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How he can just so calmly keep walking around the house with his sweat pants bulging in front of me seems like something out of an illicit dream, and yet here I am with my hands trembling as my panties are already soaking as my vagina again lathers herself into a state of near frenzy. There’s definitely a part of me that is struggling with the moral dilemma of allowing him to taunt me so shamelessly, but for some inexplicable reason I just can’t seem to summon up the will to put an end to this wonderful show that he’s been putting on for me the last several days. It’s as if all the parts of my body that have suffered through these painfully long years of celibacy have overwhelmed that part of me that knows right from wrong, and each night now as my fingers bring me to another deliciously inspired orgasm I feel myself surrendering just a little bit more to the notion of actually giving in to what he really wants from me.

The truth is I’m enjoying what he is doing to me, and all those supposedly forbidden doors that are slowly beginning to open just don’t seem to hold the dread that I thought they would. But then again I’m the one who’s ultimately responsible for why he’s being so bold, and even though I know I should be experiencing some sort of shame or guilt for what I’m allowing him to do the undeniable truth is that I haven’t felt this alive in years. Perhaps that’s the real reason why I’m so reluctant to end this little sultry game he’s playing with me, and the thought of going back to life as it was before just seems so unthinkable to me now.

I wonder just how many teenage boys can honestly say that they’ve seen their own mother completely nude, and for all those who have no doubt actually experienced such an event I’m sure awkwardness and embarrassment would be the best description of how they both felt. But Ryan and I felt neither of those feelings, and the enormous bulge forming in his gym shorts as his eyes feasted on my exposed flesh said more of what he was really thinking than any words could possibly have ever done. Of course my own inability to take my eyes off his swollen organ wasn’t lost on him either, and the fluids dripping down my thighs merely betrayed what was going through my head as well. I’m sure he knew exactly what I was thinking too, and the fact he’s my own son didn’t seem to faze me in the least. Little did I know when I took my t-shirt off and slid my panties down my legs and throw them in the washer like I’ve gotten used to doing since he’s been away at college that every teenage boy’s wish had finally come true for him, and evidently a very frustrated mother’s wish too for that matter.

Even now I’m still not quite sure how long I stood there paralyzed as the emotions of both arousal and shock ravaged my senses, and as my offering to him of something so coveted by his peers finally began to reach my consciousness the thought of running away in embarrassment very quickly evaporated as his eyes continued to molest me without even the slightest hint of shame. He couldn’t have done that to me last September, and the thought of him sliding in and out of some young co-ed just seemed to push me even further past my maternal instincts. He’s a man now my princess kept whispering to me, and between his gorgeous young body and enormous bulge sticking straight out at me it was all I could do not to drop to my knees and offer him my mouth and tongue to him. Luckily for me he didn’t take advantage of my moment of weakness but we both knew the dynamics of our relationship had fundamentally been altered in a way neither one of us even now still quite understands.

Of course he’s very much aware of just how vulnerable I am now, and the sight of his erection after he showers I fear is slowly starting to grind away my ability to resist his advances towards me for much longer. Truly Mother Nature has played its cruelest joke on me, and for her to team me with a teenage boy whose organ is always hard as years of celibacy eat away at me just seems like an opportunity too perfect for me to ignore. The fact I feel no sirens blaring in my head about possibly taking him as my lover surprises me, and yet I’m sure I’m not the only mother who has contemplated doing what to most is unthinkable. But it happens, and now I’m starting to think it’s a lot more common than I ever imagined.

I remember in college reading a novel about a woman roughly my age washed ashore onto a deserted island with her young son, and as the years slowly passed it became evident to her that the sight of his erection revealed what he was thinking about as his eyes took in every inch on her nearly naked body. By then of course all their clothing had nearly rotted away, and once he decided to fully embrace his nudity her fate was truly sealed. For some reason I enjoyed reading as she tried to rationalize away sliding her hand up and down his virgin organ to give him relief, but eventually he was able to resist her pitiful attempts of stroking him so soon poker oyna her mouth and tongue were being used without the need to justify it to her tortured conscience any longer. They were no longer mother and son as far as their bodies were concerned, and as his semen bathed her internally night after night it finally occurred to her how sad it was that if it wasn’t for them being marooned she never would have discovered such passion the likes of which she never thought possible.

The not so well kept secret that I have to finally acknowledge now is that I’ve known for years what Ryan’s been thinking about as I felt his eyes freely roaming up and down my body, and when I found his stash of porn on his computer it merely confirmed it too. My long thin legs and tiny ass coupled with breasts so small that I look more like a high school sophomore than a grown woman are what he likes to get off too, and the fact my slender frame drives him wild is just further adding to the pressure that is building between my legs now. Of course it’s the image of his gym shorts straining to keep him restrained that’s fueling my orgasms now, and he’s very much aware of that fact too. It’s as if I’ve become a teenage girl who’s being tempted with a treat so special that more and more of my waking hours are being devoted to thinking of whether or not I should actually accept what he’s offering me.

But I have the whole summer to explore a side of life so few women have ever experienced, and the thought of milking him just like the tortured mother on the island did is the only thing that keeps going through my head now. It’ll be so easy too, and no doubt after a week or two of my hand ejaculating him he’ll be begging me for even more. But I have to have patience now, and even though my princess is awash in her own fluids the thought of teasing him like I use to do to his father is what I really want to do. Dick teasing is what Jack said I was most good at, and for Ryan he may very well see aside of me he never suspected even existed before. Then again, maybe all I should do is just let him exhaust all these cravings he has for me and accept these guiltless thrills as my fingers frantically rub me to ever more spectacular climaxes.

I just find it so odd if it wasn’t for our encounter in the basement probably none of this would have ever happened, and I’m quite sure most of the boys his age wouldn’t even waste a glance at me either. Why would they, after all I look like twice my age at times with knee length skirts and dowdy looking blouses. But what none of them could ever imagine is the fire that’s roaring between my legs, and even though I appear so much like a harmless bookworm there’s a reason why I hide myself away from prying eyes. We all have secrets, and I learned a long time ago about the need to stay under the radar because what might happen once I’m discovered for who I really am. It was only a few years ago at my friend Gail’s house as I walked around the pool in a boring one piece swim suit that I sensed Ryan and her son’s eyes undressing me, and as my nipples stiffened along with that terrible ache between my legs I just knew they had discovered that side of me I’ve tried so hard to keep hidden for so long.

What I couldn’t deny was that my weakness for enjoying being molested by their eyes along with the fact both their swimming trunks were bulging wasn’t lost on me either, and of course I’ve since never allowed myself to be put in that position with either one of them again. But the truth is I yearn to feel a partners loving gaze again, and when I finally surrendered myself to Jack and let all my darkest desires and urges out he was absolutely astounded at what he stumbled upon. There are no rules in Nature as far as who has a normal sex drive versus one that is off the charts, and I’ve known since puberty that mine is way beyond anything that could be considered normal. At one time I had a fear that perhaps I might turn into a nymphomaniac one day because once I get aroused the need to be filled by my lover becomes so overwhelming for me, but I only unleash my rage on those that I love, and the fact Ryan is my son isn’t hampering the cramps I get almost continually now because of the need I’m feeling to have him slide inside me.

“I was wondering if maybe we could go to Best Buy and get that 27 inch monitor you want,” is all I say as I enter his room exposing myself to another dose of the sight of his rock hard organ that clearly has become an addiction for me now.

It’s as though his body instantly throws an invisible switch as his member begins to gorge itself on the blood that his heart is furiously pumping to fill its length and girth, and there’s absolutely no hint of shame or embarrassment on his part either. All I can do now is just stand here and marvel at what my eyes are showing me, and the throbbing between my legs coupled with the pounding of my heart just makes me think this is just some sort of cruel hoax that I’ll awake canlı poker oyna from with my fingers buried deep inside me. But this is no hoax, and the material of his sweat pants threatening to rip apart just proves it too.

My college roommate once dated a guy with a really huge dick, and sometimes when they thought I was sleeping I’d lay there and watch in disbelief as he slowly disappeared inside her. How something so big could suddenly vanish without a trace absolutely fascinated me, and it soon became apparent though that they knew I was watching them too. Maybe because of what I was exposed to at home as a young girl may explain why I have such a kinky side to me, and I just found it so exciting watching them as though my presence had somehow become a part of their lovemaking. I remember listening to her whimpering as he continually bottomed out inside her as his cock drove its full length again and again was just something that definitely turned me on too. But big dicks have limitations, and not every vagina is capable of being stretched and penetrated so deeply the way Susan’s was night after night, but I have to admit that I wish I had taken them up on their offer to have joined them at least once anyway. But that old fear of them unmasking me wouldn’t allow that to happen, but now I’m not quite so sure if I would be able to control myself if put in that position again.

“I’d like that,” is all he says as our bodies clearly are struggling to maintain this awkward truce that we’ve been under for what seems like an eternity now.

“But first I want us to go to Marshals and get a few things,” I say as I watch his face slowly dissolve into disappointment at the thought of having to accompany his mother clothes shopping as though he were a child again.

“Maybe you can get a new bathrobe,” he instantly replies as thoughts of replacing my old worn-out ankle length one with a much shorter one fills my head as my eyes are unable to break free from the serpent who has me totally mesmerized as though I were a tiny bird staring into the eyes of a creature who will show no mercy to it.

“Maybe,” I hear myself reply so shockingly flirtatiously in a way that even surprises me.


It would just be so easy for me to simply rationalize away what the two of us are going through now as just a freakish anomaly of Nature, but the truth I can’t deny any longer is that the seeds for what I’m feeling now were planted almost 25 years ago. Every family has secrets whether they want to admit or not, and because my brother Mark and I are twins there was just a physical chemistry between us that many couples married for decades still can’t match. I still remember the time I was caught going into the shower with him and was scolded because it was considered inappropriate for me to do so, and because we had always shared our nudity with each other since being toddlers neither one of us quite understood why it was so wrong for us to do anymore. But I obeyed our mother’s wishes even though I didn’t agree with her, and as we both struggled when our hormones began to overwhelm us as teenagers we eventually turned to each other for relief.

Maybe it was just an accident of fate that I opened his door when he was lying naked on his bed stroking himself, and all the magazines surrounding him that I had already secretly leafed through with pictures of gorgeous young models with their legs spread wide open and covered with semen that always left me with my panties soaking wet. But neither of us flinched as he finally started to ejaculate, and as I watched in utter awe at what was exploding out of him I just knew deep inside me that this wasn’t going to be the last time I’d watch this scene unfolding in front of me. I think it was just too alluring for me to deprive myself of actually witnessing something of such beauty happening again, and he certainly wasn’t embarrassed about doing it in front of me either.

I’m sure every boy his age would have been so envious of how he had his own sister’s eyes on him as he so easily stroked himself again and again in front of me, and because of that powerful chemistry we had for one another it was only a matter of a few weeks before all I was wearing were my panties. It was also so obvious that he no longer was using just the images in the magazines as a source for his orgasms, and as I began to mimic some of the poses that I knew he enjoyed one day I just slid my panties down my legs and tossed them at him as his eyes feasted on my virgin pussy. I still remember the look on his face even now as I spread my long thin legs ever so seductively for him, and as he literally exploded because of what I was showing him I just knew how right it felt what we were doing together.

Of course it goes without saying that I started to tease him mercilessly even with the threat of Pauline as we started to call Mom back then catching me modeling myself for his hungry eyes. I think it was just that adrenaline internet casino rush that made me start wearing ever shorter t-shirts around the house, and as every girl at that age knows it’s just so easy to feign innocence while skillfully casting that net of seduction over our prey. Maybe it was because I was still a virgin that she allowed me so much freedom to explore my budding sexuality, and it just seemed like she was oblivious to what was developing between us, or so we thought.

Needless to say it wasn’t long before it was my hand that was sliding up and down him, and of course his fingers were soon sliding in and out of me as we both struggled with our urges that were rapidly building deep inside us. Looking back through the eyes of a mother now I can see how foolish we were to think we could have kept what we were doing a secret for very long. And as Mark became ever bolder sneaking into my room in the middle of the night and sliding his cock between my legs torturing both our bodies as he teased my juicy slit begging to come inside me until he finally pasted my stomach and tiny tits with his cum. Sometimes we’d just lay there all sticky holding each other like lovers are supposed to do, and a few times I even woke discovering he had not gone back into his own room. It just seemed so magical what we were doing together, but we both knew we wanted a lot more than just settling for orgasms that always ended with both of us wishing he was buried deep inside me.

What is it about a brother and sister making love that is so wrong when it’s consensual? We both desperately wanted it too, and even though he was the one who was the extrovert with the athlete’s physique while I was the gangly small breasted bookworm who thrived on erotic novels so explicit that I’m sure the nuns would have blushed if they had ever read one. But as it turned out those sultry stories were the catalyst for what was ultimately drawing us together as lovers, and as my need to feel his embrace because of the graphicness of some of the stories I was reading I soon began slipping inside his room to get relief as well.

We were both on the brink as even our mouths could no longer placate the urge to become one, and one night as I straddled his face while my mouth slid up and down him I saw the sliver of light from the door being opened that alerted me that we had been discovered. I wonder just many mothers have ever opened their daughter’s bedroom door and caught her sixty-nineing with her lover like we were doing? And as I waited for the yelling and screaming to come as Mark’s tongue just kept driving me towards my own orgasm while my head continued bobbing up and down him it just never came, and even though it was probably only a minute or so that she stood there watching us before closing the door I felt both a chill and a thrill unlike anything I had ever felt before.

Of course Mark was ecstatic as I described to him in detail what had happened while his face was buried between my thighs, and because of that mother and teenage son tension that I wasn’t quite aware of back then the thought of her actually watching me sucking him was just as thrilling for him as it was for me. We both seemed to thrive off of the fact we were caught doing something that even if we were girlfriend and boyfriend we surely would have gotten us a rebuke from her. But as it came time for me to go downstairs for breakfast the butterflies began forming in my stomach as I wasn’t sure what she was going to say to me about what she had stumbled upon. Amazingly she initially acted as though the revelation of what she came upon was of no importance, but later as we strolled through the Mall just like we’ve done a thousand times before she suddenly said she was going to make an appointment with Dr. Taylor about putting me on the pill.

Why it is that I can still recall with such clarity all those memories still amazes me even now, and as we walked through the Mall with that terrible ache between my legs I just knew she was well aware of my agony. That’s when I started to look at her through eyes that a daughter usually doesn’t do to her own mother, and the fact she was both an editor and illustrator for the small publishing company whose sultry novels I devoured that she brought home made me wonder if there was indeed a connection for why she was allowing us such freedom. I’m sure most mothers never would have allowed their teenage daughters access to such erotica, and years later as I read one of the books I swear it was about exactly what happened not only between me and Mark, but her as well.

If ever there was a mother and daughter that were so different on the outside it certainly was us, and with her so easily wearing short skirts and tight jeans along with skimpy tops that accented her femininity while I preferred to shun trying to appeal to any boy’s eyes just seemed to make us so opposite. But the sound of her bed making that unmistakable rhythm as she made love with both her boss and lover told me we weren’t so different after all, and I think we both had a raging fire burning between our legs that only but a few women are either blessed or cursed with depending on how you look at it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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