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We were sitting around the dinner table, Lauren and her mom Shirley, Leo – Shirley’s weird, rich boyfriend – and myself, and the conversation involved what if a guy gets a sex change operation and becomes a she, then a Lesbian gets a sex change operation and becomes a he, and they get together and have sex.

“I’m sure it’s happened,” Shirley said.

“Yeah, but what if the way they do it is the he-who-is-now-a-she dons a strap-on and gives it to the she-who-is-now-a-he in the ass?” Leo posited.

This is what passed for dinner conversation at my girlfriend’s house. Lauren just looked at me, smiled and shrugged. Her mom’s boyfriend was a pervert – this was well established – and she and her mom seemed happy catering to his perverted concepts.

“When would you like me to do something like that for our next video shoot, Leo?” Shirley asked.

The implications of this alarmed me, but Lauren’s eyes went wide; she was grinning from ear to ear at the naughtiness of what her mother’s suggestion.

“That would be the Holy Grail of sex, I’m quite sure.” Leo replied.

* * *

The next thing you know we were in the bedroom. Leo had his camera set up and I was kicking back on the bed stroking myself through my trousers, getting it warmed up for the day’s action. I thought I had pretty much seen it all by now . . . little did I know . . .

The bedroom door opened and it was Lauren, leading her mother in on a leash. Shirley was wearing stockings and heels, string-sided panties and her collar of course, and nothing else. She was heavily made up and her hair was pulled back into a pair of ponytails. My Lauren was in the black silk mini-kimono her mother had been wearing that first time I’d tagged her; her nipples were poking through the slippery material.

It poker oyna was total sensory overload. Needless to say I had an instant hard-on.

Lauren led her mother over to Leo’s camera. “What do you have to say to your boyfriend, Mom?”

“I love being naughty for you every chance I get, Leo,” her mother said obediently.

“Why don’t you tell us what are you, Mom?” Lauren said, smiling sweetly for the camera.

“I’m a . . . a . . . a slut!” Shirley replied.

“Continue . . .” Lauren was grinning from ear to ear. She was really getting off on making her mother act and talk like a slutty pornstar.

“I really enjoy talking dirty to the camera and I get real turned on making dirty movies. My pussy gets all wet.”

“And what are you going to do today?”

“I’m going to suck your boyfriend’s cock, Lauren. I can’t wait to lay my hands on the bulge inside his jeans and swallow his cock. I want to taste his hot cum.”

With that Lauren led her mom over to the bed, where she knelt over me and began undoing my trousers. My rod was as hard as a rock and standing straight up like a flagpole. Shirley’s fingers felt delicate, cool and soft against my raging flesh. She parted her lips and leaned over, wrapping her perfect blowjob lips around my pole.

“How is it?” Lauren asked.

“Mmmmm,” her mom replied.

“Do you like it?”


“Do you like sucking my boyfriend’s cock, Mom?”

“Mmmmmph.” Shirley was responding to her daughter’s perverted questions without releasing my cock from her mouth.

“How about fucking? You’ve already fucked my boyfriend, haven’t you, Mom?”


“Did you like it? Do you like fucking my boyfriend, Mom?” Lauren was really getting into the entire perverted aspect of it canlı poker oyna all.

“Mmmmm! Mmmmm-hmmm!” All this conversation with a mouthful of cock. Meanwhile, Shirley’s ponytails were brushing against my midsection as she went up and down on my pole.

“You like fucking, don’t you, Mom?”


“Well that’s good, Mom, because you’re going to get fucked right now!” With that, Lauren opened the front of her kimono. Her fabulous tits popped out, but they weren’t what caught my attention. Glancing down to see if she was fully nude, I was amazed to see that Lauren was wearing a large strap-on dildo.

The train had just pulled into Weirdsville Grand Central Station.

* * *

I was lying on my back, naked, while my girlfriend’s mom Shirley knelt over me on all fours with my cock in her mouth. Meanwhile I watched incredulously as my girlfriend Lauren, kneeling behind her mother on the mattress, gently pulled her mother’s panties halfway down her thighs.

Lauren was lubing up the strap-on dildo she wore, while Leo – Shirley’s rich perverted boyfriend – captured all the action on video.

“Are you ready for this, Mom?” Lauren announced, “‘Cause here it comes!”

“OH!” Shirley gasped, her mouth going wide around my cock, as her daughter slammed home the large dildo. “O-H-H-H-!-!-!”

Incredibly, Shirley was getting into it. As she sucked me off, Shirley’s mouth was getting all wet and sloppy all over my cock. Lauren had her hands on her mother’s ass as she slid the big phallus in and out of her mother’s cunt. “Suck it, Mom!” she encouraged. “Suck my boyfriend’s cock!”

Beyond being a nymphomaniac like her daughter, Shirley was obviously submissive to boot. She was actually getting off on all this weirdness.

Lauren’s internet casino mom was moaning and sighing all over my hard cock, “Mmmmm! MMMMMM!!! Oh! Oh!!! OH-H-H-!-!-!”

Shirley was panting deep, sweat was pouring off her as Lauren gave her the shaft. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing with my own eyes: Shirley was actually cumming on her daughter’s strap-on dildo.

I started fondling Shirley’s hair and neck; I wanted to return the sensual caress that her talented lips and tongue were giving my swollen hard dick. Now it was my turn to sigh and moan; I couldn’t last much longer.

“Shirley . . . I’m . . . I’m gonna cum . . .” I whispered through clenched teeth.

“Mmmmm!” Shirley replied, making an O with her lips as she jacked me off into her mouth. “Cum for me, Sean. Cum in my mouth.”

“Mmmm! Let me get some of that, Mama!” Lauren called out, disengaging from her mother’s twat and flopping down on the mattress, her face level with my cock.

Mother and daughter looked each other in the eye as Shirley fed my cock into my Lauren’s mouth. “Suck it, darling. Suck your boyfriend’s cock.”

Shirley placed her lips at the base of my cock while Lauren sucked my knob. The mother-daughter tag-team transitioned to going up and down on my boner, a pair of lips on either side forming a virtual pussy of lip and tongue. I couldn’t last any longer.

A long jet of cum shot out of my cock, straight up in the air. It landed on the side of Shirley’s face and in her hair. My second shot launched a squid all over her daughter’s face. “Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmm!” the girls moaned as I landed ropes of hot, sticky cum all over them – they couldn’t get enough.

Lauren took me into her mouth; I rewarded her with the final shot of my wad. Looking up with a mischievous smile, Lauren turned to her mother with parted lips. I stared in a state of near-shock as mother and daughter engaged in a long, loving, open-mouthed tongue kiss – snowballing my wad.

I had just experienced the Holy Grail of Sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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