Ricky, that’s the most flattering thing anyone has said to me this year.”

Our conversation cooled momentarily as I was unsure how to follow up. Mary excused herself for a moment, then returned with a mischievous look on her face.

“Can you keep a secret?” she asked.

“Sure thing.”

“Then follow me. I want you to see something.”

As she moved ahead of me I was tempted to grab her ass, fondle it, squeeze it, yet remained outwardly cool, wondering what Mary wanted me to see.

Two oil paintings of a younger Mary, totally nude, hung side by side on the wall of the master bedroom. The first one showed a frontal view of Mary walking into a lake, the water reaching just below her knees, the hairs of her mound and nipples of her breast illuminated by sunlight. The second painting showed Mary laying flat on a branch of a fallen tree in the forest, her ass white and creamy in contrast with the lush green of the scenery surrounding her.

“Lester painted these ten years ago.”

“They take my breath away.”

“Thanks for the compliment.”

“You haven’t changed.”

“Think so?” she teased, flirting, canlı poker oyna sending the signals.

“If I could paint I’d ask you to pose.”

“You won’t tell anyone I showed you these paintings? They are private.”

“Of course. I can keep a secret.”

“Can you keep two?”

“Sure. What is the second?”

She removed the top of her bathing suit, letting her creamy soft breasts with hard tipped nipples bob free.

My fantasy was becoming reality.

———– —————– ——————- ————-

As I bared my breasts to Ricky, two video cameras were filming the scene. One camera with pre-adjusted focus covered almost the whole room from it’s hiding place in the walk in closet. The second camera was filming from a well planned location between stacks of volumes on a bookshelf. I had pressed the record button on both only moments before, when I had excused myself briefly.

Lester was at work. I had insisted on some privacy for the seduction of Ricky and the idea of filming the moment had excited us both.

As Ricky looked at my tits, as his dick twitched inside the confines of his denim shorts, I felt a flush of excitement and wondered what Lester was doing at that very moment when his wife exposed herself to an eighteen year old boy.

In spite of his youth, Ricky acted with some confidence. He pulled me towards him and kissed me with passion, his arms curling around my body, the scent of his body feeling my senses.

We rolled on the bed, my bottom swim suit removed by his hands while he continued kissing me. Ricky opened my legs and buried his face in my slit, licking, nibbling, penetrating with tongue and finger as I moaned loudly and bucked against his hand.

Ricky was no innocent boy for he proved he was a magnificent oral lover, better than Lester or my three old boyfriends. The young man knew how to tease and to penetrate at the right time. He was enthusiastic and took his time, which was not needed, for I was fevereshly wet with joy and raw lust.

His head lifted momentarily from between my legs. His lips were moist from my excitement.

“You are almost there, aren’t you?” he asked as he fingered my swollen clit.

“Oh, yes….almost…”

“You like this?” he said as two fingers twirled inside my cunt.

“Oh, yes, Ricky….Ooooohhhhh!!”

The orgasm that jolted my body was a toe curling experience but instead of relaxing me it only opened up new gates of lust. Before the last spasm had passed I twirled around on the bed, undressed him in a gasping frenzy, pulling his pants down stroking his meat. I smiled at him and kissed him lightly then swallowed Ricky’s cock, nibbling the head and licking the underside while the boy moaned in surprised delight.

His cock was thicker than my husband’s and the hardness was tempered steel. I took him in my mouth, my nails playing with his balls as his own hand grasped my ass firmly.

As I felt Ricky’s meat in my mouth I imagined Lester teaching his afternoon class, wondering if his wife had consumated the seduction. Can you imagine this, Lester? Your wife has a mouthfull of young cock and she loves it, loves it totally. Wait until you see the videos, Lester, you will love them. It will fill you with passion to see me on the screen sucking a young man’s cock.

His dick is so hard, Lester, so stiff and warm and full of power. You will see the video, Lester, see your wife suck cock and get well fucked by an eighteen year old with a rock hard shaft.

———– —————— ————————

Mary sucked dick like a pro. She nibbled, licked and teased my cock, pausing only to look at me, all inhibitions lost when she said “Talk to me. Tell me all the dirty things you want to do to me and I’ll swallow your load.”

“Oh, baby I like to fuck your mouth. You are a really good cocksucker. Oh, Lester is a lucky man….yeah, that’s it, nibble the tip, lick…the undeside… I’m going to give your cunt and ass a good fucking…oh…oh….deep throat… oh….yes, I like to fuck your face. Oh…yeah, I’m going to ride your sweet ass all afternoon.”

“Oh, Ricky you can ride me all you want. I love your hard cock.”

Her mouth was wet and she sucked with gusto, sometimes pausing to talk to me.

“You taste sweet,” she said, “and your cock feels so good in my mouth. Fuck my face sweetheart and I’ll swallow every drop.”

No girlfriend had ever talked to me in such manner. Her words made me harder. I pumped my dick in an out of her mouth and she stroked me while sucking me, the tip of her tongue licking my cockhead. This was the best blowjob ever, better even than when Denise, my last girlfriend gave me head behind the storage shack in the back of her house. Denise was a good cocksucker but Mary, with all her years of experience, was a magnificent cocksucker.

“Suck it, Mary, suck it real good. It won’t be long now.”

She increased the tempo of her sucking. We came together and she swallowed as she made loud moaning sounds, her second wave of orgasms running through internet casino her. I was so excited that I retained my erection after bursting my load.

“Turn around,” I said, “doggie style.”

“Oh, you are still hard,” she said, somewhat surprised, “I love it doggie style.”

I’ll never forget the site of Mary on all fours in the bed, her ass and cunt ready for the taking. I caressed her ass and teased her slit with the head of my dick.

“You okay?”

“I’ve never felt better,” she answered with a drained smile. “Oh, Ricky, fuck me now. Don’t tease me…that feels good…yeah, fuck me deep with that thick, fat cock….oh…you are going to make me come again…oh, you fuck so well…so thick…”

I entered her cunt from behind, her naked ass pressing against my belly, my hands grasping her waist, holding her still or pulling her towards me while my hips moved to a sexual rythm.

“You like it Mary? You like me grabbing you like this…”

“Oh, yeah, I can’t…believe how hard….oh…you are.”

“Am I deep enough? You like it?”

“Oh, I love it!! Your cock…feels so good..yes, like that, fuck me hard…fuck me hard…you are so good….oh, yes….yes…”

“You fuck real good, Mary, better than a high school girl.”

“Oh…your cock is so thick…”

I had developed a good rythm, my hips moving back and forth, my hands holding her, guiding her to my tempo like a dance. I was deep inside her, enjoying myself to a level beyond the hesitant or clumsy high school sex. This woman, this naked on all fours taking my dick up her cunt woman knew what she was doing. Knew it well, for she would allow me to guide her but would set her own rythm, contracting, holding my cock tight inside her.

“I’m going to….come soon…oh, Ricky what a great fuck you are….yes, that’s it…that’s yes, that’s it…that’s perfect….”

“You like it Mary? You like my cock in you, inside your wet cunt?”

“Yes…I love your cock….Oh…Oh…I’m almost…there…I love your dick….I want it all summer….oh, yes, just like that…I am close…yes…..fuck me deep with that thick dick…Oh…Oh….OOOOOHHHHH …YYYYYYEEEEEESSSS!!!”

Her ass was pressed against my belly as I pumped my second load, my hands grasping her waist, pulling her against me as she made animal sounds, her body shaking, trembling, her breathing gasping and uneven.

————– ——————- ———————

Ricky had the stamina of a bull. I had sucked him to orgasm and he had retained that boner to concrete hardness. When he fucked me he did so with energy, raw lust replacing tenderness, yet he was unselfishly aware of my needs.

As we showered together afterwards, he asked me about Lester.

“Oh, sweetie,” I answered to his amazement, “Lester likes me to fuck other men.”

He was stunned.

“You are the first,” I said, “for I have never cheated on my husband and never will. I have his permission.”

“He knows?”

“He will,” I said as I soaped his dick, “and he will want to participate or watch next time.”

“No way…you are putting me on.”

“Don’t make any plans for the weekend,” I said, soaping his hairy testicles, “Lester and I might invite you to a special event.”

“What if he goes nuts instead of liking it?”

“Honey, he’s begged, tried to con me or convince me to try strange cock for years. We will have a good time together.”

Lester arrived an hour after Ricky left. When he entered the room he knew, just by looking at me, naked on the bed, a sleepy, content look upon my face.

“Get undressed,” I said, “and come sit next to me.”


“Just get undressed,” I said, “and come here.”

My husband stripped in a minute, his dick already hard, rising as he came to bed. Smiling at him I clicked on the remote and the image of our master bedroom came on screen. I stroked Lester slowly, caressing his cock while I talked.

“This is the part where we come into the room and he sees the paintings…they are sexy. I like the one with the big tree branch the best. My ass looks sexy… here, coming up…see how I expose myself to Ricky? Look at the way he looks at my tits…I know that makes you hot because your meat is so hard right now… You like the way he kisses me? Do you see him playing with my nipples…he grabs my panties…yes, see how he takes my panties off. I was so wet, Lester, so wet I almost came when he undressed me….look at your wife getting fingered…does that turn you on, seeing a young man play with your wife?”

“Oh, yes….this is unbelievable.”

“He’s a young boy but he has a talented tongue, Lester. He would tease my clit so well while his fingers did magic between my legs…My first orgasm comes soon…Lester, you are so hard I am going to mouth fuck your cock. I am going to do you like I did Ricky…look at me and Ricky, look at how I am spreading my legs for him…he has magic fingers….I like the taste of your cock… good…I like to lick it like this…look at the way your wife gets fingerfucked…see me grasping his meat through the pant legs…I am going to give you the best blowjob of your life, Lester… look, this is the part where I undress him. I was so hungry for his cock…let me show you what I did to his dick.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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