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Catherine met Charles because of her interest in an MFM threesome. It was as simple as that. He didn’t know that at first, but it soon became clear that the reason she was ‘stepping out’ was her long-held fantasy of being with two men. Making a connection with him or someone like him was the first step in the process.

Thankfully for all concerned, Charles embraced the idea. It turned out that much information was available online, more and better than that held in some books that could be perused at the local Barnes and Noble. He dove into the project after Catherine identified an interested third, coaching her in the questions she had to answer for herself, while at the same time preparing himself for the possibilities.

It started out to be extremely complicated, for Charles faced the prospect of a rival joining him in this endeavor. But the three of them moved forward, to the point of three-way chat and shared emails regarding specifics of the planned meeting in Dallas. The plan eventually died, though, when the ‘third’ found a new love. Perhaps he wasn’t as fully on board as first appeared.

For a year the idea simmered, but in the background. Catherine and Charles had found something very special in each other, and became ever closer, and more robust in their exploration. Finally, though, it was time.

“Perhaps a swingers’ club would be fun,” Charles mused during an online chat one evening. “Maybe there you’ll find the perfect third.” Catherine quickly took the bait, “Are there places like that? Where?” He was ready with an answer, “Atlanta. The Trapeze. Here’s the link.” The conversation flowed from there over the next few days, and a plan was hatched to meet there in the coming weeks.

They didn’t want to leave her fantasy subject to a chance meeting with the right person, so they began interviewing a few of the many prospects who answered a craigslist ad. Eventually, the number was reduced to four. To complete the process, and hopefully have some fun for all along the way, Charles and Catherine sent an email to the ‘candidates’, giving them further information and soliciting their input. To give you a flavor of the email…


Catherine: When it comes to erotic pursuits, my long-time fantasy is to be shared by two terrific, beautiful men. I can think of nothing sexier than two of everything…two warm, wet mouths kissing me, two pairs of questing hands caressing and touching me, two pairs of lust-filled eyes watching me surrender to the ultimate pleasure, two um…well you know. Although the physical interaction is the ultimate goal, there also has to be a mental connection and some chemistry between us. A lovely, sparkling conversation over drinks and dinner filled with quiet innuendo (times two), is part of the fantasy.

Charles: Over the last year we have devoted a fair amount of attention to Catherine’s fantasy of adding a second male to an evening. There was a firm plan for last spring that fell apart when the third backed out before the trip. For a variety of reasons the discussion was put on hold, but rekindled over the past couple of months. This effort is the result of those discussions, and we both are intent upon sharing this experience.

Last year’s plan still holds appeal. The three of us will meet for drinks and dinner in the hotel restaurant to get to know one another better and to flirt shamelessly. When sufficiently *energized*, the group will move the party to the suite upstairs. There the focus will continue to be on Catherine and her pleasure. We have learned together that her passion knows no bounds and that in nurturing her passion, it is impossible to imagine anyone being left behind. After a wet, warm, loud, energetic and exhausting evening, the third will depart, satiated, with stunning memories. Safe, covered sex will be the rule.


Amazingly, an opportunity presented itself to meet in Oklahoma, earlier. Charles put out some feelers, both on craigslist and a swingers’ site, and soon had a couple of interesting prospects. Catherine focused on one, Nick, and the game was on. The earlier email was shared with him, and a couple of three-way chats preceded some one-on-one chats and phone conversations for him with Catherine.

Within a few days it was set, planned for a week after the first contact with Nick. Catherine set the tone with an email to both men a few days before the visit:


Soaking in a steaming bath, I reflect on the wildly improbable conversations of recent days. Conversations of erotic possibilities, fantasies fulfilled, desires shared. I think about Charles, my trusted friend and lover. I wonder about Nick, the man I know only from a few photos, on-line conversations, and a phone call. The bond with Charles is deep and strong. The chemistry with Nick is, true to his claim, “all sizzle and giggles.” Letting the hot water soothe my body, I relax into the water, welcoming its sensual embrace.

I think about what might transpire in a few days…what poker oyna it will be like to have them both caress me, kiss me, touch me, embrace me. I run my fingers along my neck, wondering whose lips will first find that sensitive spot where my neck meets my shoulder. A tingle races through my body as I realize I’m about to have, for the first time, two sexy men to simultaneously kiss both sides! I slide my fingers down my left arm, wanting to feel the caress of both men…wanting to feel a wet mouth suck my fingers into moist heat. I trail my fingertips back up my arm, then drifting across my chest, then down my left breast, skimming my nipple before traveling further down my stomach to my thigh, to my calve, to my foot. I think about my toes…toes that didn’t know they were erogenous zones until a hot August afternoon two summers ago, when Charles first sucked them into his hot, wet mouth.

I think about the erotic pleasure I share with Charles, then wonder about expanding it to include another, Nick, and am deeply curious about the combined sensations. The thought of both of them seeking to pleasure me is breath-taking. I think about the long, lingering moments I want to spend with both of them simultaneously kissing and nuzzling my neck, caressing my breasts, sucking my hard nipples until I’m breathless with desire, until I’m crazy with need, perhaps even until I climax…

I think about hands, fingers, mouths…and cocks. I wonder how it will feel to have Nick in my mouth, my throat actually, and Charles in my pussy–ultimately in my ass. Another current of sensation races through my warm, wet body. I know the sensations will be intense, but I really can’t comprehend the feelings I long for. If my ability to climax with Charles is any indication, multiplying that with a second, sexy man intent on driving me repeatedly to orgasm, will be stunningly erotic.

I ache to find out just how erotic—becoming anxious to be with them. Knowing their lust-filled gaze will make me high; knowing my body will respond to their attention, I realize my body is responding already…my nipples hardening of their own accord into little pebbles. I skim a finger down to discover my body releasing its own moisture to mingle with the steaming water. I know if I’d allow myself, I could climax now with little effort, but I opt to just linger in the relaxing embrace of the water, continuing to think about the opportunity to fulfill my deepest fantasy.

I think about my new friend, Nick, with his appealing confidence and directness. I wonder what it will be like to learn a new body. Ultimately though, my curiosity centers around what it will be like to have him share my body with Charles. We haven’t yet shared intimate photos so a sense of mystery teases me. I wonder how he will feel when I take his cock into my mouth–my throat. What will he feel when my warm, wet mouth sinks down on his hard length? I hope a jolt of electric passion. The wanton in me takes unabashed pleasure in sucking a hard cock deep into my throat. I don’t intend for him to climax in my mouth, but I think perhaps on my breasts. The primal eroticism of that thought sends yet another tingle racing through my body. Although it’s hard to tell from our brief interactions, I think beneath his playful demeanor is something very primal, very raw–a gentleman on the outside but very much a sexual animal beneath the façade.

My thoughts turn to Charles, and all the erotic exploration that has led us to this point. We’ve tried almost everything that seemed to interest one or both of us. I marvel at his willingness to create this special experience for me—sharing me with another man. We’d planned this once before, but I think now neither of us was fully ready and both the timing and our choice of partner for this evening are better. The deep eroticism and playful sexuality we share will be intensified, magnified, and shared—by Nick’s presence. I ache to feel Charles inside me, in my pussy, but even more to feel him deeply in my ass when I have Nick in my mouth. Just the thought is electric in its erotic power—sending a sizzle down my spine…


And so the table was set…and the adventure about to begin.

Catherine met Charles in his suite a few days later, both of them ripe with anticipation for their planned meeting with Nick later that night, but also simply thrilled to be together. Flinging themselves at one another, they kissed passionately, eager to erase the weeks they had been apart. Soon, clothes were flying, and it was only moments before the lovers flopped onto the king size bed for a frenzied coupling, and the start of a new adventure.

“I can’t believe this is really going to happen,” Catherine whispered as they cuddled in the large bed. “All these years I have imagined what it might be like, and now I’m going to find out. It will be stunning, I know.”

“We still have some things to discuss before tonight, Catherine,” Charles began. “I will be there as a participant for your pleasure and mine, but I will also canlı poker oyna be there for your protection, both physical and mental. I need to know how far you want this to go. You may not know now, but at the very least we have to establish some clear signals for tonight.”

“You’re afraid I might not be too articulate later?” she asked with a smile, recognizing what they both knew: she would be consumed with passion, not thinking about anything other than the pleasure of the moment.

“Exactly, and I don’t want you to regret anything later, either for going too far or not far enough. What do you want to happen?”

“Honestly, Charles, my fantasy has been you, and another, kissing me and playing with my breasts. I haven’t gotten much past that, but I’m sure I’ll want to go farther, as I said in the weekend email.”

“Are you thinking of double penetration?” he asked gently, addressing the ‘elephant in the room”.

“I’m not sure how I feel about that right now. I don’t want to rule it out, but it isn’t my primary focus,” she replied thoughtfully.

“OK. Let’s get dressed for dinner, and we can work out the details then. We need to get plenty of carbs in you,” he laughed, “I think it’s going to be a very long night. And don’t forget the button toy,” He said with a wicked grin.

They were seated in a banquette just inside the hotel restaurant, facing the entrance. The waitress was young and attractive. The mood was light. After drinks were ordered, the earlier conversation continued.

Catherine and Charles talked about the logistics of the evening, deciding that if Nick was invited upstairs, they would begin in the sitting room of the suite. Catherine would greet Nick at the door, kiss him hello, and lead him to the couch where he and Charles could begin their play with Catherine. If Catherine wanted to continue, she would invite ‘her boys’ into the bedroom. If ‘DP’ was on her mind, it would again be signaled by a room change – back to the couch in the sitting room. With that settled, it was time for fun.

When the waitress reappeared to discuss the dinner order, Charles nudged the remote control in his pocket, activating Catherine’s clitoral vibrator, the button toy. Though it was only on the lightest of the four settings, the jolt for Catherine was obvious, at least to Charles. She handled the moment with grace, however, and the ‘specials’ of the evening were discussed without further intrigue.

The priceless look she gave Charles spoke volumes, a recognition that the surprising, quick stimulation excited her. And it progressed over dinner, with more intense and longer vibration each time the waitress reappeared. Catherine, already anticipating the evening’s delights, was excited without the vibe. With it, she was completely ready. She confided to Charles that she was already wet with anticipation.

This was not a night to linger over coffee. Catherine was eager to press ahead, so they retreated to the suite to prepare for meeting their companion for the evening.

“I want you to wear this when we return to the room,” Charles said as he surprised Catherine with a short, black satin nightgown. Surprised and delighted, she held it up while standing in the mirror, recognizing that it was demure enough to wear when greeting Nick at the door, but showed off her breasts and legs nicely. It was clear, also, that the spaghetti straps would be easily dispatched.

“Charles, I love this,” she exclaimed, planting a very sexy kiss on his eager lips while pulling his head to her with her satin-clad hand. “Thank you, for all of it.”

“You’re welcome. I hope this turns out to be everything that you’ve imagined. Now, wait here until I text you, the signal that he is as expected. It should only be a few minutes.”

With that, Charles headed to the hotel’s lounge, where he quickly recognized the tall, athletic-looking man from his picture, sitting on a couch in a well-lighted corner. After shaking hands Charles took the chair to the side of the couch, ordering drinks for three when the waitress appeared, and asking for the check at the same time. Indicating that Catherine would be down in a few minutes, he texted Catherine, “Eat a vitamin. You’re going to need it. Please join us.” When Catherine received the much anticipated text, she raced downstairs to the two men—her lovers for the night.

Nick and Charles rose when Catherine approached, her eyes sparkling with delight as she appraised the man she had only known through a few emails and phone conversations. Clearly she was taken, and surprisingly flustered. Charles retreated to his chair. For a moment it looked as if Catherine was going to take the opposite chair, a clear sign that she was off balance. But Charles guided her to the couch next to Nick and adjacent to him. The three settled in for a few minutes of conversation over the drinks that had just arrived.

The glasses were only half-empty when, impatient to continue, Catherine turned to Nick and offered him the room key, “Would you care to join us upstairs?” internet casino Nick beamed a smile, and started to reply, but was gently cut off by Catherine. “Please give me ten minutes. Room 403,” and took Charles by the hand to the elevator without even looking back.

Hardly waiting until the doors closed, she leaned into Charles, kissing him hard, and pressing her over-stimulated body firmly against his, “Thank you, Lover. This is going to be perfect,” she exclaimed. They stayed intertwined until the doors opened and they made their way to the suite.

Once there Catherine quickly exchanged her dress for the nightgown and heels. After she applied new lipstick, a particularly deep red color that highlighted her auburn hair, she emerged from the bathroom. “You are stunning,” said Charles softly. “This is going to be very special. Did you see the way Nick looked at you?” She had been too excited to notice but longed for the moment when she would see naked lust in the eyes of not just one, but two attractive men.

When she nodded, Charles continued, “Remember the signals we talked about? If you are ever uncomfortable, just say the word and we stop. This is all about you – your fantasy and your pleasure.”

With that he led her to the couch. There he proceeded to smear her fresh lipstick with a firm, wet kiss, while at the same time using his right hand to gently squeeze her breast, his fingers playing over her hardening nipple. Enjoying the rapid escalation of her passion, he slipped a finger to her wet pussy and brought it to her mouth, spreading her own juice across her lips “See how wet you are already? Taste this. Nick will get a taste too, as soon as you kiss him.” Catherine moaned, her eyes glazing over with desire and her lips around his finger. Thrilled with the image Charles painted, she was eager for this adventure to begin.

Nick’s knock on the door startled them, but with a wink and a gentle push Charles sent Catherine to the door.

Catherine opened the door for Nick, concealing herself behind it, suddenly self-conscious about her revealing outfit. He stood in the entrance, then took a step inside, past the door, which she closed behind him. For a moment they faced each other awkwardly; Nick taking in the beauty of the petite woman before him, Catherine unsure about how to proceed. She started to return to the couch, to Charles, but stopped when he said, “I think Nick expects a kiss, Catherine.”

She smiled with the invitation from her lover, returning to Nick, tilting her head back to look up at the tall, handsome man. He leaned down and kissed her sweetly, before completely disarming her with a broad smile and the observation that he thought he might have been set up. The key didn’t work, and he had a fleeting thought that it was all an elaborate ruse, including a fake room number. “So, I was particularly happy that you finally answered the door,” he quietly said. The good laugh by all eliminated any tension, freeing the men to focus on Catherine.

As soon as Catherine and Nick sat on the couch, Charles pulled her to himself, kissing her hard before letting his lips drift down her neck, finding the special spot where it joined her shoulder. Catherine took the cue to search out Nick’s lips again, moaning into his open mouth as Charles cupped her breast. Charles continued his exploration, sliding the strap from her shoulder, letting the satin slide from her right breast. Soon his lips found the hard nipple. At the same time Nick followed suit, using his teeth to pull the remaining strap from her shoulder before latching onto her left nipple with another warm mouth.

“This is so incredible,” Catherine exclaimed as she lay back against the couch, her head thrown back, two hot mouths sucking her nipples. “Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop.” Charles followed her request, but added to the sensation by sliding his right hand downward, seeking her heat. Sliding his fingers over her mons, he allowed them to dance lightly over her swollen lips, wet from hours of anticipation and the stimulation of her sensitive breasts. He avoided her clitoris as he rubbed her lips with two fingers, a wishbone surrounding her throbbing shaft, completing the tease by squeezing her lips together, compressing the clit between them while sliding fingers and thumb up and down.

Both men continued to suck and nibble on Catherine’s erect, needy nipples. Arching her back, she slid a hand around each head, pulling the hungry mouths tighter against her breasts. Charles by now had inserted two fingers into her hot, wet pussy. Quickly locating her g-spot, he made small circles with his fingertips on the ridged flesh. As the g-spot became firmer with her arousal, Charles dragged his teeth against her nipple, feeding her need for more intense sensation. Catherine moaned her approval, running her fingers through his hair. Sensing it was time to turn up the heat further, Charles began twisting his fingers within her pussy, allowing thick knuckles to massage her g-spot, again and again, as he rotated them. When her hips began moving, he added a slow thrusting to the twisting motion, and bit down more forcefully on her nipple. “Oh yes…yess…yesss,” she cried, releasing for the first time that evening, pulling her two playmates against her as she rode out her orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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