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So we haven’t posted anything in a while, we’ve been busy and haven’t taken the time to journal as often as we’d like to. This is our written recollection of our latest encounter. For those of you who haven’t read out other experiences, we journal our recollections of each of our “adventures” as a way of keeping the memories fresh and alive in our minds. We share them here, and a few other places, as we both enjoy the feedback and the suggestions that we have received from those who have read our experiences.

It was fast approaching Valentines Day and we hadn’t had any adventures lately, so I asked my wife for the one thing we haven’t done yet that she most wanted to try. We’ve been working through our fantasies for a while now and this is what led us to threesomes and foursomes, as well as some other wild things that just a few years ago, neither one of us would have admitted to fantasizing about.

“I’d like to go to an orgy” my wife replied, stone faced seriously.

“Are you sure?” I asked, remembering the long and twisted road that we took just to get to a threesome.

She explained that she didn’t necessarily want to participate (“yet” she said with a sly smile), but there was one coming up that she had gotten an email through a local “lifestyle” web site we belong to. Apparently, you could come and observe if this was your first time, they promised no pressure and explained that they had a system of colored bracelets that you put on that would indicate to any interested parties rather or not you were an observer or a participant.

I agreed and we RSVP’d to the email confirming that we would be there on Valentine’s Day. Unbeknownst to me, my wife neglected to respond with an indication rather we would be participating or not. We went on with our daily routines, both of us looking forward to the event. In the evenings, we would talk about what we thought it would be like and rather there would be more men than women (though the invitation indicated that it was a couples-only event, our experience with many of these “lifestyle” events has been that there always seems to be more participating men and observing women).

My wife and I have always enjoyed watching group scenes in porn and being the center of attention for several guys has been a fantasy of my wife’s, though she just as quickly dismisses the reality of it (though she used to do the same with threesomes and being with another couple). In the days leading up to the event, I found that whispering stories to her about her on her knees giving head to four or five guys got her particularly worked up, though again, she indicated that she didn’t think she was ready for it to happen for real.

The night of the “party” arrived and we dressed for the occasion. I went casual with khakis and a button down shirt with a jacket. My wife put on one of her short summer dresses, the kind that are thin and gauzy and just beg to be hiked up (we live in a warm climate so even February is warm). We made the 45 minute drive out to a swanky neighborhood on the lake and found the house easily enough. We sat in the car for a few minutes getting “psyched up” before going to the door and ringing the bell. We were greeted by an attractive middle-aged woman wearing what my wife described as a “perfect little black dress”. She introduced herself and asked for our names and our printout of the invitation. We presented it to her and she handed us two red bracelets (they reminded me of the kind you get at hospitals).

We put on our bracelets and walked through the foyer into the great room of the house, a sunken area that must have been at least 400 square feet. The area was void of any furniture save for a small love seat and chair. There were seven couples milling about talking, it appeared that most of them knew each other. Straight away, I noticed that six of the couples were wearing red bracelets and one was wearing a purple set. I commented to my wife that this might be a bust and turn out to be a sex show with all of us “reds” bearing witness. She said she was sure more people would be coming soon and asked if I could get her a drink while she introduced herself to some of the other “watchers”.

I went over and started pouring my wife a glass of wine when the couple wearing the purple bracelets walked up and introduced themselves. Their names were Trudy and Austin and I nearly over poured the wine when they shared with me that they almost didn’t come but decided to at the last minute because they could just watch (at this point Trudy pointed to her purple bracelet). My mind went back through the email and I was sure they had made a mistake. I informed them that they should go back and get the red bracelet as my wife and I were here to watch too and I held up and pointed to my red bracelet.

After some discussion with Trudy and Austin, and pulling our hostess in for a quick Q&A, it became apparent that we had not marked our RSVP correctly and were put in the “participant” column. I explained the situation to our hostess amsterdam shemale and she indicated that even those with the red bracelets can choose not to participate in anything they don’t want to and that there was no pressure. She offered to give us purples but, feeling like this might be an opportunity, I declined saying that it was no trouble at all.

I took my wife’s wine to her and found her engaged in conversation with a couple named Brad and Sarah. They were a good looking couple, probably no more than 30 years old. Brad had the look of someone who worked outdoors and he explained that he worked for the City Parks and Recreation Department. Sarah had recently lost her job as a paralegal and had gone back to school. As we talked, I leaned in and whispered to my wife about the bracelet situation. I told her that I didn’t want to appear like this was our first orgy or anything so I had declined the color change. My wife explained our situation to Brad and Sarah and we all had a good laugh about it but I could see by the way that Brad’s eyes kept roving over my wife that he was probably a bit disappointed that we wouldn’t be playing tonight.

Over the next half-hour, three more couples arrived and we met and talked with some of the other guests. Terrance and Holy were a nice African-American couple that had just recently moved to the area, Andrew and Becca were a couple in their late 40s that had been involved in the “lifestyle” scene in our city for years, Boyd and Anna were a young couple (probably in their late 20s) and had been to one other event but this was their first orgy.

Finally, the appointed hour came around and our hostess informed us that she would be turning the lights down a bit lower and encouraged us to find a spot on the spacious floor of the great room with our partner. She reminded everyone that there was no pressure and that everyone should respect the bracelets and that purple meant that they were just watching. I had made mental note that of the eleven couples (us included), there were two that had purple bracelets.

As we watched, the other couples started kissing and caressing, everyone remaining with their partner. My wife sat in front of me and as we watched I was lightly kissing her neck while still taking the opportunity to scan the scene around me from time to time. My wife leaned back in to me and I could tell from her breathing that she was getting quite turned on.

Boyd and Anna were the first to progress beyond “making out”. They stood, Boyd behind Anna and he let his hands roam up and down her body. Anna was wearing a mock turtleneck and skirt. Each time Boyd’s hands ran down her body, he would catch the skirt and lift it a little more before moving his hands higher, stopping to massage and knead her breasts before moving his hands back down her body and repeating the process. Anna was wearing black lacy panties and after a few passes of Boyd’s hands, everyone could see them as her skirt was now pulled up to her waist.

One of the other couples that we hadn’t met that were sitting next to Boyd and Anna moved slowly toward the pair and some silent signal was passed that apparently gave them the green light. The female half of this new couple (we later found out her name was Vicky) moved to Anna’s feet and began stroking Anna’s legs, allowing her hands to linger as they passed over the lacy panties. The male of the couple (his name, as we later learned, was Carl), stood and moved to Anna’s side. He began kissing her on her neck as Boyd stepped out form behind Anna and reached down, gently tugging her panties down and sliding them down her legs. Carl broke from kissing Anna and looked down to meet the gaze of Vicky. She smiled and he placed his hand on the back of her head and gently pushed her head toward Vicky’s now exposed nether regions.

My wife and I were enthralled by the spectacle and as her breathing quickened, I reached my hand around and slid it under her dress and started to massage her clit through her panties. I stole a quick glance over to the the right and saw that Terrance and Holy were involved in some heavy petting with another of the couple’s we hadn’t met yet (later we were introduced, their names were Eric and Samantha). To our left, I caught a glimmer of motion out of the corner of my eye and when I turned I found Andrew and Becca approaching, both completely naked. I quickly whispered in my wife’s ear that we didn’t have to do anything and I knew that she just wanted to watch. My wife was staring intently at Carl, Vicky, Anna, and Boyd and given how soaked her panties were, I don’t even know if she heard me.

Andrew was about 5′ 10″ with an average body and a short-ish but very thick cock, Becca was 5′ 4″ with a curvy body and perky breasts (I would guess them to be small C’s). As they approached, I moved my hand so that I could slip a finger under my wife’s panties and slide it in to her. Becca spoke first, asking if we wanted to play. I didn’t know what to say, and given the lack of coherent response rotterdam shemale from my wife, I said the first thing that came to my mind, something about this being our first orgy and that we though we might watch but we didn’t know, and on and on. Somewhere around the end of the first minute I realized I was babbling.

Becca and Andrew sat down next to us with a laugh and explained that they remembered how nervous they were the first time they had been to one of these events. As I was talking with Becca, I took a moment to realize the surreal nature of what was happening around me. There were couples involved in all manner of sexual activity around me, I was sliding two fingers in and out of my wife, and a naked couple was sitting beside us and Becca was pulling on Andrew’s cock, while they talked in an almost nonchalant manner about how they overcame their nervousness. I was brought back to reality when I heard Andrew ask if they could see what my wife had under that dress.

This apparently brought my wife out of her daze as well as she turned her head, lowering it and allowing her stare to linger for a moment on the sight of Becca’s activities with Andrew’s cock. I asked my wife what she though and though she didn’t verbalize anything, she gave a short nod of her head that I took as acceptance.

I pulled her up on to her knees and reached down, pulling the dress up over her head. She was wearing a matching set of a blue silk bra and panties that lifted and separated her large breasts. Andrew and Becca made approving comments and told us that if we just wanted to watch that they would be happy to give us a show. Andrew leaned back and Becca bent her head and began giving him a proper blowjob. I moved my hand back down and pushed her panties aside and resumed sliding two fingers in and out of her slowly.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to find Terrance and Hope sitting on the other side of us, both still fully clothed. They introduced themselves and asked if we were watching or playing. I answered that we weren’t quite sure yet. Terrance’s gaze took in my wife and he lingered a bit watching me finger my wife. There were pillows behind us and I pulled a large one up and moved form behind my wife, leaning her back. I moved to the other side of her, she continued to watch Becca’s efforts as I pulled her panties further aside giving Terrance and Hope a good view of my wife’s red landing strip of pubic hair as I continued to pump my fingers in and out.

Terrance and Hope moved closer as Terrance looked from her pussy to me with a “May I?” look. I decided to go for it. My wife was so wet and was near climax and I knew she would be up for whatever I wanted. Terrance placed his large hands at the waistband of her panties and began gently tugging them down. My wife broke her gaze at Becca and Andrew and looked down. She seemed a bit startled for just a moment but then lifted her hips and allowed Terrance to slide her panties down.

I moved to the other side, next to Hope and Terrance lowered his face onto my wife’s pussy and began giving her some rather noisy head. Neither Hope nor I said a word, we just fell into kissing and allowing our hands to rove over one another’s bodies. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a T-Shirt and I quickly found and released the button and zipper on the pants. Hope pulled back and asked me to stand up.

Still on her knees, she unbuttoned my pants and pulled out my cock, taking it immediately into her mouth. I looked down to see my wife in the throes of an orgasm. I placed my hands on either side of Hope’s head and started to started to push myself into her mouth slowly, sliding a little deeper in each time. I noted movement and saw that Terrance had moved from between my wife’s legs and was moving up toward her head. He unfastened his pants and pulled out an impressive cock that was about as thick as mine but was perhaps two inches longer. I watched as my wife grasped it and took it into her mouth greedily.

I popped out of Hope’s mouth and knelt down next to her on the floor. We started kissing again and I pulled her shirt up over her head revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She had small breasts (probably B cup) with large nipples. I leaned her back and tugged at her jeans, finally getting them to slide off with some effort (they were quite tight), finding that she was also not wearing any panties. Hope grabbed my cock at this point and said “Fuck me”. I responded by pulling her up and turning he around so that she was on her hands and knees with a good view of my wife sucking her husband (truth be told, I wanted to see this too). “Have you ever tasted another woman?” I asked.

“No.” she answered in a breathy voice.

I pulled her along in position between my wife’s legs and gave her head a gentle push downward while pushing first two and then three fingers into her wet pussy and began sliding a finger into her ass. This made her head shoot back up and I reached over and tapped my wife’s leg, asking blog shemale her to give me her hand. She looked me in the eyes, her mouth still wrapped around Terrance’s cock and obliged. I placed her hand on Hope’s head and gave a gentle push down. My wife go the idea and continued pushing Hope’s head down, guiding it into proper position.

My wife continued to look me in the eyes while sucking on Terrance (though her eye’s rolled up periodically when Hope hit just the right spot) and I quickened the pace of pushing my fingers pushin in and out of Hope causing her to rock back and forth, pressing into my wife. The mingled and muffled moans of my wife and Holly were incredible. Terrance and I shared several looks and I mouthed to him that he should fuck her mouth.

Terrance placed his hands on her head and pulled her square to him. He began sliding his cock in and out of her mouth while moving her head in tandem with his efforts. Terrance began talking dirty to my wife, asking her if she was his little whore and did she like his big cock in her mouth. I decided to get in the act and asked her if she liked having her pussy sucked by a stranger while she sucked that big cock (I almost said black cock but caught myself…I am unsure of the etiquette of orgy dirty talk).

A muted “Mmmmpfh” was my wife’s reply as Terrance picked up speed (my wife loves the rough, dirty talk really gets her going).

Terrance kept up his assault on my wife’s mouth for another few minutes before growling that he was going to cum. I pulled my fingers out of Holy and moved quickly so that I could half-lift, half-push her body up so that her face was next to my wife’s. Terrance understood and pulled out, shooting his load into both of our wive’s mouths.

I pulled my wife up almost immediately and placed her on her hands and knees telling Hope to slide over so that my wife could return the favor to her. I shed the rest of my clothes and pushed my cock deep into my wife from behind as her head lowered and she went to work on Holly. Terrance reached around and unhooked my wife’s bra, allowing her breasts to fall free. As I worked on her from behind, Terrance did his best to fondle, knead, crush, pinch, and even suck on my wife’s breasts and nipples.

Looking around the room, I looked at the other couples engaged in their own activities. Terrance was once again talking to my wife, telling her she had “sweet titties” and telling her about how he’d like to slide his cock in between them and give her a “titty fuck”. I reached down and pulled gently on my wife’s hair, lifting her head up from her efforts, asking her to tell Terrance if she’d like that.

She turned her head and looked him right in the eyes and said “Fuck my tits with that hard black cock” (I guess she figured out the etiquette) before lowering her head and returning to her efforts.

This sent me over the edge and I picked up the pace, finally emptying myself deep inside of my wife. I pulled out shortly after but moved up to play with Hope’s breasts and whisper dirty things in her ear as my wife continued to lick her pussy. I don’t know if it was the situation or if Hope was non orgasmic but after another 10 minutes or so, my wife pulled her head up and said she needed to take a break and that she was sorry.

Hope said “That’s OK, thank you.” and both couples returned to one another. The four of us sat in silence and watched the others engage in various sexual acts. Terrance broke the silence, finally introducing themselves to us.

As the other couples came to a climax, the clusters of couples started to thin out as each of the pairs seemed to gravitate back to where they began the night, kissing, cuddling, and talking softly to one another. When the last group had finished and retreated to the individual pairings, a hush fell over the room. Each couple was engaged in their own private moment. After a time, our hostess reappeared (I had lost track of her once things got started) and informed us it was midnight (I couldn’t believe that three hours had passed). She let us all know that we were welcome to stay and talk or mingle with one another but that the party would officially end and everyone would have to be on their way home by 1 AM.

My wife and I put our clothes back on, talking softly with Terrance and Hope as they did the same. We were interrupted briefly by Andrew and Becca who I had totally forgotten about (I felt kind of bad). As they walked by, they stopped and Andrew complimented us on getting over our nervousness before continuing on and out the door.

We stayed around and mingled with the other couples that hadn’t left yet and around 1 AM, our hostess informed us of the time and wished us all a good evening and a safe drive home. Terrance and Becca both kissed my wife (Becca kissed me too) good night and told us that they weren’t sure if they were going to make the next party on St. Patrick’s Day but if they did that they hoped to see us there.

My wife and I drove home, talking and recounting the whole way. When we got home, we made love again and fell asleep in each other’s arms. The next morning we awoke and found a “Thank You” email from our hostess informing us that the next party would be in March and that we were cordially invited.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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