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Chapter 5 – More Cindy

We managed to get to the car without any further incidents, although I could see that Cindy was already sweating from the effort of concentrating. The heavy swaying of her massive breasts grinding against the 4″ thick meaty rod pulsing with desire was giving her a lot of grief. Knowing what was happening behind the scarf was not helping me either. I could see the scarf was already drenched.

She squeezed in the car somehow while I put the clothes we bought in the back. As soon as I sat down and started driving, Cindy’s large hands started hungrily pawing for my dick.

“I have to get your cock in my hands again! At times like this I wish I was shorter, then I could bend over to suck you off while driving.” Cindy spoke excitedly while playing with my cock.

But just as she was about to find her target, we ran into a patch of white road with some work in progress. It was the worst thing that could happen to us at the moment. My car didn’t exactly have the softest springs, and I knew that Cindy will feel every tiny bump.

“Trrtt..Bump.. trr.. Bump!” went the car. And Cindy tried maintaining her concentration with all her might, her eyes closed, heavy drops of sweat on her forehead.

“BUMP… mhmm.. Ooohh!” Cindy’s moans grew louder…

“BUMP.. BUMP!!”.. “Oh.. dear god.. Chris, I’m going to… oohhh.” “BUMP” “Ohh… fuuuccckkk!” I looked in the rear-view mirror just in time to see the scarf flying up to Cindy’s chin as a fountain of viscous white liquid was erupting from under it. Cindy was sitting back firmly clutching the seats around her and under her chin was a fountain of viscous white fluid. She quickly tore apart the first few buttons on her shirt, a pool of cum has formed between her breasts, another one was forming in her lap as the cum leaked between her breasts. But the flow was so strong that it was overflowing both her breasts puddle and her lap puddle. And with each spurt her cock was vibrating violently spilling additional cum from her breasts, as the massive fleshy jugs were quaking…

“HONK!, HONK!” I looked back to the road to see an incoming vehicle. I quickly turned narrowly avoiding a crash, and after stabilizing the car I stopped for a second to calm down and look behind me.

Just in time to notice the last of the eruptions from the princess, everything happened so fast that Cindy hasn’t even noticed. The last spurt jumped weakly barely a few inches from the tip landing in the large pool of cum between her breasts with a wet “Splotch..” Cindy gave me one of her dirty looks and bending down to lick the last drop from the tip of her cock, which has gone soft against and was almost completely sunk in the pool between her breasts.

“What’s the matter Chris, why have you stopped?” she said dipping her index finger in her breast pool, and bringing it to her lips to lick off all of the cum.

“I.. em.. Cindy you…” I tried looking at her speechless, her clothes were completely drenched, there was a pool of cum between her breasts, in her lap and on the seat she was sitting on.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ve just been thinking about what I am going to do to you when we get home and I got a bit overexcited.” poker oyna She continued groping one of her breasts causing a cum waterfall all over her sweater..

“I suggest you drive quickly… and finish what you started or I might rape you here on the street.”

Not daring to look back any more, I drove home as quickly as I could.

As we came Cindy went out of the car, and before I could even react she pulled me out of the car after her with one hand.

“You’re coming with me little one.” she said and took me inside her house.

“Wait, Cindy.. at least let me park the car properly. I will be right after you I promise. There is nowhere in the world I would rather be now.”

“Oh.. you lovely little man. Hey, I have an idea. I want you to go out to the nearest shop and buy the biggest condoms you can find there. And I can take a quick shower and dress up for you.”

“Biggest condom, but… Cindy you…”

“Just do as I asked, please, there’s a trick I want to show you.”


“Chris, is that you? Please leave the package on the table in my room and wait for me in the living room. I’ll be right there” I heard Cindy’s voice from somewhere.

“OK!” I said, leaving the Magnum XXL package I bought in the store after a pretty awkward conversation. The girl told me that apparently this was the biggest they have in the store. True to her words the package said this was the biggest size they manufactured.

I could soon hear the voice of heels clicking against the hard floor.

“Normally I’m quite shy about my height, but with you, Chris, I feel so comfortable. The other day when I put on my heels and stood next to you I’ve never felt like that, It made me remember the crush I had on you when I was little and the thrill I had of overgrowing you.” Cindy said stepping out of the hall, and ducking to get through…

She was dressed in a school girl uniform in a pair of tallest pumps I had ever seen, she must be over 8 and a half feet tall. Her long blond hair was tied in two braided pigtails, and she wore a schoolgirl outfit, a white shirt widely opened at her massive cleavage almost 6 feet in the air. Below that a short plaid skirt out of which two endlessly long well-muscled legs and hanging limply against her thigh was the princess in all her 20″ long 3″ thick glory. Cindy put a condom over her cock and it obviously wasn’t very easy, even though it was the biggest package they have on sale it reached barely over halfway down the length and it was already painfully stretched.

As she walked to me I could hear the fat piece of meat slap against her meaty thighs.

“Click… Flop..Click..Flop… Click..Flop”

And she was right there, a step in front of me, my knees buckled and I almost fell down.

“What’s the matter Mr. Chris” she said, “Cat got your tongue? Miau…”

“Cindy you…”

“Mr. Chris, mom told me that I have to be in bed but I just know Mr. Chris will let me stay out and play with him. Besides I am already a big girl now.” Cindy said stretching her long towering body before me. I could see that being this much taller was really making her excited, I could see her erection slowly growing longer, more and more of canlı poker oyna it was showing under the skirt.

“Well maybe, if you behave.” I said playing the part. I wasn’t exactly sure share was going on, but apparently Cindy wanted to do babysitting role-playing with me, the role was a bit of odd as I could barely reach her breasts at this height, let alone command any presence but I decided to play along.

“OK.. then Mr.Chris could I have some cookies? They are her on this top shelf but I am not allowed to take them myself, would you give them to me? I promise I will be good, please, please.” She continued pouting her thick red lips.

“Sure!” I said turning to get the cookies and noticing that they are set about 8 feet in the air, way out of my reach and right at Cindy’s eye level. I could hear the sound of my desperation caused her some amusement as I could hear the rubber stretching sound coming from right behind my back and something poked me in the back.

“Let me help you with that Mr. Chris. Uf.. not exactly tall enough.” she said pretending to not be able to reach

“You will have to help me a bit, I need you to hold my leg a bit.” She said turning me around to face her perfectly formed navel. She lifted on of her endlessly long legs over my shoulder, meanwhile pulling her cock high above me and lowering it on top of my head. As she did so I got slapped in the face with the tip of the condom which was already full of her pre-cum.

“Uf, there they are, finally got them, now you just have to get me some milk.” she said taking her leg from my shoulder, this however still left the gigantic meat slab hanging between me and her head.

“Oh, dear I still cannot see you.” Cindy said taking a small step back to see me over her boobs. But the thing was so monstrously long that it was now hanging suspended between my head and Cindy. I can imagine the sight from her side must have been amazing. She had to take a step back to even see me from her boobs. I was barely as tall as her navel and her cock lay suspended on the top of my head. The thick glans half as big as my head seemed absolutely gigantic in comparison.

“Ohh.. I just love the sight of you so tiny under Princess, you look so tiny.” Cindy said enjoying the view, she extended her hand holding my head in place. I could feel the weight of her cock increasing as it grew. I could see the invitingly exposed pink lips of her womanhood, so I touched it gently with my hand.

“Ohh… right there!” Cindy moaned, her cock jumped up as a rush of blood came into it. I looked up just in time to see the XXL condom explode into nothingness, raining pre-cum all over me. She was still only half hard, and she simply exploded the biggest condom that was possible to buy. And a moment later I got a slap to my face with some 10 pounds of cock-meat, knocking me of my feet.

“Oopsie!!! Sorry about that Mr.Chris, but I did warn you that Princess is a big girl and that you should be careful. It seems I’ve been a naughty girl, and made your clothes dirty.” She said, as her cock continued dropping large drops of pre-cum on me from above.

“Punishment? What are you… Isn’t this going a bit too far? Cindy?” I asked while internet casino Cindy pulled a chair closer.

“I’ve been a very naught girl I understand. A spanking? Oh please don’t spank me, I will never do that again… Please don’t spank me Mr. Chris!” she said lifting me onto the chair, and going down on all fours, crawling closer until her ass was on top of my lap. She rested her weight on top of my lap, and raised her skirt unveiling her large plump butt. I could hardly contain myself from grabbing and fondling the thing when she had clothes on, but now I felt like my head was about to explode

“SLAP!!” Was the sound of me playing along, I slapped her ass cheek watching it sway and jiggle.

“Oh, yes Mr.Chris… just like that…”

“SLAP…Splat” As I slapped Cindy, a spurt of pre-cum splashed the floor under the chair.

But I just couldn’t stop myself I just had to squeeze, maul and kiss the biggest ass I had ever seen. Sensing my excitement, Cindy moved one of her legs over my head, and raised her womanhood to my face. Her cock was now lying along my torso, resting glans to glans with my own drowning me in pre-cum. She rose to her feet bending the chair backwards and holding my head with her thighs.

“Ohh… you perfect little man… I just cannot hold myself any longer.” She said bending over to rip off my pants. Twisting around to face me, she sat down in my lap in one swift motion engulfing my own cock into the folds of her womanhood. Her cock was resting on my chest and extending at the side of my head. I took an opportunity to push it between her breasts squeezing them as firmly as I could around her cock, the sight of two such colossal fuck toys being combined was something that I just couldn’t miss.

“Mhmm.. oh you like that.” Cindy said, between her moans while riding me. She then lowered her head engulfing the tip of her cock inside her mouth.

“Ohh.. Chris I just love your tiny hands all over my Princess, and that cock of yours inside of me it’s pure fucking heaven.. I think I might just..ohhh…my..” Cindy started shaking; she stood up her whole body tensing up.

The vaginal orgasm she just went though was soon to be followed by another one, and the cannon between her legs just levelled with my face. And although I was waiting for this moment for a while, the image of Cindy’s violent orgasms against the bathroom wall also made me fear what was about to come. I used my hand to cover my face, just before I covered my eyes I saw the tip of her glans open half an inch as the geyser of cum exploded.

The next thing I felt was my hand hitting my own face as the force of the blast pushed it with a surprising force. I felt the chair tip underneath me as the force of the beast pushed me. I let my hand fall down just in time for the second blast to hit me full on the forehead and face, bathing me in cum and tipping the chair until I fell down.

Cindy simply stepped over me and aimed her cannon downwards bathing me in blast after blast of her cum. I felt just like I was in one of those prison scenes being hosed down.

I hadn’t even noticed but being at the receiving end of such an enormous explosion of passion from Cindy’s side caused me to cum as well adding my own modest contribution.

We spent the rest of the night having more sex, Cindy came 8 times all together and I ended up sleeping with her that night too exhausted to do anything else.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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