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Cassandra hated being late. In general she disliked random changes to her schedule, but in particular she disliked being late because it usually threw off several dozen parts of her day in one fell swoop. In this particular incident, she had missed her train home from work, and the backup train, and the backup train for the backup train. Her last chance was this train on an alternate route. She’d never taken it before, but it got to the same parking lot and really she’d only be half an hour behind schedule this way. It was better than walking home.

Waiting for the train to arrive she paced about on the platform, fidgeting with her glasses and skirt and blouse and watch and whatever else would take her mind off waiting. She disliked waiting as well. It was wasted time. Time that could be better spent doing something. She wanted something to happen soon so she could get on with her schedule.

Almost as if answering her command the train finally arrived. It was rather crowded, which was to be expected for the very last train of the day, choc full of people who saved things for the last minute. As the train moved along from stop to stop a surprising number of people boarded, making the cars quite well packed.

Keeping one’s feet from getting stepped upon was becoming complicated, not to mention keeping one’s hands to one’s self. More than once she stumbled trying to get out of someone’s way, reached out for a pole, and found herself grabbing on to a fellow passenger instead. Surprisingly all of the passengers were quite courteous, helping her gain her balance with a smile and a light touch. Since few of them could reach the poles anymore, many people were holding onto each other for support. Now and then a hand would appear momentarily on her shoulder or arm or hip, sometimes to hold themselves up, sometimes to hold her up. Absently she wondered how much longer this trip would take.

She bit her lip as someone shifted behind her, standing rather close now. He felt like a body builder of some sort. Moving forward wasn’t an option, however, because an athletic young woman standing not an inch away in front of her. Both seemed oblivious to her plight as she fought to keep her balance while the train sped along; when she leaned too far forward her breasts brushed against the other girl’s, and when she leaned too far back her tush brushed right against his lap. Both were getting more and more aroused each time it happened too, judging by the stiffening of her nipples and the hardening of his shaft. Other passengers seemed to be in similar predicaments, though they were all focusing their poker oyna gazes up ahead, as if waiting for something. Then the train entered the tunnel and everything became dark.

There was an awful lot of shuffling in the dark all around her. As she looked around trying to see what was going on, she soon discovered that the people nearest her had moved closer; any slight movement now brushed her nipples against the girl’s and her tush against the man’s erection, making her twitch slightly. Others were close now too. Her hand accidentally brushed against one man’s tush. She reflexively pulled it away and found another man’s abs. Gentle fingers enclosed her other hand and raised it to soft lips in the dark.

A pair of hands smoothed along her hips to pull her against a body behind her gently but firmly, not quite trapping her but showing her the strength behind them. The soft lips found her palm, then her wrist, and then the inside of her forearm. Meanwhile another hand closed around her other hand and slipped it under a shirt against those nice firm abs. One last pair of hands appeared, smaller and most likely feminine, gently cupping her face as feminine lips pressed against hers.

Cassandra was reeling from the assortment of hands and lips gently exploring her body as she stood motionless, practically trembling with anticipation. She had to lean against the body behind her to keep from falling, and was rewarded with nibbling on her neck. The girl’s lips left hers, but soon reappeared on her shoulder. She shuddered and traced idle patterns on the abs under her right hand while the stranger to her left purred softly and pressed Cassandra’s hand to her breast. Much like her own, the girl’s nipples were stiff with arousal and strained against the blouse containing them. She casually slipped her hands under the shirts nearest her touch to feel at bare chest and soft breast.

The hands on her hips held her steady as another hand traversing up her inner thigh made her quiver. She couldn’t tell how many hands were at work, but the next thing she knew her blouse fell open as the buttons were undone. At least three different people traced their fingertips along the contours of her full firm breasts. She twitched each time a finger brushed against her nipple, and twitched even more so when one hand and then another began to stroke the front of her panties. She was very thankful for the man who had volunteered to anchor her during all this and rested her body limply against him, kissing him deeply and hungrily lapping at his tongue as it passed her lips. He sat back with her onto one of the canlı poker oyna seats on the train and she could easily feel his throbbing arousal pressing against her bottom, only his pants and her panties between his shaft and her slit.

Though her control over her body was minimal in her situation, she was determined not to be the only one not doing anything. While she fondled the girl’s pert breast she let her other hand explore down the man’s firm abs and deftly open the zipper, freeing a good firm erection that sprang against her hand. As she stroked up and down the thick shaft she turned her other hand’s attentions to the girl, smoothing her hand down the soft flat tummy and inside the skirt. The girl seemed to have no undergarments at all, and Cassandra’s hand found a pussy as moist as her own. She became dimly aware of scattered whimpers and moans throughout the train car and wondered how many were her own.

The hands and mouths on her own body teased her relentlessly. She felt her bra being unsnapped and it was soon pulled away, freeing her heaving breasts. Mouths appeared on them instantly, tenderly licking and nibbling at her sensitive nipples. She writhed and moaned uncontrollably, unable to even tell whose mouths were on her or how many. Not to be outdone, the gently probing fingers that teased up and down the front of her panties and occasionally dipped under them were joined by a flitting tongue that appeared and disappeared on her inner thighs, drawing sensual little circles wherever it went.

She smiled to herself as she stroked the slit and shaft under the control of her fingers, trying to pick out the owners’ individual voices among the growing volume of sexual ambiance around her. The tongue entwined with hers slowly withdrew from her lips, but was quickly replaced with another. Her pleasurers seemed to grow even more numerous as tongues danced on her nipples, kisses peppered her tummy, and a teasing tongue lapped up and down either side of her panties before a number of fingers began to pull them off. The lips on hers traversed along her cheek to nibble at her earlobe. She answered by licking her way down the kisser’s neck, probably a woman by her scent. Her guess was rewarded when her exploring mouth found the woman’s breast, and she wrapped her lips around the nipple to lap at it hungrily. Slender fingers caressed the back of her neck and another moan joined the chorus.

She soon found herself adding another verse as a dexterous tongue wriggled into her pussy. She ground her tush against her anchor and moaned into the breast pressed against her lips, her internet casino body writhing and arching from the tongues lapping at her nipples and clit, assisted by the relentless kissing and stroking all over her body from who knows how many people. Then she sighed happily as she felt the zipper under her tush being undone, knowing what was soon to follow. The strong hands on her hips lifted her slightly, then slowly lowered her back down as the thick shaft parted her folds.

It seemed like every inch of her body was under fingers or tongues. Some were masculine, some were feminine. Some she pleasured, most pleasured her. Best of all, the crowd seemed to have learned her most sensitive spots and homed in on them, eager to make her squirm and moan. At least four different lips alternated kissing her passionately. Someone’s tongue danced between her fingers as she fingered a stranger’s pussy. The shaft under her hand released its load into someone’s mouth wrapped lovingly around the head. Lips and fingers alternated on her breasts, nibbling and fondling and teasing her nipples. Gentle kisses and caresses covered her neck and shoulders and belly. Numerous hands and mouths explored her hips and thighs, and several tongues continued to tease her slit even as the thick erection slipped in and out in its smooth rhythm. The world seemed to explode around her as she hit an orgasm contributed to by over a dozen different people.

Exhausted, she sat back limply in the lap of the man behind her, his shaft still deep inside her. The friendly touches continued as she tried to catch her breath. She wondered what one would think of the way she looked right now, with her shirt flung open and her skirt up around her hips and countless people casually stroking her all over. Just then her eye caught a tiny pinprick of light in the distance. The train would be out of the tunnel soon. As if on cue the numerous hands helped her to her feet and steadied her as her shirt was re-buttoned and her skirt was smoothed out. Someone slipped her glasses back onto her eyes. She didn’t even know she had lost them.

She squinted as sunlight flooded into the train, which gradually slowed to a stop at the station. She looked around to try to identify whom she had just had this experience with, but strangely everyone just began ambling towards the exit. Nobody acted as if anything strange had happened at all. She brushed her tousled hair away from her eyes and hoped her face wasn’t too flushed from her encounter. She’d have to try this again sometime. It was a great stress reliever after work. Something was out of place, however, but she couldn’t quite figure out what. She looked at her reflection in her car’s window and saw her nipples were starting to harden again just thinking about it all. Then it hit her; she never got her undergarments back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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