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So here we sit. Or lay in this suite in a Vegas hotel. Me and my girl Carla and this guy we’d picked up at a bar named Rob. Rob had just fucked my ass and mouth and shot cum in me and on me while I’d jerked my cock off into my girl’s mouth and face. She was still tied to the chair and there was a stain of girl cum between her legs on the fabric. I was laying back on the couch naked languidly playing with the head of my cock while I watched Rob on the phone.

“Yeah, these are two of the hottest cum junkies I’ve had in ages! They’ll do most anything.” He said into the mouthpiece. “Yeah? Let me ask. Hey Jeff, my friend’s at a party and there are ten or so guys there that he knows and he says they’re all hot to fuck most anything. What do you think if we go party. Really give you two bitch sluts something to remember us by.”

I looked at Carla and her soaking cunt. “So what do you think lover? Want to take this to another level?”

I could actually see her cunthole contracting while I talked to her. “Oh yeah baby. I wanna go see you get gang banged. See you all covered in cum. But fuck baby I want some too! Please!”

Rob laughed and untied her. He had her dress in some skimpy pool shorts and an undershirt that she had with her. Made her put on heels with them and go fix her makeup. He made me put on some thin gym shorts that I had with us and a t shirt. White socks and Reebocks. No underwear for either of us. The three of us walked through the casino where we got some interesting looks and out to the valet parking where we got some more even more interesting looks. A couple of younger guys came over and stood near us while they talked about how slutty Carla looked. Rob told them we were a couple of cum sluts and if they wanted to fuck us both to follow our car to a hot party. Hard to believe but they were up for it! Go figure!

I drove while Rob and Carla got into the back of the car. I adjusted the mirror so I could see into the back. He had the rear lights on so I could see her pull her shorts down so he could get his hand into her slutty cunt. Her head was back and her eyes were closed while he played with her clit jerking on it like it was a little cock. “Fuckin bitch. Ever fucked more than one guy at a time? Ever had cocks in all your holes at once mother fucker?”

“Oh goddamn no. Never. Oh yeah. Jerk my clit off. Fuck me fuck me. Give me some cock and cum!” She exclaimed as he did her pussy. “I’ll do anything. Anything.” I could smell her cum juice. About that time we pulled up to a nice looking house somewhere in the Vegas suburbs. I got out while Rob dragged Carla out of the car. He took her flimsy shorts and crammed them into her mouth so she could taste them and then made her walk up to the front door wearing just the undershirt and her heels. About that time the car with the two guys we met at the hotel pulled up. We’re all four at the door waiting and the three other guys have their hands all over Carla’s body. Fingers messing with her pussy and asscunt while someone else pinched her nipples through the thin fabric of the top. The door finally opened.

“Hey Robbie! These the two whores you’re giving us to fuck up? Holy shit! She’s totally fucking hot! Hey bitch! You always walk around leaking cum juice?” And with that he grabbed Carla by the wrist and pulled her into the house. Rob pushed me in after her and the five of us walked down a hallway towards the back of the place. We came into a good sized family room/den where there were a bunch of guys and a couple of girls. All college age and seemingly attractive. There were a couple of leather couches and a pool table along with a big sceen TV. Someone popped a DVD in and hit play. Some sort of bi-sex orgy flick.

“Let’s get our new guests fucked up so they poker oyna can enjoy the evening!” And with that a big bong came out. Someone fired it up and the room was filled with the pungent odor or good pot. The bong was one of those electric ones that pump out a steady stream of smoke thru individual tubes. Someone stuck the tubes in our mouths and someone else pinched our noses closed so we had to laterally breathe the smoke until they let us go. We were both gasping and choking before they let us off the tubes. Then someone cracked poppers under our noses and made us inhale until my head was ready to explode. More smoke and then someone put a funnel in Carla’s mouth and poured tequila into it and down her throat. I then got the same treatment. I looked at her and her eyes were now red rimmed slits. We were both so very fucked up!

Someone stripped off my shorts and someone else took a piece of surgical tubing and tied it tight around my cock and balls making my already hard dick stick out more. My balls were tight in their sack. I had kicked off my shoes and was now dressed in just a pair of socks. One of the girls came over and pinched my already hard nipples while she told me she was going to fuck me with a huge dildo after everyone else was through with me. She then bent her head and took a nipple into her mouth and bit it hard making me wince. I looked over a Carla and saw some guys smearing oil all over her body from head to toe. Hands going into her cunt and up her ass getting her all loose. A couple of now naked guys were holding her up so she wouldn’t collapse. “Hey guys. Hold the bitch so she can watch her slut boyfriend get it!”

Two guys supported her while a guy was on the ground between her legs licking her clit and forcing a good sized rubber dick into her cunt. She was moaning and shaking while she watched a couple of guys force me onto the coffee table on my hands and knees. Someone was pouring oil all over my ass, cock and balls. I could feel fingers invading my already well fucked asspussy geting me all loose for their cocks. A hand pulled my head up and forced my mouth open so that my first cock of the party could get into me. It was just right in size- – -he filled my mouth up and pushed into my throat gagging me, making it hard not to choke. He pulled it out so just the head was in my mouth and I could roll my tongue all over it feeling its texture of it. I sucked on the head and then he just pushed the whole thing into me and started fucking my face. Someone standing next to me reached over and parted my cheeks so that my asspussy was exposed and open. Another someone got between my legs and started rubbing his cock up and down my ass and balls. He was barely pushing the head into me and then taking it out to kind of slap it against my balls. At one point he had our cocks together rubbing them. Making me hot. And then he just stuck it into me. Without an ounce of ceremony he just pushed it into my ass and it sank all the way in making me gasp around the dick in my mouth.

I looked over at Carla and through the haze of pot smoke I could see her with a big dick in her face sucking on it. Her cheeks were all collapsed around it. Another guy had her legs up over his shoulders and had his dick in her pussy. He was holding her up off of the couch and was fucking in and out of her while he held her still so his friend could fuck her face. Her long legs were now getting bent back over her shoulders so that her whole pussy and ass were up and exposed to his cock going from one to the other back and forth. Her girl cum was leaking out of her cunt and down into her ass. Goddam but she looked so hot.

The guy using my mouth pulled his cock out held it in front of my face. Just held it. He didn’t jerk it or anything. canlı poker oyna And the head got fatter and her shot a big cum spurt onto my face. I opened my mouth and he shot three more into my mouth and on my face. I wanted to suck it all out of him but he pulled away from me too quickly. At that point someone pushed a rag soaked with popper juice into my nose. I inhaled and went into neverland. The guy fucking my ass shouted that he was going to cum and he pushed all the way into me and shot off. I swear I could feel his cum inside of me through the haze of the poppers, booze and pot. Someone had the popper rag in Carla’s face and was holding it there forcing her to breathe nothing but sex juice. He pulled it off her face and some other guy forced her mouth open so he could hold his dick in it and shoot off into her. I could see her gulp the cum down her throat and then she fell back onto the couch with the guy still fucking her ass and pussy.

My cock was rock hard and hurt from the tubing around it. I stood up and felt cum run out my ass and down my legs. Someone forced me down to my hands and knees on the carpet and pulled me by the hair over to Carla. “Suck on his dick while he fucks your bitch mother fucker.”

The cock fucking in and out of Carla’s ass and cunt was big and all red. I started licking it on the outstrokes when it had her cunt and ass juice all over it. Every few strokes he started pulling it out of her and forcing it into my mouth so he could fuck my face hard. I could see a couple of guys fucking Carla’s face back and forth. She was so out of it she was just letting them alternate back and forth fucking her puffy lips. The guy fucking my face pulled out and jerked his cock two or three times before he shot a hot load of cum onto Carla’s shaved cunt and ass. “Lick my cum off the slut cocksucker!” He said to me. I sucked his cum off of her bald pussy and ass and swallowed it. Her clit and lips were all swollen and hot to touch. I sucked on her clit for a moment before someone pulled my mouth off of her. He roughly pulled my head back and someone else stuck his cock in my mouth. The one guy held my head and the other guy fucked my mouth really hard jamming his dick down my throat. He gave me eight or ten good fucks and then shot off on the out stroke so that cum went into my mouth and then all over my face. The guy holding my head shoved me forward and my face landed on the couch. He pulled me over to the side of the couch so that I was bent over the arm. He spread my slick glistening cheeks apart and stuck some fingers in me.

“God but your fuckin ass is all stretched out bitch!” He exclaimed as he fingered me. “I bet I can get my fuckin hand into you.” He had three fingers in me and easily worked his little finger in with the others. I was moaning into the couch cushion as he did me. He started working his thumb in and it really did hurt like hell but I bit down and he managed to work all five fingers into me. He was wiggling his fingers and fluttering around in me. I was so hot. I could feel my cock rubbing on the leather side of the couch. He pulled his hand away and roughly sank his dick into me. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me back off of the couch while he fucked his cock in and out of me. Some guy came over to the front of the couch and pointed his dick at my face. I wanted it so bad I was opening and closing my mouth with the hots to suck it.

“What a fucking cunt! This cocksucker can’t get enough of it!” He exclaimed as he shot his cumwad onto my body getting it on my chest and face.

“Fucking pig motherfucking whore. You’re the biggest fucking slut boy I’ve ever seen. Fuck what a pig!” Said the guy who was fucking me. He suddenly pulled out of me and jerked his cock onto my ass internet casino finally shooting cum all over my asshole and balls. He reached down and squished his cum with my balls making me cry out. “Look at this fucking cunt of yours bitch!” And with that he pointed my head so I could see Carla on her hands and knees. She was on top of Rob with his dick up in her pussy. One of the girls had put on a strap on dildo and was fucking her ass with it and another guy was holding her head with both hands while he roughly fucked her face. Her arms were kind of flailing around limply and it was obvious that she had no idea what was being done to her anymore. Carla had od’d on cum and sex. I watched as the guy fucking her mouth pulled out and shot a huge jet of cum into her face followed by more spurts that hit her mouth and eyes. The girl fucking her ass jerked it out and then slammed it back in before jerking it out again and moving away from her. Rob growled and pulled her cummy cunt down onto his cock and blasted his cum in with the other wads in her. He shoved her off of him and she just fell sideways onto the floor and laid there moaning and panting.

I have no idea how many cocks fucked our mouths, asses and cunt but it had to be at least fifteen or so. Carla was so out of it that at the end she was sitting back on a couch while guys either jerked off on her or peed on her as they laughed at her condition. Her usually gorgeous hair was all pasty with cum and her make-up was smeared all over her face mixed with wet and drying cum. Her nipples were all red and distended and her creamy thighs were spread so that anyone could see her red inflamed cunt lips and the pool of boy cum leaking out of them to puddle on the leather of the couch.

The blonde from the beginning of the orgy: the one who hurt my nipples and told me she was going to fuck me really good at the end of the night. “Fuck cock boy, you really took it all tonight bitch.” She stood in front of me naked except for the big black ten or so inch cock strapped onto her. “Suck on this big black dick baby. Show me how wet you can get it before it fucks your nasty slut ass.” She moved forward and stuck the black rubber between my lips and into my mouth. I was so out of it that it was hard for me to suck on it so I just secreted saliva into my mouth and got it as wet and dripping as I could. She pulled it out and made me crawl over to Carla. “Suck the cum out of her bitch!” She ordered me as she forced my head down into Carla’s crotch. I started by licking up the puddle of cum from the couch as the blonde bitch parted my ass cheeks and stuck the big dong into my gaping asscunt. I moaned as the giant dick pushed into me and I started sucking boycum out of Carla’s cunt as fast as I could. I licked her cunt and ass out as the black dick fucked me. My own cock was so hard and my balls so taught that they hurt a lot. She fucked me and I ate boy and girl cum until she pulled out of me.

I collapsed on the floor and the blonde untied the tubing around my cock and balls. Three or four guys and the other girl were laying back on the couches watching. Wasted and spent. “Get his slut down here on the floor with him.” Said the blonde. So a couple of guys dragged Carla down to my level and the blonde held my cock while they forced Carla’s mouth over the top of it. I was so hot to cum I knew I’d blast her mouth quickly. One of the guys held her head and bobbed it up and down on my cock. I could feel my balls tighten and my cock swell up as the hot cumload roared thru me. I screamed Carla’s name as the cum blasted out of me and into her mouth. It must have poured into her like a shaken soda because as I came the guy held her head down so that my cock and cum choked her and she kind of twitched while cum erupted out of her nostrils and back into her mouth. “Fuck this bitch fuck she’s a fucking cumslut whore!” Cried the blonde as she pulled my cock out and slapped Carla’s face with it.

I guess this means so much for my Carla just liking to watch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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