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Everyone in the story is over 18.

“Hey, bro” my best friend James said to me.


“We’re about to have a contest” he answered, winking.

I took that as a hint to finish my drink. Feeling pretty good, I walked over with him to tell the other party goers.

James was hosting a party and they were known for being pretty wild. This time he was having a contest with the prize being two awesome crowns for the pair that won. Basically the guy got paired up with a girl, and the goal was for the girl to make the guy cum. The guy who came first along with his girl were the winners. Everybody who was competing got blindfolded, and James’ parents would pick two names at a time randomly out of a hat.

They started doing this and when everyone was finally picked the party quieted down and the music turned off. The parents announced that this time it would be an oral competition. So we all got blindfolded and were directed to our seats.

I sat down and felt my girl lower down in front of me, her stroking my thighs to get me warmed up. The rules said that there was to be no other contact before the round started, though. When everyone was seated the parents told everyone to take their blindfolds off. When I saw the girl in front of me my stomach dropped. I didn’t tell you that my older sister was invited to the party too.

We were both annoyed as hell and demanded poker oyna a recount, and the room descended into chaos when people realized the mix up. There was some protest from a few contestants and some jeering from others but the rules were clear, you couldn’t switch to another partner. I think they put that in there because the unattractive people kept getting passed on. They told us we could back out of the competition, though. I leaned in to my sister and asked her if she wanted to back out.

“No, I want that fucking crown,” she told me. The prize was pretty kick-ass so we agreed to stay in and said we were ready to begin.

James’ mom began: “When I say ‘go’, you may begin the blowjob.”

I looked into my sister’s eyes and could see her fierce competitive spirit. She wanted to make me cum.


Quickly she went for the button on my pants and then undid my zipper. I shifted in my seat and she pulled my pants and boxers off both at the same time. I was already at half mast from the anticipation and my sister got right into it. She grabbed my shaft with her soft hand and started stroking up and down. She looked me in the face and told me “I’m going to give the best blowjob you’ve ever had, little bro. You’re going to shoot your cum for your big sister.” Her dirty talk was making me horny and I started to feel incredibly good.

I looked around to see what the other girls were doing canlı poker oyna and saw some who hadn’t started touching their guys’ dicks yet but were busy taking their tops off.

“Hey, sis. Look what they’re doing. Can you give me something to look at?”

From living in the same house and seeing her get up in the morning with no bra on I knew my sister had great tits. She stopped the handjob and began to unbutton her blouse and then finally slipped her bra off. She grabbed back onto my cock and started stroking again, which jiggled her tits up and down.

“Come on, little bro. Tell me how much you like your sisters boobs.”

“They’re great, so perky. You’ve got cute pink nipples.”

She pushed my legs apart. “I’m going to stroke your balls, that will get you off quicker.”

She took my balls in her other hand and started playing with them and stroking them. God it felt good. It sent waves of pleasure from my crotch.

I saw her suddenly get worried when one of the other guys started moaning. She took this as a hint and moved her lips down to my cock head. Still stroking me, she kissed the head before wrapping her warm lips around it. I was in heaven as her wet mouth and tongue engulfed my cock.

Taking her hand off my cock, she started taking more of me into my mouth. Seeing my hot sister on her knees eagerly taking me into her mouth, sucking me up and down was too much. internet casino

I leaned in. “I’m going to cum soon, sis.”

She squeezed my balls, as if to try and coax my load out of my sack, and then slowly stroked a finger along my perineum, tickling me and putting me right on the climactic edge.

“Oh god”

Realizing I was close, she pulled my cock out of her mouth and encouraged me: “Cum little brother, cum for your sister. Let’s win already”

I felt the cum rising in my balls and she put the head back in her mouth and started jerking me very fast up and down. My balls tightened and suddenly I shot out a load of cum right into her mouth. It hit the back of her throat and she started to swallow and then pulled my cock away to aim it at her face. With her eyes closed, load after load of my sticky cum started shooting all over her face. She had her mouth open and some cum was dripping into it and some was dripping off her face onto her tits. As I finished cumming she licked the rest of the drops from my cock head and swallowed.

“Finished! I yelled.”

One of the judges came over. “Congratulations! You are the winners”

The girls started chastising their guys for not cumming soon enough, the guys replying that the blowjobs should have been better.

The crowns were placed on our heads, and I, satisfied, gazed at my sister. She looked so pretty covered in my cum, wearing the crown she so eagerly earned, and with a big grin on her face.

My sister smiled up at me. “We did it, little bro. Now let’s go clean up.”

All my friends were jealous as hell of my crown.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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