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Sophie smiled as she stood in the shower, her head tossed back under the hot stream of water, letting the water hit her face and sluice down her body, washing the remnants of her day with Connor away. She was sore but happy, her body tender and bruised from him, but the pain just heightened her happiness, the soreness a pleasant reminder of what they’d done together. Finally, the petite wife and mother thought to herself as she arched her back, thrusting her small firm breasts out, her nipples still sore from his attention. And it was about damned time, she added with a smile as she thought of her brother, of all the years she’d fantasized about him, dreamt about him, lusted after him. Definitely worth the wait, she smiled as her hand drifted down between her legs, cupping her sex, wincing slightly as her fingers rubbed over the bruised folds. I just hope he’ll be gentler next time, she thought, thinking back to the hard passionate sex, the almost animal like intensity with which Connor had fucked her. Well, maybe not, she giggled to herself, admitting that she’d like how rough he’d been, how controlling. So unlike any other man she’d ever been with.

Sophie had just finished her shower, was towelling off when she heard the front door open and slam shut, signalling that her husband and daughters were home. She felt a little frown of frustration cross her face, wishing that she’d had more time to revel in the events of the day, more time to think about how she and Connor had spent the afternoon. She’d never had so much sex in such a short period of time. It had seemed like her brother was insatiable, his desire for her almost frightening in its’ intensity. “Making up for all that lost time,” He’d joked after their third bout of sex, the both of them laying sweaty and sticky on his large leather sofa, holding each other as they tried to catch their breaths.

“I just hope we don’t lose too much more time,” Sophie muttered to herself as she finished towelling off, wrapping the towel around herself before padding out of the bathroom to get dressed.

The next couple of days were a blur for Sophie, her life falling back into it’s same old dull routine, her thoughts still centering on Connor and the afternoon of pleasure that they’d shared. She had moments of guilt, times when she was ashamed at herself for what she’d done, but the excitement, the pure pleasure of their taboo new relationship pushed any doubts aside. She was eager to see her brother again, to find some time to be alone with him, hoping that he’d call her, that they could be together soon.

By the end of the week. Sophie was anxiously awaiting Connor’s call, hoping that he’d call, worrying that he wouldn’t. What if he’d changed his mind? What if he felt guilty for what they’d done? What if he didn’t want to see her again? Sophie had worked herself into a maelstrom of doubt by the time the phone rang late Friday evening.

Sophie had to hide her excitement, glancing over at her daughters, double checking that they were both engrossed in the television, that they were oblivious to her as she heard her brother’s voice on the other end of the line. Despite her excitement at hearing Connor’s voice, Sophie was concerned, the way he spoke, the tone of his voice, didn’t sound like he had been as eager to talk to her as she had to hear from him. Still, she couldn’t hide the pleasure in her voice, the small tremor of delight that ran through her, as he invited her to lunch again.

“Same place?” Sophie asked, biting her bottom lip to keep from smiling too much, trying to control herself, to keep her composure as she spoke to her brother. Neither of her daughters had even glanced at her, both of them being absorbed by the program on the television.

“Why don’t you come round my place first?” Connor suggested. “We’ll figure out what we’re doing after that.”

“Okay,” Sophie agreed, trying not to seem too eager, trying to act as calm as Connor sounded. What if last week was a one time thing? What if he doesn’t want me anymore? Is he inviting me to lunch to tell me that it can never happen again? Sophie worried as they agreed that she’d meet him at his flat at noon.

“Who was that, Sophie?” Her oldest daughter asked during the next commercial break.

“Oh, it was Uncle Connor. He invited me to lunch,” Sophie told him, forcing herself to appear calm, trying to act nonchalantly. “You girls enjoyed their shopping trip with you last week. Would you fancy your father taking you again?” She asked.

“Sure,” both girls agreed eagerly.

Later that night, Sophie asked her husband to take the girls shopping again. “I guess so,” he sighed, rolling his eyes at her request. “But you owe me for this,” he added after a few moments of thought.

“What did you have in mind?” Sophie asked teasingly, her voice low and sultry as she thought about tomorrow and what the afternoon could possibly bring.


The next morning, after saying goodbye to her family, Sophie took a long luxurious shower, trying poker oyna to calm herself down as she thought about seeing Connor again. She was trying not to build up her expectations, didn’t want to presume anything, but she felt that familiar blossom of desire between her thighs whenever she thought about her brother.

She dressed simply but to impress, wearing a pair of tight skinny jeans that showed off her bum to it’s best effect and a black vest top with a lace v-neck collar. Checking her appearance in the mirror, Sophie smiled. I look good. Sexy, she thought as she pulled her brown hair up into a ponytail, turning to check how her backside looked in the jeans, but not like I’m advertising for it. She took another glance at her bum, checking to make sure her pantyline wasn’t visible, a small blush coloring her cheeks as she thought about her choice of panties. She’s chosen a new pair of Bluebella panties, black briefs with sheer lace panels that revealed her hips and lower. Connor will like them, she mused, feeling her cheeks burning at the lascivious thought. I only hope he gets to see them.

With that thought, Sophie grabbed her purse and hurried out of her house. The drive across London took less time than she’d expected, whether because of light traffic or because she was driving fast in her eagerness to see Connor, Sophie wasn’t sure. Parking her mini, Sophie hurriedly walked towards Connor’s building. “Hi, Louise,” Sophie smiled as she greeted her sister-in-law as she opened the door, holding it open for her kids.

“Hi Sophie,” Louise greeted her as Sophie bent down to receive hugs from the kids. “What are you doing here?”

Sophie wondered if it was just her imagination or was there a trace of hostility, a note of challenge in Louise’s question. Does she suspect something? She can’t… Sophie worried, her thoughts racing as she replied, “Connor and I are going to lunch. He called me the other day and invited me, said something about wanting to catch up,” Sophie explained, trying to keep herself calm, hoping that it was just her guilt that made her think there was an accusatory look in her sister-in-law’s eyes.

“Oh. I see. Okay,” Louise nodded, beginning to shepherd her children towards the car.

Sophie was a little unnerved at Louise’s attitude but disregarded it, attributing it to her own guilt, her nervousness, her fear of getting caught. You’re being silly, she told herself as she rode up to Connor’s flat in the cramped old lift. She can’t know, why would she suspect anything? Sophie questioned herself as she raised her hand, knocking on the door to Connor’s flat.

“Hi,” Connor greeted her as he pulled the door open, smiling at his sister as she stood there, a slight nervous smile on her face. He could feel the tension between them, the uncertainty that lingered from what they’d done, the knowledge that they both wanted it happen again. Or do we? Does she want it again? Connor wondered watching Sophie carefully, trying to read her face, trying to guess what she was thinking. He had been thinking about her all week, reliving their taboo tryst in his mind, replaying the events of last week over and over again, wanting to see her, to hold her, again. It’d been a long week and it had taken some quick talking to convince his wife to take the kids out today, but now they had all afternoon together.

“Come in,” Connor says, holding the door open for her, his smile broadening as she brushed past him, entering the flat. He found his gaze dropping to her backside, admiring how her tight jeans hugged her toned bum, a surge of lust washing through him as he checked out his sister’s backside.

Sophie smiled at her brother, her stomach doing somersaults of excitement and fear as she looked at Connor. She was excited to see him again, excited about what this afternoon could bring… but fearful that it wouldn’t, afraid that he’d had second thoughts, that he didn’t share the same desire that had her pulse pounding in her ears. Nervous and not daring to look at him, Sophie moved across the lounge, walking over to the large window that looked out over Regent’s Park, standing there admiring the view.

Connor was admiring the view as well although his gaze never left the flat, his eyes fixed on his sister’s slender form, his nervousness slowly transforming into confidence, his desire for her making him bold enough to push his uncertainty aside. “Why don’t we have a drink?” Connor suggested, the idea of going out for lunch abandoned. He didn’t want to leave the flat, didn’t want to waste any of their time together today.

“I thought we were going out,” Sophie said, turning to look at her brother, pausing as she caught Connor glancing at her, seeing his smile, feeling a new rush of excitement run through her at the way he was looking at her. She could tell he wanted her again. Good, she thought as she leaned back against the large window. Very good, She added, sneaking another glance at his cock. He was hard. She wanted him hard. “A glass of wine sounds perfect,” she told canlı poker oyna him with a smile.

Connor headed off to the kitchen with a promise of some crisp Chardonnay, so Sophie wandered around the lounge. Sophie had fond memories of happy times in this flat with their Uncle but Connor had transformed this into something quite exceptional.

Sprawling on one of the large leather sofas, Sophie basked in the heat from the sun, stretching out languidly. Her heart was still beating fast, the excitement of what was to come, hoping to relive the delicious sensation of him inside her.

She looked down at herself as she lay there, her heart pounding in her ears as she thought about the way her brother had looked at her, the obvious sexual tension between them. Time to give him a surprise, Sophie thought as she reached back, quickly pulling her vest top off, tossing it aside. She worked the zip down on her jeans, working them down off her hips, kicking her jeans off, leaving her lying there in just her black lace briefs. She chewed on her lip for a few seconds, debating whether she should lose her panties also, if she should let Connor find her naked on his sofa or if the panties added to the moment by concealing something, hiding her sex. Her chest flushed red and her heart started beating faster as she made her decision, her thumbs hooking into the waistband of her panties, pulling them up a little, stretching the black lace fabric taut over her sex..

Connor was whistling silently as he carried the bottle of wine and two glasses back into the lounge, his eyes going wide as he saw Sophie sprawled out on the large leather sofa, her slender naked body in stark contrast to the dark leather, waiting for him. He’d seen her naked before, years ago at the lake where Sophie liked to swim naked, but that was when she was a girl. It had been innocent back then… there was nothing innocent in the way his eyes traveled over his sister’s petite body now, admiring her small breasts, her toned stomach, lingering on the delicate black lace of her knickers, tracing over the shape of her sex beneath the sheer fabric between her thighs.

Sophie smiled nervously as Connor stared at her, her heart beating fast in her ears, as she lay there on display for him. This was the most blatant thing, the most forward she’d ever been with a man, she thought to herself, feeling a taboo thrill pulse through her at the fact that it was her own brother. She watched him carefully, judging his reaction, as she saw where he was looking, slowly spreading her legs for him, her panties pulling tighter .

As she slowly spread her legs, Connor’s eyes drifted lower, examining her sex, running over the lovely enticing lace pattern as it stretched tight over her sex. Sophie felt a thrill run through her at the way Connor was looking at her, a naughty giggle escaping her as she let her hand drift down between her legs, her finger teasingly pulling the gusset of her panties aside, exposing herself to her brother. Connor’s tongue licked his lips as he stared at his sister’s crotch, his eyes running lustfully over the small tuft of curls, the swollen lips as they glistened with excitement. Connor felt a surge of lust, the need to have Sophie again, to take her hard and fast.

Sophie gulped as she saw the look in her brother’s eyes, the raw desire flashing across his face as he looked at her, his eyes raking her naked body hungrily. My husband never looked at me like that, she thought with a brief bitter frown as she lifts her hips up off the sofa, quickly slipping her knickers down.. “Please, Connor,” Sophie whispers softly, spreading her legs wider for him, offering herself completely to him. “Please fuck me again,” she gasps, her cheeks coloring in shame at how blatant she was being, how slutty she was acting.

Her words snapped Connor out of his reverie, his hands dropping the wine and glasses carelessly to the floor where one of the glasses shattered, his hands ripping at his jeans, tearing his fly open, freeing his hard cock once more as he rushes to Sophie.

Sophie let out a soft cry of surprise as her brother crashed into her, his hard body pressing her into the soft leather seat of the sofa, crushing her as his hands tore his clothes off, his mouth covering hers in a fierce, savage kiss. He was rough with her, careless with her in his urgent passion, his hands gripping her shoulders, her arms, her hips, hard enough to bruise as his tongue ravaged her mouth, his teeth nipping, biting, at her lips, her neck.

Connor bit Sophie’s shoulder, his teeth gripping her hard as he pushed his hips forward, spearing his steel hard cock deep into her, stabbing deep into her wet eager sex. He fucked her hard, harder than in the lift, moving in her with a savage, almost cruel, need.

Sophie sobbed in pleasure and fear as Connor fucked her, used her, roughly. She was surprised, shocked, at his savagery but also completely aroused, excited by the primal lust with which he fucked her. This wasn’t the gentle, bored, lovemaking she was internet casino used to with her husband, nor the reverential sex she’d had with boyfriends in the past, this was something different, something new, and Sophie found herself surrendering to it, submitting her body and mind to her brother’s casual animalistic fucking. She felt each hard fast thrust, her eyes rolling back in her head, her mouth falling open as the familiar pressure of her climax started to build within her. She was going to come and come hard. Perhaps harder than ever before, she thought as she looked up at Connor above her, watching his body move with quick primal efficiency, his long slender cock pumping deep into her. She let out a long low gasp, her body going rigid as she felt the first tendrils of her orgasm wash through her, her moans changing to cries, to sobs of release as tears wet her cheeks, crying at the powerful climax ripping through her. The pleasure was too much, her mind shutting down, going blank as she came.

Connor felt her tense beneath him, watched her orgasm ripple across her face, seeing the pleasure in her wide eyes pushing him towards his own hard climax. As his sister cried out beneath him, her eyes rolling back in her head, Connor slammed himself hard into her, holding himself there as his body was raked by spasms. He grit his teeth as his cock bucked, jerked, exploded deep inside her. He pumped his hips once, twice more, before slumping down on top of Sophie, his chest heaving, his body exhausted from the powerful fucking he’d just given her.

The siblings lay there, both exhausted, slipping into a deep contented sleep, naked on the large leather couch, their bodies still entwined in a passionate embrace as the sun beamed down on them though the wide window.

Sophie awoke first, slipping out from beneath Connor, padding across the lounge naked, heading to the bathroom to clean herself, to deal with the hot wet mess now seeping out of her bruised sex.

Connor stirred as his sister climbed off the couch, his eyes fluttering open, following her as she walked naked across the lounge. His gaze ran down her slender back, admiring the shape of her, his eyes lingering on her small pleasingly round backside. She’s got a great ass, he mused to himself, feeling a small tremor of lust run through him. I wonder if she’ll let me fuck it? His wife didn’t like sex like that, had only consented to anal sex a few times in the course of their marriage, despite Connor’s obvious interest in her ass. I wonder, Connor mused, getting up off the sofa and following after Sophie silently.

Sophie smiled to herself as she padded into the large bathroom, content to be completely naked, her body feeling relaxed and languid after the hard fucking she’d just gotten from Connor. Her shoulders jiggled with a silent giggle as she replayed the events of the afternoon, recalling every moment, every touch, every second of pleasure her brother had given her. He’s so much better than my husband, she thought with a naughty grin as she swung the door closed, feeling more of his seed gloop out of her, the thick wet spunk dribbling down the inside of her thigh.

Sophie took a hand towel, wetting it, and started dabbing at her dripping sex, mopping up their combined juices. She was sore but in the most pleasant way, her pussy pulsing delightfully from the energetic sex. I could get used to being fucked like that, she assured herself, wiping at her sex, wondering how this would continue, hoping that this was the start of something long term as she bent over, holding the wet towel to herself, collecting her brother’s thick seed as it dripping out of her.

Connor opened the door quietly, let it swing open to see Sophie bent over, that delectable ass presented to him as she wiped at her sex. Stepping into the room, Connor moved up behind his sister, his hands reaching out to cup the firm globes of her buttocks, his fingers massaging the smooth flesh, kneading her ass as the hard tip of his cock brushed teasingly against the back of her thighs.

Sophie let out a gasp, freezing in surprise as her brother groped her ass, shocked at finding him there, thinking she was alone in the bath. Her surprise turned quickly to delight as Connor’s hands expertly caressed her, his fingers grabbing, kneading, her toned ass with an attention that she’d been missing for years. “Mmm, I like that,” she moaned, her eyes fluttering shut as Connor’s hands explored her ass, his fingers drifting ever closer to her anus until he was rubbing two fingers over the tight pink pucker. Sophie found herself holding her breath, her heartbeat loud in her ears as his fingers grew bolder, rubbing at her asshole, probing her. Yes. Just like that, she thought to herself as her brother’s finger pressed insistently against the tight ring of her sphincter.

Connor smiled as Sophie moaned, her hips rocking back against his probing finger as it pushed into her ass. She likes this, he chuckled silently, his finger pushing deeper into her, his cock throbbing hard as he watched his sister’s ass eagerly swallow his finger. He continued pushing into her, his hand reaching up, opening the cabinet above the sink, searching through it to find something, his hand closing around his wife’s Clinique cream.

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