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The students wandered into last period looking even more distracted than usual. The first day back from winter break was often this way, and this being senior English the high schoolers at this small private academy were just coming down with senioritis. I always give my students this first week back to focus on the first semester exams which are held the second week after winter break. All day I’d given each class a study hall, leaning on my stool in front of class answering any and all school or sports related questions. I’d let the kids play appropriate music at an appropriate level. The kids liked it, and it helped met get though these tedious days. Everyone took their seats, boys in slacks, dress shirts and ties, and girls in similarly slightly above business casual attire.

John put in a CD and class began to drift away. No questions was fine with me. Surveying the room, students generally screwing around quietly and/or (less likely) actually studying. Why was Laura staring at me? I did my best to give her a quizzical, silent smile. She tucks her head back brushing her blonde hair back. Was that a wink? I blink and look away, out the window to the empty courtyard below.

I can feel Laura still staring at me. I’ve had girls with crushes on me before, had girls flirt with me before and always the best course of action is to ignore it. If it persists you let them down lightly. I’ve ignored her for five minutes maybe. Another survey of the room, and Laura is still staring at me with those blue eyes. I bet she’s never been denied anything she ever wanted. Daddy bought her a new SUV sophomore year, she always has designer clothes, very well put together. She was smart (at least in English), and involved at school. She held a class office, was a cheerleader and had been on the homecoming court. I’d watched guys chase her around for two poker oyna years.

We lock eyes again. She sticks the tip of her pencil eraser in her mouth. I cock my head in disapproval. She point to her chest with a “Me?” expression. I relax. She undoes the third button on her blouse exposing the roundness of her B-cup breasts. I shake my head no. She shakes her head yes. I look away again.

The courtyard is empty, and I don’t want to send her to detention. Its so stupid, she’s bored, I’m the ‘hot guy’ teacher, and she wants to see how far I’ll let her push me. I’ll let it go. I can see her fiddling around in her seat, doing her best to expose more of her breast without drawing attention, other than mine. More minutes pass away.

Another survey and our eyes lock again. She looks down at her body and back at me with a “do you like” expression. I rolled my eyes and motioned toward the office. Was she really going to detention for this. She gave me a “please no” expression. I relaxed. She mouthed the words “I’ll do anything”. I looked away in disgust. I stared out the window until I saw a hand raised. It was a boy in the back row.

“Can we leave five minutes early?” Which they sometimes did on days like this. I surveyed the room, locking eyes again with Laura. Front the first row she spread her legs just wide enough for me to see a clean shaven pussy. I could feel my dick react automatically, blushed slightly, hoping no one noticed. I wanted her our of here as fast as possible.

“Sure.” The students leave as quickly as possible, except Laura lingers, as I knew she would.

“Laura what kind of trouble are you trying—”

“I want to you like me.”

“You’re my student and a minor –“

“I’m not a minor.”

“It doesn’t matter.” She reaches around and unclasps her bra.

“Laura don’t do this.” She takes canlı poker oyna off her bra and walks toward me. My erection keeps me from fleeing. Panic. “Laura, you’ll get expelled.” She’s only a few feet from me, close enough to touch.

“Not if you don’t tell.” I rolled my eyes.

“How far are you going to take this?”

“All the way.” She smiled grandly at this. “You can fuck me however you want.”

“I’m not going to fuck you, I’m going to have you expelled.” She stuffed her bra in her backpack.

“Not with that.” She gave a quick tug at my erect penis. I slapped her hand away and walk toward my desk to call the office. Stupid brat, this is my life she’s playing with. I’ll end up fired, moving to a new state to get away from this. She runs in front of me and throws herself under my desk. “Would you rather have me here? I’ll suck your dick while you grade papers.”

“You’re getting expelled.” I reach to pull her out, and hear her shirt tear. Pulls it off and puts it under her knees. “Laura!”

“Do you want me to yell rape?” A knock on the door. Instinct pulls me into my seat. The teacher from next door pops his head in.

“Interrupting?” I can feel her hand on my dick.

Before I can think, “no, come in have a seat.” He sits. She unzips my zipper slowly, I thank god for the music still playing appropriately in the room.

“How was the day?” She releases my rock hard dick from my boxer briefs and pulls it toward her. Fine. He makes small talk, like we do many afternoons. She’s sucking my dick, jacking me off. My hands keep clenching and unclenching. He asks why, pulled muscles I say, she squeezes my dick, as a joke, and I say something about golf. She’s cupping my balls with her other hand now, sucking me off, jacking me off, squeezing my balls. I am so fucked. He’s babbling now. I see her backpack internet casino still near her seat. I am so fucked. She jerking me faster now, very expertly and I start to image her topless in the back of her SUV sucking a dick. Riding a dick. Laying down and getting fucked. Getting fucked hard. Turning her over and —

“You ok?” I needed to compose myself. She took this as a sign to slow down a little. Maybe she’d made a slurping noise, I didn’t know anything anymore.

“Just distracted. Tough to be back you know, nothing like break.” A slight pause everywhere. “How was your vacation?”

He went on again, and as he talked, she started up again. Pulling my dick to her wet mouth, jerked her hand softly up and down. She was using her other hand now. Her original hand squeezed my balls and slipped underneath them into my asscrack. I make a barely audible gulp. I need to relax, to compose myself. I’ve never felt anything like this before, her soft sucking, hand pumping, and asshole teasing production. I’m building to orgasm like an fuse lit firecracker. There is no turning back, only holding on and waiting. She pumps her first like mad. I grabbed the edge of my desk chair and leaned back as casually as possible.

He’s asking me a question about my exam. “What?”

“The exam. Is it finished?” My balls start pumping and she inserts a finger in my ass. I’ve never cum like this before. I cough and lean forward. She keeps her mouth around my cock.

“You ok?”

“Alergies. Yeah. I’m finished.” She tugs playfully at my dick. “You?”

He starts talking about his exam. She pumps me gently, milking me dry in her mouth. I’m in ecstasy. She pulls her hands away leaving me in her mouth. I’d like to pretend I taught her this. All I can think is that I hope I get the chance to fuck her hard. To punish her, to make her cum.

I cut the conversation short. I’d forgotten about an appointment. He leaves the room as she zips me up. I look down at her. She cocks her head back, “I saved this for you.” She shows me my cum, closes her mouth and swallows.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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