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Erotic Education For An Eager Student Ch. 2

She rolled onto the bed, smiled and held out her arms toward me. I needed no urging and was instantly next to her. As that night wore on I experienced the talents of a woman well versed in the arts of love. As the ensuing weeks and months went by she carefully coached me and taught me how to drive a woman to the heights of ecstasy. But that first night is what I will always remember as the very best sexual experience of my fairly worldly young life.

She almost fucked me to death.

We started with the missionary position, but she had a quirk in mind to show me. I was eager to shove my throbbing cock to it’s full depth in her and GET GOING. She was more subtle. She took my cock in her hand so that it’s head protruded from her hand a bit and guided it to the lips of her pussy. She rubbed me up and down the length of her pussy a few times and then rubbed her clit again and again. I was bursting to enter her, but this tease just made me the more eager–but it felt wonderful to me! Then, rather than do what I had expected, she had another trick poker oyna to show me. She drew her legs together so that they slid between my legs I was straddling hers. Then she turned me loose. I had never had a female do this before. The effect was to change the way her pussy felt in a most delightful way. The friction against my pumping cock was more intense than I had ever felt before. It was so great that I believe that if we had gone on that way too long we both would have become very sore. But again, she was the master, and she gave a little wiggle and the next thing I knew she had flopped over face down on all fours and presented her backside to me.

I’ll never forget the way she looked back at me over her shoulder and smiled lasciviously at me. her hand guided me to my target and I slipped inside her to my full length. My heat was so great and my energy so high that in my powerful thrusting my arms simply wore out in just a few minutes of pulling hard on her hips. When my arms had totally given out, it was time to roll to a new position. This was even better than the last one! I lay on my back canlı poker oyna and she straddled me, lowered herself slowly onto my hard cock and hesitated long enough to remark about how was she supposed to be able to stuff that entire thing inside her! She was an artist, a master who knew every subtle as well as gross nuance in the art of love. The remark she made was to flatter me, but the long term effect of that and so many more things that were to follow, was to make me the better lover–more energetic, longer lasting, and completely dedicated to satisfying this wonderful, sensuous creature.

Her hips did the work for the both of us. She slowly undulated her hips as I thrust upward to meet her. She worked in different rhythms and different lengths of stroke so that her pattern kept varying so that I never knew what was coming. Besides the wonderful feeling that I was experiencing, the view was the most erotic thing that I had ever seen. This lovely woman was the very essence of sexual absorption. She was fucking me, not the other way around. Her ardor, the intense look of pleasure on her face internet casino and the energy that she put into our frenzy was almost more than I could stand. Then, on top of that, her pretty, pointed breasts were undulating just beyond my eyes. After a short while I reached up and took the tip of her breast into my mouth and managed to heighten the sexual intensity even more.

I love to take a woman’s breast into my mouth. The pleasure that it gives my partner is reflected back to me. Susan had beautiful breasts and they had classic nipples that were fully erect and supercharged with sensation. My tongue flicked back and forth across that nipple and she leaned closer to give my hungry mouth more to work on. Somewhere in all of this I became aware that my cock was becoming more sensitive and more alive. It felt to me that my cock was even harder than before and was deeper inside her. Then the contractions began with a shudder of sensation starting deep within my thighs and progressing up through my cock. The pulses intensified and I could feel myself spurting into her. She cried out and her body shuddered as her own climax mirrored my own.

We collapsed in a sweaty tangle of limbs, totally exhausted and totally relaxed.

And that was just the first lesson of many that this artist had in store for her eager student!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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