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The following morning found the household going through the usual routines. Jacob scuttled off to work early after studiously reviewing some papers, but not before having breakfast with the family and having Rachel see him off. The kids ate breakfast, and Dinah told her how she was hitching a ride with her friend Mary to the softball game this afternoon, so Rachel had only to pick her up. Reuben announced that he had taken a few shifts off of work with the excuse of helping around the house while dad was gone. That being said, he and his pal would be heading up to the city to take in a baseball game, so he would be gone for most of the day also – drawing quizzical looks from his family.

Rachel figured to work around the house, square a few things away and hopefully take some time off to relax in the pool. It looked to be a real scorcher – and she rarely found an opportunity to use the pool since the kids and their friends often monopolized it. With both of them gone she would be able to sneak a day in.

Unbeknownst to the family, Reuben’s friend called earlier to say he wouldn’t be able to go – something had come up. At first it bummed him – his other friends would be working most of the day. But now, with a duty to screw his stepmom until she was carrying his baby (scripted by the Bible, no less), he saw an opportunity to have a different type of fun…

To get his energy going, Reuben took a bike ride shortly after breakfast. Dinah took off to her friend’s house, and soon Rachel got to work. It wasn’t long before the morning sun heated the household. As the temperature rose, Rachel found the allure of the backyard swimming pool all the more appealing. Seizing the rare opportunity she escaped her work, donning her virgin white swimsuit to take in some relaxation in her pool.

Reuben checked the house for his step mom, hoping to seduce her into another experience in bed. Calling out her name as he searched upstairs, he noticed Rachel out of his window, bathing in the pool below. From his position, he caught a good glimpse of her figure from above. Although her breasts were covered by her swimwear, they still produced a shapely vision from above, the water caressing and forming around them as she floated. The moisture on her suit reflecting the intense rays of the sun’s glow only added to her alluring figure.

The desires of lust and control quickly overcame Reuben. As Rachel relaxed in the pool below, he stripped down his shorts and underwear, grabbing his cock, already stiffening with the view and images conjured in his head. He thought of how he would take her once more – forcefully, to show her his intent. Last time had found him giving into the excitement generated between the two. This time he would hold back, he told himself – making her crave him. He would make her come repeatedly before injecting himself into her, creating such sensations in her that she would beg for him and his dick. Then he could control her and have her willing to please him at his command.

The idea quickly excited him. Images of what he would be doing to his stepmother quickly brought Reuben to the brink of climax. Holding off for the main course, he disrobed entirely, threw on his swimming trunks and made his way outside.

Rachel floated in pool with her eyelids closed, facing the sky as the water sloshed about her, when she the soft patter of footsteps approach her on the deck. She almost jumped seeing her stepson hovering over her, a look of intent possessing his face. Not oblivious to his hard-on, Rachel felt that she didn’t explain her intentions to Reuben well enough. Yes, she did want his help in getting pregnant. However, she had only intended him to plant his seeds in her once. The Lord will provide, she felt. If He sees her actions fit for procuring her own family, then last night would be sufficient.

Reuben lowered himself into the pool, allowing the soothing waters to cool him off from his bike ride. He took in his stepmother’s figure as she re-adjusted herself. She more ravishing than he had ever seen her. The small droplets of water cascading over the fine contours of her skin. Her hair soaking wet, pulled back to reveal more of her demure face. Even how the light glistened off her suit added to her intoxicating aura. Only his concocted plan held him from taking her that instant.

The two talked briefly about how Reuben’s plans to be with his pal fell through before touching on the subject of the previous night. When Rachel mentioned how she wanted it to be a one night stand, Reuben realized her decision to distance herself from him effectively squelched his plan to make her his own.

“Maybe,” he said, slowly moving towards her, “but I know we shared something intimate last night mom. It was more then just trying to conceive. I think our love for each other came through that night.”

Rachel stood at her end of the pool frozen – not wanting to move away to isolate Reuben. She knew it was a very delicate moment, poker oyna and she needed to retain their closeness as family while also fending off his advancement. “I agree dear, we did share an intimate bond last night – something beyond … a mother/son relationship.”

A sly grin graced Reuben’s face. Whereas Rachel saw it as a simple smile, he knew she had bought his word – hook, line and sinker. His plan wasn’t thwarted yet, but before she thought too religiously about the deal he needed to make his move.

“And I feel strongly that you should have a prominent role in our family” he replied. “But I don’t think planning for it on one night alone will do it. For some people, pregnancies don’t just happen – they take many repeated attempts.”

By now Reuben was abreast with his stepmother, her mouth slightly agape at what was transpiring. The same rush of adrenaline that possessed her the night before again buzzed through her mind and body. Her religious thoughts of right and wrong gave way to the attention her privates sorely craved. Her body slowly betrayed her, giving way to lust as Reuben gently moved in, engaging in a kiss that acknowledged only he could give her what she desperately needed.

Closing her eyes, Rachel tenderly put her arms around his strong back. Thoughts of how Jacob took her their wedding night came back to her- the anxiety of becoming a deflowered virgin. Reuben responded by placing his arms under her shoulders, allowing him to pull her closer and control their actions.

They kissed for some time, again exploring each others bodies as they floated in their embrace. Slowly they lost each other in a world of pleasure. The sounds from their smacking lips and muffled groans, along with the water lapping against them as they moved poolside, tickled in their ears. Sensations both felt the previous night quickly stirred in them. For Rachel it was the pleasure and excitement of successfully mating with her stepson. For Reuben it his pursuit of conquest.

His plan of control gave way to his own wanton lust to fuck his stepmother. Reuben slowly caressed Rachel’s firm tits as he pressed his hip on her thighs in the pool. Rachel tilted her head back as waves of pleasure rippled from her cunt through her body. He reached in, slowly pecking at her neck, inducing her to lightly caress his head.

“Mmm, honey, lets watch it. We wouldn’t want to create a scene,” she cautioned. “Maybe we should be working our way back to the …”

Reuben was unresponsive to her words in the cooing, yielding voice which she spoke them. He continued to grind against her, his prick throbbing with anticipation in his shorts. His hands moved from her shapely breasts down her body to her cunt. While one hand teased it, patting it through her swimsuit, the other worked to his shorts, pulling them down to release his throbbing member from its confines.

Rachel became oblivious to everything around them, trapped in the sensations her young man created as he continued to pleasure her upper body. Rachel’s words reduced into moans as her stepson continued to work her body, creating an excitement in her she’d once thought taboo. She simply closed her eyes and allowed for the moment to overtake her. Never before had she considered making out in public like this an option, and now she wanted to fuck stepson in the backyard!

Positioning his cock at the entrance of his stepmother’s cunt, he slowly felt up against it, probing along her entrance. His actions caused even more wickedly delicious sensations within Rachel – unconcerned that he again sought to penetrate her. She became more audible with every heartbeat, until she realized the commotion they were causing.

“Baby? Mmm, mmm! Baby, not here. Baby? C’mon, let’s …”

Reuben only responded with muted grunting noises. He wasn’t concerned if anyone saw them. Payback was on his mind. He would not be satisfied until she grew large with his child and his dream was complete. Thinking about it, he began pressing into her – stretching the fabric of her suit into her cunt. How the fabric conformed not only to the inner workings of her cunt but also to his prick created extra stimulation, causing him to drive harder with each thrust.

Rachel’s eyes were open now, staring blankly ahead. Her conscience told her this act, if it were to be done at all, should be done in the sanctuary of the bedroom. Her instincts, however, controlled her to grind back and help her stepson get his eager member into her itching cunt. Progressively, she ground her hips into his probing member, slowly wrapping her legs around his powerful, intent torso.

Reuben now felt the elasticity of her suit begin to snap and tear, stimulating him further to rip through her permeable protection and stake his claim. Soon the two bucked wildly. Rachel worked her hips against his, moaning her way into pleasure as she felt her suit yielding to his persistent charges. Soon he would break through the barrier between canlı poker oyna them, filling her once more with his life. With every thrust, the thoughts of carrying a child in her became stronger and more exhilarating, changing her moans into light screams.

With a triumphant yell Reuben’s speared through the elasticity, tearing through her suit and padding, coming to rest inside her wet, fleshy, convulsing cunt. Through the passages laid her eggs, and his cock wasted no time in sending out his sticky sperm into her hungry snatch. His mighty cock lurched in her, spewing out flood after flood of his seed deep into her belly, coming to rest in her womb.

Rachel felt his cock claim her cunt, triggering her orgasm, yielding herself to his powerful presence. She aggressively squeezed him with her arms and legs, now locked around his invading hips. Her mouth opened wide to scream in orgasmic joy, yet only soft whimpers escaped from her lips. They became more than a stepmother/stepson pair – he had asserted himself as her savior, the one who will save her in spite of her inhibitions. Now his seeds were in her fertile gardens, her flowers aching to bloom.

* * * * *

That night, Dinah rested at home – relaxing and enjoying a rare night off from her friends. Rachel happily made a family dinner for the three of them. Dinner conversation drew from the typical subjects. Friends, plans, local news. Dinah was going to watch a movie she had gotten from a friend some time back. Reuben did not have much else to do and showed interest in the same.

After dinner the siblings retired to the living room to start the movie while Rachel tended to the dishes. Upon finishing she made her way to the living room to see what they were watching. She noticed Dinah was on the chair closer to the television – with Reuben sprawled out on the couch. Rachel seized the opportunity to sit together with her stepson.

Reuben straightened up to make room on the couch for her. He fancied the thought of exerting more control over his stepmother, but decided to play it safe. After all, his sister was in the room. No need to risk being exposed. At the rate Rachel was opening herself to him, she would be his wanton fuck toy in no time.

As the movie played on, he was startled to feel Rachel’s hand rest itself on his leg. His head turned to watch her fingers work their way slowly up his leg, all the while her gaze absently turned towards the television. He paused momentarily, allowing for logic to step aside for pleasure. He leaned in against her, throwing his arm around Rachel’s neck, coming to rest across her chest and into the opening of her tank top.

The tingling excitement of the moment enchanted her. Before the incident earlier that day she told herself she would mate with her stepson once per cycle. Now she found herself initiating Reuben’s arousal, the two quietly enticing each other in Dinah’s unaware presence. She knew they couldn’t act beyond fondling each other, yet excused the sinful thrill as part of the process. Reuben’s actions only encouraged her. She had to slowly adjust, but she soon found his stiffening member. She caressed its increasing length as he fiddled and pressed his fingers into the yielding flesh of her chest. His hands outlined her right breast, the fingers working along the outer fabric of her cotton bra to her hardening nipples.

The two continued to tease each other as Dinah enjoyed the movie – unaware of what her stepmother and brother were engaging in. Rachel completely disregarded the rules of being proper and found herself becoming high off the rush of energy it provided. For Reuben, being able to have his stepmom in the presence of his sister—or anyone for that matter—intoxicated him. He wanted more, to take her there right at that moment – but if he couldn’t exert any self control his power over her would be fleeting.

As their breathing became heavier, their eyes met, Rachel’s lips quivering from the excitement brewing deep within her.

“Take me,” she whispered through her lips.

Reuben smiled. Appetizing as it sounded, it would be nearly impossible for them copulate tonight so long as Dinah was around. So much the better. The longer Rachel had to wait for him to pierce her womanhood, the more she would be consumed by her own animal lust. All he had to do was hold out and wait.

“In due time, my dear,” he whispered back. “Good things come to those who wait…”

His intentions to caress her face and lips were cut short. Out of the corner of his eyes he caught the television screen – the movie was ending! Smoothly, he un-cupped her chest and withdrew his arm from around her. The motion caught Rachel by surprise, momentarily holding her breath. Her hand withdrew from around his now stiff prick when she too caught the end of the film. Both quickly regained their composure before Dinah rose from her seat.

“I love that movie!” Dinah gasped as she made her way out of the room.

Rachel internet casino got up to leave with her. It was getting late – Jacob should be arriving home soon. She wanted to set up the bedroom for another session with her husband tonight. With a suppressed smile, she asked her stepson, “What did you think of it?”

“I already told her what I think of it,” he responded with a grin.

Dinah stopped in the doorway, momentarily staring out into it, before turning to her brother, curiously in a curled up position. “I don’t care what you think. She’s the best actress EVER!”

Reuben only shook his head at his sister’s comment. “Hey, toss me the remote.”

Dinah’s eyes darted across the room. “It’s right over there. Go get it.”

“Pppth, fine.” His penis was still incredibly erect. “I’ll just watch the credits.”

“You’re weird,” she said, shaking her head as she left the room.

* * * * *

Jacob returned to his office late that evening. Throwing his briefcase of documents on the table, he brought the computer out of its sleep and logged into his company’s flight request sheets. On his way in he called Dan’s boss at home – their clients were sold on the evening presentation. In fact, they eagerly anticipated the new design at their plants in their home state; they wanted Dan’s team to fly over that evening and run over it with their engineers tomorrow.

As Jacob was still covering for his buddy, he accepted the task with a sigh of exhaustion.

The week so far had proved stressful. Jacob’s own tasks were up to speed; arriving early and putting in extra hours later at night was paying off – a week’s worth of workload had nearly been tackled. He had only aimed to keep Dan’s management on par – to help give the presentation today and keep the clientele at bay. After they digested the concepts and blueprints, they could inquire more once Dan’s honeymoon week was over.

The unexpected breakthrough yesterday, as well as the severe interest on the part of their clients, resulted in a total shuffle of plans. Jacob practically gave his speech on the fly. A few simple outlines on the new concept and his company’s committal to the project were his only hard facts to work with. Had not the lead engineer agreed to accompany him for the presentation, Jacob would have been a fish out of water – and an embarrassment to himself and the company.

Now he was filling in fields on a computer form to fly over a thousand miles to discuss hands-on how their product could be implemented. “Dan really owes me one,” Jacob repeatedly thought to himself.

After confirming flights for his staff over the phone with the travel agent, Jacob flipped his cell phone up and reclined back on his chair. He held that position for a while, allowing the past couple of hours to catch up to him. His efforts would surely pay off – he could feel a promotion coming on. Dan would be jealous of him for allowing this opportunity to pass him by – if he wasn’t spending his week with the woman of his dreams.

Jacob’s mind wandered off to younger years of wide-eyed optimism. Meeting his first wife, Leah, at a college mixer for the first time. The nights they’d sneak away from family and friends to be more intimate. How when they were married they felt nothing could stand between them, how happy she made him during his struggles to land a steady job as their family grew. The dedication she demonstrated as he put in long hours to secure a position at work. Countless days mourned over her sudden loss.

For a moment he froze in thought. The painful loss of Leah. The strenuous effort to make Reuben and Dinah accept Rachel, who helped to lift his spirits during those dark times. And how, now that things were where he wanted them to be, he was once again toiling away at the office.

A somber mood threatened to take him, but the forecast drove those thoughts away. After the team finished up with this client, he’d be able to return home. Dan would have returned by then, and he’d be able to return to his own work. As word spread, talk of promotion would surely come his way. Certainly then his efforts would have more than paid off.

Smiling with giddiness over the recent accomplishments, he flipped open his cell phone and dialed home.

“Oh dear!” panted his wife on the other end. “Are you still at work? How’d the presentation go?”

‘Great honey! They tested the idea last night – it worked flawlessly! We presented it to the board and clients tonight – we think it’s the real deal. They’re flying us out there to work it over with their engineers.”

“Oh,” Rachel gasped, her voice drifting. “But Jacob, dear. We have a very important Bible study tomorrow. And what about trying, you know, for another child? I’ve been waiting all…”

Rachel heard Jacob sigh on the other end. “I know, pumpkin. I know. And it’s killing me too. I don’t think you know how much it’s killing me that I’m not there with you right now,” he told her, his voice softening to soothe her worries. “But you know I promised Dan. I promised him in front of Susie and everybody. I can’t leave him hanging now.”

“I know.” She agreed, reluctantly. “I know. How long will you be gone?”

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