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Lester Logan was feeling out of sorts, as he had been for a long time. He is a gay man, although mostly still in the closet, and had been missing the few close sex buddies he had gotten to know so well before beginning classes at State University. That had been over a month ago and, in that time, his needy ass remained unfucked and his mouth had not been filled with a friend’s erect dick, and those pleasures were sorely missed. He could have masturbated, and actually did once, but it had been very unsatisfactory because it was not accompanied by a big, hard cock bringing joy to his ass or mouth.

What made it worse was that his roommate, Stanley Brady, is a perfect bear, exactly the kind of man Lester loves to cavort with. Both men are 18 year old freshmen, but Stan is big and muscular with a hairy chest. He’s a handsome guy too, at least in his roommate’s opinion, with a strong chin and otherwise rugged features, and Lester felt as if he was falling in lust with the big man. They have quite a few other things in common, both being pre-med students, as are the majority of the young men in that dormitory, and they both hail from smallish towns and are far away from home for the first times in their lives.

What made it even worse was the dorm was all male. Because of that, Stanley often didn’t bother wearing a bathrobe or pajamas and strolled around naked as a jaybird in the room they shared, with his big cock semi-hard and bouncing up and down. It was all Lester could do to stop himself from dropping to his knees, turning his roomie’s dick fully erect with his mouth and sucking it in and out between his lips until he got a mouthful of cum. He couldn’t do that, of course, because he was in the closet and had heard about some of the dreadful things that can happen to a gay man who comes out to the wrong person. He was quite certain he just had to put up with the lack of good, hot sex until he got a chance to go home over the winter break and make up for the carnal action he wasn’t getting.

That was what Lester thought until a warm Friday evening in mid-October, when everything changed. He returned to the room from the library, feeling unusually horny and wishing he had a nice hard cock plowing in and out of his ass or mouth or, preferably, both at once. When he entered and locked the door behind himself, he stood in the semi-darkness for a minute until his eyes became adjusted, after having been in the well-lighted hall.

The room wasn’t really all that dark, and he saw, by the moonlight that was streaming in the window, his bear of a roommate lying on his back on top of his bed. He was stark naked, as he usually slept, and snoring softly, but what was the most intriguing thing to Lester was that his big cock was sticking straight up into the air. He must have been having some kind of erotic dream, because Stanley’s hirsute body was squirming as if in the middle of a wild sexual adventure, and he seemed to be muttering the name of a woman he sometimes dated.

After his long period of enforced celibacy, he could control himself no longer. Lester tiptoed carefully over to Stan’s side of the room and gazed with lust at the big erection that was apparently going to be wasted that night, either by being masturbated or in a wet dream. Carefully, he bent over the sleeping man and delicately touched the head with his tongue, trying as hard as he could to avoid awakening him. The sensation was so wonderful, like warm velvet, he had to have more, so he gently cosseted the head of Stan’s dick between his lips and licked it. This was the first cock to be even part of the way inside his mouth for what seemed like forever to him, and the big, hard mushroom shape felt even better than he remembered anybody else’s feeling.

Stanley hadn’t stirred yet, so Lester bent over farther and slowly lowered his face, engulfing more of what he had been sorely missing. The thick shaft felt heavenly spreading his lips apart, and the smooth skin that was wrapped so tightly around the hardness felt even better to his tongue as he caressed it. He would have loved to envelop the handsome erection all the way and give deep poker oyna throat, but he had to resist the temptation. That would probably have woken up the sleeping man, with possible dire consequences. Instead, Lester kept his lips wrapped around the very welcome and very hard dick for a few seconds before slowly raising his face again.

He did not completely remove Stanley’s cock from his mouth, but kept the head nestled between his lips again and licked it some more. It felt even better than it had the first time he had touched the man like that, and his lips and tongue rejoiced even more as he once again engulfed the hard dick as far as he dared. Stan’s body was still squirming on the bed, but his movements seemed to be stronger, as if he were ready to climax into the pussy that was most likely the center of his dream.

Lester hoped not, at least not too soon, because he was having such a terrific time sucking the sleeping man’s cock in and out of his mouth. He even dared hope to get a nice, big gusher of cum, but he wanted to enjoy the sensation of a mouthful of dick before he got a mouthful of semen. He was quiet as he could be and extra careful to avoid doing anything to wake up the man whose stiff cock was giving him so much pleasure, but he was not careful enough.

Usually, when Lester sucks off somebody, he likes to look at the man’s face to watch the grimaces of pleasure flicker across it. He also knows many men like to watch the face of a person sucking their dicks and keep some kind of eye contact. He hadn’t been doing that, because he believed Stanley’s eyes were closed anyhow, and the moon really wasn’t providing enough light for him to see the small twitches and grimaces of pleasure that he enjoyed so much at those times. When he finally did glance at Stanley’s face and saw the man’s eyes were wide open, Lester was so startled he raised his head and his mouth released the cock that felt so good, letting it fall off to the side.

“Don’t stop now, Les. Keep going. That feels really great,” the newly awakened man admonished him.

He could hardly believe what he had heard but, since he was caught, Lester decided to make the most of it. He reached out with his tongue, expertly pulled the stiff cock back into his mouth and resumed sucking, once more taking the shaft all the way to the back of his throat and caressing the smooth sides and top with his tongue. He bobbed his head up and down for a few seconds while waiting to hear what else his roommate would have to say to him about what was certainly a breach of the usual relationship between college roommates.

“Mmmmm. Yeah, that feels really great, Les. Don’t stop; I really love it, what you’re doing there,” was what his roommate said to him.

Strongly encouraged and deciding he might have lucked into something truly great, Lester did not stop. Instead, he knelt on the carpeted floor next to the bed and reached out to Stanley’s hip to move the big naked man into a position that was more comfortable for him. Stan had no objection to that, and he rolled in the direction his roommate pulled him. Gently putting that same hand on his new partner’s balls, in the affectionate way he likes, Lester got even more into the joy of sucking off the big man.

He no longer had to be concerned about waking him up, so he started to give deep throat, taking the head of the bear’s cock all the way into his mouth and opening his throat to engulf it even farther. When he felt curly pubic hair tickle his nose and mouth, he knew it was far enough. Lester tightened his lips too, to get a better sensation of having them expanded by the hard, thick cylinder that was repeatedly plunging in and out between them.

He was almost overjoyed to feel his own cock stiffen rapidly too, until it was just as hard as the bigger one that was being enveloped by his mouth. Lester quickly unzipped his pants, reached through his jockey shorts and eased out his erection. He was certain he would be able to reach a great climax, so he took his handkerchief out of his pocket and wrapped it around his cock, to avoid squirting his cum on the carpet under him canlı poker oyna when he ejaculated. After a few slow strokes with his hand, he matched the pace with his mouth, and the carnal delights flowed through his body from both places.

As much as Lester was reveling in sucking off Stan and masturbating, it was obvious the big man was having just as much fun. His body was writhing on the bed, making the mattress squeak, and he was sighing and moaning from the sexual joy he was getting. Lester sucked his cock slowly, wanting to make this good time last to partly compensate for his lack of sexual pleasure up until that evening. Stan was apparently in favor of that idea too.

“Mmmmm, yeah, Les. Just like that. Take it slow and make it last.”

Lester wanted to do just that, but it couldn’t last forever, or even all night. After a few more minutes, the hard cock in his mouth began throbbing and, seconds later, the smaller one in his hand did too. He knew what that meant, for both of them, so he halted the deep throat action and shortened the strokes with his mouth, because he didn’t want his partner to cum abruptly and squirt his load of cum straight down the throat of the man who had earned it.

Lester started sucking faster and made sure every time the cock was enveloped by his mouth, the tip stopped directly over his tongue so he would get the full benefit of the delicious semen once it started spurting. He had delayed Stan’s climax as long as he could, and it was time for both of them to derive the full benefit of the bear’s imminent orgasm. His hand pumped faster too, because he hoped he would climax at the same time as his mouth became filled with cum.

Seconds later, Stanley started getting the benefit. “Yes!” he blurted. “Yes, I’m cumming, Les! I’m cumming!”

Lester already knew that from the way the cock was jerking in his mouth, and further proof came when a big gob of viscous fluid landed exactly where he wanted it, and he relished the taste of semen for the first time in far too long. Seconds later, he felt his own climax, the best one since the previous summer, well up inside his body and explode out his own cock.

He believed there was a lot more where the both first bursts had come from, and he continued the sucking and masturbation until he was rewarded by two more ejaculations into his mouth and one more into the handkerchief in his hand. Even after that, the strokes of his lips continued for half a minute, until he was sure there would be no more, at least not for a while, and he took the cock, which was still erect, out of his mouth where it had felt so good. For the time being, the cloth wrapped around his own softening dick would stay in place, and he would attend to it later.

After swirling all Stanley’s semen in his mouth and savoring the taste and texture before letting it slip down his throat, Lester spoke for the first time. “I didn’t know you were gay, Stan.” His mouth still had better things to do than talking, and he started licking off the cum that was oozing out of the hole in the end of the cock that had hardly softened at all.

“Well, actually, I’m not. I thought you might be; you look like the perfect twink, but I didn’t want to say anything until I knew for sure.

Lester finished licking all the cum off the dick he still held and prepared to get the juices still inside. With his fair complexion, blonde hair, rather slight build and preference for being a bottom, he and all his gay friends thought of him as a twink also, although maybe not a perfect one. “You were sure acting like one for a while there.”

“No offense intended, and I really loved what you just did, but I would have preferred having my cock in some chick’s hot pussy. But I’m not complaining; you gave me a great time just now. I think you liked it too, maybe even as much as I did.”

While he was using the thumb and forefinger on his hand to squeeze out the rest of the cum so he could enjoy it as he had the first mouthful, Lester gave some thought to that. He preferred sex with other gay men, but he had sucked off or been fucked by straight men too. His internet casino mouth and his ass didn’t care one way or another about the usual sexual preference of the man or men whose stiff cocks were cramming them full. And he had very much liked sucking off his big, handsome roommate, whether the man was gay or basically straight.

Stanley continued: “I wanted to find out for sure, so I’ve been parading around here naked all the time, hoping you’d jump my bones, but you didn’t before tonight. Having a gay roommate is something most of the guys in the dorm, especially this one, would love to do, even if they’re straight.”

“Really?” Lester was surprised to hear that, having been repeatedly told about all the cruel things straight men did to those like him. “Why is that?”

“Well it’s like this. Everybody gets horny, and jacking off just doesn’t do it. I need a partner, and so do most guys.”

“But there are plenty of women around, on the campus and in town.”

“Oh, sure. And if I’ve got the time and the patience and the money, I’d rather go out with one of them. So would most guys. But it seems like women always want to go out dancing and out to dinner and stuff like that, when all the guys want is to get laid. And, so often, that doesn’t happen, even after spending all night with some chick and shelling out a lot of money on her. Most of us don’t have a lot of money. We don’t have a lot of time either, because we all carry a tough study load, and I know you do too. But with a gay guy, they either want to give head or take it up the butt or they don’t, and that’s that. No being coy and no spending a lot of time and money for nothing. Er, by the way, do you do that too?”

“What? Take it up the butt? Yeah, I like it that way too. Even more than in my mouth, more often than not.”

“That’s good, because there’s plenty of guys in the dorm who’d love to do you that way. So would I sometimes. If it’s okay with you, of course. Nobody would ever make you do something you didn’t want to do.”

Lester thought about what he and Stanley had been discussing. He would have preferred sex with other gay men, but those men on the campus who were known to be gay were all militants and would expect him to go public and march and picket and stuff like that, and all he wanted was to get a stiff dick in his ass or suck somebody off now and then. He considered that to be his business and that of the man he was with, but nobody else’s. Being the dorm slut and servicing Stan and some of the other men, and being serviced by them whenever he wanted it seemed like a great idea to him. Maybe Stan could introduce him around that weekend, he thought. That notion sent a shiver of delight through his body, and he felt his ass start to twitch in anticipation.

His roommate was still naked, and Lester looked at Stanley’s cock, which had still been almost fully erect the last time he touched it. When he reached out to hold the big organ in his fingers, it was nearly as hard as it had been when it was filling his mouth so satisfyingly. He caressed the stiff organ and smiled at the naked man lying on the bed, who responded to the invitation by sitting up, moving closer to the side of his mattress and spreading his legs, giving his gay sex partner a good place to kneel while he gave head again.

Lester got to his knees in that good place, placed his forearms on his straight sex partner’s thighs, and leaned forward. His mouth was open and his tongue was extended as he prepared to start sucking a cock for the second time that night and the second of many times he expected to give head as a student at the college and in that dormitory.


Thank you for reading this story by me, Boxlicker101. Here is an URL to many more of my stories: I hope you had as much fun as Lester and Stanley did, and expect to continue having. I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or put downs, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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