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Chapter 8: Dreams Revisited

Waking sometime in the early hours I began kissing my still slumbering lover. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to wake her. It seemed special to simply touch my lips as I pleased, without purpose, other than warm appreciation of this marvelous, complex, yet simplistic woman. Affection and love, certainly at times quite playful, seemed to be at her core. Was I feeling love? I couldn’t be, I loved my wife. Passion, caring, that’s what I felt, nothing more. I smiled, remembering the silent, brief rutting we’d had sometime in the middle of the night.

I moved my wee kisses to savor a beautiful breast, then lower to cover her tummy. Pausing to consider a moment, I thought no, and got out of bed. Returning with a towel damp and warm at one end, I wondered why I’d never thought of doing this for my wife. Gently I cleansed the traces of our lovemaking from my girlfriend, mi novia. Unable to resist now, I tenderly kissed Jennifer’s delightful pussy. Pulling away to find the covers to keep her warm, I halted and looked again where I’d just touched my lips. For reasons I did not even begin to comprehend, I was drawn to press my mouth to her entrance. Still unaware of what was motivating me to do so, I tentatively licked.

Soon I found myself probing, her heat but also an odd taste assaulted my tongue. It wasn’t bitter or sweet. It was neither repugnant nor… I didn’t know, didn’t care. I was simply enjoying the mystical pussy of mi novia. Gently I parted her legs more and she stirred, rolling onto her back. She also began lubricating, giving my tongue a mix of her sweetness along with more of the strange new taste. Hearing a soft moan, I probed with gusto and slid a finger inside her awakening pussy, to moisten before tickling her clit.

Jennifer’s moans became stronger; her knees parted wide and rose up. Shifting her torso she found my newly rampant cock and engulfed it, voraciously, hungrily. We feasted upon each other, intense passion consuming us once again. With her mouth trying desperately to swallow my cock, she gave a muffled moan. Her hips bucked and she came, gushing as she had before. This time into my mouth. Reflexively I gulped and rapidly swallowed. It was that or choke badly.

Pausing to consider what had just happened, I became more aware of Jennifer’s ardent sucking of my shaft and head. Manically I dove down, returning my mouth and tongue to her wondrous pussy, to continue the enjoyment of my apparently blossoming oral addiction. Feeling my climax about to erupt, I just let it happen and it was surprisingly forceful. Jennifer didn’t pull back, made no sounds, other than hard swallowing, again and again.

I increased my slurping and tonguing, my finger intermittent on her little nub. A minute after my orgasm had passed, Jennifer cried out in fulfillment, cumming more intensely than before. Last slow, loving licks and kisses to cock and pussy, I turned right-way-up to embrace my girlfriend.

“Morning mi novia.”

Kissing me, Jennifer replied softly, “Buenos días, mi novio. An interesting way to wake up,” she added smiling.

Pretending remorse I professed, “Uh, sorry, it just, sorta happened.” I think I ended with a small grin and got kissed lovingly again.

Jennifer lay her head on my chest and lightly caressed my balls before responding, “I’d love to be wakened like that every day.”

Loving the attention she seemed to like giving my scrotum, I gave thought to what she had just spoken and replied wistfully, “Yeah, me too, wonderful. Sadly though, even the nicest hopes and dreams seem to fade after a while.”

“I would never let that happen,” Jennifer immediately replied in earnest, then went on, “To love someone, you don’t let that happen, it’s just part of caring.”

“Consideration?” I asked.

She sat up and looked at me, stating for all the world like a wise, experienced spouse, “Consideration, to me, implies occasional. True lasting love, for me, means placing my guy first. If he’s happy, I would be happy.”

“Jennifer sweetie,” I began as I also sat up. “That sounds like a romance novel. You can’t be dependent on someone else for your happiness, not totally. They may let you down, then where would you be?”

Silent for a good while, she looked into my eyes and softly replied, “I’ll accept that.” She arose from the bed then, pausing at the door, “You didn’t say it wasn’t possible. You only said not totally. I could settle for that.”

Her words filled my head, all my neurons firing at once. I realized with more certainty that I couldn’t let this person go out of my life. There was so much about her I found perplexing, confounding, but I knew she also had so much from which I could learn. So much I desired, even if I didn’t understand what that was. Despite not comprehending the full meaning of her words, I believe they settled somewhere in my soul.

Suddenly awestruck, it became infinitely clear, the cloud of not perceiving lifted. All the signals had been bombarding me, yet poker oyna until this moment, I didn’t get it. I was in love. All encompassing, indubitably in love. Despite loving my wife, and trying to fight my feelings, I had fallen in love with Jennifer. Multifaceted, dangerous to my marriage, Jennifer.

Fighting back the strong desire to run to her, I walked to the kitchen where she was starting coffee and she turned around. Kissing and hugging mi novia, I began to cry.

I have no idea how long we stood there, holding each other, her wiping my tears then crying lightly with me. I didn’t understand why she would be crying. I only knew why I was. Silly hopes and dreams that had never come to pass, and now, there in this impossibly wonderful person, there was hope. Hope yet wrenching heartache, for I was married to another.

Jennifer led me to the shower. I protested, not in any state to repeat last night’s version. With assurances we would only shower, I joined her. I did try though for some privacy so I could pee first however. Shaking her head she literally pushed me under the water and took hold of me. “You can’t tell me you’ve never peed in the shower before.” then aimed my cock toward the drain.

“Um, not with anyone else in with me.”

Feeling super self conscious, I couldn’t go. Jennifer roughly milked me a couple of times, saying, “I watched my dad do this.”

It still took a while but I began a relieving flow. Astonishingly I saw a second flow of pee between my feet. Soaping each other she explained more of her thinking, “With someone I care about nothing should be gross. Well, unless maybe it’s stinky,” she added, smiling.

As we dried each other, my mind went off on another tangent. Who was this person, that she could have me thinking that peeing with her holding me, was not just okay but even a little neat? And that statement of hers about caring, well that was something I didn’t even want to try and comprehend the extent of, not then anyway.

Back in the kitchen, I wanted to cuddle. “Here, take some coffee and shoo,” I was admonished. “I have things to do,” my new-found love added while tying a dish towel about her waist like an apron.

Without having to try very hard, I gave her a forlorn look, but alas to no avail. Deciding to try Fred’s dock fishing, I left with my mug of coffee, but it was too cool this morning. So I retreated to dress in jeans, shirt and shoes before trying again. I got out a chair and rod, plus a tackle box. Hook baited with a florescent plastic worm, I cast out and sat with my coffee to wait.

A pleasant kiss roused me. “Catching any?”Cindy inquired with amusement.

“Oh hi,” I replied foggily and realized the early sun was finally breaking from the clouds. “You know, I believe Fred just comes here to relax and think. There’s no fish near the dock.”

“Possible,” Cindy responded, then giggled, “Maybe he comes here to play with his rod.” We broke into laughter. “How you doing?” she asked, changing tack.

I opened my mouth a couple of times but nothing came out. Trying again, I replied, “Troubled, Jennifer teases, but she really means what she says… How are you?”

“It’s been different, quite pleasant actually. … George, I’m sorry, I never thought I’d ever say, or do, something like that, ever.”

I reflected then simply agreed. “It has been different. Guess we need to get back to reality.”

“You do know Jen’s got it real bad for you?”

That stung. I didn’t want to discuss that issue any deeper, or how I felt either. I tried to dismiss it by offering, “Oh come on, maybe she’s just gotten carried away with her teasing, playing.”

“Yeah? You think you know women? Better have an appetite, she’s up there cooking your breakfast.”

“Huh, really?”

“Uh huh, and it’s almost ready. Wouldn’t let me do anything. Said she wanted to show you she could cook.”

“Oh fuck.”

“Fish grilled with onions, garlic and red pepper. Then she stewed and thickened it. Put them in small casserole dishes with eggs on top. They’ll be done baking soon.”

“Holy, guess I’d best like it.”

Cindy laughingly replied, “By George, I think you’ve got it.”

“Argh.” Then I swatted at her butt and she moved out of the way, laughing. Finally noticing, I questioned, “Topless with shorts on?”

“Period came on early. Hurry up, I just came down here to get you.”

I put away the things I had out and went to where my wife was waiting. “We need to leave today, what do you think? Just say goodbye, not see them again?”

Cindy stopped to look at me. “Don’t pull that on me. It’s your question, you answer it,” she challenged.

“Um, it involves both of us.”

“The way you worded it you were looking for one answer. Don’t try and lay it on me.”

“Argh! I don’t understand women.”

Cindy resumed walking and responded, “No George you don’t. Worse, you don’t understand you.”

The cottage had the aroma of some serious cooking, fresh coffee, fish, canlı poker oyna garlic and other more subtle scents I couldn’t distinguish. I got a kiss from Jennifer followed by the directive, “Sit, eat.”

Before me, us, were individual bowls of baked eggs with fish in a sauce under them. They looked done to perfection. A large central plate of buttered, sliced toast, she’d even taken jam from the jar and put it in a small dish. There was also a small dish of chili sauce, made by her mother and her, Jen pointed out. Salt, pepper, ketchup and, surprisingly, Tabasco were also there. It was delicious and I kept complimenting. Jennifer kept topping up my coffee, then sitting beside me again to eat, but also to observe. She’d give a pleased smile when I’d comment well or nod. I even tried using the Tabasco and accepted her prompt to use some toast to sweep the last of the flavor from my bowl.

As much as I enjoyed my meal I felt unsettled. Cindy had watched me curiously throughout the whole time. What was I supposed to do, not like it? Maybe I’d like it too much? Had I given myself away? Damn.

I started to pick up my dishes and utensils but got a quick scolding from Jennifer, “Go, sit over there,” indicating the arm chairs. “Enjoy your coffee,” and she began clearing the table. I felt so on the spot, between this woman and my wife. I think I did the right thing, I allowed Jennifer to finish her home maker impression.

Sipping my coffee I thought, dang, if I smoked I’d have a cigar and read the paper. If I had a cigar, and if I had a paper.

Cindy informed James, “We have to leave today.”

He looked very disappointed. Jennifer’s head dropped nearly into the sink when she heard, and I felt like a total ass for not thinking to let her know personally. Then again perhaps this was easier.

“Guess we’ll be heading back too,” James sadly remarked. “Sure you have to go?”

“Yeah, George has to work tomorrow.”

Cindy went to James. “Come on, the boat needs to be in the boathouse doesn’t it?” Glumly he nodded. “We left some clothes there too,” and so off they went.

Feeling my neck, I went to hug Jennifer, however she pulled away angrily, saying, “You don’t want me. You don’t care.” She’d been crying, tears streamed down her face.

Managing to grasp her, I hugged her tight. “Not true, not even close. I didn’t know how to tell you is all.”

Jennifer continued to sob loudly. I led her to the couch and sat us down.

“You used me. You knew I wanted you.”

“How can you say that? Jennifer look at me,” I said firmly and turned her chin. “I wanted you, we wanted each other. Please don’t think I took advantage.

Blubbering, she asked, “Will I ever see you again?”

“I hope so, I really do. Jennifer, I care for you very much. More than I have a right to. You need to remember, I’m married to Cindy. This has all been crazy wonderful, but this happened so suddenly. We’re not used to this kinda thing.”

She hugged me hard and I kissed the top of her head. “Will you try? I want to be with you.”

“Cindy and I need time sweetie. We have to see how we feel, how it all settles. I’m sure we’ll see each other. It would be foolish to make any promises, but I’m really going to try.”

Sniffling, Jennifer looked up at me. “Okay.” She kissed me and we held that kiss a long, long time. Breaking apart she stood, and going back to the dishes, added, “I’ll wait.”

Fuck, I was in so much trouble.

Cindy and James returned and the four of us accomplished the rest of what we needed to do for closing the cottage. The naturist time at an end, the others dressed while I changed out of my jeans and into some shorts. Our personal things loaded in the trunk, the back seat of the car held two garbage bags to be dropped at their home. One for just that, which wasn’t to be left out for animals to get at. The second for laundry that their family would see to. Two grocery bags held perishables that we’d divvied up.

We opted to have Cindy and James take the loaded car, with Jennifer and myself bringing the bikes. I’d ridden a small bike when I was in college so this was going to be a kick for me. One last look around and we locked up. Cindy drove off with James, my beautiful conundrum and I went down to the lake one last time. James had chopped up the few leftover fish saying we should give back what we don’t use. At the dock we tossed food to the ones still waiting to be caught. Holding hands, we gazed out at the water a long while.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Riding a motor bike again was fun. Too short a ride, but fun. Walking to the entrance of the family’s home part of the building, I got butterflies. I was about to meet, “The Parents”. This was completely silly. I wasn’t about to propose or run off with Jennifer. Heck I’d already met Tom, and naked no less. Was it the prospect of meeting Mary? Me a married man arriving with, “The Precious Daughter”. I felt guilt now, guilt at having been intimate with her. Would it be written all internet casino over my face? The fact that Cindy had already arrived with James, perhaps also seen as a couple, didn’t lessen my trepidations. I stopped, tempted with the urge to run.

Jennifer took my hand and I nervously tried to free it. Gripping me harder and with a big smile she declared, “Come on boyfriend, I want you to meet my mom.”

Being pulled forward, I felt impending doom as I went to face the almost certain interrogation.

Entering their home, a surprisingly good sized two story affair, Jennifer called out but received no reply. We continued through the main floor and then via another door into the store. All four were there. Mary was about James’ height, with long, medium brunette hair. She was quite attractive and had a pleasant trim figure. Seeing Tom and Mary together, it was easier to understand how their children turned out as they had. They were a light humored, happy couple, as well as good looking. Happy? Maybe things wouldn’t be as bad as my mind had led me to think.

Jennifer continued to hold my hand like we were duct taped together. Glancing at her mother I noticed her regarding us with an amused assessment. While James didn’t seem to portray the same possessiveness with my wife, it was clear from the both of them that they had something special for each other.

A voice from a speaker requested gas for a boat and Tom said to his son, “Don’t know that one, better go down.” James took off by himself and Tom explained, “If they aren’t known cottagers they pay first.”

Cindy went off to explore the few racks and shelves of clothing that were kept in stock. Shortly after three young guys came through the front door and headed straight for the pop cooler.

At the counter one cracked to Jennifer, “So you gonna go out with me soon?”

“You haven’t met George, my boyfriend,” she stated dismissively and held up our clasped hands.

With that Jennifer led me out of the store and back to the kitchen area of their home, with her mother close behind. Entering the kitchen Jennifer inquired, “Is the coffee fresh mom?”

“Not really,” Mary replied. “Never concerned you before,” she added, turning to me with a surprised smile.

Jennifer dumped out the old coffee and began making a new pot. Her mother indicated for me to have a seat and she joined me at the table. Grinning she teased, “George, my my, she’s never referred to anyone as her boyfriend before. You much be very special.”

I tried to respond, “It’s Jennifer who’s the special one, but I think this is all pretty hopeless.”

“I told you I’d wait,” Jennifer countered as she came over and squeezed onto my lap. I believe I may have turned a brand new shade of red. “When we’re together we can be boyfriend and girlfriend. Just complicated is all.”

Despite having this discussion in front of her mother, I felt I needed to press on. “Sweetie, until I met you yesterday I was happily married. I’d like to think I still am, or can be.”

We debated back and forth with Jennifer seemingly undeterred.

A buzzer sounded and Mary went back to the store. Returning she remarked, “It’s okay, James came back and he’s going to help.” For my benefit she explained, “When it gets busy or we need to watch someone we try and have another in there. However in this case, Tom wanted to take your wife to the store room to show her some other clothes we have.”

“Oh neat,” Jennifer exclaimed, smirking. Her mother’s and my mind slowly twigged as to possibly why she’d come out with that.

“They could be just looking at clothes,” Mary replied defensively, then thought before adding, “I suppose I don’t mind.” Looking to me she went on, “Dad said you know about our family, and Tom was over to the cottage… Oh I don’t know.”

I wanted to crawl into a hole but that wouldn’t help. I thought about storming in and yelling at my wife but I didn’t actually know there was any intent in what they were doing. Besides, I hadn’t thought bad about Cindy with James, especially when I wanted his sister.

Jennifer shocked the beejesus out of both of us saying, “Mom, I want to show my boyfriend my room. Why don’t you come with us?”

Mary and I instantly turned red and automatically glanced at each other before purposefully turning away. Breaking the deafening silence, “You two go on,” her mom replied at last. Then to my further shock she added, “Maybe another time.”

Jennifer tried to get me to stand. Feeling self conscious as hell I rejected her. “I don’t think my psyche can handle any more right now, maybe your mother either.”

Things settled down over coffee. Mary said she’d make some sandwiches for lunch but Jennifer insisted on doing it and went to do so. Smiling at me again her mother commented, “I’ve never seen her like this. You’re going to come back?” With a slight diverting of her eyes, she added, “Both of you?”

“Right now that’s a million dollar question. Wish I could answer it,” I replied. “A day or a week from now, I may be in the doghouse with Cindy. Maybe on the drive home, I don’t know.”

Jennifer tried reassuring me by saying, “James and Cindy spent the night together, so why should you be in trouble?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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