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Rina was disturbed. Her son Ritwik, or Rik, could it spot it a mile away as soon he came back from college and sat down on the sofa that covered half of the living room of their tiny flat in Bowbazar, a part of Calcutta that had seen better days. Normally she would have had a million questions — what was taught today? who did what? and said what? and so on while serving him his evening tiffin. But today, after a rather hurried hello, she had quickly retired to the tiny kitchen and Rik could see that she was generally pottering around there, but not doing anything much.

Rik was puzzled or rather curious. He walked into the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of cold water from the fridge. “Hi Ma, why are you so silent today?”

“Oh well, nothing,” Rina was a little vague, “just this and that and nothing much.”

“No, you are upset with something.” Rik took a gulp of water and put the bottle down on the table. “Tell me what is wrong?”

“Don’t worry kiddo, I will get over it.”

“So let me help you,” Rik threw his arms around her shoulders and hugged her tight and suddenly felt something stiff under around her waist. “Oh, hey, what is this?”

Rina was wearing a saree but unlike her usual position when it would be tied below her navel, today it seemed to be quite high but as Rik discovered as he patted her around her waist and along the crack of her butt, she was wearing something under it.

“What are you wearing Ma?” Rina turned around to face her son and in the dim light of the kitchen, Rik saw a hunted look in her eyes.

“Please, kiddo, please,” she was obviously very embarrassed. “How was college?” she asked in a desperate attempt to change the topic.

“No, you tell me what has happened and what is that beneath your saree.” He tapped on it.

“I can’t.” she suddenly sobbed. “Please son, don’t insist.”

“Ok, Ma. Relax.” Rik grabbed his mother’s face and kissed her on her lips.

With Rik’s arms around her shoulders, his body pressed into her, it was suddenly very cozy for his mother. Her tension drained away and she looked up, to see her son smiling calmly at her. Very reassuring. They clung to each other for a couple of silent minutes and then Rina said, “Kiddo, you need to know what has happened but to do that, I need to take off my clothes.”


Rina was from the southern districts of Bengal, those bordering on the Bay, but very early in life, circumstances had brought her into the flesh trade in Calcutta from which she was slowly trying to extricate herself. Rik had been born when she was still shy of adulthood but somehow his presence had made her dream of being something different and in this she had latched on to Shanta-bai, Calcutta’s last classical singer in the kothi traditions of nawabi Lucknow. Through her she had managed to craft a career in music — not the traditional kothi music, of which there were hardly any patrons these days, but she did earn a tidy sum by singing popular and risque numbers in seedy bars and at social events. Not that this meant that she had regained her virginity! With her tall, lissome figure, dusky complexion, sharp features, large limpid eyes and a headful of hair that when left uncoiled would easily reach her hips, she had one hell of head turner of a body that she normally kept hidden under saree. But when performing in a variety of revealing dresses she had often been groped, fondled and been proposed to on numerous occasions, some of which had ended with Rina having to get into bed with powerful people on pleasant commercial terms.

None of this was unknown to Rik. Growing up in a red-light area, he was no stranger to the sex trade but for some reason, perhaps because of the genes that he had inherited from an unknown father, his life had been moving along a slightly different track. His was the world of books and then, when his mother had arranged for a it, the vastness of the world wide web. Thankfully, it was only in the rarest of rare occasions that his mother’s friends would visit their flat, but even then he could easily withdraw himself into his own private cocoon while he could hear moans, grunts, slaps and shrieks as his mother would get fucked behind the doors of their bedroom. It was not that he was gay or impotent but when you live among nudity and sex, its power to arouse easily is lost and even though he had briefly seen his mother in the nude, since privacy was at a premium in the extremely small flat that they lived in, it had never been a very big deal for him, until that intriguing day after his eighteenth birthday …

This was mid June and Calcutta was sweltering in a heat wave and waiting desperately for the monsoon to arrive and soothe the city. Humidity was intense and life was miserable especially for those who lived in cramped, squalid environments. Everybody was suffering but Rina was in a particularly bad shape. An itch that had begun in her pubic area and possibly inside her cunt was now spreading across her body güvenilir bahis and thick red weals had appeared on her buttocks, her back, her belly and now her breasts. What was worse was that since morning she had begun to feel dizzy. Reluctantly, Rina had agreed to allow Rik to take her to Dr Dutta, the only medical doctor who practised in the area.

Dr Dutta was a rogue but a rather lovable rogue. He was about fifty but some unpleasant and accidental event in the early part of his medical career had forced him to hide in the seedier part of the city and then he had got used to the people and practices of the sex trade. He was competent and completely non-judgmental in his work but would never hesitate to flirt with, make a pass at or even solicit personal favours from his lady patients and yet when push comes to shove he would be generous with his money and his time. On many occasions when the women or their kids were in trouble with the police or the pimps he would take the lead to mediate and sort out matters. In his own way he was a little pillar in the difficult community that he had moved into.

There was a long crowd of patients in the doctor’s tiny waiting room and when Rina and Rik finally entered Dr Dutta’s chamber it was well past 9 O’clock. The room was tiny with a small narrow table along the wall and two chairs in the front. Towards the back, separated from the room with a short, dirty curtain, was a narrow passage that led to another larger room with a marble table and a wash basin.

“Come in, come in Rina-bai,” Dr Dutta used the technically correct word “bai” that distinguishes a singer from a sex worker. “How can I help you?” He was sitting on the chair and his smile was as warm and friendly as ever. Rina sat down on the other chair explained her problem.

“You will have to take off your clothes, Rina-bai, for me to take a look.” Dr Dutta was notorious for having his lady patients strip naked but since most of his patients were accustomed to this it was something that had never become an issue with anyone. But Rik was not sure about his mother stripping in his presence. “Should I leave the room?”

“You could, but the law says that a doctor should examine a lady patient only in the presence of her relatives and then,” he winked, “a fine young stud like you would certainly enjoy the sight of your mother’s naked body!”

“Oh Doctor-babu, he is my son dammit, please do not corrupt him.”

“Oooh, I know that Rik is different, he is into computers and all that ..”

“Shut up, Doctor, and get on with your work.”

“Ok, Ok, Rina-bai, please stand up and drop your clothes.”

Rina was wearing a salwar-kameez, the pajama suit that is universally worn by women across India and it did not take her long to drop her pajama and pull off her shirt.

“Since the itch has started in your pubis and has spread across your breasts, you need to take off your bra and panty as well.” Rina pushed down her panty and her thick bush of luxuriant pubic hair came into view. Next she stretched her arms to unhook her bra to reveal a coarse stubble under her armpits. Now that she was totally nude, Rina coyly placed an arm across her breasts, covered her cunt with a palm and stood expectantly in the middle of the room.

Dr Dutta got up and gently removed her hand from her breasts and for the first time Rik was staring fully and openly at his mother’s perfect breasts.

“Rina-bai, your tits are perfect.” He fondled them lovingly, running his thumb over the nipples and watching them harden. “But this rash is rather ugly.” He snapped back into his professional mode and continued with the examination of the belly and then the back. Inwardly, Rik heaved a sigh of relief as the sight of the doctor rubbing his mother’s hard nipples was making him uncomfortable in his own crotch! But not for long, because the doctor put his hand on Rina’s buttocks to pull her closer to the powerful lamp on his desk and with his other hand started feeling inside her pubic hair with his fingers.

“The first thing we need to do is to shave off all this hair Rina, and then I can see better.”

“OK ..”

“This will take time and there are other patients waiting. So let me suggest that Rik and you go to the back of the chamber, behind the curtain, and Rik can quickly shave you clean.”

“Do we have the equipment?”

“Yes, I do, and in the meantime, I will finish off seeing all the other patients and get back to you when you are done.”

It took about an hour but then they were almost done. Initially, Rina had been rather coy about the process but not having another option, she had rapidly shed her inhibitions about climbing onto the table stark naked, lying on her back, spreading her legs and having her own son spreading her pussy lips apart! Actually the rash was such that it would have been difficult, or dangerous, for Rik to actually shave his mother pubis with the razor that the doctor had given them. In fact, after consulting with Dr Dutta he had used a hair türkçe bahis clipper to remove most of her pubic hair leaving a fine carpet of stubble that was a delight to run your fingers on. Now with a pair of scissors he was snipping off the odd strand that he could see after spreading apart the fleshy lips of his mother’s vagina. The armpits of course, being less affected, had been shaved clean.

In fact, had it not been for the irritating burn all over, Rina would have actually enjoyed the light touch of her son’s fingers in her cunt, but even otherwise she felt that her body was responding in a manner that was not really appropriate under the circumstances. Rik had noticed that his mother’s nipples had hardened and there was a slight moistness in her cunt and of course it did not help matters to have his own erection tenting inside his jeans!

It was almost 10 O’clock when Dr Dutta finished his last patient and came into room to find Rik wiping his mother’s crotch with a wet cloth. “We are done.”

“Good, and I can see from these erect nipples,” he lightly teased her tits, “that Rina-bai is quite excited about this treatment and her son,” and he tapped the bulge in his jeans, “is also quite happy about all this.” He grinned.

“Will you please stop teasing us Doctor and do something about this burn.”

“Yes, yes, let me take a look.” Suddenly he was all professional again as he shone a powerful torch on the red spots that covered her body.

“But it first began, here, isn’t it?” He tapped her crotch.

“Yes,” nodded Rina, “and then it slowly spread all over.”

“When did you last have unprotected sex?”

“Ages ago, I am not into that business, you know.”

“I know, so what about protected sex? When were you fucked last?”

“Must be two years ago. The owner of the club where I sing was there for his birthday.”

“So the chance of an STD is rather low, but let me take a look anyway.” He picked a speculum, pushed it into her vagina and took a closer look.

“Rina-bai, there is nothing to be worried about.” He was all smiles again.

“What is it?”

“This is a fungal infection, because of the sweat and the heat, that has spread through your insides and is now emerging out across the rest of your body, but we can fix that quite easily.”

“That is good.”

“There is a cream that you will have to apply all over your body and there is a tablet ..”

“That I will have to swallow, right?”

“Yes, but not with your mouth but with your cunt.”

“Are you joking doctor?”

“No, this tablet must be pushed through your cunt so as to touch the infected parts directly — actually it is quite easy and I will show you how.”


“Yes, but first the lotion. Will you get off the table please.”

“Will you apply it now?”

“It is too late for you to go and buy the medicines now and I do not want you to suffer through the night. So let me start you off today with what I have and then you can buy the rest tomorrow.”

Rina stood still in the middle of the room and Rik smeared the lotion, that Dr Dutta had poured out on his palms, all over his mother’s naked body. Starting from her face, her necks, her back, her breasts, her nipples — where he spent a little longer than what was perhaps necessary, drawing a strong glare from Rina, as they hardened again at her son’s touch — her belly, her buttocks, her crotch, her pubes, her thighs and all the way down to her ankles, there was no part of the body that was not anointed.

“Ah, that was wonderful, the burn has disappeared.”

“But unfortunately, it will come back again, unless we kill the original infection in your vagina.”

“With the tablet that you want to shove in there.”

“Yes, and while you can do it yourself, it would be easier and more effective if I could teach Rik to push it in for you.”

“Great, first I have my son fondling my naked body and now you want him to shove a stick into my cunt.”

“I know that thats not what sons are for, but then, believe me you may even like it. Come, please kneel down on the floor.”

Dr Dutta threw a pillow on the floor. Rina knelt on the ground and then went down on all fours. She placed her chin on the pillow so that her buttocks were sticking up in the air. Dr Dutta asked her to spread her knees so that the fleshy lips of her vagina were clearly visible from the back.

“If someone were to fuck you doggy style, this would be ideal of course, but now we will do something even better.” He pulled out a thick, blunt syringe like device with an handle and a plunger. “You can keep and use this one and buy me a new one tomorrow.”

Next he placed a big capsule containing a jelly like substance at the tip of the device and handed it to Rik. “Now young man, it is your job to stick this into your mother’s cunt.”

Rik stared at this mother, kneeling naked at his feet, face on the floor, butts up in the air, legs spread and the pink of her cherry clearly visible through the güvenilir bahis siteleri gap. He adjusted his own trouser to loosen the tightness in his own crotch, where his raging erection was threatening to burst out of his undies, grabbed the syringe and allowed the doctor to guide it to the opening of his mother’s hole.

“Now push it in, my boy, push it in as if you were really fucking her!”

It was tough. Rina was so tensed that her vaginal walls were clenched tight and the big blunt syringe that her son was trying to push inside would not go in!

“Relax, Rina-bai, you need to relax, think of this as your first fuck, when your curtain was torn.” and he patted her on the head and gently massaged her back. The trick worked. Rina relaxed and slowly the big syringe, nearly 8 inches long, went in till it was buried to the hilt.

“Ok, and now for the medication .. and do this slowly.” Dr Dutta started twisting the syringe causing the capsule to break and the jelly to spill out inside the vagina. “Now Rik, now you do what I just did.”

Rik took the syringe that was still stuck like a dildo in his mother’s cunt and started to twist it right and left and then at the doctor’s advice in and out, simulating in fact, the motion of real penis or a dildo.

“How long do I do this doctor?” but his question was interrupted as Rina started to moan with pleasure. After all it had been ages since she had had such a stiffie in her cunt!!

“You need to bring your mother to orgasm, Rik.”

“Orgasm, oh my god .. and all for an infection?”

“Actually for a sexual person like her, this continuous abstinence from sex has disturbed her biochemistry because of which this heat and humidity has felled her. None of us are that badly affected, you see.”

That may have been logical but for Rina and Rik, mother and son, this was the most amazing treatment that they could have ever thought of. For the next ten minutes, Rik kept pumping the syringe into his mother’s cunt as she moaned and groaned and thrashed around and then collapsed on the floor after her first roaring orgasm in a long time.

Dr Dutta gently removed the syringe from her body, washed it and gave it to her son along with the other medicines.


Next morning, the monsoon finally broke with all it fury and the city was paralysed with waterlogging. It would be almost impossible for anyone to step outside but Rik and Rina could not care less. For lying in bed together were mother and son and both were stark naked!

After the tumultuous treatment at the doctor’s clinic, Rina and Rik had hurried back to their tiny, top floor flat and once behind the privacy of their front door had sat down to analyse their feelings.

“It was so very naughty of the doctor to have you make me come right in front of the two of you.” Rina grinned nervously.

“But his treatment worked, aren’t you definitely feeling better now.”

“That is true, but after this how will I look into your eyes ….”

“Especially when I get an erection …”

“As you are getting now.”

“Can I help it?”

“No you cannot, so let me help you out of it.” With a practiced hand she snapped open the button of his jeans and pulled down both his trouser and his shorts.

Rik’s erection sprang free and before he knew it, his mother had knelt in front of him and had started licking it with her tongue.

“Oh Ma,” Rik squirmed with pleasure and moved back until he hit the bed and collapsed on it. Rina crawled along the floor and now the tables were turned. It was Rik on his back, trousers on the ground, legs spread, cock sticking out like a flagpole and his mother’s head was between his spread out legs!

Rina opened her mouth and swallowed her son’s erection until she felt it thud against the back of her mouth. Then her head began to bob up and down, front and back as she sucked her son’s erection, while her hands fingered Riks testicles. For the still virginal Rik all this was too much and with a yell of pleasure he started to ejaculate thick streams of cum that splattered across her face, her eyebrows and dripped down her nose!

And at that very instant, a crack of thunder rolled across the sky and it started to rain.

Mother and son picked themselves up from wherever they were, quickly shed their clothes and ran to the only window that they had to stare at the rain. Six floors below, on the road, people were running here and there but had anyone looked up they would have seen a naked man and woman, actually mother and son, kissing and pleasuring each other as the rain, lashing at the window, drenched them in ecstasy.

Later that night, after a hurried dinner, they had crept back into bed and had lain naked in each other arms.

“You know something Ma,” whispered Rik, “this has been my fantasy for a long time.”


“To see you naked, to have you in my arms and kiss you.”

“But I am your mother.”

“I know, but what can I do? You are such a sexy woman.”

“I know kid, I know that men are moved by their hormones but we have to be very careful.”


“Society does not approve of mothers and sons in such a relationship”

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