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I knew he was in pain in the moment he limped into the door.

“What in the world happened?”

“I got a Charlie Horse on the very the last play of the game. It was all I could do to limp off the field. It’s a little better now, but it still hurts like hell.”

“It serves you right. You work in an office all week without any exercise and then on the weekend you want to play football with all your old college cronies. I’ll tell you what, go take a nice warm shower and I’ll try to massage the kinks out for you before dinner.”

He hobbled off towards the bedroom and I went into the kitchen to put dinner on the back burner. By the time I had gathered the massage oils and went into the bedroom, he was coming out of the shower, hair disheveled with a towel wrapped around his waist.

“Okay, lay face down and let me take care of you. Raise up and get rid of the towel.”

The towel was removed and I couldn’t help but marvel at the sleekness güvenilir bahis of his firm buttocks, the trimness of his waist and the strength of his legs. Although he was a little out of shape, he had been an athlete in college and his physique still showed his body to best advantage. I began by pouring the oil on my hands to warm it. Gently, I applied it to the calf of his injured left leg. With the palms of my hand on either side and my thumbs overlapped in the middle I began a slow cautious stroke from his knee upward towards his buttocks.

At the very apex of the stroke, he opened his legs a little. I now had complete access to him and my fingers brushed against his testicles as I moved further up and massaged his buns. I could feel his hard muscles rippling and then relaxing under the soft skin. I continued this same pattern for quite a few moments, up the back of his leg from his knee to his waist, slowing and giving careful attention türkçe bahis to his balls. Occasionally, I let my finger touch his anus.

It was having the desired effect because he had to raise up a little and make an adjustment to his rapidly swelling penis. When I was sure that I had his complete attention, I told him to turn over and let me “take care’ of the front section.

He looked a little sheepish when he turned over and his big, beautiful cock leaped into view, standing straight up.

“Sorry about that, but I couldn’t help it.”

Before I answered him, I took his testicles in my right hand and his penis in my left. I massaged both for a moment before I said, “Nonsense, I am flattered. Maybe this will help you to forget your pain.”

When I put my mouth around it, he gasped a little and then gave himself to me. Despite his hurt, the pre-cum on the end was just as sweet as it always was. My tongue began to trace little patterns güvenilir bahis siteleri around the familiar ridge of the head and stroke the soft under side of his splendid instrument. Then, I began a slow up and down motion that I knew was his favorite. He couldn’t handle my slowness and soon began to speed things up. Within moments he was thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth and moaning softly. Faster and faster he went until he suddenly stiffened, gave a loud sigh of pleasure and filled my mouth with his delicious cum. I didn’t waste any of it and was able to coax a few extra drops out of him by sucking and rolling my tongue around it.

In response to his moans, I finally stopped and raised my head. I looked down into his face and smiled. “How is your Charlie-horse?”

“OH, God, I completely forgot about it. After dinner I want to reciprocate, and make you feel as good as I do now. OK?”

‘Sure, you know I love it.”

“Mom, you’re the greatest!”

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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