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My wife (Allie) and I (Rory) have been together for a little over three years now, she is quite aware that I’m the kinky, weird one out of the two of us. We are both in our late twenty’s with fairly successful careers thus far. Soon after we started dating, through casual talk, she informed me, that in every relationship she was the controlling one. Why she didn’t feel it necessary to be that with me I may never understand. For the first couple of years she satisfied my fetishes on my birthday with random sprinklings throughout the year as well. Lately though, I have been fairly pushy about one subject in particular, chastity.

Before continuing I’ll give you a brief description of ourselves as something to put in your head. I myself am average height at 5’9″ blonde hair, blue eyes, a little on the chubby side nowadays. I’m not small by any means and have the body type of somebody who was once in shape and now enjoys a bag of Cheetos every now and then. Allie is a little shorter than me at 5’7″ dark red hair, brown eyes, 36C’s into wide hips but keeping that sharp slant inwards at her stomach. Thick enough that jeans are tight but still has the athletic form from playing soccer through school.

One day we are both on the couch watching TV, I “casually”, or so I thought, brought up chastity again.

“So, you remember that weird thing I wanted to try a while ago? The chastity one? Have you thought anymore about it?” I blurted out.

Allie just rolled her eyes and picked up her phone to continue whatever she was doing. I took it a step further this time and brought up a picture of one for sale on my phone.

Sheepishly I said “Well here’s what they look like just to give you a point of reference…” When I showed it to her, she looked weirded out but didn’t immediately turn away.

“That is much smaller than what I thought it would be, wouldn’t it hurt you?”

Admittedly I got very excited, solely at the fact that she so much as acknowledged what I just showed her! “No! poker oyna It won’t! Remember how small I am after a workout or mowing the grass? That’s how small it should be, no room for erections at all.”

She snickered at that “Well in that case it can’t even be that big.” She said it in a forced plain way. I could tell though; she was amused a little bit “Anyway we can’t be spending that kind of money right now.”

I couldn’t believe it, was she actually caving on trying this? What could I do to convince her if money was the only obstacle “What if I cut my eating down to come up with the extra money, me not eating extra stuff all the time would pay for this in less than a week!” I was obviously in desperation mode at her giving me the slightest hint she might do it.

She busted out laughing at that “Damn, you really do want to try this, I haven’t seen you turn down food since we have been together! I really am getting tired of you bringing this up, it has been every single day for months now. You want to do this? Fine, but we are going to really do this. Order your little toy and when it gets here, you are going to put it on.”

– Allie

I will never understand why this man is so obsessed with me controlling him. I swore when he asked me to marry him, I wouldn’t be some “controlling bitch” as my lovely ex put it. This latest fetish is probably the weirdest yet, I can’t imagine the benefit to not being able to get it up, isn’t that the point of being a guy?

“Whatever, if he wants me to control him, fine, but he has no idea what’s coming” I thought to myself.

Over the next couple of weeks, I started looking up what all went with this chastity thing. Rory has a tendency to only tell me the part of things he likes and not the whole story. I found many fantasy versions of this but very few real counts from other couples that actually use it. One source says that wearing it long-term is definitely possible, although some training will be needed before it can really canlı poker oyna be done. I actually like the idea of being his “keyholder” as everybody seems to call it. I’m betting Rory thinks I will only use this in a sexual way, satisfying his desire and then moving on. Though, that’s not my plan at all. He keeps wondering why I’m not controlling him like I was with all my ex’s? Well, he will soon find out how they felt.

The day the package came Rory was at work, I get home before he does. So, I decided I would check out exactly what he ordered. Upon opening it I noticed that he got a model definitely bigger than what he is at his smallest.

“Is this really what he thinks is his smallest size after a workout? Oh, is he in for a surprise.” I whispered to myself.

I immediately took the two keys it came with and stowed them away for later, I did replace the pack of keys with a spare small key we had laying around in our junk drawer. Rory got home a couple hours after me and immediately asked about “his” package. I informed him it’s here and told him to go try it on.

He yelled from the bathroom “this is harder than I thought, I keep getting hard trying to get it in!”

I brought him a small pack of frozen peas for him to shrink it down with “this should help, now hurry up I don’t want it getting dark out.”

After another 45min of struggling he finally managed to get it on and locked it without a second thought about the key it came with. Once on I decided to just break the news about the key and start with his fantasy now.

“So, see that key in the little plastic baggy? Yah, that’s from our junk drawer. I already hid the two real keys elsewhere before you got home. Now, you have two options, go for a 20min run right now without questioning why, or you can agree to take this thing off and never bring up the chastity subject again.” I was firm with what I said hoping he would stick with his fetish side not realizing what it fully meant.

“A 20min run? internet casino But why would I do that now that it’s on?” he asked bewildered.

“Now it’s a 30min run, your choice still.”

“Fine, I guess I’ll see you in 30min then.” he almost stomped out of the bathroom as he was saying this. After dressing appropriately, he made his way outside and set off.

Upon returning I asked him to take his shorts and underwear off for me, “well, let’s see then?”

He quickly obliged, not knowing what I had planned. “See, just like I thought you bought a cage way too big for yourself. What was it you told me a couple weeks ago? It should be the size of when you come back from running? Looks to me like it’s almost twice as big as it should be.” Rory just looked stunned at this; he didn’t see it coming at all. There was no response for a few moments.

“Well uh, this was the smallest they had, I mean it works the same, trust me” he managed to sputter out finally.

“Come now honey, we both know that isn’t true. I spent the last couple weeks getting caught up on your weird little fetish. I also looked at plenty of different models so I know for a fact it can get much smaller than the 2 ¼” tube you purchased.” He just looked at me stunned not knowing how to proceed.

I continued on “I expect you to purchase a smaller tube for this in the next couple of days, but we will use this for now. That also means you will be doing an entire month of restricting your diet, don’t think I forgot about the deal you made. I also know for damn sure; you didn’t follow your deal the two weeks this was coming in. Since you decided to not follow through and I did follow through why don’t you also start running every morning, along with your normal workouts.”

After a long pause of just sheepishly looking at me he finally responded “Okay, but can I ask? How small should I go? Also, this is so hot, I can’t believe you are actually going with it, I love you.”

“As small as you can is how small you should go, given how small you can get. And I love you too, although I hope you continue to love me, seeing as I plan to do this the real way.” I still had not worked out exactly what the real way meant but it served its purpose of scaring him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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