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The names in this story have been changed and have fun with this story, and please vote on it and leave me comments so I can better the next…thank you


I first started noticing my sister Kylie at age 18. We were at the beach one day with all of her friends and all of mine. She actually had a hot, toned body. I never noticed this before because I never paid much attention to her, however today she caught my eye.

I (Kyle) was on the varsity water polo team and she was a cheerleader, go figure huh? I was tall and skinny, but in shape and tan. O.k. fine I was 6’2″ 150lbs. tan, toned and 8’1/2″ (which is true we have measured before). The water polo team always ran around in Speedos, always had a six-pack and was laughed at because of it. Get a football player or a basketball player in the pool and they sink like a log. Anyway my sister (Kylie) was on the varsity cheerleading squad. She had a hot little body she was about 5’4″ blonde hair and green eyes, tan and toned 36B chest not too big and not too small in my book. She had a nice apple of a hiney, perfect for her outfits.

Anyway back to the story…We were all good friends, her friends and mine. We had a big group at school we were either dating a friend in the group or hooking up, it was the best of all situations. It was one day after school she needed a ride home. I was at school from 4:30 a.m. to about 5:30 p.m. not much of a life I know, but it worked. I told her she would have to wait until then and she said to me no problem and waited.

I finally came out of practice in my usual attire, board shorts and that’s about it. No shirt needed since it was after-hours and no flip-flops, I like bare feet better anyway. I could see her sitting on top of my truck legs dangling into the bed, a normal seat for her and well any of our friends actually.

I yelled at her, “Hey get off my truck, fatty!”

She replied, “Ahh fuck off!!”

We both laughed and I tossed my bag of books and swim crap in the bed and she did the same. We got into the truck and started driving home. We lived only about 10 minutes away from school and on the beach. Since it was a Thursday I asked güvenilir bahis her if she wanted to have a beach party tomorrow night and she agreed and we started to invite people the next day at school. We invited all of our friends and their girlfriends or boyfriends. We were both single at the time which was rare, so we could hook up with whomever we wanted to.

That Friday went by so slow, like always and as soon as the bell rang, un-like most people they all get to go home, but my sister and I and the rest of the school who has an after school life stay until night time. It sucked. Anyway we passed by each other in the hall, and talked about who was coming and what time and all that good stuff and she gave me a hug goodbye. I thought that was kind of odd just because we never hugged and rarely talked at school. I was in practice getting a nice yelling at when I noticed my sister and a couple of her friends watching us and laughing at me. After my nice new hole was ripped opened up on my ass, I walked over and said, “Hey.”

They all laughed and stared of course, like they have never seen a guy in his Speedos.

Kylie finally chimed in and said, “Hey slut, you all done getting a new one from your coach?”

I laughed and said, “Yah, what’s up?”

She said, “mom and dad are not going to be home tonight like always so its the beach just to us, go buy us some alcohol!”

I told her, “I will have to make some calls and no problem.”

It was about 6:30 that night and my calls finally came through and we were hooked up with a keg for the guys and vodka and Smirnoff ice crap for the girls. (We call that stuff sprite) I took a shower and touched up on my shaving, I play water polo and yes I shave my entire body, why you ask? I like the look and feel of it and so no other guys can pull my hair underwater, which they do.

I walked into the kitchen to get some food before the party and there was Kylie in a black thong and black bikini top. I on the other hand was in board shorts and a t-shirt. I don’t wear underwear just because it is too constricting on the package.

I looked at her up and down and said, “damn, you türkçe bahis look hot sis, who are you dressing up for?”

She looked at me and said, “Maybe you, and maybe not you will just have to wait and find out.”

OK now this is weird she never talks to me like this and never walks around the house like this. I shrugged my shoulders and told her, “Whatever, I will see you tonight.”

I went out and picked up some guys who were going to get piss drunk and pass out wherever like a normal Friday night, and picked up the booze. I finally returned at about 9:30 and everything had been setup. The music was going some people had been showing up already and dancing it was good. The party was going just fine and people were laughing and having a good time and no fights were breaking out since it was just the group anyway. Through the night I noticed Kylie would stare at me from time to time and give me a look. I didn’t think anything of it at the time but, she looked good. She had her black bikini top that was a size too small and those girly board shorts looking’ things.

It was a warm night anyway and finally people were passing out or going home. It was about 4:30 a.m. and I wasn’t even tired. I grabbed my surfboard after I cleaned up a bit just so I wouldn’t have to do it later in the day and went out to catch some morning sets and see the sunrise.

On my way out Kylie yelled out, “hey you going’ surfing?”

With surfboard in hand I replied sarcastically, “nope, just taking my surfboard for a walk!”

She said, “Very funny. I’m going with you!”

I waited for her and finally she emerged from the house, pink surfboard in hand and running down the beach. It was still dusk out so you could barely see her running down the beach. She finally got close enough and started walking towards me.

She said, “Fun party tonight huh?”

I said, “yeah kind of, but I still wanted to hook up though.”

She said, “the nights not over yet!”

I gave her a puzzling look and stopped in my tracks, “what do you mean by that?”

She said, “I have been noticing you lately and you look good. I know you are my brother, but güvenilir bahis siteleri I still notice you.”

I said, “Let’s just drop it and get in.”

We were in for what seemed like two-minutes and already she was cold and sitting on her board right next to me shivering.

I could see her hard nipples erecting from her top and gave her a quick, “you cold?”

She said, “Duh, can’t you tell?”

Like a horny 18-year old boy I said, “Anything I can do?”

She said, “Not yet”

With that she took the first wave in the next set. I saw her get up ok but then I saw her go down hard. I caught the next wave and rode till I saw her board and her floating in the water.

I yelled, “You okay?”

She said, “kind of come here.”

I paddled over to her and didn’t see her. All of the sudden I felt a hand over my crotch. I jumped a bit and she surfaced.

She said, “Shh, I know that you have been watching me and I have been watching you too. I want this to happen so just let it go.”

She jumped into my arms and straddled my waist with her legs. We kissed a long passionate kiss. Our hands were roaming all over each others bodies. I had a nipple in between my fingers of each hand. I felt her right hand go down into my board shorts and start to massage my swelling dick. I was just about waist deep in the water and waves crashing onto us. We stopped kissing for just a second and looked at each other and we just new it was right.

I walked with her still straddling my waist until I was ankle deep in the water. I laid her down on the sand. I looked down and gently took her bottoms off.

I usually like some foreplay and oral before sex, but this time it was different. I took my dick out and guided it gently in her warm opening.

She said, “I want you so bad, please fuck me.”

Without hesitation I slowly guided my pole into her warm cunt. She gave a little moan and squeal. I started to move faster and faster, with one hand on her leg and the other rubbing her clit. (Yes I know guys don’t do that, but I do).

We were both moaning and I told her, “I am going to cum soon.”

She replied, “Me too!!”

We both came together. We sat on the beach for a while until we saw the sun finally rising. We put our things back on and went into the ocean to clean-up and surf some more. After that day, I knew there would be more to come…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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