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This is a story of fiction and not meant to be true in any sense of the word. Please do not take it as such because it is a fantasy. Thanks for reading and all comments are welcome.


Chris awoke the next morning thinking he had had the most wonderful dream. When suddenly he realized that it was not a dream and it was real, his mother had actually jacked him off. He did not remember when she left but he knew she would be back today because he started physical therapy today. Yet, he wondered how she would act towards him after last night. What would he say to her? He knew things would be different now but he still wanted more, he just hoped that his mother would to.

Carolyn stared at the bathroom mirror trying to get ready to go to the hospital. She was as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. She still could not believe what she did last night. It was as if she was in another world. She remembers sitting in her chair waiting on Eve to come back and the next thing she knew she was jacking her son off and begging him to cum, then before she knew it, she was making out with the Eve. She had never even kissed a woman before but as she replayed the incident in her mind, she realized how hot it made her. She knew it was wrong and she had to tell Chris it could never happen again, yet she knew in the back of her mind, she would not be able to control her urges around him. She finally made her mind up that she was going to walk in and act as if nothing happened.

By the time Carolyn got to Chris’s room the doctor and a young nurse were waiting on her because she had to bring Chris some shorts and a tee shirt to wear to physical therapy. She was glad they were there because it meant she would not have to talk about what happened last night. The young nurse introduced herself as Kay.

The three of them helped Chris sit up in the bed so they could help him put his shirt on. They slid his gown down over his shoulders and helped him put his arms through the sleeves, then gently pulled the shirt over his head. Carolyn handed Kay Chris’s shorts while the doctor finished removing his gown, it was at this moment things get interesting. Suddenly the doctor gasped, Carolyn and Kay looked to see what was wrong; Chris was sitting there proudly sporting a huge erection.

Now being a doctor, Marcia Brown had seen hundreds of cocks in her life but nothing as magnificent as this young man had on him. She could not believe the size of it, not only was it long it was thick, she was positive that she could not get her hand all the way around it. She was practically staring at it.

She thought. ‘Get a hold to herself girl, you are a professional, you can’t be acting like a little schoolgirl who has just seen her first dick. Still, I know one thing; I will be sure and give him some extra special Doctor to patient care.’

Meanwhile, Kay was practically drooling. She had just turned 24 and just finished nursing school but none of her studies had prepared her for this moment. She was by no means a virgin but the few boyfriends she had had were not even half as big as Chris was. She knew that as soon as they got him to physical therapy she was going to go on her break and find her a nice quiet place to masturbate. She just hoped that no one noticed the dampness between her legs.

Chris could not help but smile as he watched the three women staring at his big dick. He thought. ‘This is amazing; they are looking at me like I am a god.’

Through all of it though, he could not stop looking at his mother, she looked amazing. While he was worried how she would react after last night, he could tell by the look on her face that he had nothing to worry. He just had to play his cards right and he knew that he could get her to do anything he wanted.

Carolyn could not believe it, here she was not 24 hours since she had given Chris a handjob and she was lusting after him again. She could tell by the looks on the faces of the other two women she was not alone.

At that moment, she felt a pang of jealousy. Her feelings were all mixed up, how could she be jealous, he was her son not her lover. At that time she looked over and saw Chris looking at her, she was embarrassed, but at the same time, she could see the love in his eyes. With Chris, looking at her that way, it gave her a warm feeling all over. She knew right then everything would be all right.

After the women caught their breath, they finished putting Chris’s shorts on. The doctor said she would see Chris after he returned from therapy.

Carolyn and Kay then wheeled Chris down to physical therapy. It seemed to Chris the two women were almost fighting to see who would push his wheelchair.

After going down two long halls and making a right turn, they were arrived at physical therapy. The first thing Chris saw when he entered the room was the beautiful redheaded Latin woman with huge tits.

He thought. ‘I sure hope she’s my therapist, she must have the biggest tits I have ever seen.’

Then to his surprise, poker oyna she turned and started walking towards them. She said. “You must be Chris I have heard so much about you, my name is Maria. I want to know up front, you have a lot of hard work in front of you and I am going to give you the workout of a lifetime.”

Chris kind of chuckled to himself and thought. ‘I’ll just bet you are.’

With that, Kay told him she would see him when he got through with his workout.

The minute Kay left; she practically ran back to the nurses’ station and informed them she was taking her break. She hurriedly went outside to her Jeep Grand Cherokee. She got in and pulled around to the very back part of the parking lot underneath a big oak tree. She was so flustered that as she pulled off her clothes and climbed in the back she forgot to look and see if anyone was around. At this point; she did not really care, she just knew she had to cum.

She started frantically frigging herself and thinking. ‘My god, I don’t believe I have ever seen a dick that, it was enormous. I don’t even think I could fit my hand around it and I know I couldn’t fit it in my mouth. Still if I get the chance I’m damn sure going to try because I know one way or another it will fit into my pussy.’

She knew one thing for sure; right now, she was as turned on as she had been in her whole life. Her fingers did not seem to be doing the trick though; she needed something inside of her. She grabbed her purse and started frantically digging through it but the only thing she could find was her hairbrush so she grabbed it and started ramming the handle in and out of her cunt as fast as she could. While one hand was fucking her pussy, the other hand was pinching one of her nipples.

She was oblivious to anything going on around her; she just knew she had to cum and cum now. Her hairbrush was going in and out of her pussy so fast it was just a blur; she could feel her orgasm building and knew it would not be long now. With one long last push, she had a mind-blowing orgasm.

As she was coming down from her orgasm, she looked around and could have sworn she saw someone watching her from behind the big oak tree. Even though she thought, someone was watching her she could not see anybody so she hurriedly got dressed and went back to work.

Dr. Marcia Brown had left some paperwork in her car and was going to get it when she saw the young nurse getting into her jeep. She didn’t think much of it at the time until she saw the girl stripping off her clothes and climbing into the back seat.

Marcia had always been somewhat of a voyeur so she slipped behind the big oak tree and started watching her. She thought to herself. ‘Damn, I bet I know what has her all worked up, after seeing a cock that size there’s no way you can do anything but get wet. I know it had my pussy dripping.’

The Doctor could not help but rub her breasts at the thought of the big cock sliding in and out of her pussy while watching this young girl playing with herself in the parking lot. She was horny too.

Looking around to make sure no one could see her; she slowly lifted up her skirt and began to rub her pussy through her panties. It was not long before she had a steady rhythm going and thought she could cum any minute but suddenly the young nurse had finished and was climbing out of her jeep and straightening up her uniform.

The doctor stopped what she was doing and made sure she was out of the young woman’s view, then straightened up her skirt and retrieved the papers from her car and took them inside and put them on her desk and informed her secretary she would be taking a long lunch.

Carolyn then introduced herself to Maria and told her she wanted to learn everything she could to help Chris with his physical therapy. She wanted to do anything to help him get better.

Maria said everything would be fine and they would get started right away. After helping Chris onto the mat, she started showing Carolyn some simple range of motion exercises.

She would lift his arm and rotate it around; explaining she needed to do this to keep him from losing any movement in is shoulders.

She then grabbed his leg with one hand firmly on his thigh and the other hand on the heel of his foot and slowly began to lift his leg slowly straight up in the air, when his leg was 90° up in the air she began to slowly bend his foot by the toe down toward his stomach. She explained this was to help him keep his muscle tone.

After doing this 10 times on each leg, she placed her left hand on his thigh and her right hand on his ankle and began moving his leg side to side. She explained this exercise was to keep his hip joints flexible.

Carolyn then tried the exercises and assured herself she would have no problem doing these exercises with him at home.

Chris was finding it difficult to keep from getting a hardon with Maria jumping around from one side of the mat to the other with her big tits bouncing everywhere. After what canlı poker oyna happened next, he knew he was fighting a losing battle.

Maria climbed up on the mat and straddled his crotch facing his feet. She then, reached and grabbed the top of his feet and started pulling them back to his knee. While she was doing this, she seemed to be rocking back and forth, the whole time telling Carolyn that this would need to be done every day to keep his feet from wanting to droop down.

The rocking motion was getting the best of Chris and he could feel cock began to harden when suddenly, Maria felt it too. His cock was firmly pressing into her ass.

She thought. ‘I know one thing that is not drooping. Damn, he must have a log between his legs.’

Chris started to apologize but she told him not to worry.

She said. “That it was a natural reaction and he was not the first guy to have it happen while she was performing this exercise on them but he was definitely the biggest.”

When she finished the exercise, she took Carolyn into her office to get her some pamphlets and explain to her how important these exercises were.

Carolyn said she understood and she would make sure they were done every day.

Maria told her. “I know how hard it must be on you being a single mother and having to work and take care of your son at the same time, if you would like, when he goes home from the hospital, I would be more than happy to help you with his therapy. Free of charge of course.”

Carolyn told her. “Thank you very much I would really appreciate that. Your right, I am going to have my hands full at least for a little while. Maybe while he is still here in the hospital you can show my sister Lea how to do these exercises because she can help me some of the time.”

Maria said that would be a good idea and handed her, her card (her hand lingering on Carolyn’s) and told her to call her and they would set up a schedule. She also told her not to worry about coming back the rest of the week; she would take care of Chris so Carolyn would not have to miss any more work.

Carolyn rolled Chris back to his room without a word spoken between them. Neither of them knew what to say to each other so there was just awkward silence. Chris was just about to say something to his mother when Kay came bounding through the door.

Kay asked Chris how his therapy went and he told her just fine.

Kay and Carolyn helped Chris back into bed and after Carolyn was sure Chris was comfortable she told him she had some errands to run and she would see him later.

Kay sat down beside Chris and they started idly chatting when she slowly reached over and started rubbing Chris’s big cock. The faster she rubbed the bigger he got.

Chris finally told her. “Why don’t you take it out? I think it needs some air. It’s so hard it hurts.”

With that said Kay whipped out his big dick and began to lick up and down the side of his shaft, she had just started getting into it when suddenly the door opened and in walked Dr. Brown.

The Doctor hollered. “You horny little slut, how dare you. I would have thought you would have calmed down by now, especially after what I saw you doing to yourself in the back of your Jeep!”

After a long pause the doctor said “Oh what the hell, who am I a fooling, get over here you little bitch and suck my pussy! From now on you will do what I say, when I say! Do you understand?”

Kay nodded yes, went and knelt before the doctor, and began to pull the doctor’s panties down. She started to run her tongue up and down the doctors slit making the doctor very wet.

The doctor started telling Kay. “That’s it you little bitch, suck my cunt like the little whore you are! You like sucking my cunt, don’t you! From now on, you will do exactly as I say, won’t you, you little bitch! Answer me whore!

Kay meekly answered. “Yes doctor, I will do anything you say, I am your whore.”

While Kay was eating Dr. Brown’s pussy, Dr. Brown was hungrily sucking on Chris’s cock; her tongue was swirling around the big mushroom head driving Chris crazy and her hand frantically playing with his big balls.

Kay was licking and sucking fast and hard on Dr. Brown’s clit trying to bring her off as fast as she could, Kay loved eating pussy almost as much as sucking on a big dick.

Dr. Brown was fastly approaching her orgasm as she continued to lick and suck on Chris’s cock, when Chris finally said. “Doc, why don’t you climb up here on top and I’ll give you what you really want, and Kay you come up here and straddle my face and I will give your pussy the proper licking that it deserves.”

Kay looked a little disappointed; she really wanted a chance to ride the big cock in front of her but she decided she better not piss off the doctor. Tomorrow would be another day.

The two women stopped and did exactly as Chris instructed.

As the Doctor began slowly to lower herself onto Chris’s cock, she began to wonder if she could take all of it. internet casino After lowering herself a couple of inches at the time she finally hit her cervix and she began to impale herself up and down his cock at a frenetic pace.

Dr. Brown started talking to herself. “Oh so good, big beautiful cock, no one has ever been this deep inside of me. Feels so good, So hard and he fills me so full. Kay, you dirty little whore, if you play your cards right I might let you feel what it’s like to fuck a real man! “

In the meantime Kay finally was astraddle Chris’s face and he was eating her pussy for all of its worth. The two women began to kiss and play with each other’s tits; it was as if they were the only three people left in this world.

What the three lovers did not know was, they had an audience, the head RN (Ms. Patricia Knox) was looking for Kay when she happened upon the three making love. She stood just inside the door, in shock at first, and then with total infatuation, as the sight before her woke up inhibitions she had not felt in a very long time.

The three lovers were just about to reach their peak when Ms. Knox decided it would be best if she just slipped back out of the room. She could not help but take one last peek at the three lovers as she quietly closed the door.

Kay started moaning louder and louder, it was as if she did not care who heard her but the doctor knew her career was on the line, so she grabbed Kay behind the head and forced her mouth onto one of her tits.

With Kay sucking on her tit, it sent her over the edge and she began to cum.

Chris could feel the doctor’s pussy contracting and squeezing his dick like a vice and that was all it took as he began squirting load after load of his baby making cum into the good doctor.

Almost immediately, the good doctor remembered she was not on the pill. She was going to have to run to her office and douche immediately.

Unfortunately, for her what she did not know was, one of Chris’s potent seeds had found one of her fertile eggs.

After they all came down from their euphoric high, they agreed to do this again but after, Chris got out of the hospital.

As soon as Carolyn was home, she ran to her bedroom practically ripping her clothes off and snatching her vibrator from her side dresser drawer. She was soaking wet and it took no time until she was ramming the vibrator in and out of her snatch.

The whole time she was screaming and hollering. “That’s it you big dicked fucker, fuck your mother and fuck her hard! Make me cum now! I am your whore, ooh yeah, that’s it, right there, don’t stop, oh no, don’t stop you big dicked fucker!”

Before she knew it, she was Cumming and squirting her juices everywhere. Her bed sheets were practically soaked.

As she lay there, she knew that her life was to be changed forever. There was no way she could deny Chris of anything he wanted, including her body. It was at this point she decided to have a talk with Chris and try to discourage anymore hanky panky between the two of them.

Denise and her friend Melanie stopped by after lunch to see how Chris was getting along. Chris told them everything was going great, he really could not be any better except for his injuries.

He told them. “I sure could use a cold beer though.”

They all laughed and the girls told him they would try to sneak a couple in tomorrow.

Then unexpectedly, Denise asked him if he had any more wild adventures with the nurses. He did not even have to answer, she could tell by the look on his face.

She wanted to know everything but Chris was a little embarrassed talking about it in front of Melanie. Denise told him not to worry because she told Melanie everything.

As Chris began to tell the girls about everything, making sure to leave the part out where his mom jacked him off the night before, Denise began to rub his dick inside his shorts.

Meanwhile, Melanie was rubbing her breasts and fingering herself under her shorts.

Chris could not believe what happened next.

Denise looked at Melanie and told her. “I know I have told you how big Chris’s dick is but why don’t you come and find out for yourself.

Melanie walked over to where Denise was rubbing Chris’s dick and slowly reached out and began to rub were Denise was rubbing.

Denise spoke to Melanie. “That’s it Sweetie, can you fill how big it is?”

While Melanie was rubbing Chris’s dick, Denise began to pull his shorts down and when his big cock popped out from its confines.

Melanie gasped and said. “Oh my god he’s huge, I thought you were exaggerating but now I think you were underestimating his size.”

Denise told her. “Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and suck that monster. I’ll bet you can’t even get your mouth around it. I know it took me a week before I could do it. If you are as good as you say you are, maybe next time, I’ll let you fuck him.”

Melanie needed no more encouragement as she wrapped her lips around his dick and started sucking him for all she was worth. After a few minutes, she was finally able to get half of him in her mouth but even as hard as she tried, she still could not all of him down her throat.

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